It’s time for the first Picaso household.

Carme just returned home from college and moved back in with her dad, Matthew.


Matthew inherited money from both Julien and Armando while paying taxes. Again, though, I don’t think it was a significant sum.


Carme used to want to top the Law Enforcement career, but now wants 50 dream dates. So she looked for a job in Willow Valley’s standard default career, Business, but didn’t find any openings. She’ll have to find other things to do with her time for now.


First up was a trip to the lamp store to sell some lamps. Carme and Matthew are both permaplat, and both have gold sales badges, so Carme did sales and restocking. The business was level 8 at the start.


Akilina had a water balloon fight with the dormie hiding in the bush for about 8 hours.


Carme reached her “earned $100,000” milestone while restocking.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_e207186bAnd Akilina gave the 125th star, making Lampshades a level 10 business!

I feel like I haven’t had a business make level 10 for a while, so this is exciting to me.


Carme returned home just long enough to buy another business, with the money her dad had made from taking the money perks for the last two levels at Lampshades.


Her new business may look familiar, because it’s Club C, newly on the market.

The neighborhood is getting very big, with a lot of businesses, so I’ve decided that old businesses that have been donated to the community will be available for purchase. Yes, that means they’ll count twice, but I figure that’s fine as long as they’ve been paid for twice. It will reduce neighborhood clutter and delay the time when Willow Valley will, regretfully, crash and burn.


Carme dazzled the first few customers into paying $500 an hour to hang out at the club…


But she was really there for dates. The old guy who bought the first ticket seemed like a likely candidate.


Aw, it’s Benjamin’s very first kiss.


Benjamin decided he had to leave before the date reached Dream Date status, so Carme went on another date with a dormie.


She played poker for a while, hoping for another good date candidate, but no one showed up.


She did get a Best of the Best award just before going home, though. The business also reached level 2.


Back home, where the rotation hadn’t really even started yet, Carme made friends with Hector.


Then she called over a friend for another date.

I’m giving Carme a goal of 2 dream dates per day, 1 at the business and 1 at home. We’ll see how it goes.


The date went quite well.


Carme had the house to herself after her date, Matthew and Hector both being at work. She decided to put in a small garden so she could indulge her OTH of Nature.


Hector’s got a pretty sweet carpool, but unfortunately didn’t get promoted this time around.


Matthew got home from work and spent about 3 hours on the phone.


Carme had been shopping at the candy store during the break, and decided to try out some chocolate. Those chocolates are enormous! Turns out the ones with the lightning bolt on the package give a little energy boost.


She still preferred her dad’s delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, though.


Matthew spent his evening painting Carme’s portrait.


He hung it up next to his own.


Carme headed back to Club C early in the morning, and went on a date with Peter Ottomas. He assured her his wife was okay with it.


She hung out for a while longer, going on an outing with Liouba and getting the club up to rank 4. She also raked in quite a bit of cash thanks to that $500 per hour price.


She got home just in time to say goodbye to Matthew as he left for work.


Once again, Carme had the house to herself. First things first, she invited a dormie over for a date.


After taking care of the garden, she spent the rest of the afternoon catching bugs.


Hector got home with a promotion!


Matthew came home with a want to make a pot, so he did.


Matthew and Carme spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the bubble blower.


After midnight, Carme looked for a business position again with no luck. But, hey, she’s got over $300k in the bank, so she’s not doing too bad for being unemployed.


Apparently a collar had already been purchased for Hector, but they finally got it on him.


Carme continued her teenage habit of hardly ever sleeping, so she found herself eating leftover grilled cheese at 3 in the morning.


Then she headed out to the garden, and earned her silver badge!


Carme headed to the club for her first daily date, and who should show up but Michael Bruce! He was kind of sort of dating her sister, but they weren’t exclusive or anything, so Carme figured she’d tick off another date with him.


The date went beautifully, as usual.


Until Mireia showed up. “How could you?!”

“Hey, it’s not like we’re engaged or anything.”


“And whose fault is that, huh?”



Oddly enough, though her relationship dropped with both of them, Mireia wasn’t actually furious.


Carme hung out with Mireia for a while, building the relationship back up. She was glad Mireia wasn’t too upset with her, but hoped she hadn’t ruined things between Mireia and Michael.


“You know Anya?”


“Once, she got electrocuted, and she didn’t make it to the bathroom!”

By the time Carme was ready to go home, her relationship with Mireia was fully repaired.


“Hey, Agnes, congratulations on being the smart one. Now you’ve got to go back to school, I’m closing up.”


Back home, Carme managed to catch the gardener and end her services, since Carme liked taking care of the plants herself.


With the installation of 4 solar panels, the household went from bills of $156 on Tuesday to a rebate of $66 on Thursday!


Carme invited Andrew over for a date.


Then immediately asked him on another date.

Personally, I think trying to woohoo in the cab of a pickup would be rather awkward and really not fun, but what do I know?


Andrew left a hot tub as a date gift! They’ll be keeping that.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, Carme finally found a position in the Business career! That gives her just enough time to go to work once this season.


She needed a Logic point for a promotion, so she spent the rest of the night at a newly purchased chess table.


Carme thought she got a pretty good carpool for being just out of college.


Matthew was the one to have the house to himself today. He spent a while on the phone, making new friends.


Then he made some teapots.


Carme got home early with a chance card promotion, and then ended up with a second promotion due to networking. Funny how that works.


Matthew immediately monopolized Meadow Pederson, who had come home from work with Carme.


Carme needed 2 logic points for her final promotion, so she headed to Club C. Of course, she had to dazzle some customers into paying the ridiculous $500 per hour ticket price first.


She sat down at the chess table, soon joined by Andrea Bruce.


Unfortunately, Carme kept getting distracted by outings…


And dates.


So Carme set the price to “cheap”, so she wouldn’t have to keep jumping up to dazzle people and then get distracted from going back to the chess table.


Finally, with Peter Ottomas’ help, she was able to get the logic points she needed, while meanwhile getting the club up to level 6. She left the club at almost midnight on Saturday night.


When she got home, it was still early Friday afternoon, with several hours left in the workday, so she headed back to work.

Cheating a bit, I suppose, but I’m justifying it based on how long it took her to find the job.


“So you dated Carme, too, huh?”

“Yeah, she’s awesome.”


“Not awesome enough to leave flowers, though.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

That was weird.


Hector came home with a promotion to the top of the Pet Show Business career, and also got a $2400 chance card bonus! Who’s a good dog?


Carme got home with a promotion to Business Tycoon! She’s #11 for the neighborhood.


She celebrated with a date, breaking in the new hot tub.


Reno Day time! The focus today was on the downstairs bathroom, which inexplicably has cheap fixtures even though Matthew’s bathroom upstairs is decked out with top-of-the-line stuff.


The inequality was easily fixed, with a modest cost of only a few thousand dollars.


Then, since the household had made so much money, Carme donated $100,000 for construction of a new University building.


As soon as it was light out, Carme headed down to Club C.

Now that she had a hot tub, she didn’t see any reason to ever change out of her swimsuit.


She went on a date with the hobby guy, and got the club up to level 7 before closing down for the season.


Then it was off to the pet store, where Carme got a dog of her own. Unfortunately, the first thing she had to do was scold Andromache.


Back home, Andromache got her collar and enjoyed a nice plastic bone.


Then she learned to Come Here from Matthew.


Meanwhile, Carme went on a date with Abhijeet.


One of Matthew’s special friends strolled by, so of course he said hello.


They ended up having a great time in the hot tub.


Carme went on a second date with Abhijeet.


Then she headed out to the garden to work on it late into the night.

That’s it for the Picaso 1 household! Next is Picaso 2.


Household: Picaso 1


Hobby Horse, rank 10

Lampshades, rank 10

Club C, rank 7

Taxes: $13,700

1 university building donated for $100,000

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 62 (+1 due to total 50 community lots)

Population: 8494