Time for the Carr family!


Left to right: Nadezda, Joe, Adam, Semyon


After the others left for work and school, Nadezda sat down and paid the taxes of $40,000. The family’s net worth is about $1.1 million, with half of that being their 6 businesses and their house, and they got a cool $15,000 rebate as 5 of the businesses are level 10.

Then, to reduce their rather excessive supply of free cash, Nadezda donated $100,000 for a university building. This is the 10th building, meaning another university has been earned! That’s another 5 to the sim multiplier, and gets the population up to 9179!


Hooray for school bus friends! Adam brought his cousin Pavel Hamilton, and Semyon brought Sharla Ottomas.


Denise Cooke-Pavlov was walking her cat, and stopped by to hang out.


Aw, Ginger’s dreaming of herself. She must be lonely.

Or maybe she’s just sad she wasn’t in the family photo.


Nadezda came home with a promotion! I think she’s level 9 of the medical career.


The whole family headed down to Joe’s business, Carr Sporting Goods, where Semyon took point on sales and Adam handled the cash register.


Nadezda wasn’t needed, so she spent the time working on her 10th cleaning point for work (even though she has 2 days off).


Semyon! Get back to work!

Although she is cute…looks like potential future spouse material!


Gavin Newson came by to buy a treadmill, so the family can stay in shape.

Semyon earned a gold sales badge.


Ah, sponge bathing. Brings back memories.

Anyway, the business got up to level 3.


Then it was off to the pet store, where Nadezda bought a new dog! His name is Marvin, and he’s an interestingly colored shiba inu.


Back home, Adam made a delicious platter of pork chops for dinner.


Semyon invited Kat Bendett over for a date.


There was quite a crowd for dinner.

Nadezda and Joe skipped dinner and used the Energizer instead, then headed to the hot tub.


It’s love!


After dinner, it was time for a rare treat: some free will time.


Semyon chose to use his free will time to clean up the kitchen.



Nadezda missed out on Free Will time because she had to finish getting her cleaning point.


Ginger got home from her Rescue Pet job.

Hooray! Time for her to get to know her new buddy Marvin.


There was a bit of an outing gift – date roses collision at 1 am.


Marvin must have destroyed something. I honestly wasn’t sure what was there and had to go back to the spring chapter. Turns out it was a loveseat.


Adam spent some time working on his Science enthusiasm, and maybe another scholarship.


Joe caught on fire while cooking breakfast!


Adam was just hanging out on the lawn with his cousins like nothing was happening.


For some reason, the fire department wasn’t coming even though the alarm was blaring. So Nadezda took it upon herself to put him out.


Joe almost died, and went straight to the fridge to stuff his face, while Nadezda took her second sponge bath in two days.


Um, you’re a little late, dude.


The burned food glitched the stove, so I bought them a new, extra-expensive one.


Finally, the family got some breakfast, except by now it was lunch time and they ended up eating chili.


Semyon maxed his logic skill!


He stayed home while the rest of the family went to Carr’s Sporting Goods.

Adam’s usually pretty easy to keep platinum via Talk About Grilled Cheese.


Of course, he earned his gold sales badge about 5 minutes after opening the store.


The store earned a Best of the Best award, and reached level 5. And Joe has now joined Nadezda in having all the business perks.


Semyon rolled a want to max all his skills, and he’s only got 5 skill points to go. So as soon as the family arrived home, he headed to the couch to study.


I heard a lullaby!


Adam got into platinum by making dinner.

“Listen, son, make sure you get all your scholarships. You, too, Pavel.”


Free Will Time often means that Joe and Nadezda are all over each other.


Semyon now needs only 2 charisma points and 2 mechanical points to max all his skills.


I love how sims think they’re being super sneaky, exiting through the house after dropping off karaoke machines.


Adam woke up early, and decided to teach Marvin to Come Here.


Nadezda, Joe, and Semyon headed down to Carr Sporting Goods to finish up running it for the season, and got it up to level 7.


Unfortunately, the business did seem a bit plagued with playables who couldn’t afford the merchandise.


Back home, Joe stood on the lawn awkwardly ignoring the carpool while Nadezda called to invite people for Family Sunday.


The Pavlovs came over, along with Akilina and Irina. Once again, I had to use the Sim Blender to get the college kids there. Looks like that’s going to become a theme.


It was a great opportunity for Joe and Nadezda to connect with their daughters.


Didn’t work out too badly for the Pavlovs, either.


It took 2 platters of grilled cheese to feed all the hungry sims.


“Heh heh heh, I’ll steal this newspaper so that the maid doesn’t have to throw it away! What evil mischief!”


“Hey there! What are you doing with that newspaper, young man?”

Hah. Like Aglaya wasn’t planning to steal the newspaper herself before she was greeted.


After it got dark and all the visitors returned home, Semyon returned to skilling. 2 more skill points to go!


“Oh, look at that planet…wait, that’s not a planet!”


“No, wait! It’s my twin that’s the knowledge sim, not me!”


After Adam disappeared, Semyon figured he’d better ask his mom for help with the medical dummy. She was a doctor, after all. And his aspiration was down in green, with no other fulfillable wants.


“Oh my Boolprop! What the heck is this?!”

“Just throw it away and move on, son.”


Joe continued to work on training Marvin, in the dog training room that also happens to have a huge TV in it.


Hours later, the alien spaceship returned and unceremoniously threw Adam out.




Nadezda is following in her mother’s tradition of cheering for returned abductees.


Aw. Ginger got home from work and headed straight to bed.


Success! That ought to keep him platinum until he leaves for college tomorrow.


They added some more solar panels, so they should get a nice rebate on Tuesday.


Poor Adam was really broken up about the abduction.

Hey, buddy, at least you aren’t pregnant!


Every once in a while, Joe reminds me that his secondary aspiration is Pleasure. Just once in a while.


After the Monday morning bank account interest arrived, Adam added just a bit – about $1200 – to his bank account. It seemed only fair, since all his siblings have 6 figure trust funds.


Nadezda didn’t leave for work until 10, so she made sure to get in her morning phone time and quota of talking about sumo wrestlers after everyone else left.


She also paid the school fees, a paltry $2000.


Neither of the boys brought home a school bus friend, but their cousin Zinaida Parker came by shortly after they got home.


Adam maxed Logic!


Then he worked with Marvin on skills.

I’d like to get Marvin all skilled up so he can one day go into show business.


Nadezda got home with a promotion to Chief of Staff, achieving her second LTW.

Her third LTW is to have 20 best friends. Not sure how she’s going to accomplish that, considering that she has at least 40.


She immediately popped into elderhood.


Nadezda had also come home with a cold, so she headed to the kitchen and whipped up a bowl of Comfort Soup, then wolfed it down.


While she was eating, the boys had been busy applying for scholarships. Adam earned a total of $7750 in scholarships, including grades, 7 skills, and his Alien Reparations Scholarship. His trust fund is exactly $100,000.


Semyon earned $7250 in scholarships – grades, 7 skills, and dance – and has a trust fund valued at $100,900.


Nadezda got some new clothes, but decided to keep her hair.


“So you still think I’m sexy?”

“Honey, one of my turn ons is grey hair. You’re even more sexy!”

It’s true. They’re now a 3 bolt couple for the first time.


After midnight means Reno Day! Their house is already pretty upgraded, but I did replace the cheap dresser and end table in the master bedroom with these much fancier models.


Puppy time! Ginger had 4 puppies. I didn’t capture a picture of all of them, but they look the same right now. 1 girl and 3 boys, named Natasha, Bucky, Sam, and Steve.




Four puppies is just two many, so Nadezda put Sam and Steve up for adoption.


Um, I really don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to carry a puppy.


Anyway, the other (far more expensive) part of the new Reno Day purchases was made, since Joe wanted a fancy sports car now that he was an empty nester. Unfortunately, he won’t get to drive it this season, as he has the day off.


Since Joe got the car, Nadezda would just have to be chauffeured to work in a limousine.


Joe spent the first part of the morning working on puppy behavior.


They got a $443 rebate on their bills!


Then Joe headed down to visit a place that hasn’t been seen for a while.


It’s Dance Fever, Nadezda’s 2nd ever business!


The Carrs have to maintain their millionaire status, so Joe set the ticket price to $9999.


Even with a bunch of playables who couldn’t afford the ticket price (Joe let them in for free), he still managed to earn $260,000 in just a few hours.


Back home, Joe gave Ginger a bath.


And made sure to get his phone time in.

“Yeah, Adam met the aliens. I’ve met them too. Wasn’t that big a deal for me, but he really hated it.”


Nadezda got home and got started on her phone time immediately, while still standing in the street.


Then Nadezda’s old friend Tosha came by, so Nastasia had to greet her.

“Hey, Tosha, how’s it going?”


“Well, not so great, actually. I…well, I kind of don’t have anywhere to live right now.”


“Nowhere to live? That’s awful! Well, we have two empty bedrooms, so you should stay here!”

So Tosha was moved in via the Sim Blender. They didn’t adopt her, so she’s coming in as more of a foster child. I didn’t use a CAS point since I would have moved her in like an adult townie by asking if it were allowed for teens.


Tosha had about $5600 worth of stuff in her inventory, apparently purchased at several of Willow Valley’s fine business establishments.


She sold the stuff and deposited the $5600 in her bank account, along with $10,000 that Nadezda insisted upon giving her. Tosha had tried to say no, but Nadezda had insisted, pointing out that college was expensive. Tosha couldn’t turn down her extremely wealthy friend’s offer to pay for college, any more than she had been able to turn down a place to stay.


Tosha did change up her look a little. She’s actually got a pretty unique face. She’s a Family sim and rolled Popularity as a secondary, and would like to be Captain Hero someday. She currently has a job in the Military career, which is fortunately unlocked.


She headed into the kitchen to chow down on the delicious salmon Joe had cooked up.


Since her aspiration was low and the rotation was almost over, I let Tosha use the crystal ball. She summoned Ginger Newson, with whom she has a cool 2 bolts.


They had a very nice date.


Tosha picked out new decor for the room that had been Semyon’s.


Then she didn’t use the room, because now that she’d been given the opportunity to go to college, she was going to earn as many scholarships as possible.

That’s it for the Carr household! Next up is the Richters.


Household: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Carr Sporting Goods, Rank 6

General fund contribution: $42,000 (taxes $40,000, school fees $2,000)

Donations: $100,000 to purchase a new university building

Playable sims: 138 (+1 – Tosha Go moved in)

Sim multiplier: 67 (+5 – 2nd university)

Population: 9246