I’ve been on hiatus for a bit, but am now finally getting back to Simming! I have been up to some things in the downtime. I successfully transferred my games to a new computer and the Ultimate Collection. I also finally took the plunge and installed InTeen, though I do have “no adult teens” in for now.

Since Willow Valley is between seasons at the moment, I thought I’d use this opportunity to play through a bit of my disturbingly fun and trashy Trailer Park Challenge.


Hi, everybody! Welcome back! Babs here. Winter started, but good thing it’s not cold out yet, because there’s tons of work to do.


Lady Bird’s pretty good about taking care of herself these days, but she don’t play out in the yard like I want her to. She’s really good at those computer games, though.


Andrew needs more help since he’s just a little guy. I gave him some of that special milk, too, so he can be smart like his sister.


Then I got him all potty trained. I hate changing diapers.


Man, those bills are high. $120! How’s a single mom supposed to afford that? I guess Drew ain’t getting new clothes after his birthday.


I felt better after I got a love letter from one of my sweeties.


While Birdie was at school and Drew was taking a nap, I invited over another sweetie for some fun times on the couch.


Birdie brought a friend home from school, and they played Cops and Robbers. Birdie likes to play the robber.


I had another boyfriend over for a nice date. Can’t quite remember his name, though.


Drew learned to talk! Only thing is, now he won’t shut up.


My guy brought over a great gift! Only I already have a telescope. Well, if you have two of something, you should sell the extra one at the yard sale, right?


In the morning, Birdie cleaned out the dirty tub all on her own! She’s kind of crazy about being clean – she’s got 4 whole neat points!


“Teacher said today we’re going to learn about geometry?”

“‘Geometry’? Honey, I don’t think that’s a real word.”


Since Birdie cleaned up the tub, I figured it would be good to have the rest of the place tidy, so I spent most of the day cleaning up.


The next morning, Birdie and I both needed some fun before our day, so of course we played Red Hands.


While Birdie was at school, I taught Drew his nursery rhyme.

I was kind of worried when I heard the carpool honk outside. I couldn’t go, of course. But I was almost out of vacation days. What would happen when I didn’t have any left? I couldn’t work with 2 kids at home.


I had an idea how to fix it, but I’d need some help. So I called up an old friend.


When he heard I needed help with something, Ben came right over.


We went straight to the bed, and got a lullaby the very first time!

See, I figure if work will give me paid vacation days every time I have a kid, if I want to keep getting that money, I just have to keep having kids. Then I can keep getting paid without having to go to work!


Although I am kind of sad that I have to put up with more toddlers. Even though Drew is potty trained, I still have to change a diaper sometimes after his naps.


Ben said he’d hang around for a little while. It was good having a guy in the house.


“Guess what, Mommy? Daddy heard I got an A plus, and he sent me a hundred bucks!”

“That’s great, Birdie. Run and play now.”


Birdie and Drew spent the afternoon playing blocks.


I scarfed down about three bowls of leftover cereal. Being pregnant again sure made me hungry.


That night it was Drew’s birthday! I was glad Ben decided to stay for it.


Drew got some nice sporty clothes from the charity bin. He still looks just like his daddy.


I figured it was ok for them to share a room, at least until Birdie is a teen. Oughta get some use out of those bunk beds, right?


The kids got up early in the morning and played Cops & Robbers while I was still sleeping. I’m glad they get along so well.


The kids went off to school and I was lonely, so I invited over a friend.


Yup, definitely pregnant.


Drew got home from school and went straight to the computer. Turns out he’s even more addicted to those darn video games than his sister.


Lady Bird wasn’t too upset at not having the computer. She just went outside and did some karaoke.


Drew’s so cute when he’s playing pirate in the tub.


The kids get along with each other great. I’m glad they don’t fight or nothing. I wouldn’t know what to do if they fought with each other.


“It’s a good thing I taught you kids to talk. You’d have a lot of trouble in school if I hadn’t.”


Phil came over to hang out for the day, right before the kids left for school.


He was heading out right as I hit my third trimester.


Since work was giving me all this money now that I was knocked up again, I got myself a fancy new bed. It’s more comfy than the old one.


“Mom, maybe someday we could take a plane and go on vacation.”

“That ain’t gonna happen, Drew. All you kids would cost way too much money to take on a plane.”


Birdie went to visit her daddy. She always has a good time over there. She said he moved out of the apartment and bought a house. It’s not even a trailer!


Birdie said her dad’s got a new girlfriend, too. That made me kind of sad, but Lady Bird said Sarah’s nice.


I heard Sarah had a baby boy, too. I guess Hun’s the daddy.


And Hun got those 20 best friends he was aiming for. I figured I’d get my 20 lovers first, but oh well.


Back at my house, it seems like there was always something else to clean.


I hung up some of the kids’ pictures on the wall. Cute!


Drew loves his puppy dog.


I dug a new garden out back behind the trailer for spring, and learned to plant some new plants.


“We get to meet somebody new really soon.”

“Really? Is mom having a boyfriend over?”

“No, she’s having a baby, silly.”


“Momma, is it true that you’re fat like a sumo wrestler because you’re having a baby?”

“Yep, sure is. Pretty soon I won’t look like a sumo wrestler no more, though.”


I was right. I was eating my second grilled cheese sandwich when I went into labor.


I had a baby boy, with his daddy’s blond hair and my green eyes. I wanted him to have a good, strong name, so I named him Abraham. But that name’s too big for such a little baby, so I’m gonna call him Ham Boy.


Birdie sure did love her jump rope!


Then she grew up and wasn’t interested in much of anything anymore. She decided she likes money a lot, but I guess she’s going to have a hard time with that here. She also wants to be some kind of rock star someday.


My kiddies are getting so big!


I invited a friend over for the morning.


Of course, Ham Boy needed me right after.


Birdie came home from school and mopped up the sidewalk! That girl is so helpful.


Of course, then she decided to take a nap in my bed. I don’t think she even listens to me anymore.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you later!