It’s time for the Bruce household!


Left to right: Catriona, Andrea, Dand, Michael


Michael is the neighborhood’s first college graduate! The Bruce family is keeping it traditional and having the oldest male inherit.

Michael’s first task was to buy some new clothes. Then he found a job in his LTW career of Gamer – the family has all the required items at their electronics store. Unfortunately, it was currently Thursday, and Michael didn’t have his first day of work until Saturday.

While he was at it, Michael also paid the family’s taxes of $13,000.


Catriona was up early to work on her skills. She knew it would be a while before she was old enough to get into college, but she wanted to be ready.


David Ottomas brought over a late gift from last season. I think it was Malvina who went on an outing with him, so the money was sent her way.


Both Dand and Andrea inherited money, I think both from Armando. It wasn’t a lot, though, no more than a few hundred dollars.


Even though you saw it in the family photo, here’s a picture of Michael in his snazzy new duds. Way better than the basketball shirt.


His diploma was proudly hung on the kitchen wall.


Everyone was excited to have him home. (Dand, too, I just missed the picture.)


Since there aren’t going to be any babies this season, I’ll take kittens instead.


After the kitty woohoo, Michael had to greet his cat Baby as well.


A lamp! Yippee!


Dand got his gold gardening badge, and insisted upon hiding the doohickey in the tree.


“Ramsay! Congratulations on graduating! And also on getting me 1/3 of the way to my LTW. I didn’t think my Romance sim son would be the first to have children.”

“Whatever, mom. I’m a Pleasure sim now, anyway.”


“Anyway, we need you to take Buttons. Baby’s having Bigelow’s kittens, and you know neither of them like Buttons.”

“Okay, it’ll be good to have him again. I hope he gets along with the dogs, though.”

So the family was down to 2 cats, for now.


Catriona brought Pavel Hamilton home from school, and went on an outing with him.


He became her 10th best friend! She’s halfway to her LTW already, less than 24 hours after becoming a teen.


Michael took the first wish, for money, of course.


Catriona went on her second outing of the day with Greta Fairchild.


Andrea went down to her business and dazzled her stepdaughter into eating some vacation food. And then I decided I was tired of Andrea’s store making the town fat.


So, it was time for a business makeover! It’s Lunch was turned into a bowling alley, with only one of the original food stands remaining.


And then it turned out that nobody was interested in that one food stand, so it was turned into a snack machine corner.

Andrea set the ticket price to $999 to recoup the cost of the renovation, and dazzled away. In no time, the business was up to rank 5 and had not only made back the renovation cost, but had earned an additional $24k in profit.


Back home, Catriona went on her third outing, with Kat Bendett.


Michael invited Mireia for a date.


They got kinky with a little car woohoo, in Andrea’s car.


Catriona returned to her quest for alien reparations.


Andrea used the second wish, for more cash, of course.


The guys spent the wee hours of the morning painting. Dand was working on painting Michael’s portrait, and it looked like it was going to turn out well.


Andrea worked on a novel as the money sacks fell.


Catriona earned her obligatory skill point after 6 am, when she could no longer hunt for aliens.


Dand headed to work and Catriona to school; Michael and Andrea had vacation days.


Michael finished teaching Baby her last skill! Now she can get a job in Pet Show Business, although I’ll wait until she has her kittens.


Then Michael put in some quality time on his Gamer career reward. That thing really rakes in the dough!


After school, Catriona used the last genie wish. For money, of course.


She brought home Pavel Hamilton again, and they hung out for a bit.


Of course, when Jordon Cooke came by on a jog, Catriona had to rush out to meet him.


I’m not sure who that love letter was meant for, but it looks like Catriona’s claiming it.


After having Brownie run away, I’m going to try to be better about getting collars onto pets. So Baby and Bigelow, the other cat, got collars.


Catriona deposited her genie lamp money into her bank account, then got up with a smile. She had over $30,000 now. As soon as she could get out of this house, she would no longer have to depend on anyone.


Wanting to meet some new people, and figuring she could work on a sales badge while she was at it, Catriona headed down to her mother’s venue. Andrea didn’t have to know, right?


Back home, Catriona went on an outing with Jordon Cooke, adding him to her friends list.


Dand and Andrea ate at one end of the table, leaving the other end for the guests. Andrea was a bit annoyed at having quite so many guests. She liked her peace and quiet. Why did Catriona always have to fill the house with teenagers?


“Hmm. Maybe I’ll inherit money from our grandpas, too.”

Kind of morbid conversation, but I suppose it makes sense.


Dand stayed out very late that night harvesting his garden.


A couple of outing gifts were dropped off for Catriona, just as she was sneaking out for a night on the town with Artur Pederson.


When she got home, she spent some more time on the exercise bike, and got fit.


Kitten! Baby had just one kitten again, a boy this time. He was named Billy.


Bigelow came over to meet his son.


Catriona was also excited about the new kitten.


Andrea was trying to write a bestseller here. How was she supposed to concentrate when she always heard that alien chatting with her friends in the background?


“Listen, Catriona, this is a house, not a club. We need some peace and quiet around here. From now on, you’re to have no more than one friend over per day. And don’t hang out in the main room here. You can stay outside or go upstairs.

“Yes, Mother,” Catriona answered, but she was feeling rather resentful. Why shouldn’t she get to have friends over? Couldn’t her mother just write her novels somewhere else?


Dand returned to his plants, spending the morning harvesting beautiful eggplants and then planting the summer plants.


Michael finally headed off for his first day in the Gamer career. He was already permaplat, but it would still be nice to achieve his LTW.


Even after her outing with Hadassah, Catriona was really hungry. A leftover omelet seemed to hit the spot, though.


Andrea finished her novel, Alien Invasion. It was another hit!


Catriona didn’t know why she was so tired. I mean, yeah, she had stayed up all night, but she always stayed up all night. Hopefully a nap would do the trick.


Dand finished his portrait of Michael and hung it up over the computer, then sat down to blog about Nature.

“Something wrong, Andrea?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing. Just waiting for the computer to be free.”

“You know, maybe we should get you your own computer for your writing.”


After all his long, hard work involving going to work exactly once, Michael topped the Gamer career, achieving his LTW.


After her nap, Catriona headed up to the roof to continue her search for justice from the aliens.


She was interrupted by a strange sensation…

snapshot_ba372f43_81f4e0a0Uh-oh. She’d been fooling around with Artur Pederson when she’d snuck out last night, and now she was pregnant. This was a disaster. Her mother was going to kill her.


A few hours later, Catriona walked through the main room, trying to be casual. She’d managed to squash her stomach down to something like its normal size, although she knew she must be walking funny. But she couldn’t let anyone know she was pregnant until she figured out what she was going to do.


Ramsay, Mhairi, and Malvina were invited over for family Sunday. Ramsay brought Annika along.


Ramsay cringed when the mother of his children goosed his brother.


“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. I need help.”

“Catty? What’s wrong? Is Mom giving you trouble?”

“No, it’s…I’m pregnant.”


Malvina called Mhairi in, and the three of them talked it over. By the end, Catriona felt much better. She had a plan now.


Good grief, you guys.


After Michael and Annika had sated their lust – which fortunately didn’t seem to faze Ramsay in the slightest – the gang hung out in the living room chatting.


Catriona took a break from the family gathering to get in her skilling. If her plan worked out, she should still be able to go to college.


Then she energized, because being pregnant and keeping her belly stuffed into a leotard was exhausting.


Everyone moved into the kitchen for some lunch and more fun.


“No, Catriona can’t come to the phone right now,” Andrea said, and hung up. She was so tired of Catriona’s friends calling 11 million times per day. Why didn’t they just call the girl’s cell phone?


Dand tended the garden that evening after everyone left.


Aw, momma cat nuzzling baby kitten is adorable.


More alien hunting for Catriona, but alas, no success.


Annika brought by a pinball machine and waved at Bigelow, returning home from his first day at work in the Pet Service career.


“Wow, I’m huge. How am I going to keep this hidden?”


Fortunately, that corset tank top is freaking amazing.


Reno Day! Dand and Andrea got a brand new master suite on the second floor, complete with a writing nook so Andrea can write her bestselling evil-alien novels in peace.


Michael moved into the old master bedroom, which was redecorated.


They also got some windmills, since it seems more appropriate to have windmills in a castle than solar panels.


Catriona was glad for the move, and harvested the money trees as the adults headed of to work. Apparently the school somehow knew about her pregnancy, and she wasn’t allowed to attend.


It was kind of nice to have the house to herself, though. And nobody would be home before 4 pm, so they wouldn’t realize she hadn’t been to school.


After 1 pm, Catriona invited Adam Carr over so she could have a serious conversation with him. “Adam, listen, it was fun being your girlfriend for a while. But you’re way older than me, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay together any longer.”

“You’re breaking up with me? Oh, boolprop, Cat! I thought we had a great thing going!”


“Listen, no hard feelings, ok? Trust me, I’m not the girl for a guy like you.”

“Ok. Well, we can still be friends, right?”

“Yeah. You’d better go now, I’m not supposed to have too many people over.”


After Adam left, Catriona made friends with Samuel, who was new to the neighborhood. Her mother arrived home while she was on her outing, but fortunately missed Adam.


Dand and Andrea located their new bed without any difficulty.


That night…

“Oh, lookie, what do we have here?”


“This looks like a nice big house, probably full of all kinds of expensive things.”


“Well, golly gee willikers. That sure did look like the front door, but this is a garage.”


Samuel came by to leave an outing gift. Fortunately, the burglar ignored it on his way into the main house.


“Oh, golly. This big, fancy house has a burglar alarm. Who woulda thunk it?”


“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Well, I thought this tapestry would look nicer on my wall than yours.”


Bigelow got home from work with a promotion in the middle of all the excitement.


Catriona was glad she’d remembered to put on her super tummy tuck PJs before bed, since she rushed downstairs to watch the fight without thinking about it.


Officer Centowski got his man.


Catriona figured she’d have a midnight snack before going back to bed.


Andrea was very upset about the loss of the tapestry. The tapestry that she hadn’t bothered to move upstairs to her new bedroom. The tapestry that had been paid for by insurance, that they weren’t going to bother to replace.


Catriona remembered to pay the school fees at the last minute. Only $1000, since she’d missed a day. Then she headed to bed, setting her alarm. As soon as the new season began, it would be time for the plan she’d developed with her sisters. She couldn’t wait.

That’s it for the Bruce household! The Hamiltons have been moved a little later in the rotation, so next is Picaso 1.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Sons Booksellers, Rank 10

It’s Lunch!, Rank 6 (maybe eventually I’ll change the name)

General fund contribution: $14,000 (taxes $13,000, school fees $1000)

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 61

Population: 8357