The Hamilton household was delayed from its normal position in the rotation, but here they are now.


Left to right: Dimitri, Aglaya, Pavel, Marylena, Romina


First things first, Marylena paid the taxes of $20,000. That’s pocket change in this house.


Marylena and Aglaya inherited money from the Cookes.


Dimitri and Romina headed down to the library to get jobs from the job board. Romina took a position in her LTW career of Law. Dimitri already fulfilled his first LTW to earn $100k, so he took a job in Business.

Conveniently, they both had the day off.


Romina found herself very hungry when they got home, and was pleased to find some leftover chef salad in the fridge.


Pavel brought home Drina Bendett on the bus and had a nice outing with her. They’ve got two bolts, but Drina is a little too young for him.


Aglaya and Marylena earned about $5000 at work between the two of them – Aglaya is at the top of the Medical career and Marylena is at the top of Education. They both brought friends home from work.


Time for a party!

(No, I did not screen their formal outfits ahead of time.)



It was a lovely ceremony, even if not all the guests made it to their seats.


Everyone was very excited, except Samantha Ottomas for some reason.


Cake! Dimitri very politely and neatly fed Romina the first bite. Nobody watched.


However, as soon as the ceremonial cake feeding was over, the guests swarmed the kitchen.


The party was a roof raiser. Poor Max was sad that he wasn’t invited, and also that he doesn’t live there anymore.


Romina and Dimitri consummated their marriage in their newly redecorated bedroom.


Apparently the party wasn’t enough excitement for Pavel; he snuck out with his cousin Jake for the night.


This is why they didn’t go on a honeymoon. Romina actually got pregnant from the last farewell woohoo before Dimitri left college.


Violet was caught growling at the bird, and was scolded.


Pavel got caught sneaking back in because most of the family was awake. He lucked out and didn’t get a lecture, though.


Romina got a couple of cleaning points for work in her cute maternity outfit.


Then it was phone time before everyone but Marylena headed off to work and school.


Marylena had the morning to herself, and spent it at the robot bench.


The household bills were quite high at $410, so they bought a bank of solar panels.


Dimitri got demoted for playing a video game on his lunch break (even though he was the CEO). Fortunately, he was able to go right back to work.


He brought Farooq Bousaid home and then abandoned him, so Marylena entertained him with an outing.


Dimitri got re-promoted back to CEO.


Romina also got a promotion, though I’m not sure what level she is. As a Fortune sim, she’s not going to be missing any days of work for pregnancy or baby care until she’s Permaplat – especially not with 2 grandmothers around.


Stupid tree fires. A tree in the backyard already caught fire earlier.


Marylena aged into an elder!


I remembered to get collars for the dogs.


Pavel headed off to college. He earned scholarships of $6250 (grades and all 7 skills) and has a trust fund worth $31,800.


Marylena decided to keep her shirt, and wear the pants Aglaya had originally aged up in.


Aglaya may have only gotten a paltry +1,000, but she has now maxed all of her skills!


After an outing with Farooq, Dimitri wasn’t tired at all. He stayed up all night painting while everyone else slept.


Romina had her 2nd pop in the bathroom while unclogging the toilet.


Dimitri finished his and Romina’s portraits.


Romina made breakfast for herself and Marylena. Dimitri and Aglaya weren’t hungry.


They have an automatic dog washer (aka Water Wiggler), but Violet apparently hasn’t found it yet, as she was filthy.


Romina wanted to hire a butler. I’ve never done that before, so I figured this was a good household to try it. After all, they’re rich with 3 Fortune sims in the house.


Ocean arrived just as everyone was leaving for work. The first thing he did was fire the maid and the gardener.


I watched him wander around and clean everything all day while everyone was at work.


Dimitri was promoted to Business Tycoon! We still only have 9 Business Districts, though, as we’re behind on businesses.


With that in mind, Dimitri and his moms headed down to Sofa City. It’s already level 10 but still hasn’t turned much of a profit.

Venyamin was one of their first customers. He needs some furniture for his new place.


About halfway through the session, Dimitri finally kicked out all the playables who were just hanging out with no money to buy stuff.


Back home, Romina got a promotion. She’s already earned $25,000. Between all 4 members of the family, they earned over $30,000.


Dimitri bought himself a fancy car. Why not?


Dimitri and Romina had some “us time” in their bedroom.


After some sleep, everyone was back up and gathered in the living room when Romina went into labor at 4 am.


I had individual pictures of the babies, but they look exactly the same, so here’s one of both. Dimitri’s holding the firstborn, a girl named Lorita, while Romina has the younger, a boy named Timofei. They both have black hair and Romina’s custom eyes.

A note on baby names: each family has its nationality, and the main family lines will only get names of that nationality for their babies (Russian for the Pavlovs, English for the Cookes, and so on). However, for satellite lines like the Hamiltons, any playable that marries in will have their name nationality added to the options. So Dimitri and Romina’s children could roll either a Russian or Italian name (I use a randomizer from to give me random names by nationality).


The back room was turned back into a nursery, for the first time since Pavel was a baby.


“Oh, two new charges. I was not informed of this in advance.”


Ocean is the type to shove bottles in the baby’s mouth and then leave him on the floor.


Romina had been wanting a business since she moved in. Now that she’s not pregnant anymore, I finally let her get one.


Poor Marylena was the only person who had to work on Saturday.


Aglaya was rather excited to have grandbabies to snuggle.


Apparently paper stealing is serious business for  Hadassah.


Romina headed out to her new business, the Willow Valley Swim Club. Unfortunately, despite the lot costing $87,000, the ticket price is only $13. Romina will have to get her gold sales badge to get her investment back.


Romina did sales and went on outings to keep her mood up.


She got a TV as a networking gift; selling it gave her about 90% of the money she made during her session.


The business got up to level 1 before Romina headed home.


Marya stopped by to visit, so of course she was invited in.


Ocean continues to feed the babies bottles and leave them on the floor, in stinky diapers.


The bird seemed to be glitched, so I replaced with another one that looks exactly the same. Aglaya taught her to talk right away.


Family Sunday! Isaiah came as Venyamin’s friend. Orlando is also there, though not pictured.


The butler keeps leaving the poor babies on the floor. I think I might have to fire him.


I realized that Aglaya was not friends with Pavel. This cannot stand.


Marya and Orlando went straight to break in the new hot tub. Romina received it as an outing gift from her time at the pool.


Romina and Dimitri also ignored Family Sunday to have their own private party.


It’s the last day of the rotation, so the family had a small Reno Day – railings around the stairs. They’re going to have toddlers soon, after all.


The butler finally decided to make food, and served cereal just as Marylena made pancakes.


Then he made some salad. Ok, Ocean, that’s enough.


Marya is actually master of both dogs, Grimalkin and Violet. I should have gotten the dogs over to her at the beginning of the season, and failed. Well, now Marylena is also master of Violet, so she’ll be staying with the current Hamilton household. Marya was given Grimalkin, though. He’s almost an elder, so he might get some Kibble of Life at her house.


I see Pavel’s already in the college mindset.


Silly me, I forgot to invite Mauro over until about 3:30.


Ocean made more food, burnt frozen dinners this time. That certainly sounds like the kind of service I’d expect from a snooty butler.


And then he started cooking something else, left to shove another bottle in Lorita’s mouth, and started a fire.


Then he put her on the floor, RIGHT BY THE FIRE, so he could go freak out at the fire.


Fortunately, the random dormie that Mauro brought as his friend had better sense than the useless butler. He grabbed Lorita and rushed her outside.


So much more sense than the butler. I’ll keep an out for this dormie in the future.


After the fire department put out the fire, Ocean tried to redeem himself by retrieving Lorita from the lawn and changing her diaper. No dice.


“Don’t you worry, my sweet Lorita. Nana fired that awful butler.”

The maid and the gardener were re-hired, and the butler experiment is over.


After all that, it’s birthday time for the twins! Isaiah had gone on home, but Hero Dormie of course got to stay.


Poor Lorita’s cake glitched, and her grandmother dumped her on the floor to eat cake.


Here’s Timofei, who’s been ignored because he hasn’t had a horrible day.


Lorita finally managed to grow up.


Marylena was exhausted, but couldn’t get upstairs to bed because the stairs were glitched. I ended up having to delete and replace them. The family has had a seriously rough night.


Dimitri, who’s gotten into the habit of staying up all night, took charge of getting the twins their smart milk.


I pushed them a little too far into Fall to get the twins their makeovers. They’re both very cute.

That’s it for the Hamiltons! They’ll be back in their usual place in the rotation for fall. Next up is the Bendett family.


Sims 140 (+2)

Sim multiplier 67

Population 9380

Family: Hamilton

General fund contribution $21,000 (tax $20,000, school fees $1000)


Games Ahoy, rank 10

Sofa City, rank 10

Willow Valley Swim Club, rank 1