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All right, I lied. Doubly so. I said no updates until December, but my Nano’s doing well, so here I am. I also said that we’d meet Generation B this chapter, and that’s not quite true. Anyway, on with the show!

Last chapter, Min was working on new portraits of Pharmacy and Blair. He’s finished them, hooray! I’m not too fond of Pharmacy’s portrait, but Blair’s is great.

The mailbox is working! Moxi found more tiberium, so she sent it off to get cut. Hopefully we’ll get it back successfully this time.

Pharmacy’s working his way up on the boards. I’m hoping I can get him up to space blocks too. Kind of wishing I’d bought more than one board breaker.

Annmarie’s nectar isn’t great so far, alas. Maybe it’ll be worth something by the time Generation B takes over.

Moxi invited her still teen boyfriend Maximus over. Show us your guns, Max!

I don’t know how long Max was supposed to have as a teen, but my guess would be a while. So, it’s forced birthday time!

The guy in the hat is Max’s dad. Unfortunately, his mom and brother couldn’t make it.

Immediately after he grew up, SP got Max a job as a firefighter. He changed into his firefighter outfit right away and said he had to go soon, even though it’s about 9 o’clock at night, and he works 9 to 5 during the day.

Fortunately he accepted Moxi’s invite to stay the night.

They were able to woohoo, but sadly the option for Max to move in never came up. *sigh*

I forgot to send Max’s dad home, and he decided to listen to music at 3 in the morning. The house is wired for sound. When Max woke up, he immediately said he had to go and ran out, before Moxi could try to ask him to move in again. *double sigh*

It’s baby Bianca’s birthday! I guess she’s getting one last breastfeeding in before aging up.

“Woah, dude…woah.”

To the toddler potty! Toddlers let go as soon as the bar turns a little yellow, so when I saw Bianca’s bar was getting close to empty I figured I’d better get her there right away.

Moxi: “How did I get roped into this? I have to have three of my own. Shouldn’t Min or Annmarie be taking care of this?”

They had needs to take care of. You didn’t.

Post makeover, Bianca’s quite adorable. She got Min’s eye color and Grandma Blair’s hair color.

I kind of like the genetics system in Sims 3, even if it is a little less predictable. In Sims 2, all Min and Annmarie’s kids would have had brown hair.

Cute but entirely pointless toddler picspam!

Moxi broke a bunch of boards, then tried out the collection helper she invented. She only picked up three of the gems before she got dizzy. I don’t like it. *sells*

Moxi isn’t selling any gems at this point. I’m trying to make a massive gem collection. Because why not?

Susan wanted to learn the painting skill, so I got her an easel. She’s finished her lifetime want, so she might as well paint since she’s never going to die.

Max kept saying he couldn’t come over because he was busy, so finally Moxi went out looking for him. He wasn’t at home, but she found him at the fire station in terrible lighting. It was well after his work hours, so I’m not sure why he couldn’t come over.

“Hold on, Max, I brought you something.”

“Marry me?”

“If it’ll get me out of the fire station, heck yeah!”

He still wouldn’t come to the house, and I still didn’t have an option to move him in, so they got married in the fire station in the dark.

Here he is post-makeover.¬†So everybody welcome Maximus (McDermott) Rx to the legacy! He’s a clumsy, athletic, lucky angler who also has a green thumb. His LTW is to be a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.

I moved beds around and did some re-decorating. Moxi and Max now have the second master bedroom (the purple one), while Susan is in Moxi’s old room (now green).

Here’s a random picture of a sleeping toddler. Aww.

Max: “So, you eat a lot of birthday cake around here, huh?”

Min: “Sure do. The bunnies make it, you know.”

Inventing and gardening in underpants! Because it’s Saturday, and no one should have to get dressed on Saturday unless they want to.

(Susan’s a snob. She always wants to get dressed.)

Alas, the house is full, and there’s no room for Moxi and Max to have babies. So Min, Annmarie, and Bianca have to leave. ūüė¶

I bought them a house. I wished I could have bought them a big mansion, because I love them so much, but I had to settle for a little two bedroom that cost about $15k. It’s just a couple of blocks away, though.

The tiberium came back in the mail! I put it on the ground. Now let’s see if it’s worth $40k in a few days.

Max got a job in Science, for his LTW. I’m kind of glad he got a job related one, because now Moxi can just stay home and bust rocks.

“Hmm, look at that big pile of trash. I wonder…you know what would be really fun?”


“Wow, that was awesome. I’ll try it at home with this useless scavenged stuff.”

And…yeah. It’s a big old fire. I guess that’s why they say, “Don’t try this at home”.

Naturally, every sim on the lot, and at least one who doesn’t even live there, came running to stand right by the flames.

Max: “Moxi, I love you. So much.”

Moxi: “Weren’t you a firefighter for a day? Grab an extinguisher!”

“No, don’t spray it at me! Point it at the fire!”

At last the fire was out. Moxi’s grand total from the whole business: 1 scrap.

Aw, the fireman looks so sad that he’s too late.

They were running out of room to keep things nice and organized in the garden, so, expansion time! Blair was so eager to upgrade the new sprinkler to auto water that she ran out in her new lucky nightie.

Since Max is the only Green Thumb left in the house, he’s Gardener #1.

Susan decided to go visiting.

What an adorable little house!

Hi, Annmarie! I miss you already!

Aw, their little house is adorable, even if it is tiny and cheap.

“Ohmigosh! I’m married!”

The tiberium grew! Yippee! It’s worth $38,000.


Moxi and Pharm promptly went out to spent their new influx of riches on buying businesses in town.

The rest of the money was earmarked for a honeymoon.

Moxi and Max went to Egypt, since I’ve never sent sims there before.

Their first honeymoon activity was as it should be.

Then it was adventure time!

“Flame fruit! I’m so excited! I can plant these in the garden back home!”

Ladies and gentlemen, Amoxicillin Rx! Four time winner of the “Most Likely to Catch Butt on Fire” award!

Unfortunately, Max was the one to find a mummy, and almost got knocked out. I was hoping to see Moxi kick its butt, but she couldn’t interact with it.

She could, however, woohoo with Max in the mummy’s sarcophagus.

“Umm, you guys? What’s taking you so long? I want my sarcophagus back.” *taps foot*

I don’t use the moodlet manager too often at home, but it is so handy on vacations. Moxi and Max pretty much went nonstop the whole trip – I think they only slept once in six days.

Yikes! Moxi’s first attempts at snake charming sound like me when I was learning to play the clarinet in fifth grade.

“Hmm, is anybody watching? Nope, just Max.”

When you start digging through people’s trash, I think it’s time to go home.

Back home, they displayed the Egyptian relics they’d found.

“Yeah, mom, the honeymoon was great! I picked up the Photography skill! You should come over – you can see the awesome pictures I took of the Sphinx and the pyramids.”

Pharmacy learned the recipe for Dim Sum, which is Susan’s favorite food, and made it perfectly! Hooray for the first perfect dish of the legacy!

Since it’s Family Sunday, Annmarie and Min came over. They headed directly for the computers. They must be electronics starved in their little house.

Max planted flame fruit…

Then invited his parents over. His brother, too, but the kid was apparently busy on a Sunday afternoon.

Susan finally painted a picture worthy of being hung on the wall! ¬†Min didn’t paint anything other than Pharm and Blair’s portraits after the move, so the walls are rather bare.

Still, Moxi’s gem collection helps keep that “Nicely Decorated” moodlet around. This is only a small part of her collection – there are gems in all the rooms except the bathrooms.

Generation B is definitely on the way! For real this time!

Spare update: Finally, some dating activity from Albie! I moved in a bunch of new young adults when Moxi grew up, and Albie’s dating one of them – Glinda, from Wicked. Maybe he’ll actually get around to reproducing one of these days.


Welcome back to the Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy! This is a long chapter, so hopefully it will tide you over as there probably won’t be any posts in the month of November.

Let’s start with a party! Albie’s invited, of course, along with all the Rx’ assorted friends. Annmarie, Min’s girlfriend, apparently grew up into a YA at some point.

It’s time for our dear founder to become an elder.

He makes a very handsome elder, as his family and friends all cheer him on.

Post-makeover and minus a little hair. He’s still cute, just now in a little old man kind of way.

Cyclone kind of put a damper on the party.

*sob, sob* “My heart…it’s broken…”

“Death, death, all around us!”

OK… I wasn’t getting SP pop-ups for a while, so I don’t know who died, but I didn’t think Cyclone was married or with anyone.

After the party, it was back to normal sim life. Blair beat the stove into submission.

“Make better quality meals, or I’ll bust out all your burners!”

Since she achieved her LTW, she mostly putters around upgrading things when she’s not working. I look forward to the day when the whole house is self-cleaning, because I refuse to hire one of those creepy maids.

Min had a wish to have 15 of his paintings hanging up around the house, which I was happy to indulge. A lot of them are kind of abstract and dull, but I like this one.

Moxi got electrocuted, used the moodlet manager to cure herself, and went right back to work. ¬†Now that’s dedication.

Susan maxed her logic skill, completing her LTW!

“And I’m only 229!”

You’re never going to die, are you?

“Apparently not.”

With her Lifetime Happiness points, Susan bought us a teleporter. I think the Rxs have all the lifetime reward gadgets now, except for the body shaper. Right now, no one really needs their body reshaped, but I’ll pick it up eventually.

Pharmacy tries out the food replicator. Pretty cool. It’ll be handy for kids when the fridge runs out of leftovers.

On Monday, Min stays home from school, because it’s his birthday! Only Susan is there to celebrate it with him.

(Pay no attention to the dirty counter. If I could manage self-cleaning counters and self-mopping floors, I would be so happy.)

And he’s a very handsome YA. I think that’s his formal wear. No need for a makeover just yet.

Min rolled the Eco Friendly trait.

Min immediately makes a phone call.

Annmarie: “Oh, Min, I’m so glad you grew up. Just chatting at your dad’s birthday party was weird.”

I like how teens don’t automatically break up when one of them ages up, but it is weird how they’re “going steady” but don’t have any romantic interactions.

“So I found this rock, and I really like it, and I was wondering if you could wear it. Then you and I can be Minmarie forever.”

Annmarie: *pretends to be shocked*

They got married right there in front of the house, with Min still in his swim trunks.

Min: “These are my formal swim trunks.”

Annmarie: “Honey, I love you, but please don’t talk to the voices during our wedding.”

Then they went to France.

Annmarie is unlucky, good, clumsy, grumpy, and a green thumb, in case anyone was wondering. Her LTW is to have a bottomless nectar cellar. She won’t be around long enough to accomplish it, since Moxi’s still the heir, but there’s no reason they can’t pick up a nectar press in France anyway.

Naturally, their first stop was the double bed at base camp.

“Hey, this is pretty cool. Exploring a tomb together, on our honeymoon…

“‘Cool’? Are you kidding me? You’re in a TOMB. On your HONEYMOON. With your BRIDE. The forces of Evil and Darkness and Death could do horrible things to her!”

“No, it’s not like that! I mean, we’re really just in the basement of the museum! Daylight is right up those stairs!”

“Well, all right, I guess…that just makes the whole thing kind of stupid.”

They capped off their tomb exploration with a little sarcophagus woohoo, because hey, why not?

Back home, the nectar cellar was properly established.

Annmarie planted the fruit she had brought back from France, pretty much filling the garden plot. Since she has a green thumb, she quickly became the garden’s primary caretaker, although Pharmacy and Susan still helped out.

Moxi: “I don’t understand, Dad. I sent that Tiberium off in the mail days ago, and it hasn’t come back.”

Pharmacy: “Maybe it got lost.”

Moxi: “None of the other gems I sent off have come back, either.”

It was right around this time that I realized that the mail hadn’t come in days. Moxi has the “No More Bills” perk, so I wasn’t expecting those, but I did want those gems back.

Blair got a work opportunity to make friends with Molly French-Sekemoto, and spent the entire day stalking her before she finally came home. She even posed as a repairman coming to fix their leaky shower.

Minmarie stole Susan’s bed, forcing her into the single in Min’s old room.

Everybody is kung fu fighting.

 Ah, gardening in underwear, a proud legacy tradition.

What, it’s not? Well, it is now. Because fishsticks.

“His father, smelling of elderberries, wandered into the creek and built a boat out of seaweed and fairy dust.”

Min wrote what he thought was a deep, serious, literary novel, and was rather perturbed when his publisher insisted on marketing it as a “humor” novel.

While out in the garden, Annmarie discovered that she was pregnant with the first child of B generation.

“A sarcophagus baby! Min will be thrilled.”

Interlude: Where the Heck Are We?

So…remember how there was no mail? Well, it turned out there were no NPCs. Period. No mail, no pizza, no maids, no newspapers. I couldn’t summon one up, either. Things were ok otherwise, but after consulting Dr. Internet I concluded that my neighborhood was borked. So the Rxs have moved to Riverview. I moved their whole house, because I’m too lazy to build them another one and start a new garden and everything. I’m disappointed that I didn’t manage even one whole generation in one place. *sigh*

Apparently I did it wrong, though – I moved Albie, too, but the family doesn’t know him and they’re not related to him. Boo. Also all of Min’s paintings disappeared. All of the buy mode decorative objects, too. They still have the gems, other collectibles, and relics, at least. And I forgot to sell off all of their investments in Sunset Valley.

So…anybody know how to preserve relationships among households when moving towns? Is there any way to get Albie back on the family tree? (Dr. Internet says no, alas.) In the future, can I preserve the paintings by putting them in inventory?

Anyway, the show must go on.

Pharmacy’s new portrait will have to be of him as an elder, but Min started on Blair’s portrait right away.

Because it’s Blair’s birthday!

Her whole family was there to cheer her on.

Except for Albie, of course. ūüė¶

Blair: “I don’t think I like this. Can I wear pigtails again and go back to being a YA in a lucky nightie?”

“Strong…I will be…super strong.”

Pharmacy completed the strength challenge! He’s now done all three of the Athletic challenges, and he’ll never be fatigued again!

Moxi was at the junkyard collecting scrap, when her attention was arrested. “That…that boy. I have to talk to him.”

Turned out his name was Maximus McDermott.

Moxi: “So, handsome, what’s your sign?”

Max: “Handsome? Me? Really?”

All right, I’ll be honest. I was feeling the desperation that comes when moving towns 3 days before your heiress’s birthday, and seized on the first available teenage boy.

The getting-to-know-you was going well, until Max’s little brother passed out in the parking lot. That seemed like a cue to send everyone home.

Annmarie spent her pregnancy working hard in the garden.

She has a part time job at the bookstore, but she’s never gone, and probably never will go while she’s living in the main household.

I caught Susan singing in the shower, which is weird since she’s not a virtuoso.

Annmarie: “Oh, boy. Wow, this is uncomfortable.”

“Ohmiboolprop! What’s happening? What do I do? Oh no, oh no.”

Annmarie: “Calm down, husband. I’ll drive us to the hospital, ok?”

Min’s apparently determined to make standing outside the hospital whining about HIS needs another Rx tradition.

It’s a girl! Since she’s B generation, but not in the main line, she gets a normal B name instead of a drug name. So Bianca it is. She’s Eccentric and Friendly, and likes the color violet.

Later that morning, Pharmacy stood watching his youngest eat her pancakes. Had it been the right decision, making Moxi heir? She was the youngest – what if he didn’t live to see his grandchildren grow up?

Susan took care of the garden that day, since Pharmacy had to work and Annmarie was sleeping in after the birth.

It was hard to believe she was a great-grandmother. She was 232 years old, and beginning to think Death was never going to come for her.

Annmarie played with Bianca. She loved her little daughter – and she was secretly glad that Min wasn’t the heir, that soon they would move to their own home and her little girl could grow up peacefully.

That evening, Moxi invited Max over and worked on getting to know him better. She only had a day before her birthday, so she didn’t have much time to find out if he was spouse material.

“So my favorite food is steak…it’s pretty awesome.”

“My dad could probably learn to make that. Maybe. I’ve never even tasted my favorite food.”

Poor Moxi – her favorite food is falafel, and no one in the family has ever been to Egypt.

“So, Max, I really like you.”

“Want to go steady?”

I think that’s a yes.

Meanwhile, Annmarie got a gardening skill point while getting to know the girl Moxi had brought home from school.

Wait…wait a sec…

Oh my. That poor girl. She’d be really pretty if it weren’t for…well…you know.

Pharmacy got all fancy and made ratatouille for dinner.

He’s level 9 in cooking, just from cooking for his family for years and occasionally watching the cooking channel.

I love having 5 adults and 1 teen all taking care of 1 baby. Makes things so much easier.

Also, is it just me, or is Susan looking younger?

It’s Moxi’s birthday, and the whole family is there to see her grow up!

(Albie? Albie who?)

“I’m an adult! Finally free to pursue my destiny!”

You’re a legacy heiress. Your destiny is to spawn and die. To the dresser with you!

Pharmacy promptly rolls the wish for Amoxicillin to get married. He understands how a legacy works.

All: “Somebody please quiet that baby!”

Blair: “Everybody eat your cake, I got this one.”

After choosing new outfits (and sticking a tent in her inventory so she doesn’t have to buy another one like Min did), Moxi calls up the travel agency. It’s time to go back to Chiny and achieve her LTW!

Moxi promptly called up her first tournament opponent. She puts on her “dumb girl” act.

“Oh, I’m so excited! *giggle* I’ve read so many books about martial arts, and now I get to play in a real tournament!”

Her opponent put on his “dumb Chinese guy” act right back.

“Oh, yes, martial arts tournament great fun! We spar now, yes?”

Moxi kicked his butt.

“Oof! Right in the solar plexus!”

Moxi had 8 days in China to work her way up the tournament ladder.

She needed the whole time.

The old lady was Moxi’s most formidable opponent – Moxi lost to her 3 times before she finally beat her.

Finally, it was time for the last match.

I’m a little surprised that the woman at the top of the tournament circuit is only a brown belt.

Apparently the lady had no problem bringing her kids to the match, and then letting them stand close enough that they could easily be hit by a stray kick.

Although she was a bit stinky by the end, Moxi was thrilled. She was a Martial Arts Grand Master, and had achieved her LTW!

That’s it for this chapter. Look for me in December with the (official) arrival of Generation B!

Last weekend I was on vacation. Next weekend will be November, and I’ll be hard at work on Nano. So I figured I’d better bust out a chapter or two this weekend.

Susan, age 220, is still working on her LTW. In a rare departure, her partner is not elderly.

Moxi: “Min, you’re standing in the door. Annmarie’s not going to like it if a certain part of your anatomy gets messed up.

Min: “I’m perfectly comfortable here, thanks.”

Pharm: “Stupid mother-in-law, still not dead.”

Susan: “I can hear you, but I’m going to go right on smiling, because guess what? I’m still not dead.”

Min finished Blair’s portrait! It’s not great, but it’ll do.

Pharmacy rolled a want to spar, and Moxi was available, so hey, why not?

She beat him pretty bad.

He got a new belt, though, so that’s cool.

Albie just finished his first day of work. Sadly, his job performance bar didn’t budge at all, even though he had green smiley faces and an up arrow all day.

Pharmacy’s taken up gardening, so he can be backup for the garden once Albie moves out, just in case Susan ever dies. I’m hoping maybe I can get her up to level 10 first, though, so she can plant the Special seeds the family’s collected.


Aww, Minmarie. These two are so adorable. They’re definitely getting married (and probably pregnant) before I throw them to Story Progression.

Min: “Math, stupid math. Moxi, can you do my homework for me?”

Moxi: “Don’t be silly. The only class I’m getting an A in is P.E.”

Liar. They’re both actually doing quite well in school, probably mostly because I make them do their homework every day, because I’m a nerd who always did mine.

But hey, what a nice view to have while doing homework, yeah?

I finally got rid of the nasty cheap couch and TV, and bought them some nice living room furniture!

On Saturday, Albie slept in just a little too long.

“Dad! I was going to do the garden today! Well, fine, I’ll just leave.”

“Hello? Sunset Valley Realty? Yeah, my dad’s buying me a house!”

Ok, so it took me about 3 days to get bored with Albie as a YA.

Being way too nice for my own good, I couldn’t bear to just kick Albie out. So I put down a cheap little house from the bin and bought it for him.

Moxi keeps trying to woo Calvin. He just kinda smiles and nods. I’m thinking maybe she should look for romance elsewhere.

Woot! Martial arts level 9!

Ethan: “So, Jamie, you’re here to play chess against Susan, too? That’s super hot.”

Holly: “Ethan. Stupid idiot. Remember me? Your wife? Standing right over here?”

Pharm: “Shush. I’m watching Top Chef.”

Burglar: “These guys look pretty rich. I think I’ll steal their stuff.”

They’re cops.

“Don’t be ridiculous. They’re speedboat salesmen.”

Suit yourself.

“Mwahahahaha! A dryer! I shall steal it.”

Pharmacy: “Oh, hey there, burglar. Don’t mind me. I’m just going to put you in the hospital.”

Burglar: “Uncle, uncle! I’m sorry! Please let me run away, I promise I won’t try to steal your dryer anymore.”

Pharm: “Well, all right, as long as you promise.”

Susan slept through the whole thing.

The rest of the family decided 3 am was a good time for breakfast.

Min: “So, dad, my latest book is about the tyranny of the corporate…”

Pharm: “Not right now, son. Got to finish my food and get back to bed.”

The next morning, Susan got up bright and early and headed out to the garden.

“The rest of them are still sleeping, those useless layabouts. What did they do, get up and have a party at 3 in the morning?”

That afternoon, Moxi kept getting distracted from her homework by the beautiful pink diamond she had found while breaking rocks.

Susan: “I can’t believe it! I’m actually interacting with someone in my family!”

Blair: “Don’t get excited, Mom. As soon as I max my logic, I’m outta here.”

This is Blair’s work outfit of the day. It would be much more hilarious if she were an elder.

Apparently somebody broke the sink before everyone left for work and school. Nice job, guys.

Moxi: “Grandma, I don’t think I’ll ever find true love.”

Susan: “No such thing, kiddo. Doesn’t exist.”


Um, Blair? You know you could just ring their doorbell and question them, right?

“These are the Landgraabs we’re talking about. Do you really think they’ll just tell me the truth about their nefarious activities?”

Min: “Hey, sis, let’s spar.”

Moxi: “Heh, really? Ok, you asked for it.”

Moxi was nice, and only kicked him in the head 3 or 4 times.

I try to let Pharmacy do pretty much whatever he wants, and he wanted to learn how to fish. So he went out and caught a couple of minnows.

Susan: “Books are wonderful, aren’t they, Jamie?”

Jamie: “Oh, yes.”

Susan: “By the way, your ass is toast.”

So, Susan, how does it feel to be a chess Grand Master?

“Out of my way, I need the bathroom.”

Susan only needs about half a logic point to fulfill her LTW. Not bad for somebody who moved in with her life bar already full.

I was tired of sims taking their books into the kitchen or living room, so I built them a nice little reading nook.

Moxi: “So, Calvin, do you like lifting weights? I love lifting weights. I bet I could lift more weight than you.”

Meanwhile, Calvin was wondering if maybe Moxi inviting him to her house so often might mean something.

The real reason Moxi invited him over was so her dad could question him.

Pharm: “So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how interested in my daughter are you?”

Calvin: “Um, can I plead the 5th or something?”

Calvin is a good, light-sleeping, over-emotional loner. Is it just me, or is that kind of a boring selection?

Meanwhile, Moxi reached level 10 of martial arts and earned her black belt! She also found some tiberium. ¬†Apparently if I get it cut and then let it sit around for a few days, it’ll grow and end up being worth $40,000. That almost feels like cheating. On the other hand, it means Moxi won’t have to get a job when she’s a YA.

Blair got the last bit of her last logic skill point at work somehow, and has achieved her LTW!

She uses her points to buy a Food Replicator, which could be useful if Pharmacy wants a break from all the cooking.

That seems like a good place to end this chapter. Next time, there will be birthdays!

Ooh, this is a nice looking house. I wonder who it could belong to?

Why, it’s the Rx family’s new house! It’s still fairly unfurnished, and what furniture there is is mostly cheap crap since I spent all their money on the house. But there are rooms for everybody, and they have more bathrooms now – 5! Plus they don’t have to keep the martial arts stuff and the inventing station out on the lawn.

Yes, it’s still fairly boxy, as all my houses are, but I’m rather proud of this one. I actually planned it out ahead of time instead of just, “Hmm, think I’ll add a room here.” I’m hoping the extra space now means it will last a couple of generations, at least.

On his way home from work, Pharmacy stopped by the Alto mansion to ask Nick a few questions. Vita seemed rather upset that her husband is cooperating with the police. Something to hide, Vita?

“Wahoo, I’m playing in the sprinkler!”

Also take note of how the garden is now dirt, and nicely fenced in.

“Sprinkler! Yippee!”

Oh, go break some boards.

Min painted a portrait of his grandmother, which is good since she’s 211 and going to die any minute now.

“Blue belt! Score!”

I’m having Moxi focus on strength training when she does her catch-up workouts, because supposedly if she completes the strength challenge she won’t get fatigued from breaking boards – not that she’s ever gotten fatigued from breaking boards yet.

Pharmacy: “Ah, family. I, your patriarch, have cooked you a delicious dinner. So tell me, how was your day?”

Moxi: “Busy.” *scarfs down food*

Min: “If you really want to hear about our day, why are you standing up? You already scarfed down your own food.”

Man, you can just feel the love in this family.

Blair’s been working hard at work, and she’s stressed. So Friday night I let her have a little treat and go for a spa day.

Pharmacy jogged all the way home from work. He’s so close!

After another couple of hours on the treadmill, Pharmacy maxed his athletic skill – and then he completed the Marathon challenge!

Wait, this means he’s going to live forever, doesn’t it?

Speaking of living forever, yes, Susan’s still around. Aren’t little old people playing chess just so cute?

Well, maybe not if they’re scowling at the board the way these two are.

Susan’s LTW is to be a Chess Legend, so I figure I might as well work on that if she’s going to hang around.

“Maybe I should go take a shower…eh, just a few more boards.”

Min finished a very nice portrait of Pharmacy, which I hung in the front hall. Now there’s just Blair for him to do. I decided since this is an Alphabetacy, I’m only going to do portraits of heirs and spouses.

(Don’t tell Susan, but hers was just for practice.)

Moxi actually did get fatigued on the board breaker! Sure, I could cure her with the Moodlet Manager, but I figure she could use a break.

Don’t worry, that door behind her goes to a bathroom, for when she catches her butt on fire.

Old Guy: “La, la, la, going to play in the sprinkler.”

Blair: *sits down to write police report on Old Guy*

“Augh! Hot hot hot!”

Bathroom right behind you, remember?

Moxi: “So, Mom, I just caught my butt on fire.”

Blair: “That’s nice, dear. Mommy’s working.”

Moxi: “Also, I think there’s an old dude playing in our sprinkler.”

Dude, it’s 2 in the morning, and you’re clearly tired. Go home.

The next day, Susan calls over her next chess opponent, Geoffrey Landgraab. The chess circuit is apparently entirely populated by old people.

Meanwhile, it’s Saturday, so it’s Teen Romantic Interest Day.

Albie, she’s not your romantic interest, she’s Min’s. I see tomatoes that need harvesting.

This is Calvin Keaton. He’s not the baby the Keatons have right at the beginning of the game, he’s a younger brother. Moxi made friends with him at school, so I figured I’d have him over to see if there was chemistry.

Moxi: “You’re cute.”

Calvin: “You’ve got a great personality.”

Well, the boy’s honest, we’ll give him points for that.

Moxi: “I really like you, Calvin.”

Calvin: Hey, her grandmother’s kind of hot.

Geoffrey Landgraab: *leers creepily*

Meanwhile, things are going well for Min and Annemarie.

Min: “So, you want to go on a date? Except without going anywhere, you know, we can just stay here.”

Annemarie: “I’d like that.”

Min: “Score! First kiss!”

Then I get zoomed back to the front of the house for…

Geoffrey Landgraab, dying in the study. Of chess, apparently.

Susan: “Geoffrey, sit back down! You beat me three times, but I’m definitely going to win this one!”

Calvin: “It’s so horrible and tragic! A guy I don’t even know is dying of old age at the home of a girl I might possibly be romantically interested in!”


I’m kind of disappointed that the first time the Grim Reaper shows up is for a guy that just came over for a chess game.

Pharm: “Doo bee doo bee doo wah, washin’ the dishes.”

Minmarie: *are going steady*

¬†Calvin: “Yo, Moxi, I gotta go. Catch ya later.”

Moxi: “He’s so cute.”

Pharm: “Who is this boy, and what does he want with my daughter?”


¬†“You, young lady! What are your intentions toward my son?”

Wow, Pharm’s in full on overprotective dad mode right now.

¬†“You’re just a little gold digger, aren’t you?” *slapslapslap*

What the… I have no idea where that came from.

¬†Annemarie: “Dude. Not cool. And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, too.”

“You jerk! You should be so ashamed of yourself you wear a paper bag over your head!”

Pharmacy: “Whatever. I’m going to watch TV now.”

Min: “Oh, hey, Annie-pie. How’s it going? Did you meet my dad?”


Anyway, I like the wallpaper in here. It’s completely ridiculous. We used to have wallpaper just like it in the living room when I was a kid.

Well, looks like we can’t count on Blair to come be the responsible adult in this situation.

“Rocket blast off! Yay, so glad the kids are big and I get to play with all the toys.”

Annemarie wanders into the next room to watch Moxi break some boards. “Oh no, oh no. Can she do it?”


Moxi’s hard at work on the board breaker challenge. Since the family’s not doing super great on funds right now, I’ve decided she’s got to get up to breaking space rocks so she can find gems and earn enough to pay for her trip back to China.

After witnessing death for the first time, Albie fled back to his childhood, fishing in the pond across the street from the house.

¬†Gwen: “So, I heard you killed your last chess opponent.”

Susan: “You bet your sweet bippy I did. You better think real carefully about how you want to play this one.”

Susan won that one.

“Argh! Must…be…Superwoman!”

On Sunday, the Rxs threw their usual Sunday party, attended mostly by teenagers. For some reason, no one wanted to come inside, even though Pharmacy made delicious key lime pie for the occasion.

Mmm, pie.

The next day, Mortimer Goth came by for no good reason.

He chatted with Moxi a bit.

Then he broke the TV on his way out.

Blair: “This key lime pie is delicious, but I wish we could have fortune cookies.”

Albie: “You’re totally right, mom. Person person plus.”

Moxi finished the board breaker challenge! Now she’s just got to work her way up to space rocks, and then hopefully she’ll bring in a little money.

She really is the most useless one in the house right now. Pharmacy and Blair have jobs, Susan has a pension, Min makes money from his books and paintings, and Albie and Susan together keep the family fed. Moxi’s the only one not bringing in the cash.

Blair wore this cool black outfit when she got called into work in the middle of the night. Second night in a row for getting called in, but at least she got a promotion out of it. She’s level 9 of the spy career now.

Min: “Pie for breakfast?”

Moxi: “Dad got called into work last night, too. You know he’s the only one who cooks.”

Min: “Right.”

Pharmacy got 3 raises in 24 hours and now makes over $700 an hour, so I figured it was time for a treat. The family can finally have laundry!

Moxi gives the space rock a try, but after she spends two hours not quite hitting the rock, I bump her back to thin stone boards. Maybe next level.

Min’s working on a children’s book. He’s pretty boring when Annemarie’s not around – just paints and writes.

Blair got an opportunity to train elderly Jamie Jolina, and she’s going off on her like Jillian Michaels. Poor old woman.

“Again? I don’t want to go again.”

Poor Blair just got called into work for the 3rd night in a row.

Then the next morning, as she and Pharmacy were about to have some snuggle times, he got called in.

I’m beginning to really dislike the Law Enforcement career.

While he was gone, Blair maxed her mechanical while upgrading her laptop. One skill down, two to go for her Renaissance Sim LTW.

(I used the moodlet manager on her, otherwise she’d be asleep right now. Stupid job.)

Is it…could it be…a birthday?

That’s right, folks, Albi’s becoming a young adult!

(He’s 18 days older than Moxi, so don’t get too excited – it’ll still be a while before Generation B is on the horizon.)

Min and Moxi are at school, but his parents and grandparents are there to cheer him on.

They just look thrilled.

Albie, where’d your hair go?

Pharm, Blair, and Susan enjoy Albie’s birthday cake while he goes off for a makeover.

Back in teal, and with hair again, Albie heads off to join the Science career. I’m not kicking him out just yet, so you’ll see him around for a bit.

And that seems like a good place to end this chapter. Until next time!

 Welcome back to the Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy! After a long hiatus, the Rx family is finally going on vacation.

I’ve made a couple of changes. First, I’ll be posting here on WordPress instead of on Slideshare. One of these days I may even convert the old chapters over. I like WordPress better because there’s more flexibility to use longer captions if I want, while still having nice big pictures.

The second change is that I’ll be playing on Long lifespan instead of normal, with some adjustments (primarily shortening the infant and toddler stages). I don’t know yet whether it will affect the story, but I do know I really enjoy having more time with the sims.

¬†Now that all the kids are teenagers, I figured it’s time for a family vacation. Be nice if they could all pose for a picture, but no.

Anyway, the adults are Pharmacy (in leather jacket) and Blair (in pink and pigtails). The kids are Albuterol (Albie, partially hidden, in teal), Acetaminophen (Min, front and center in his PJs), and Amoxicillin (Moxi, in purple). Moxi was recently voted heir (given a generous definition of ‘recently’, that is).

 Pharmacy brought his police cruiser. Yet another charge of misuse of public property Рnot to mention he must have gone over the weight limit for his luggage on the plane.

 Albie and Min spend their first day in China playing chess. Because what better to do while on vacation in a foreign country, than what you can do at home?

Meanwhile, the rest of the family learn the martial arts skill.

Moxi decides that martial arts are the best thing ever. Her goal in life is now to become a martial arts master.

Pharm takes the boys out to see the sites.

They collect some fruit and fish.

Meanwhile, Moxi smashes stuff.

 Blair was apparently back at base camp cooking some delicious foreign food.

Albie: “Can’t I please sit with you guys? I’m so hungry!”

Blair: “Only if you’re a dragon.”

Moxi decides she wants some adventure, so she checks out the board. She’ll need to come back to China for her new LTW, so she can use some visa points.

She gets her athletic clothes on and goes off exploring!

What kind of parents let their 12 year old go off exploring dangerous tombs by herself? Blair and Pharmacy, apparently.

(I have about a thousand pictures of Moxi exploring tombs, but I won’t subject you to them. It was my first time vacationing with World Adventures – I’m sure you understand.)

Don’t worry, the rest of the family stayed busy, too.

Moxi made quite a bit of progress learning martial arts, and of course got all the items she needed to continue training at home.

All too soon, it was time to return to the little house at the top of the hill. Everyone was tired, so I sent them to bed.

Min: “Hey, look, did we get a new fridge?”

Albie: “All I know is, the pancakes Dad made before we went to China are still good.”

Albie’s garden had done well while they were gone, too.

Moxi: “Mom, what’s the deal with all the guys being virtuosos? I want to be a virtuoso!”

Blair: “You and I have lucky nighties to wear. That’s enough, isn’t it?”

“Well, at least I’m Athletic. That’s pretty cool.”

Moxi needs to put in a little treadmill time to get her athletic skill up to where her martial arts skill is.

“Oh, yeah. This will help me meet girls.”

4 hours later and still no girls in sight, Albie headed home.

“I shall write a glorious new novel about the exigencies of antidisestablishmentarianism. It shall be called ‘The Little Fluffy Bunny’.”

Moxi got a haircut and a new, more sporty outfit. No point trying to make her be a girly girl when she wants to be a top martial artist.

“My brain feels lighter! I think the haircut makes the homework easier.”

Moxi: “Maybe I’ll roll Virtuoso when I become an adult.”

Pharm: “Really? This is really what you’re worrying about? Min and I never use our Virtuoso traits.”

Since it was Sunday, Blair threw a party. She invited over everyone who was friends with the family, as well as all the teens the kids knew.

Min: “Go ahead, make fun of my wicked martial arts pose! One of these days I’ll just kick you in the face!”

Blair used the opportunity to have a serious conversation with her mother. “Mom, I’m worried about you. You’re living all alone since Dad died, and you’re really getting up there in years. What if something happens?”

It’s true, she is looking pretty old and haggard.

Blair: “So Pharmacy and I have talked about it, and we think you should come live with us.”

Susan: “Oh, Blair, are you sure you want an old lady pottering around? Well, all right.”

So Susan joined the family. She sold her house, somehow netting only 5000 simoleons. But hey, that’s totally okay, it’s not like I was moving her in for her money, right?

She’s also 207 days old, which I think translates to about 103 on the Regular lifespan. Since she’s probably going to die tomorrow, I won’t bore you with her stats.

Meanwhile, Moxi chatted up this boy while Min stared creepily. She’s got to start looking for a spouse, after all.

After the party, it was time for new clothes for Susan, and a new hairstyle for Blair. That hair just screams “Mom” to me – which is good for Blair. She was getting too old for pigtails.

Susan had 2 laptops in her inventory! She doesn’t need one for anything, so I gave them to Blair and Min.

“First day in my new home, and they’re already trying to kill me off! Hmph. No worries, Death will come for me soon enough.”

Must be Monday morning! Pharmacy and Blair take separate carpools to work, even though they’re going to the same place at the same time. I think that kind of defeats the point of carpooling.

Meanwhile, Susan tends the garden in her nightie. It’ll free up Albie to do teenager things.

I had Susan retire from her job, although I wouldn’t have if I’d realized how small her pension was. She was making something like $400 an hour, but her pension’s only $120 per day.

Moxi: “Albie, what did you get for number 4?”

Albie: “How come we have the same homework? I’m a junior, and you’re in 7th grade!”

That night, everybody needed their fun raised, so they all stood around listening to Albie play (except for Min, who was painting).

In the middle of the night, the Sunset Valley police busted a huge crime ring! Unfortunately, that meant that both Blair and Pharm were called in to examine evidence.

That afternoon, Blair came home so exhausted that all she could do was fall straight into bed.

Moxi: “That dweeb who wore his swim trunks to school? I have no idea. No, we’re not related, why would you think that?”

Moxi: “Thanks for coming home from school with me.”

Classmate: “I’m so glad I could come. It’s been fun, but I have to go now.”

You’ve been here for about 5 minutes, but whatever.

“Whatever. I’ll just go out back and break boards.”

Albie: “So, Grandma, how does it feel to be in the twilight of your life?”

Susan: “Rotten, just rotten. You know what’s worse? Being dragged into a legacy at the last minute and then ignored while you wait to die.”

Susan: “Shoo, boy! Old lady has to make water.”

Albie: “Hold on a sec…there. We never have to clean this bathroom again!”

That’s right, through the combined efforts of Susan and Albie, the entire bathroom is self-cleaning!

The next day, I got a pop-up that Moxi was bringing a friend home, but then she didn’t get off the bus. I found her sitting by the hospital doing her homework, for some reason.

“I’ll just jog home.”

Her friend, Susie Morris, did make it to the Rx house. She and Albie seemed to hit it off well.

Quite well, in fact.

Meanwhile, Min was making  a lady friend of his own.

Min: “Wouldn’t it be a great comedy if you rejected my flirt right now? On the other hand, it would be a tragedy if you accepted.”

Annemarie: “Oh, Min, you’re such a nut.”

Min: “Tragedy!”

Moxi: “You seem stressed, brother. Let me cheer you up before school.”

Min: “Um, thanks? No, don’t try to ‘help’ me again. I’ll just go to school…like…” *passes out*

Fortunately, Moxi’s second use of the mood improver thingy worked.

And that’s it for this chapter! Next time, will Moxi find love, or will it be reserved for the spares? Also, remodeling!

Chapter 2 is here! More babies and birthdays.

I recently got The Sims 3, and naturally, after just a bit of playing around, I decided to start an alphabetacy! For the uninitiated, that’s 26 generations, 27 including the founder. Why? Because I have the Insane trait, of course.

I’m following the basic Alphabetacy rules, but not keeping score. I’m just out to have fun with the game, and publishing is to encourage me to stick with one family (because I have an annoying tendency to jump around and not get everything done).

So without further ado, meet the Rx family!