It’s time for the Cooke family! They’re a very large family, so this will be a long and chaotic update.

snapshot_5a153bcc_61dbced6Back row, left to right: Colin, Madelina, Julien, Armando, Dustin

Front row, left to right: Kelly, Jenna, Donovan, Jordon, Sharlene


First thing in the morning, the children were all cruelly forced to skill.


The family couldn’t even wait until it was light out to enjoy the warm summer weather.


They had a big platter of pancakes for breakfast…


And then leftovers for 2nd breakfast, for those who didn’t get in on the first round. They need a bigger table, or just a second table.


Kelly and Donovan didn’t know any other kids to befriend, so they made friends with each other.


Colin went into labor, and invited all the kids to come watch. It’s like a live health class!


Colin gave birth to a baby girl, named Emmie.


She was followed by her twin sister, Merilyn.


Everyone was super excited about the addition of two new family members.


Except for these three, who were still lingering over brunch. But none of them are technically related to the babies, anyway.


Speaking of the babies…you may notice that these two little ones don’t appear to be alien. Something got glitched with Colin’s pregnancy in the move to a new computer, it seems. In the family tree, they’ve got Colin as their only parent, and I suspect they’re gender-flipped clones. Which means they’re identical. Eh, this family’s weird anyway, they’ll fit right in.

(As far as I can recall, Colin’s was the only alien pregnancy in Willow Valley. But rest assured that if I find any others I’ll take steps to fix them.)


Dustin decided to throw a party to celebrate it being Saturday. Plus he figured his parents and granddads wouldn’t notice 8 extra teens in the house, anyway.


Colin! I did NOT install InTeen so that creepy guys could heartfart their teenage sons’ teenage friends in front of their wives!


They look really excited, don’t they?


Drina tried a couple of times to get her first kiss from Zinaida, with no luck.


Madelina, unsurprisingly, rolled up the want to have a drink.


Donovan was ignored most of the day. He hung out at the piano and earned himself a future scholarship.


Colin, Armando, and Dustin went down to the candy store for a little while. They got the store up to level 6, and Dustin earned a silver sales badge.


Back home, Dustin invited Hadassah back over, and invited her to go steady with him. She accepted!

(Don’t feel bad for Nikifor. He’s about thirteen days older than Hadassah, so that was never going to be long term. But Dustin and Hadassah are pretty much the same age.)


Julien and Armando spend most of their time on free will, and enjoyed a fun dance before bed.


Early in the morning, Grandpa Julien was ready and willing to take care of a stinky baby.


Colin and Madelina are still in love.


The early morning hours were devoted to skilling for the younger kids. Sharlene already had all her skill scholarships, so she enjoyed her favorite hobby of talking on the phone.


Madelina and Colin both had the day off, so they hung out playing catch as the bus pulled away.


Marisa Bendett walked by, and Madelina took the opportunity to make friends with her sister-in-law.


Julien and Armando managed to keep themselves busy.


Madelina and Marisa were still at it when Brownie got home from work and the teens got home from school.


Sharlene brought home Sharla Ottomas, who apparently thinks Sharlene is hot. Unfortunately for Sharla, Sharlene is straight.


They could still have a nice outing, though. While Pavel Hamilton, who came home with Dustin, stood on the sidewalk and looked lonely.


None of the kids brought anyone home on the bus, but Ezechias Gavigan walked by shortly afterward.


Dinner was served to approximately a third of the sims in the house.


Ginny Thayer came by to steal the paper, and Kelly figured she take the opportunity to get Ginny in her contact list.


“Ooh ooh ooh, smustling is awesome. Hey, Grandpa’s a Popularity sim!”


So I was expecting Grim to come for Julien and Armando at 6 pm, and was so happy when he didn’t that I completely missed the pop-ups for Emmie and Merilyn’s birthdays. So they got to grow up at about 2 am when everyone was asleep, instead.


I think it’s Emmie on the left and Merilyn on the right. They are indeed identical, as expected. Fortunately, Colin’s chipmunk cheeks appear to look a little better on girls.


Merilyn got her makeover first just due to logistics.


And yes, Emmie’s dressed the same except for a slightly different hair color – I’ve got to have some way to tell them apart. But I’ve never had identical twins in the Sims before, and I fully intend to take advantage of it.


Sharlene snuck out, and then hurried to the bathroom to brush her teeth first thing after getting back.


Armando made a big stack of pancakes for breakfast, even though Sharlene was the only one interested in eating them.


Jenna and Donovan had left their homework for the last minute, so Julien and Sharlene helped them out before school.


Colin went off to work, hoping for a promotion, while the kids stampeded to the school bus.


Madelina worked on the most important skill with Merilyn.


Then Grandpa Julien took her off for walking training.


When Emmie woke up from her nap, it was her turn.


First Julien, then Armando gave their businesses to Madelina. I was going to let her inherit them, but then I was doing some reading that made me think that might not actually happen, so I figured it would be safer to do it this way.


Dustin brought Faina Thayer home, and Sharlene brought Pavel Hamilton. Pavel, of course, thinks Sharlene is hot.


Now that the house was busier, the girls were happy to play on their bunny heads.


Colin got promoted to the top of the Military career!


Aw, it looks like he’s getting the 15,000 aspiration points for hugging his daughter.


There are always a crazy number of people in this house. Or, in this case, on the lawn.


There was smustling going on inside, too, of course.


As six o’clock rolled around, Armando was dancing with Kelly.


Julien was outside playing fetch with Brownie.


Grim came for Armando first, while everyone stood around and cried.


Then he went outside for Julien, with everyone still inside.


Everyone was really broken up about losing Julien and Armando. Fortunately, the Sim City Insurance Company was there with stacks of simoleons – literally. Everyone but Emmie and Merilyn inherited money, and everyone but Colin inherited from both Julien and Armando. The family funds increased by almost $50,000 due to the inheritance money.


Unfortunately, Brownie ran away as soon as Armando died. Sharlene called to report him missing, but I feel guilty for never getting a collar on him.


Armando and Julien both died at 83 years old (77 plus 2 sips of elixir), both permaplat Popularity sims. They left behind 5 children, 21 grandchildren, and 2 step-grandchildren.

Armando’s insurance benefited 46 sims, including Davis with $9900, Madelina with $9900, James with $9700, Sharlene with $2500, and Dustin with $2500.

Julien’s insurance benefited a very impressive 55 sims, including Kylie with $9900, Madelina with $9900, James with $9700, Dustin with $2500, and Jordon with $2500.


Everybody kept stopping every few minutes to sob.


Madelina changed into her work clothes before realizing that she couldn’t possibly leave her family tonight.


For one thing, there’s another almost forgotten birthday to take care of.


Jordon became a Pleasure/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Paranormal career, and sadly lost his curls.


Kelly became a Fortune/Family sim with a LTW to become a Mad Scientist like her mom.

Makeovers had to wait until morning, as the twins were both exhausted.


Colin stayed up late teaching Merilyn to talk.


Faina left a hot tub for Dustin! That’ll really beef up the college fund.


While Kelly bought some new clothes for herself and her twin, Madelina sold the businesses she’d inherited, Club C and Cooked to Perfection. Per the rules I established earlier, half of the money from the sale (a total of $155,167) was donated away as estate tax (not counting in the General Fund). Madelina then sent $15,500 to each of her siblings, sharing the money out equally. The businesses will still count in the player-owned business total.


Jordon got his curls back, as well as some much cooler duds.


I like Kelly’s outfit, but I’m not sure about the makeup.


Colin and Madelina had a delicious breakfast of leftover chili after the kids left for school.


Oh, boy, the helicopter is so annoying. I might have to change the ownership of the car.


Colin does look snazzy in his General uniform, though.


Cute toddlers waiting for milk!


Let’s see…Jenna brought Sharla Ottomas home, Jordon brought Pavel Hamilton, and Dustin brought Adam Carr and then greeted Sevastian Thayer as he was walking by.


Kelly ended up hanging out with Sevastian, hanging loose, of course.


Sharlene was the only one who didn’t bring anyone on the bus, so she just invited her boyfriend over.

(Saveliy’s actually un-invitable by legal means while he’s in the Sim Bin, apparently – he doesn’t show up in Sharlene’s contact list. So I just teleported him over.)


“Hmm, my daughter’s hanging out with a boy. There better not be any inappropriate activity, or there’ll be a shotgun wedding.”


Sharlene got a call that someone found Brownie, but then he never came home. 😦


Emmie wasn’t happy about learning to talk, but she got there eventually.


Merilyn wandered out and found an older sibling to play with her.


Colin corralled her and taught her a nursery rhyme.

Toddler training is now complete!


Poor Colin burned the lobster.

Don’t worry, Colin, everybody else burns it, too.


Colin and Madelina went down to the store with Dustin so he could get his gold sales badge, which he did after about 2 sales. So Madelina went on dazzle duty. They got the place up to level 7.


Back home, Colin headed off to work. I transferred the car to him to eliminate the annoying helicopter. Who goes to work in a helicopter?


For Reno Day, the family bought some solar panels. If I’ve calculated correctly, this should eliminate their bills and give them a small credit (it seems to be about $60 per solar panel).


They also redid the old master bedroom, the room that was Julien and Armando’s. Emmie and Merilyn will move in there when they grow up.


After everyone went to school and work, Madelina was left home with the youngest set of twins. She spent most of the day getting them bathed.


Jordon’s aspiration was getting low, and he was only rolling up stupid unachievable wants, so I broke out the crystal ball. Amy the papergirl was his top teen match.

(Now that I have InTeen, adult matches show up in the crystal ball, and all Jordon’s top 5 were adults. But I’m still rather squicky about young teens dating adults. If he were a couple of days from going to college it might be different.)


Sharlene brought Faina home, and made friends with her while Kelly photobombed.


Then Kelly invited Sevastian over, figuring she’d see where their two bolts of chemistry would take them.


Donovan brought Tommy Ottomas home from school, and then ignored him.


Off to the store, where it was Jordon’s turn to work on his sales badge.


He ate a piece of candy, making his head glow. He also thought Annika Richter was hot, and earned his silver sales badge.


The store reached level 8 and earned a Best of the Best award.


Back home, Kelly found that those 2 bolts of chemistry worked quite well.


A few minutes later, Jordon got his first kiss as well. In the bathroom, with Ginger Newson (who came home on the bus with somebody) trying to shoo them out.


Madelina paid the school taxes of $12,000. The family could afford it easily enough, but they weren’t rich enough for that sum to be pocket change by any means.


Then, um, it appeared that Madelina got mad at Ginger for being poor. What? Madelina, don’t start being a snob like Andrea Bruce, okay?


Well, that moved fast. And it was almost all free will, too. (Must get rid of the censor blur again.)


Sharlene applied for her college scholarships. As of 6 pm on the last day of the rotation, she’s at 3 days to adult. Normally I send teens to college at 2 days to adult, but I’ve decided that I’m going to start sending them early if they’re at 3 days at the end of the rotation, so that they don’t get stuck with just one day at home in the next rotation.


Aw, went to look for Jenna and Kelly and found them doing this.


Birthday time for Emmie and Merilyn! In which everyone noted that Sharlene is still there, and that she is a Popularity sim.


Hooray, no more toddlers!

And yes, they’re still identical.



(Maybe when they’re teens I’ll let them get their own outfits.)


It looks like they’re saying goodbye to Madelina, but actually Sharlene is in the back trying to maneuver her way out to go to college.

Sharlene earned $7250 in scholarships (grades, 7 skills, and dance) and has a trust fund of $54,300.

That’s it for the Cookes! Next up is the Bruce family.


Family: Cooke

General fund contribution: $34,700 (taxes $22, 700, school fees $12,000)

Business: Cooke’s Candies, level 8

2 businesses (Club C and Cooked to Perfection) donated to the town.

Playable sims: 137 (no net change due to 2 births and 2 deaths)

Sim multiplier: 61

Population: 8357