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It’s time for the first Picaso household.

Carme just returned home from college and moved back in with her dad, Matthew.


Matthew inherited money from both Julien and Armando while paying taxes. Again, though, I don’t think it was a significant sum.


Carme used to want to top the Law Enforcement career, but now wants 50 dream dates. So she looked for a job in Willow Valley’s standard default career, Business, but didn’t find any openings. She’ll have to find other things to do with her time for now.


First up was a trip to the lamp store to sell some lamps. Carme and Matthew are both permaplat, and both have gold sales badges, so Carme did sales and restocking. The business was level 8 at the start.


Akilina had a water balloon fight with the dormie hiding in the bush for about 8 hours.


Carme reached her “earned $100,000” milestone while restocking.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_e207186bAnd Akilina gave the 125th star, making Lampshades a level 10 business!

I feel like I haven’t had a business make level 10 for a while, so this is exciting to me.


Carme returned home just long enough to buy another business, with the money her dad had made from taking the money perks for the last two levels at Lampshades.


Her new business may look familiar, because it’s Club C, newly on the market.

The neighborhood is getting very big, with a lot of businesses, so I’ve decided that old businesses that have been donated to the community will be available for purchase. Yes, that means they’ll count twice, but I figure that’s fine as long as they’ve been paid for twice. It will reduce neighborhood clutter and delay the time when Willow Valley will, regretfully, crash and burn.


Carme dazzled the first few customers into paying $500 an hour to hang out at the club…


But she was really there for dates. The old guy who bought the first ticket seemed like a likely candidate.


Aw, it’s Benjamin’s very first kiss.


Benjamin decided he had to leave before the date reached Dream Date status, so Carme went on another date with a dormie.


She played poker for a while, hoping for another good date candidate, but no one showed up.


She did get a Best of the Best award just before going home, though. The business also reached level 2.


Back home, where the rotation hadn’t really even started yet, Carme made friends with Hector.


Then she called over a friend for another date.

I’m giving Carme a goal of 2 dream dates per day, 1 at the business and 1 at home. We’ll see how it goes.


The date went quite well.


Carme had the house to herself after her date, Matthew and Hector both being at work. She decided to put in a small garden so she could indulge her OTH of Nature.


Hector’s got a pretty sweet carpool, but unfortunately didn’t get promoted this time around.


Matthew got home from work and spent about 3 hours on the phone.


Carme had been shopping at the candy store during the break, and decided to try out some chocolate. Those chocolates are enormous! Turns out the ones with the lightning bolt on the package give a little energy boost.


She still preferred her dad’s delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, though.


Matthew spent his evening painting Carme’s portrait.


He hung it up next to his own.


Carme headed back to Club C early in the morning, and went on a date with Peter Ottomas. He assured her his wife was okay with it.


She hung out for a while longer, going on an outing with Liouba and getting the club up to rank 4. She also raked in quite a bit of cash thanks to that $500 per hour price.


She got home just in time to say goodbye to Matthew as he left for work.


Once again, Carme had the house to herself. First things first, she invited a dormie over for a date.


After taking care of the garden, she spent the rest of the afternoon catching bugs.


Hector got home with a promotion!


Matthew came home with a want to make a pot, so he did.


Matthew and Carme spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the bubble blower.


After midnight, Carme looked for a business position again with no luck. But, hey, she’s got over $300k in the bank, so she’s not doing too bad for being unemployed.


Apparently a collar had already been purchased for Hector, but they finally got it on him.


Carme continued her teenage habit of hardly ever sleeping, so she found herself eating leftover grilled cheese at 3 in the morning.


Then she headed out to the garden, and earned her silver badge!


Carme headed to the club for her first daily date, and who should show up but Michael Bruce! He was kind of sort of dating her sister, but they weren’t exclusive or anything, so Carme figured she’d tick off another date with him.


The date went beautifully, as usual.


Until Mireia showed up. “How could you?!”

“Hey, it’s not like we’re engaged or anything.”


“And whose fault is that, huh?”



Oddly enough, though her relationship dropped with both of them, Mireia wasn’t actually furious.


Carme hung out with Mireia for a while, building the relationship back up. She was glad Mireia wasn’t too upset with her, but hoped she hadn’t ruined things between Mireia and Michael.


“You know Anya?”


“Once, she got electrocuted, and she didn’t make it to the bathroom!”

By the time Carme was ready to go home, her relationship with Mireia was fully repaired.


“Hey, Agnes, congratulations on being the smart one. Now you’ve got to go back to school, I’m closing up.”


Back home, Carme managed to catch the gardener and end her services, since Carme liked taking care of the plants herself.


With the installation of 4 solar panels, the household went from bills of $156 on Tuesday to a rebate of $66 on Thursday!


Carme invited Andrew over for a date.


Then immediately asked him on another date.

Personally, I think trying to woohoo in the cab of a pickup would be rather awkward and really not fun, but what do I know?


Andrew left a hot tub as a date gift! They’ll be keeping that.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, Carme finally found a position in the Business career! That gives her just enough time to go to work once this season.


She needed a Logic point for a promotion, so she spent the rest of the night at a newly purchased chess table.


Carme thought she got a pretty good carpool for being just out of college.


Matthew was the one to have the house to himself today. He spent a while on the phone, making new friends.


Then he made some teapots.


Carme got home early with a chance card promotion, and then ended up with a second promotion due to networking. Funny how that works.


Matthew immediately monopolized Meadow Pederson, who had come home from work with Carme.


Carme needed 2 logic points for her final promotion, so she headed to Club C. Of course, she had to dazzle some customers into paying the ridiculous $500 per hour ticket price first.


She sat down at the chess table, soon joined by Andrea Bruce.


Unfortunately, Carme kept getting distracted by outings…


And dates.


So Carme set the price to “cheap”, so she wouldn’t have to keep jumping up to dazzle people and then get distracted from going back to the chess table.


Finally, with Peter Ottomas’ help, she was able to get the logic points she needed, while meanwhile getting the club up to level 6. She left the club at almost midnight on Saturday night.


When she got home, it was still early Friday afternoon, with several hours left in the workday, so she headed back to work.

Cheating a bit, I suppose, but I’m justifying it based on how long it took her to find the job.


“So you dated Carme, too, huh?”

“Yeah, she’s awesome.”


“Not awesome enough to leave flowers, though.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

That was weird.


Hector came home with a promotion to the top of the Pet Show Business career, and also got a $2400 chance card bonus! Who’s a good dog?


Carme got home with a promotion to Business Tycoon! She’s #11 for the neighborhood.


She celebrated with a date, breaking in the new hot tub.


Reno Day time! The focus today was on the downstairs bathroom, which inexplicably has cheap fixtures even though Matthew’s bathroom upstairs is decked out with top-of-the-line stuff.


The inequality was easily fixed, with a modest cost of only a few thousand dollars.


Then, since the household had made so much money, Carme donated $100,000 for construction of a new University building.


As soon as it was light out, Carme headed down to Club C.

Now that she had a hot tub, she didn’t see any reason to ever change out of her swimsuit.


She went on a date with the hobby guy, and got the club up to level 7 before closing down for the season.


Then it was off to the pet store, where Carme got a dog of her own. Unfortunately, the first thing she had to do was scold Andromache.


Back home, Andromache got her collar and enjoyed a nice plastic bone.


Then she learned to Come Here from Matthew.


Meanwhile, Carme went on a date with Abhijeet.


One of Matthew’s special friends strolled by, so of course he said hello.


They ended up having a great time in the hot tub.


Carme went on a second date with Abhijeet.


Then she headed out to the garden to work on it late into the night.

That’s it for the Picaso 1 household! Next is Picaso 2.


Household: Picaso 1


Hobby Horse, rank 10

Lampshades, rank 10

Club C, rank 7

Taxes: $13,700

1 university building donated for $100,000

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 62 (+1 due to total 50 community lots)

Population: 8494


It’s time for the Bruce household!


Left to right: Catriona, Andrea, Dand, Michael


Michael is the neighborhood’s first college graduate! The Bruce family is keeping it traditional and having the oldest male inherit.

Michael’s first task was to buy some new clothes. Then he found a job in his LTW career of Gamer – the family has all the required items at their electronics store. Unfortunately, it was currently Thursday, and Michael didn’t have his first day of work until Saturday.

While he was at it, Michael also paid the family’s taxes of $13,000.


Catriona was up early to work on her skills. She knew it would be a while before she was old enough to get into college, but she wanted to be ready.


David Ottomas brought over a late gift from last season. I think it was Malvina who went on an outing with him, so the money was sent her way.


Both Dand and Andrea inherited money, I think both from Armando. It wasn’t a lot, though, no more than a few hundred dollars.


Even though you saw it in the family photo, here’s a picture of Michael in his snazzy new duds. Way better than the basketball shirt.


His diploma was proudly hung on the kitchen wall.


Everyone was excited to have him home. (Dand, too, I just missed the picture.)


Since there aren’t going to be any babies this season, I’ll take kittens instead.


After the kitty woohoo, Michael had to greet his cat Baby as well.


A lamp! Yippee!


Dand got his gold gardening badge, and insisted upon hiding the doohickey in the tree.


“Ramsay! Congratulations on graduating! And also on getting me 1/3 of the way to my LTW. I didn’t think my Romance sim son would be the first to have children.”

“Whatever, mom. I’m a Pleasure sim now, anyway.”


“Anyway, we need you to take Buttons. Baby’s having Bigelow’s kittens, and you know neither of them like Buttons.”

“Okay, it’ll be good to have him again. I hope he gets along with the dogs, though.”

So the family was down to 2 cats, for now.


Catriona brought Pavel Hamilton home from school, and went on an outing with him.


He became her 10th best friend! She’s halfway to her LTW already, less than 24 hours after becoming a teen.


Michael took the first wish, for money, of course.


Catriona went on her second outing of the day with Greta Fairchild.


Andrea went down to her business and dazzled her stepdaughter into eating some vacation food. And then I decided I was tired of Andrea’s store making the town fat.


So, it was time for a business makeover! It’s Lunch was turned into a bowling alley, with only one of the original food stands remaining.


And then it turned out that nobody was interested in that one food stand, so it was turned into a snack machine corner.

Andrea set the ticket price to $999 to recoup the cost of the renovation, and dazzled away. In no time, the business was up to rank 5 and had not only made back the renovation cost, but had earned an additional $24k in profit.


Back home, Catriona went on her third outing, with Kat Bendett.


Michael invited Mireia for a date.


They got kinky with a little car woohoo, in Andrea’s car.


Catriona returned to her quest for alien reparations.


Andrea used the second wish, for more cash, of course.


The guys spent the wee hours of the morning painting. Dand was working on painting Michael’s portrait, and it looked like it was going to turn out well.


Andrea worked on a novel as the money sacks fell.


Catriona earned her obligatory skill point after 6 am, when she could no longer hunt for aliens.


Dand headed to work and Catriona to school; Michael and Andrea had vacation days.


Michael finished teaching Baby her last skill! Now she can get a job in Pet Show Business, although I’ll wait until she has her kittens.


Then Michael put in some quality time on his Gamer career reward. That thing really rakes in the dough!


After school, Catriona used the last genie wish. For money, of course.


She brought home Pavel Hamilton again, and they hung out for a bit.


Of course, when Jordon Cooke came by on a jog, Catriona had to rush out to meet him.


I’m not sure who that love letter was meant for, but it looks like Catriona’s claiming it.


After having Brownie run away, I’m going to try to be better about getting collars onto pets. So Baby and Bigelow, the other cat, got collars.


Catriona deposited her genie lamp money into her bank account, then got up with a smile. She had over $30,000 now. As soon as she could get out of this house, she would no longer have to depend on anyone.


Wanting to meet some new people, and figuring she could work on a sales badge while she was at it, Catriona headed down to her mother’s venue. Andrea didn’t have to know, right?


Back home, Catriona went on an outing with Jordon Cooke, adding him to her friends list.


Dand and Andrea ate at one end of the table, leaving the other end for the guests. Andrea was a bit annoyed at having quite so many guests. She liked her peace and quiet. Why did Catriona always have to fill the house with teenagers?


“Hmm. Maybe I’ll inherit money from our grandpas, too.”

Kind of morbid conversation, but I suppose it makes sense.


Dand stayed out very late that night harvesting his garden.


A couple of outing gifts were dropped off for Catriona, just as she was sneaking out for a night on the town with Artur Pederson.


When she got home, she spent some more time on the exercise bike, and got fit.


Kitten! Baby had just one kitten again, a boy this time. He was named Billy.


Bigelow came over to meet his son.


Catriona was also excited about the new kitten.


Andrea was trying to write a bestseller here. How was she supposed to concentrate when she always heard that alien chatting with her friends in the background?


“Listen, Catriona, this is a house, not a club. We need some peace and quiet around here. From now on, you’re to have no more than one friend over per day. And don’t hang out in the main room here. You can stay outside or go upstairs.

“Yes, Mother,” Catriona answered, but she was feeling rather resentful. Why shouldn’t she get to have friends over? Couldn’t her mother just write her novels somewhere else?


Dand returned to his plants, spending the morning harvesting beautiful eggplants and then planting the summer plants.


Michael finally headed off for his first day in the Gamer career. He was already permaplat, but it would still be nice to achieve his LTW.


Even after her outing with Hadassah, Catriona was really hungry. A leftover omelet seemed to hit the spot, though.


Andrea finished her novel, Alien Invasion. It was another hit!


Catriona didn’t know why she was so tired. I mean, yeah, she had stayed up all night, but she always stayed up all night. Hopefully a nap would do the trick.


Dand finished his portrait of Michael and hung it up over the computer, then sat down to blog about Nature.

“Something wrong, Andrea?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing. Just waiting for the computer to be free.”

“You know, maybe we should get you your own computer for your writing.”


After all his long, hard work involving going to work exactly once, Michael topped the Gamer career, achieving his LTW.


After her nap, Catriona headed up to the roof to continue her search for justice from the aliens.


She was interrupted by a strange sensation…

snapshot_ba372f43_81f4e0a0Uh-oh. She’d been fooling around with Artur Pederson when she’d snuck out last night, and now she was pregnant. This was a disaster. Her mother was going to kill her.


A few hours later, Catriona walked through the main room, trying to be casual. She’d managed to squash her stomach down to something like its normal size, although she knew she must be walking funny. But she couldn’t let anyone know she was pregnant until she figured out what she was going to do.


Ramsay, Mhairi, and Malvina were invited over for family Sunday. Ramsay brought Annika along.


Ramsay cringed when the mother of his children goosed his brother.


“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. I need help.”

“Catty? What’s wrong? Is Mom giving you trouble?”

“No, it’s…I’m pregnant.”


Malvina called Mhairi in, and the three of them talked it over. By the end, Catriona felt much better. She had a plan now.


Good grief, you guys.


After Michael and Annika had sated their lust – which fortunately didn’t seem to faze Ramsay in the slightest – the gang hung out in the living room chatting.


Catriona took a break from the family gathering to get in her skilling. If her plan worked out, she should still be able to go to college.


Then she energized, because being pregnant and keeping her belly stuffed into a leotard was exhausting.


Everyone moved into the kitchen for some lunch and more fun.


“No, Catriona can’t come to the phone right now,” Andrea said, and hung up. She was so tired of Catriona’s friends calling 11 million times per day. Why didn’t they just call the girl’s cell phone?


Dand tended the garden that evening after everyone left.


Aw, momma cat nuzzling baby kitten is adorable.


More alien hunting for Catriona, but alas, no success.


Annika brought by a pinball machine and waved at Bigelow, returning home from his first day at work in the Pet Service career.


“Wow, I’m huge. How am I going to keep this hidden?”


Fortunately, that corset tank top is freaking amazing.


Reno Day! Dand and Andrea got a brand new master suite on the second floor, complete with a writing nook so Andrea can write her bestselling evil-alien novels in peace.


Michael moved into the old master bedroom, which was redecorated.


They also got some windmills, since it seems more appropriate to have windmills in a castle than solar panels.


Catriona was glad for the move, and harvested the money trees as the adults headed of to work. Apparently the school somehow knew about her pregnancy, and she wasn’t allowed to attend.


It was kind of nice to have the house to herself, though. And nobody would be home before 4 pm, so they wouldn’t realize she hadn’t been to school.


After 1 pm, Catriona invited Adam Carr over so she could have a serious conversation with him. “Adam, listen, it was fun being your girlfriend for a while. But you’re way older than me, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay together any longer.”

“You’re breaking up with me? Oh, boolprop, Cat! I thought we had a great thing going!”


“Listen, no hard feelings, ok? Trust me, I’m not the girl for a guy like you.”

“Ok. Well, we can still be friends, right?”

“Yeah. You’d better go now, I’m not supposed to have too many people over.”


After Adam left, Catriona made friends with Samuel, who was new to the neighborhood. Her mother arrived home while she was on her outing, but fortunately missed Adam.


Dand and Andrea located their new bed without any difficulty.


That night…

“Oh, lookie, what do we have here?”


“This looks like a nice big house, probably full of all kinds of expensive things.”


“Well, golly gee willikers. That sure did look like the front door, but this is a garage.”


Samuel came by to leave an outing gift. Fortunately, the burglar ignored it on his way into the main house.


“Oh, golly. This big, fancy house has a burglar alarm. Who woulda thunk it?”


“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Well, I thought this tapestry would look nicer on my wall than yours.”


Bigelow got home from work with a promotion in the middle of all the excitement.


Catriona was glad she’d remembered to put on her super tummy tuck PJs before bed, since she rushed downstairs to watch the fight without thinking about it.


Officer Centowski got his man.


Catriona figured she’d have a midnight snack before going back to bed.


Andrea was very upset about the loss of the tapestry. The tapestry that she hadn’t bothered to move upstairs to her new bedroom. The tapestry that had been paid for by insurance, that they weren’t going to bother to replace.


Catriona remembered to pay the school fees at the last minute. Only $1000, since she’d missed a day. Then she headed to bed, setting her alarm. As soon as the new season began, it would be time for the plan she’d developed with her sisters. She couldn’t wait.

That’s it for the Bruce household! The Hamiltons have been moved a little later in the rotation, so next is Picaso 1.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Sons Booksellers, Rank 10

It’s Lunch!, Rank 6 (maybe eventually I’ll change the name)

General fund contribution: $14,000 (taxes $13,000, school fees $1000)

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 61

Population: 8357

It’s time for the Cooke family! They’re a very large family, so this will be a long and chaotic update.

snapshot_5a153bcc_61dbced6Back row, left to right: Colin, Madelina, Julien, Armando, Dustin

Front row, left to right: Kelly, Jenna, Donovan, Jordon, Sharlene


First thing in the morning, the children were all cruelly forced to skill.


The family couldn’t even wait until it was light out to enjoy the warm summer weather.


They had a big platter of pancakes for breakfast…


And then leftovers for 2nd breakfast, for those who didn’t get in on the first round. They need a bigger table, or just a second table.


Kelly and Donovan didn’t know any other kids to befriend, so they made friends with each other.


Colin went into labor, and invited all the kids to come watch. It’s like a live health class!


Colin gave birth to a baby girl, named Emmie.


She was followed by her twin sister, Merilyn.


Everyone was super excited about the addition of two new family members.


Except for these three, who were still lingering over brunch. But none of them are technically related to the babies, anyway.


Speaking of the babies…you may notice that these two little ones don’t appear to be alien. Something got glitched with Colin’s pregnancy in the move to a new computer, it seems. In the family tree, they’ve got Colin as their only parent, and I suspect they’re gender-flipped clones. Which means they’re identical. Eh, this family’s weird anyway, they’ll fit right in.

(As far as I can recall, Colin’s was the only alien pregnancy in Willow Valley. But rest assured that if I find any others I’ll take steps to fix them.)


Dustin decided to throw a party to celebrate it being Saturday. Plus he figured his parents and granddads wouldn’t notice 8 extra teens in the house, anyway.


Colin! I did NOT install InTeen so that creepy guys could heartfart their teenage sons’ teenage friends in front of their wives!


They look really excited, don’t they?


Drina tried a couple of times to get her first kiss from Zinaida, with no luck.


Madelina, unsurprisingly, rolled up the want to have a drink.


Donovan was ignored most of the day. He hung out at the piano and earned himself a future scholarship.


Colin, Armando, and Dustin went down to the candy store for a little while. They got the store up to level 6, and Dustin earned a silver sales badge.


Back home, Dustin invited Hadassah back over, and invited her to go steady with him. She accepted!

(Don’t feel bad for Nikifor. He’s about thirteen days older than Hadassah, so that was never going to be long term. But Dustin and Hadassah are pretty much the same age.)


Julien and Armando spend most of their time on free will, and enjoyed a fun dance before bed.


Early in the morning, Grandpa Julien was ready and willing to take care of a stinky baby.


Colin and Madelina are still in love.


The early morning hours were devoted to skilling for the younger kids. Sharlene already had all her skill scholarships, so she enjoyed her favorite hobby of talking on the phone.


Madelina and Colin both had the day off, so they hung out playing catch as the bus pulled away.


Marisa Bendett walked by, and Madelina took the opportunity to make friends with her sister-in-law.


Julien and Armando managed to keep themselves busy.


Madelina and Marisa were still at it when Brownie got home from work and the teens got home from school.


Sharlene brought home Sharla Ottomas, who apparently thinks Sharlene is hot. Unfortunately for Sharla, Sharlene is straight.


They could still have a nice outing, though. While Pavel Hamilton, who came home with Dustin, stood on the sidewalk and looked lonely.


None of the kids brought anyone home on the bus, but Ezechias Gavigan walked by shortly afterward.


Dinner was served to approximately a third of the sims in the house.


Ginny Thayer came by to steal the paper, and Kelly figured she take the opportunity to get Ginny in her contact list.


“Ooh ooh ooh, smustling is awesome. Hey, Grandpa’s a Popularity sim!”


So I was expecting Grim to come for Julien and Armando at 6 pm, and was so happy when he didn’t that I completely missed the pop-ups for Emmie and Merilyn’s birthdays. So they got to grow up at about 2 am when everyone was asleep, instead.


I think it’s Emmie on the left and Merilyn on the right. They are indeed identical, as expected. Fortunately, Colin’s chipmunk cheeks appear to look a little better on girls.


Merilyn got her makeover first just due to logistics.


And yes, Emmie’s dressed the same except for a slightly different hair color – I’ve got to have some way to tell them apart. But I’ve never had identical twins in the Sims before, and I fully intend to take advantage of it.


Sharlene snuck out, and then hurried to the bathroom to brush her teeth first thing after getting back.


Armando made a big stack of pancakes for breakfast, even though Sharlene was the only one interested in eating them.


Jenna and Donovan had left their homework for the last minute, so Julien and Sharlene helped them out before school.


Colin went off to work, hoping for a promotion, while the kids stampeded to the school bus.


Madelina worked on the most important skill with Merilyn.


Then Grandpa Julien took her off for walking training.


When Emmie woke up from her nap, it was her turn.


First Julien, then Armando gave their businesses to Madelina. I was going to let her inherit them, but then I was doing some reading that made me think that might not actually happen, so I figured it would be safer to do it this way.


Dustin brought Faina Thayer home, and Sharlene brought Pavel Hamilton. Pavel, of course, thinks Sharlene is hot.


Now that the house was busier, the girls were happy to play on their bunny heads.


Colin got promoted to the top of the Military career!


Aw, it looks like he’s getting the 15,000 aspiration points for hugging his daughter.


There are always a crazy number of people in this house. Or, in this case, on the lawn.


There was smustling going on inside, too, of course.


As six o’clock rolled around, Armando was dancing with Kelly.


Julien was outside playing fetch with Brownie.


Grim came for Armando first, while everyone stood around and cried.


Then he went outside for Julien, with everyone still inside.


Everyone was really broken up about losing Julien and Armando. Fortunately, the Sim City Insurance Company was there with stacks of simoleons – literally. Everyone but Emmie and Merilyn inherited money, and everyone but Colin inherited from both Julien and Armando. The family funds increased by almost $50,000 due to the inheritance money.


Unfortunately, Brownie ran away as soon as Armando died. Sharlene called to report him missing, but I feel guilty for never getting a collar on him.


Armando and Julien both died at 83 years old (77 plus 2 sips of elixir), both permaplat Popularity sims. They left behind 5 children, 21 grandchildren, and 2 step-grandchildren.

Armando’s insurance benefited 46 sims, including Davis with $9900, Madelina with $9900, James with $9700, Sharlene with $2500, and Dustin with $2500.

Julien’s insurance benefited a very impressive 55 sims, including Kylie with $9900, Madelina with $9900, James with $9700, Dustin with $2500, and Jordon with $2500.


Everybody kept stopping every few minutes to sob.


Madelina changed into her work clothes before realizing that she couldn’t possibly leave her family tonight.


For one thing, there’s another almost forgotten birthday to take care of.


Jordon became a Pleasure/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Paranormal career, and sadly lost his curls.


Kelly became a Fortune/Family sim with a LTW to become a Mad Scientist like her mom.

Makeovers had to wait until morning, as the twins were both exhausted.


Colin stayed up late teaching Merilyn to talk.


Faina left a hot tub for Dustin! That’ll really beef up the college fund.


While Kelly bought some new clothes for herself and her twin, Madelina sold the businesses she’d inherited, Club C and Cooked to Perfection. Per the rules I established earlier, half of the money from the sale (a total of $155,167) was donated away as estate tax (not counting in the General Fund). Madelina then sent $15,500 to each of her siblings, sharing the money out equally. The businesses will still count in the player-owned business total.


Jordon got his curls back, as well as some much cooler duds.


I like Kelly’s outfit, but I’m not sure about the makeup.


Colin and Madelina had a delicious breakfast of leftover chili after the kids left for school.


Oh, boy, the helicopter is so annoying. I might have to change the ownership of the car.


Colin does look snazzy in his General uniform, though.


Cute toddlers waiting for milk!


Let’s see…Jenna brought Sharla Ottomas home, Jordon brought Pavel Hamilton, and Dustin brought Adam Carr and then greeted Sevastian Thayer as he was walking by.


Kelly ended up hanging out with Sevastian, hanging loose, of course.


Sharlene was the only one who didn’t bring anyone on the bus, so she just invited her boyfriend over.

(Saveliy’s actually un-invitable by legal means while he’s in the Sim Bin, apparently – he doesn’t show up in Sharlene’s contact list. So I just teleported him over.)


“Hmm, my daughter’s hanging out with a boy. There better not be any inappropriate activity, or there’ll be a shotgun wedding.”


Sharlene got a call that someone found Brownie, but then he never came home. 😦


Emmie wasn’t happy about learning to talk, but she got there eventually.


Merilyn wandered out and found an older sibling to play with her.


Colin corralled her and taught her a nursery rhyme.

Toddler training is now complete!


Poor Colin burned the lobster.

Don’t worry, Colin, everybody else burns it, too.


Colin and Madelina went down to the store with Dustin so he could get his gold sales badge, which he did after about 2 sales. So Madelina went on dazzle duty. They got the place up to level 7.


Back home, Colin headed off to work. I transferred the car to him to eliminate the annoying helicopter. Who goes to work in a helicopter?


For Reno Day, the family bought some solar panels. If I’ve calculated correctly, this should eliminate their bills and give them a small credit (it seems to be about $60 per solar panel).


They also redid the old master bedroom, the room that was Julien and Armando’s. Emmie and Merilyn will move in there when they grow up.


After everyone went to school and work, Madelina was left home with the youngest set of twins. She spent most of the day getting them bathed.


Jordon’s aspiration was getting low, and he was only rolling up stupid unachievable wants, so I broke out the crystal ball. Amy the papergirl was his top teen match.

(Now that I have InTeen, adult matches show up in the crystal ball, and all Jordon’s top 5 were adults. But I’m still rather squicky about young teens dating adults. If he were a couple of days from going to college it might be different.)


Sharlene brought Faina home, and made friends with her while Kelly photobombed.


Then Kelly invited Sevastian over, figuring she’d see where their two bolts of chemistry would take them.


Donovan brought Tommy Ottomas home from school, and then ignored him.


Off to the store, where it was Jordon’s turn to work on his sales badge.


He ate a piece of candy, making his head glow. He also thought Annika Richter was hot, and earned his silver sales badge.


The store reached level 8 and earned a Best of the Best award.


Back home, Kelly found that those 2 bolts of chemistry worked quite well.


A few minutes later, Jordon got his first kiss as well. In the bathroom, with Ginger Newson (who came home on the bus with somebody) trying to shoo them out.


Madelina paid the school taxes of $12,000. The family could afford it easily enough, but they weren’t rich enough for that sum to be pocket change by any means.


Then, um, it appeared that Madelina got mad at Ginger for being poor. What? Madelina, don’t start being a snob like Andrea Bruce, okay?


Well, that moved fast. And it was almost all free will, too. (Must get rid of the censor blur again.)


Sharlene applied for her college scholarships. As of 6 pm on the last day of the rotation, she’s at 3 days to adult. Normally I send teens to college at 2 days to adult, but I’ve decided that I’m going to start sending them early if they’re at 3 days at the end of the rotation, so that they don’t get stuck with just one day at home in the next rotation.


Aw, went to look for Jenna and Kelly and found them doing this.


Birthday time for Emmie and Merilyn! In which everyone noted that Sharlene is still there, and that she is a Popularity sim.


Hooray, no more toddlers!

And yes, they’re still identical.



(Maybe when they’re teens I’ll let them get their own outfits.)


It looks like they’re saying goodbye to Madelina, but actually Sharlene is in the back trying to maneuver her way out to go to college.

Sharlene earned $7250 in scholarships (grades, 7 skills, and dance) and has a trust fund of $54,300.

That’s it for the Cookes! Next up is the Bruce family.


Family: Cooke

General fund contribution: $34,700 (taxes $22, 700, school fees $12,000)

Business: Cooke’s Candies, level 8

2 businesses (Club C and Cooked to Perfection) donated to the town.

Playable sims: 137 (no net change due to 2 births and 2 deaths)

Sim multiplier: 61

Population: 8357

It’s a brand new season in Willow Valley, and time for the Pavlov family!


Left to right, back to front: Nikifor, Noelle, Vanya and Kir, Saveliy


Unlike his twin, Saveliy still had quite a few skill points to earn to get all his skill scholarships.


Vanya and Nikifor replanted the garden in the early hours of the morning.


All the kids managed to do their mandatory daily phone-a-friend before school.


There was a girl on the bus who was new in town, so Saveliy invited her over after school.


Nikifor, more interested in the company of robots, earned his silver robotics badge.


After work and school, Noelle went down to the fish market with Vanya and Saveliy. She hadn’t gone to the businesses much, so she worked on earning her gold sales badge.


The store earned another Best of the Best award, bringing the total up to 4.


The store was also a good place for rebuilding relationships, since college kids still need groceries.


On the way home, they stopped at the pet store and got another cat. Because 2 isn’t enough, obviously. They named her Lucy Fur.


Upon arriving home, she went straight for the nearly destroyed catnip mouse.


Saveliy, in an effort to earn cooking skill, made delicious sparkly spaghetti for dinner. Everyone loved it except Kir, who was disappointed it wasn’t chili.


Noelle had the next day off and was home by herself. She spent the time puttering around the house, catching up with old friends, and indulging in her favorite hobby, skilling.


After school, Saveliy invited Sharlene Cooke over for a date. Nikifor greeted Ginger Newson, who apparently had a good time yesterday and was walking by, and Kir brought his step-cousin Zhenya home on the school bus.


Vanya, Noelle, and Nikifor went to Noelle’s store, Hello My Baby. Noelle earned her gold sales badge, so Vanya was able to start dazzling away, and the store reached rank 5.


Nikifor wanted to go on a hike. Of course, he was attacked by bees upon returning home.


Everyone hung out on the lawn and enjoyed the lovely summer weather well into the evening.


Henry the cat came out to haunt, but didn’t seem to be interested in scaring anyone.


Nikifor wanted to see his grandmother’s ghost, so he went and hung out in her bedroom. Unfortunately, Larisa failed to make an appearance.


Vanya wasn’t tired, so he decided to work on teaching Lucy Fur to Come Here.

(I lost all my unlocked fancy fur colors and collars in the move, so some pets are going to need to get jobs.)


Saveliy finished getting all his skill points for scholarships! Now he can relax for the remainder of his teen years.


Noelle wanted to work on her logic points.


“Oh! Hi, guys! You came back!”


“But wait! Will I get Logic points while I’m up there? Because I was going to stargaze all night!”


Um, Sharlene, Saveliy might be just a little sensitive about that gift right now.


The cats came out in force to welcome Noelle home.


“Woot! Go Mom!”

There was no lullaby, as Noelle’s too old for pregnancy.


In the morning, Vanya made grilled cheese for the boys for breakfast. Noelle had eaten on the flying saucer, so she wasn’t hungry.


She had the day to herself again, and caught up with an old friend before heading to the chess table.


Nikifor decided there were a few experiences he needed to have before he headed off to college in a few days, so he invited over Hadassah Gavigan for his very first date.


Hadassah had brought her brother along, so Saveliy hung out with him all afternoon.


That looks like a nice safe place for a dance.


Nikifor got his first date, and Hadassah got her first kiss – in front of Nikifor’s dad.


Jenna Cooke came by right after Kir got home from school, and they had a nice chat about riding the bus.


As fun as the date was, the post date was even better, and Nikifor was able to cross one more item off his bucket list.


That night, it was Kir’s birthday! The house was already so full of visitors that there was no need to have a party.


Kir became a Fortune/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Intelligence career.


He’s still adorable.


Lucy Hanby still hates Kir, and I still don’t know why.


After everyone went to bed…

“This looks like a fancy house. There’s sure to be some nice stuff in here.”


“Hey, um, are you coming to steal our stuff? Because that’s not very nice.”


Fortunately, the police arrived right away. Noelle was obviously very concerned.


Officer Centowski got his man, fortunately before the burglar could steal anything.


In the morning, Kir maxed his creativity! That is, indeed, a very creative picture.


Vanya gathered his siblings together for a very special outing.


It was the first time all 7 of them had been together in a very long time.


Willow Valley’s cemetery, donated by the Pavlov family a while back, has two mausoleums reserved for members of Willow Valley’s two oldest families. Pictured here is the Pavlov mausoleum.


Vanya placed his parents’ urns inside.

Larisa and Leo haven’t been difficult ghosts at all, but given that at least one other grave will be moving to the cemetery this season (the Kozlow kids’ father), I figured they should inaugurate the cemetery.


Afterward, the siblings hung out for a few minutes and boosted their relationships before heading home.


Of course, I had to come back later and place the urns properly on the shelves.


Vanya went home to pick up Noelle and Kir, then headed back out for a little business running. Kir, as a newly minted Fortune sim, was super excited.


Since Vanya and Noelle are permaplat, and Kir kept rolling up business-related wants, they ended up staying 12 hours instead of the planned 6. The business got up to rank 7, and Kir earned a gold sales badge and silver cash register badge. Noelle also earned her gold cashier badge as well as a bronze restocking badge.


Back home, Kir invited over Marsha Bruenig. He thought she was really hot.


As Kir was getting to know Marsha, Saveliy invited Sharlene over for a date.


Noelle made a nice lunch of chili for those who weren’t on dates, including Mieszko Kozlow, who had stopped by.


Saveliy and Sharlene had a great date.


I don’t think Kir is first in the neighborhood to get his first kiss from Marsha Bruenig.


Vanya put it off a little by lingering over his chili, but as soon as he got up, it was time to grow up!


He makes a handsome elder, and reminds me of his dad.

Yes, this means all the Pavlov quadruplets will be becoming elders this season. 😦


His everyday clothes are very distinguished, but a bit too formal for his planned primary activity of puttering around in the garden.


His new clothes are much more relaxed. And Vanya’s definitely keeping his full head of hair.


Poor Sharlene. Nibbler hissed at her and scared her so much that she ran off the lot.


“Your girlfriend’s really hot.”

“Yeah, she is. But don’t forget the first rule of brotherhood, Kir: don’t steal your brother’s girlfriend.”

“Got it.”


Kir stayed up late making friends with both his brothers, wanting to have a good relationship with them before they headed off to college.


Saveliy spent the night working on skills with Lucy Fur. I’m hoping to get her into the Pet Showbiz career eventually.


“Do you still love me now that I’m an old man? Because I’m sure enjoying having a young, hot wife.”

“I’m going to be joining you in just a couple of days, honey.”


Kir got his skill points in early, since he’s the only one in the house that still needs them.


Noelle stayed on the telescope a little past 6 am, and got shoved for it.


Vanya spent the morning in the greenhouse, chatting with his plants.


For Reno Day,the family got some solar panels. My goal this season is for every household in Willow Valley to have some items that generate green energy – either solar panels or wind turbines, but the solar panels are a lot more likely for most households.


The Thayers came over for family Sunday, with 7 of their kids. No reason that should make things chaotic, right?


Definitely not.


Amazingly enough, all the Pavlovs managed to meet all the Thayers. Hang Loose was very helpful in this endeavor.


One platter of food was not enough.  There was one lonely bowl of chili left over.


All too soon, it was evening, and time for Nikifor and Saveliy to head off to college.

Nikifor earned $7250 in scholarships (grades, 7 skills, and a surprise Tsang Footwork Award), and has a trust fund valued at $45,100.


Saveliy earned $6250 in scholarships (grades and 7 skills), and has a trust fund of $42,900. I think Nikifor’s extra money mostly came from his Tinkering habits.


With only 3 sims left, the house felt empty. Vanya was glad Kir was still here, at least.


“Again, guys? Really?”


Hadassah brought a piano for Nikifor, not realizing he had already moved out.


“Awesome! You made it back safe!”

“Yeah…why is there a piano on the lawn?”

And that’s it for the Pavlov family! Next up is the Cooke household.


Family: Pavlov


Larisa’s Fish Market, Rank 10

Five & Dime, Rank 10

Hello My Baby, Rank 7

General fund contribution: $17,600 (taxes $13,100, school fees $4500)

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 61

Population: 8357

It’s time for a new season in Willow Valley! As always, this contains no story and you can skip it if you want to.


Willow Valley continues to grow, adding 25 sims, 10 player owned businesses, and 2 Business Districts over the past season. I successfully transferred the game to a new computer, which is good news since it means Cham Var Hoh will be able to continue to throw epic parties. Also, hopefully I’ll have fewer graphical glitches.

There are three significant changes this season. First, I installed InTeen. I’m not planning for a teen pregnancy epidemic in Willow Valley, just hoping to avoid the automatic breakup when kids go to college and keep them from hooking up with old flames (and ruining their new relationships) while they wait for their teen intendeds.

The second change is household names. When there are multiple households with the same last name, they will now be numbered instead of using initials. The Picaso households, for example, will be Picaso 1 and Picaso 2, rather than M. Picaso and J. Picaso. This will make it easier as the next generation moves in and starts building their families. I’ve also decided on a scheme for choosing last names when there’s intermarriage between families. Hyphenated last names will no longer be allowed, as that could get really complicated, although the Cooke-Pavlov family will be grandfathered in.

The third change is household play order. Sims graduated from college will return to the neighborhood the same season they graduate if they graduate during the first 3 semesters, and the following season if they graduate at the end of the 4th semester. Most of the time heirs returning home will be able to take their place without difficulty, but sometimes a household’s place in the rotation may have to be delayed to accommodate a returning heir or intended spouse. The only household that applies to this season is the Hamilton household, which has been moved and will be played just after the 2nd semester of Uni so that Romina, Dimitri’s fiance, can be played.

The town’s General Fund collected a whopping $503,600 during Spring! I’ve decided to get rid of the previous Town Improvement Fund, which purchased community lots, as the two additional lots I want to include as community buildings are both hideously expensive and thus will be placed when I have enough households. I considered using the money to buy little shops that could be purchased by players, but I wasn’t sure of the best way to do the math on that. Besides, low interest loans remain readily available for those that wish to buy businesses.


A full half of the money collected each season will now go into the University Facilities Fund, which purchases buildings for Salix University for $100,000 each; once I get to 10 buildings, I can count a new university. With the money received this season, the University Facilities Fund was able to purchase 3 new buildings. I haven’t placed them yet, and may not get around to it. The university is now up to 8 paid buildings, which means only 2 more to get another university! I’m hoping for private donations this season to get another university. The remaining balance for the University Facilities Fund is $33,473.


The two loan funds, the Town Prosperity fund and the Financial Aid fund, are doing well.  The Town Prosperity fund helped Willow Valley residents purchase 3 new businesses last season. The fund has a current balance of $243,763, with $27,904 in outstanding loans. The Financial Aid fund just had its first borrower at the end of last season. It has a current balance of $267,725, with $2000 in outstanding loans. The University Scholarship Fund, which receives the interest from the Financial Aid fund and will also receive interest from that fund’s loans when paid, has a balance of $2023, so someone may get a small scholarship this season.

Town stats are as follows (including 2 new CAS households):

Sims 137
Households 23
Owned lots 45
Unowned lots 4
Military lot? YES
Business districts 9
Universities 1
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 61
Population 8357
Max population 12383
General Fund 0
Uni buildings 8

(Max population is (playable sims + available CAS sims)X sim multiplier)

Total CAS sims 99
CAS sims used 33
CAS sims available 66
Comm. Lots avail. 0
Fires 11
Burglaries 6
Electrocutions 12
Graves 3
Lvl 10 businesses 24
Business Tycoons 10


Adventure 1 (unlocked)
Architecture 3 of 17
Athletic 3 (unlocked)
Business 9 (unlocked)
Criminal 0 of 3
Culinary 2 (unlocked)
Dance 1 (unlocked)
Education 3 of 33
Entertainment 0 of 1
Intelligence 1 of 5
Journalism 1 of 12
Law 0 of 2
Law Enforcement 1 of 8
Medicine 3 (unlocked)
Military 1 (unlocked)
Music 2 (unlocked)
Oceanography 3 (special)
Politics 0 (unlocked)
Science 1 of 4 (3 special)
Slacker 2 of 6
Artist 0 of 2
Natural Science 0 of 1
Showbiz 0 of 2


And now for pictures!


The main neighborhood, with 23 households


Salix university, currently with only 5 buildings placed, though I’ve earned 3 more, and 5 active households


And the business district, which has definitely seen the most growth in the last season.

It’s time for the very last household of the rotation!

snapshot_2144451e_e1444520Ryan Wheeler, Shura Pavlov (and just a little bit of their dog Rosalie)


This is going to be the new Plantsim Homestead, where Shura will continue Willow Valley’s Plantsim line. It’s on a huge 5×6 lot, and as you can see there’s a large greenhouse and a creek for fishing.


I may have built a little too much house. Still, I like it, and there won’t be any worries about running out of space. With two master suites, it’s meant to serve the family for generations to come.


Shura went right off to work. Ryan went to the computer and was lucky enough to find himself a job in his dream career of Science. He left for work shortly after.


Dora Ottomas was the only member of the welcome wagon, and she didn’t hit it off well with the only member of the household who was home.


Shura brought Noelle home from work, and had a quick outing with her while waiting for Ryan to get home.


That evening, the two had a quick private wedding. Shura took Ryan’s last name.


They celebrated their marriage in a somewhat nontraditional way, on the couch instead of upstairs in the bedroom.


Shura then headed out to plant the garden.


Shura’s planting was interrupted by the need to empty her stomach in a decidedly traditional means of celebrating her recent marriage.


Ryan made sure to get in some telescope time before going to bed.


Shura indulged in some tinkering while Ryan slept.


With the huge house on a huge lot, it’s not surprising the bills are high at $440. They bought a couple of wind turbines after this.


After work, Shura took out a $30,000 loan to buy a business, and headed straight there.


Bubbles Away offers an opportunity for its customers to enjoy bubbles, for as long as they care to stay. It is, somehow, completely legal.

It’s also Willow Valley’s 45th sim-owned community lot, unlocking a 9th business district!


Shura’s already got a gold sales badge, thanks to helping out at her stepmom’s businesses. So customers were soon paying $800 an hour to blow bubbles.


Shura meditated through the night, getting up only if a new customer needed to be dazzled.

When she headed home after 24 hours, Bubbles Away was rank 2 and had earned $70,000, meaning it’s already well into the black after only 1 day of operation.


The first thing she did when she got home was give Rosalie a warm greeting.


Ryan got home with a promotion, and went straight back to work.


Rosalie was only about 5 days from becoming an elder. Shura wasn’t ready for that, so she fed her some Kibble of Life.


She paid back the $30,000 loan she’d taken out that morning. Since it was the same day, she didn’t even have to pay any interest.


Later that night, while working in the garden, Shura got her first pop.


Ryan got home with another promotion, and went straight to the telescope for a while before going to bed.


Shura spent her night talking to the trees…


Teaching Rosalie her very last command, Stay…


And getting her silver Robotics badge.

Pregnancy is a breeze when mom’s a Plantsim.


In the morning, Ryan figured he’d better take on the tough job of eating omelettes during the pregnancy, since Shura doesn’t eat.


He had the day off, so he invited his friend Jihoon over for an outing.


Shura may be a plantsim, but she has better things to do than water the flowers. So the family acquired a maid and a gardener.


After work, Shura headed down to the pet store and purchased a new dog, named Marvin.


Ryan spent the night on the telescope again, working toward maximizing both his logic and his Science enthusiasm.


The next day, while Ryan was at work, Shura harvested the garden’s first produce.


Apparently wind turbines are quite lucrative, as they went from a $440 bill to a $30 credit with just the two turbines.

I’m thinking about making it a goal to have all my Willow Valley households eliminate their bills.


Ryan got home with another promotion, and was greeted by Marvin.


The plants in the garden weren’t growing. After messing around with composting the plants and replacing the plots, I finally figured out it was because of the cute little border wall I’d built around the garden. Once I opened up some gaps in the wall, the plants started growing normally.


The attempt at puppies drew several onlookers.

Rosalie already had puppies with Snickerdoodle, but I’m quite disappointed that they all looked pretty much just like Snickerdoodle. I’m hoping she’ll have more luck with Marvin.


Ryan spent some time skilling at the bookshelf.


Then he moved on to the telescope.


After finishing in the garden, Shura made robots.

(Have I mentioned I find Knowledge/Knowledge couples to be a bit boring?)


Shura’s robot making was interrupted when she went into labor.


“Hold on. I’m wearing my thinking cap, so give me a minute to think of what to do.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about! Be quiet, I’m having a baby here!”


Shura gave birth to a baby boy with Ryan’s brown hair, her brown eyes, and an intermediate skin tone.

Since this is the plantsim house, I’ve decided to give the kids plant names – trees for the boys, flowers for the girls. So the little boy was named Elm.

Little Elm is the first baby of Generation 4!


The ground floor nursery was furnished, and was the first room to get some decent wall coverings. Can’t have a baby sleeping in a boring white room, after all.

snapshot_2144451e_a146a2d1Ryan was thrilled to spend some time with his son after getting some sleep.


While Ryan got ready for work, Elm got to hang out with his mother in the study with the dogs.


Then he watched her work in the garden.

(I love those baby bouncers.)


Shura spent most of the day talking to the fruit trees to ensure the best possible harvest.


Ryan got home with a promotion and headed back to work.

snapshot_2144451e_e146a5b6 He returned 2 hours later with another promotion.


Reno Day was pretty simple, adding wallpaper throughout the inhabited parts of the house. We’ve got a bit of a green theme going on.


Ryan put in some telescope time before heading to bed.


Shura spent the night making robots and taking care of Elm.

That’s it for the Wheeler family, and the Spring 4 rotation! There may be a delay before I move on to the Summer rotation, as I’m transferring my game to a new computer.


Family: Wheeler

Business: Bubbles Away

Taxes: $0 (new household)

Loan: $30,000 taken out and repaid the same day, with $0 interest

Playable sims: 128 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 61 (+5)

Population: 7808

It’s time for this season’s last semester of Uni – and soon we’ll have Salix University’s very first graduates!

Cham Var Hoh

snapshot_1e9c043f_df65c309Back row, left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front row, left to right: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


“I’ve heard in some neighborhoods, seniors get to go on vacation before they graduate.”

Not in this neighborhood. I have way too many kids to get through uni. Now eat, so you can work on your term papers!


It was soon time for the standard start of semester gigantic party.


I was relieved to see Lluis and Liouba in the hot tub together, rather than some other combination.


Michael rolled a want panel full of wants for Mireia.


Ramsay and Carme ignored the party and had a fun time on their own.


The cow crashed the party, of course.


Akilina and Agnes were all over each other the whole party. They may only be a 1-2 bolt couple with incompatible aspirations, but they don’t act like it.


Mhairi had no interest in Isaiah’s advances last semester. Not sure what happened here, but it seems they fell back in love.


Michael and Mireia were still all over each other.


Mauro had a nice chat with Irina, who he thought was really hot.


Venyamin made sure to spend some time with Demi.


For some reason, half the group hung out on the lawn eating dodgy Chinese food that they got from who knows where.


Looks like Romina’s still upset with Dimitri for his indiscretion last semester.


After everyone left, the house’s residents finally got around to doing their term papers. Naturally, they had the obligatory post term paper games of red hands.


Ramsay brought a grill back from campus. Seems dangerous. We’ll keep it.


For this semester’s update to the house, the front porch was expanded. Decorating the porches will have to wait until next time.


Venyamin invited over his girlfriend Demi Gast for a date.


It wasn’t long before they moved into the TV room, where the couch is hardly ever used for watching TV.


“Demi, listen. We’ve been dating for a while, and I really like you, and I’m getting close to graduating, so…”


“Will you marry me?”


“I’d love to!”


“We are so going to have adorable dreadlocked babies.”


Meanwhile, Mauro was rejected for a date by Irina.


She did readily agree to a fun outing, though.


Ah, the joy of seeing the cow mascot beg.


Hey, look, a fruit tree! And the joy of spraying said fruit tree without worrying about anyone accidentally fusing with the tree.


Between the Munchie Bot and sims running out to visit campus, there was always cold pizza available.


Toga party time! Venyamin did get around to asking Demi to pledge the Greek House at some point. (And yes, he then influenced her to clean. Because who would turn down a free house cleaning?)


The hot tub was, as usual, in high demand.


“So, Mike, what’s going on with you and Mireia? Are you still in love?”

“Well, I’m definitely still in love with her. I’m just not sure how she feels these days.”


Finals time! They went about 17 hours early. All earned A pluses, of course, and Venyamin, Carme, Ramsay, and Michael have graduated!


Michael Bruce graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Physics.


Ramsay Bruce graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Art.


Carme Picaso graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science.


Venyamin Hamilton graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Drama. His horrible adult outfit will have to wait. Michael, Ramsay, and Carme will all join existing households in Willow Valley, some of which will be played before the next Uni semester, but Venyamin will be founding a new household which will be played for the first time during the Summer rotation. So he gets to hang out with Mauro for a bit longer, until the new Greek House residents move in.

40 Almond Street

snapshot_3e3fd4be_9f6867b9Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


The beginning of the semester was rather tense, due to Dimitri’s little fling with the cheerleader last season.

snapshot_3e3fd4be_011649aaMarya and Orlando escaped to their bedroom for a little private time as soon as possible.


“Romina, I am so, so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”


“This once, Dimitri, I’ll forgive you. But it had better not happen again.”

Dimitri was incredibly relieved.


This semester’s house upgrade project was to add a bathroom. For now, they only had the money to build the room and buy a toilet.


Everyone seemed to have senioritis. Even Marya, the Knowledge sim in the group, wanted to play computer games rather than write her term paper.


Finally, the term papers were finished, and it was time for Red Hands.


Orlando wanted to make friends with this dormie for some reason, so she was invited over for an outing.


Then Demi walked by. Marya thought she probably ought to make friends with her future sister-in-law.


Dimitri spent pretty much all of his free time repairing his relationship with Romina.


Things were definitely going well. Orlando helped out by sending the cow mascot away before it could cause trouble.


Now that the relationship was back on track, Romina decided to spend the rest of the evening studying Anger Management.


Demi brought a gift to contribute to the Boy-Do-We-Need-a-Second-Bathroom fund. I knew I liked her.


There it is, all finished. Hooray, no more chaining showers!


Every time it rains, Marya rolls up a wish to get hit by lightning. So she went out to play in puddles in the thunderstorm, but the lightning didn’t come near her.


She finally gave up and went back inside to go on a date with Orlando.


Looks like things are definitely mended between Romina and Dimitri. They did this entirely on their own.


That evening, everyone hung out waiting for Marya to get home from class, since I decided to send them to their final a whole 24 hours early.


4.0s all around, and three new graduates! Marya graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, Dimitri graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics, and Orlando graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature.

The graduates will all be waiting until next season to move out.

Nagard Annya Fruhm


Left to right: Lluis Picaso, Liouba Pavlov, Mhairi Bruce, Malvina Bruce, Agnes Picaso

At the end of last semester, these five sims moved out of the dorms with the hope of starting a different kind of Greek House.


Per university regulations, they were required to move into this Maxis house, just like the other Greek House. They decided to call the house Nagard Annya Fruhm.


The layout, as you see, is horrendous – too many stairs (4 staircases to a tiny attic loft!), master bedroom blocked off by a bathroom, somehow only 3 medium size bedrooms in this enormous house.

The residents of Cham Var Hoh worked with the layout, making some significant modifications.


The new residents of Nagard Annya Fruhm went to the next level, and gutted the place.


I like this layout so much better. Much more open, especially the upstairs.

As you can see by how the main room is furnished, Nagard Annya Fruhm is meant to be more study-oriented and less party-oriented than Cham Var Hoh.


After snubbing Isaiah Gavigan all last semester, Mhairi now wants to get engaged to him. So first thing, she invited him over.


He asked to bring a friend, and brought Mireia. Good. We can get this thing settled while everyone else is still working on their term papers.


Step one: dance and a kiss. Mireia took no notice.


Mhairi took Isaiah up to her bedroom for a celebratory woohoo.


Do Family Sims have some kind of cheating ESP? Because Mireia put down her book and ran upstairs crying.


She slapped Isaiah soundly, then reached into his chest, pulled out his still-beating heart, and crushed it into dust before storming out of the house.

Well, that’s settled, then.


Agnes and Malvina were the only two residents of the house who weren’t already friends, so they spent some time fixing that.


Liouba and Lluis had no problem keeping each other company, as usual.


Some kind of miracle occurred, and I actually saw a sim get aspiration points for writing her term paper! And Malvina’s not even a knowledge sim.


Liouba made a delicious pot of chili for lunch, and everyone gathered at the table and happily scarfed it down.


Mhairi invited Isaiah to pledge the Greek house, and then influenced him to clean.


Everyone spent the evening studying and skilling. Definitely a change from Cham Var Hoh. There will be some parties, though, as we can’t let things get boring.


Mhairi got up and headed to campus first thing in the morning, bringing back this…thing. It was sold for a few simoleons.


Leftover pizza that’s been sitting on the counter all night makes a fabulous breakfast.


Remembering how expensive Cham Var Hoh’s bills were at the beginning, I spent all of Nagard Annya Fruhm’s leftover money on solar panels. Imagine my surprise when the mailman showed up and they got a $110 rebate!


Malvina’s OTH is cuisine, which means occasionally I let her indulge wants to serve a meal even when no one is hungry.


Mhairi invited Isaiah over for a date, and he rolled up the want to get engaged. Since they have mutual wants, I locked them both and had Mhairi use her portachug to change her turn-ons. They have 3 bolts now.


Agnes maxed all her skills!


The group went to their finals 21 hours early, and all returned with A pluses.

Mhairi and Malvina are juniors now, and got the aspiration re-roll option, but they’re both staying the same aspirations.

Larisa House


Left to right: Anya Pavlov, Akilina Carr, Irina Carr, Feofil Pavlov


Larisa House has dormies again. Stinky Crystal and Bandanna Boy Aaron managed to get the choice positions.


Stinky Crystal really enjoyed access to the bar. She seems like a “juice” drinker.


Anya, for one, was glad to have the new residents.


Feofil and Irina spent most of the first day on their cell phones, naturally.


Anya wanted to make friends with Professor Dreads, so she invited him over.


She’ll be getting an A this semester without ever going to class.


That night, the Romance sims headed out to Dance Fever to get some action.


They were quite successful. Akilina even hit the halfway point for her LTW.


Back home, Akilina sweet talked a walkby into the photo booth.


Mhairi and her housemates came over for the evening, and Orlando stopped by as well. Irina took the opportunity to give Mhairi her flower bench, which she had left in her room.


Akilina rolled a want to make friends with Orlando. She did so in time-honored fashion, with much Busting of Moves.


Anya hit her 10th unique woohoo.

snapshot_1f5dfc2d_8135b420Akilina got her 12th woohoo, while the streaker watched approvingly.


Irina wanted to make friends with her professor, but this didn’t look like ordinary friendmaking. Then I realized it’s because he’s a Drama professor.

Note: Don’t try to go on an outing with a drama professor. He got positive plus signs for their interactions, but also the “lost best friend” symbol, and the outing score dropped like a rock until he left in disgust. Irina didn’t even get her grade up from the interaction!


It was time to get everyone’s grades up. Irina’s was the lowest since she’d skipped class to make friends with Professor Jerkface, so Orlando was kind enough to help her out for the price of a few influence points.


Once all the grade bars were full, everyone hung out in the hall waiting for Akilina.


Who was not working on her grade bar, but on Conquest #13.


And #14.


I would have guessed that Stinky Crystal would be the jealous one, not Vyn.

That’s ok. Akilina already got her public and home woohoos out of Vyn. And what would a 20 woohoo LTW be without some slapping?


Ivy’s not taking Vyn’s nonsense, though.

I like Ivy. Must marry her in someday.


Everyone passed their finals with an A+, of course, although I apparently forgot to take a picture. Anya and Feofil both got an opportunity to reroll, but Feofil will stay a Popularity sim. Anya, feeling she’d matured beyond her Romance years, became a Fortune/Family sim, with a new LTW to top the medical career.

Anya and Feofil moved out, to join Cham Var Hoh next semester, while Irina and Akilina will be sharing a rental house.

Pavlov Hall

snapshot_7feb0c58_e13db314Left to right: Mireia Picaso, Nastasia Thayer, Raebeth Dell, and Isaiah Gavigan


Yes, my simself has joined the party. She’s going to be testing out what it’s like to get through college on student loans in Willow Valley. Since she arrived with the usual base $500, she took out a $2000 loan to pay the first semester’s tuition. Normally I have sims pay that initial $500 into dorm funds, but that’s going to be waived for financial aid students.

Raebeth is a Knowledge/Grilled Cheese sim with a LTW to max all skills.


It was already late evening when the semester started, which meant it made perfect sense for Raebeth to get right to skilling and everyone else to work on their term papers.


Mireia wandered into the kitchen to poke Isaiah, but he ignored her and kept doing the slap dance.


It took putting my own simself in the game to finally get a proper Knowledge sim who rolls wants to write her term paper, do assignments, and go to class. Maybe she’ll even roll up the want to be on the Dean’s list!


Nastasia was thrilled to have a dorm mate who’s excited to talk about Grilled Cheese.


Raebeth also made friends with Isaiah. They have a bolt, but fortunately neither of them initiated anything romantic. Isaiah has enough issues in the love department.


These guys might be kind of boring. They’re all hanging out in the study room of their own volition.


Isaiah managed to tear himself away to greet Agnes as she was walking by and make friends with her.

I must confess I generally have my college sims mostly ignore the dormie walkbys. I’d rather have them spend their friend-making time on other playables. That’s probably why no one’s gotten into the secret society yet.


This semester’s contribution to the dorm was a bird cage complete with a bird named Mr. Tibble. It was funded mostly by Mireia’s pottery, since she kept rolling up wants to make a pottery project.


Everyone finished the semester with, of course, perfect grades.


Everybody moved out except Raebeth. They’re all going different places.

That’s it for the University chapter! Next time I may start splitting it into two, as it’s getting a little long with 5 households (6 next time). Next up is the last household of the rotation, the Wheeler family!

Here we have everyone’s favorite aesthetically challenged Sim Bin family, the Ottomases!


Left to right: Tommy, Samantha, David (seated), Dora, Sharla, Peter


Someone gave them a dog. His name is Carter. I can’t keep track of which dogs came from where anymore.


The family moved into this lovely brick ranch, custom built just for them.


With 5 bedrooms and 2 baths, there’s just enough space for everyone, although they might have to stick the new babies in the kitchen. They spent all their money on basic furnishings for the place.


Dora quit her Crappy Elder Job so she could stay home to take care of the kids. Peter, meanwhile, took out a $20,000 loan and bought himself a business: Big Pete’s Used Cars. I mean, come on, doesn’t he make the perfect used car salesman?


Dora got to work on Tommy’s skill training.snapshot_5a153b69_c0dfff01

Samantha and Peter had other things on their mind.


They had just enough time to finish up before Peter headed to work. He was in the Journalism career, but keeping an eye out for his LTW career of Slacker.


Samantha spent the whole day eating – got to keep those twins fed! – while Dora got to do whatever she wanted while Tommy took a nap.


David headed off to his Crappy Teen Job shortly after arriving home from school. He’s going to need the Crappy Teen Job, since his family probably isn’t going to be able to get together much of a college fund for him before he goes to Uni the first day of summer.


Sharla brought Lyosha home from school. She’s come home from school with a lot of kids this season, so I was surprised to find that the only one she was actually friends with was Zosia Kozlow.


Dora continued to do whatever she wanted. She doesn’t have much time left, so she’s mostly going to get to hang out on free will when not helping out with the littles.


Samantha also got to mostly do what she wanted, although she was focused on eating and comfort.


Dora helped David with his homework that night. He’s got some work to do to get his grades up before college.


Peter brought home Priya Ramaswami. I think that’s a first.


David does a great job helping out with his little brother. Peter, on the other hand, barely seems to know the little guy exists.


Samantha and Dora bonded over a late night platter of grilled cheese.


Even though Peter only has 3 neat points, he seems to enjoy cleaning on free will.


 The next morning, Dora started the day out right by forcing her grandson to listen to her t