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It’s time for the Bruce household!


Left to right: Catriona, Andrea, Dand, Michael


Michael is the neighborhood’s first college graduate! The Bruce family is keeping it traditional and having the oldest male inherit.

Michael’s first task was to buy some new clothes. Then he found a job in his LTW career of Gamer – the family has all the required items at their electronics store. Unfortunately, it was currently Thursday, and Michael didn’t have his first day of work until Saturday.

While he was at it, Michael also paid the family’s taxes of $13,000.


Catriona was up early to work on her skills. She knew it would be a while before she was old enough to get into college, but she wanted to be ready.


David Ottomas brought over a late gift from last season. I think it was Malvina who went on an outing with him, so the money was sent her way.


Both Dand and Andrea inherited money, I think both from Armando. It wasn’t a lot, though, no more than a few hundred dollars.


Even though you saw it in the family photo, here’s a picture of Michael in his snazzy new duds. Way better than the basketball shirt.


His diploma was proudly hung on the kitchen wall.


Everyone was excited to have him home. (Dand, too, I just missed the picture.)


Since there aren’t going to be any babies this season, I’ll take kittens instead.


After the kitty woohoo, Michael had to greet his cat Baby as well.


A lamp! Yippee!


Dand got his gold gardening badge, and insisted upon hiding the doohickey in the tree.


“Ramsay! Congratulations on graduating! And also on getting me 1/3 of the way to my LTW. I didn’t think my Romance sim son would be the first to have children.”

“Whatever, mom. I’m a Pleasure sim now, anyway.”


“Anyway, we need you to take Buttons. Baby’s having Bigelow’s kittens, and you know neither of them like Buttons.”

“Okay, it’ll be good to have him again. I hope he gets along with the dogs, though.”

So the family was down to 2 cats, for now.


Catriona brought Pavel Hamilton home from school, and went on an outing with him.


He became her 10th best friend! She’s halfway to her LTW already, less than 24 hours after becoming a teen.


Michael took the first wish, for money, of course.


Catriona went on her second outing of the day with Greta Fairchild.


Andrea went down to her business and dazzled her stepdaughter into eating some vacation food. And then I decided I was tired of Andrea’s store making the town fat.


So, it was time for a business makeover! It’s Lunch was turned into a bowling alley, with only one of the original food stands remaining.


And then it turned out that nobody was interested in that one food stand, so it was turned into a snack machine corner.

Andrea set the ticket price to $999 to recoup the cost of the renovation, and dazzled away. In no time, the business was up to rank 5 and had not only made back the renovation cost, but had earned an additional $24k in profit.


Back home, Catriona went on her third outing, with Kat Bendett.


Michael invited Mireia for a date.


They got kinky with a little car woohoo, in Andrea’s car.


Catriona returned to her quest for alien reparations.


Andrea used the second wish, for more cash, of course.


The guys spent the wee hours of the morning painting. Dand was working on painting Michael’s portrait, and it looked like it was going to turn out well.


Andrea worked on a novel as the money sacks fell.


Catriona earned her obligatory skill point after 6 am, when she could no longer hunt for aliens.


Dand headed to work and Catriona to school; Michael and Andrea had vacation days.


Michael finished teaching Baby her last skill! Now she can get a job in Pet Show Business, although I’ll wait until she has her kittens.


Then Michael put in some quality time on his Gamer career reward. That thing really rakes in the dough!


After school, Catriona used the last genie wish. For money, of course.


She brought home Pavel Hamilton again, and they hung out for a bit.


Of course, when Jordon Cooke came by on a jog, Catriona had to rush out to meet him.


I’m not sure who that love letter was meant for, but it looks like Catriona’s claiming it.


After having Brownie run away, I’m going to try to be better about getting collars onto pets. So Baby and Bigelow, the other cat, got collars.


Catriona deposited her genie lamp money into her bank account, then got up with a smile. She had over $30,000 now. As soon as she could get out of this house, she would no longer have to depend on anyone.


Wanting to meet some new people, and figuring she could work on a sales badge while she was at it, Catriona headed down to her mother’s venue. Andrea didn’t have to know, right?


Back home, Catriona went on an outing with Jordon Cooke, adding him to her friends list.


Dand and Andrea ate at one end of the table, leaving the other end for the guests. Andrea was a bit annoyed at having quite so many guests. She liked her peace and quiet. Why did Catriona always have to fill the house with teenagers?


“Hmm. Maybe I’ll inherit money from our grandpas, too.”

Kind of morbid conversation, but I suppose it makes sense.


Dand stayed out very late that night harvesting his garden.


A couple of outing gifts were dropped off for Catriona, just as she was sneaking out for a night on the town with Artur Pederson.


When she got home, she spent some more time on the exercise bike, and got fit.


Kitten! Baby had just one kitten again, a boy this time. He was named Billy.


Bigelow came over to meet his son.


Catriona was also excited about the new kitten.


Andrea was trying to write a bestseller here. How was she supposed to concentrate when she always heard that alien chatting with her friends in the background?


“Listen, Catriona, this is a house, not a club. We need some peace and quiet around here. From now on, you’re to have no more than one friend over per day. And don’t hang out in the main room here. You can stay outside or go upstairs.

“Yes, Mother,” Catriona answered, but she was feeling rather resentful. Why shouldn’t she get to have friends over? Couldn’t her mother just write her novels somewhere else?


Dand returned to his plants, spending the morning harvesting beautiful eggplants and then planting the summer plants.


Michael finally headed off for his first day in the Gamer career. He was already permaplat, but it would still be nice to achieve his LTW.


Even after her outing with Hadassah, Catriona was really hungry. A leftover omelet seemed to hit the spot, though.


Andrea finished her novel, Alien Invasion. It was another hit!


Catriona didn’t know why she was so tired. I mean, yeah, she had stayed up all night, but she always stayed up all night. Hopefully a nap would do the trick.


Dand finished his portrait of Michael and hung it up over the computer, then sat down to blog about Nature.

“Something wrong, Andrea?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing. Just waiting for the computer to be free.”

“You know, maybe we should get you your own computer for your writing.”


After all his long, hard work involving going to work exactly once, Michael topped the Gamer career, achieving his LTW.


After her nap, Catriona headed up to the roof to continue her search for justice from the aliens.


She was interrupted by a strange sensation…

snapshot_ba372f43_81f4e0a0Uh-oh. She’d been fooling around with Artur Pederson when she’d snuck out last night, and now she was pregnant. This was a disaster. Her mother was going to kill her.


A few hours later, Catriona walked through the main room, trying to be casual. She’d managed to squash her stomach down to something like its normal size, although she knew she must be walking funny. But she couldn’t let anyone know she was pregnant until she figured out what she was going to do.


Ramsay, Mhairi, and Malvina were invited over for family Sunday. Ramsay brought Annika along.


Ramsay cringed when the mother of his children goosed his brother.


“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. I need help.”

“Catty? What’s wrong? Is Mom giving you trouble?”

“No, it’s…I’m pregnant.”


Malvina called Mhairi in, and the three of them talked it over. By the end, Catriona felt much better. She had a plan now.


Good grief, you guys.


After Michael and Annika had sated their lust – which fortunately didn’t seem to faze Ramsay in the slightest – the gang hung out in the living room chatting.


Catriona took a break from the family gathering to get in her skilling. If her plan worked out, she should still be able to go to college.


Then she energized, because being pregnant and keeping her belly stuffed into a leotard was exhausting.


Everyone moved into the kitchen for some lunch and more fun.


“No, Catriona can’t come to the phone right now,” Andrea said, and hung up. She was so tired of Catriona’s friends calling 11 million times per day. Why didn’t they just call the girl’s cell phone?


Dand tended the garden that evening after everyone left.


Aw, momma cat nuzzling baby kitten is adorable.


More alien hunting for Catriona, but alas, no success.


Annika brought by a pinball machine and waved at Bigelow, returning home from his first day at work in the Pet Service career.


“Wow, I’m huge. How am I going to keep this hidden?”


Fortunately, that corset tank top is freaking amazing.


Reno Day! Dand and Andrea got a brand new master suite on the second floor, complete with a writing nook so Andrea can write her bestselling evil-alien novels in peace.


Michael moved into the old master bedroom, which was redecorated.


They also got some windmills, since it seems more appropriate to have windmills in a castle than solar panels.


Catriona was glad for the move, and harvested the money trees as the adults headed of to work. Apparently the school somehow knew about her pregnancy, and she wasn’t allowed to attend.


It was kind of nice to have the house to herself, though. And nobody would be home before 4 pm, so they wouldn’t realize she hadn’t been to school.


After 1 pm, Catriona invited Adam Carr over so she could have a serious conversation with him. “Adam, listen, it was fun being your girlfriend for a while. But you’re way older than me, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay together any longer.”

“You’re breaking up with me? Oh, boolprop, Cat! I thought we had a great thing going!”


“Listen, no hard feelings, ok? Trust me, I’m not the girl for a guy like you.”

“Ok. Well, we can still be friends, right?”

“Yeah. You’d better go now, I’m not supposed to have too many people over.”


After Adam left, Catriona made friends with Samuel, who was new to the neighborhood. Her mother arrived home while she was on her outing, but fortunately missed Adam.


Dand and Andrea located their new bed without any difficulty.


That night…

“Oh, lookie, what do we have here?”


“This looks like a nice big house, probably full of all kinds of expensive things.”


“Well, golly gee willikers. That sure did look like the front door, but this is a garage.”


Samuel came by to leave an outing gift. Fortunately, the burglar ignored it on his way into the main house.


“Oh, golly. This big, fancy house has a burglar alarm. Who woulda thunk it?”


“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Well, I thought this tapestry would look nicer on my wall than yours.”


Bigelow got home from work with a promotion in the middle of all the excitement.


Catriona was glad she’d remembered to put on her super tummy tuck PJs before bed, since she rushed downstairs to watch the fight without thinking about it.


Officer Centowski got his man.


Catriona figured she’d have a midnight snack before going back to bed.


Andrea was very upset about the loss of the tapestry. The tapestry that she hadn’t bothered to move upstairs to her new bedroom. The tapestry that had been paid for by insurance, that they weren’t going to bother to replace.


Catriona remembered to pay the school fees at the last minute. Only $1000, since she’d missed a day. Then she headed to bed, setting her alarm. As soon as the new season began, it would be time for the plan she’d developed with her sisters. She couldn’t wait.

That’s it for the Bruce household! The Hamiltons have been moved a little later in the rotation, so next is Picaso 1.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Sons Booksellers, Rank 10

It’s Lunch!, Rank 6 (maybe eventually I’ll change the name)

General fund contribution: $14,000 (taxes $13,000, school fees $1000)

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 61

Population: 8357


Hooray, a smaller family! And not only will the Bruce family not be increasing in size this season, the household size will actually be decreasing!


Left to right: Catriona, Andrea, Malvina, Dand, Mhairi


Catriona wanted to get a logic point, so she went up to the roof to see if she could get a glimpse of her Other Mother.


Malvina worked on earning her very last skill point for scholarships. That way she could have a few days to enjoy being a teen before she headed to college. Meanwhile, Andrea made sure the taxes were paid promptly.


Dand was excited to get the spring plants going in the garden, so he started while it was still dark outside.


Andrea’s editor had suggested that her next book should be more “up close and personal”, so she reluctantly struck up a conversation with Catriona.

“So, did you know that soccer is played with a ball, like this?”

Catriona frowned. “Are you feeling all right, Mother? Perhaps you should go back to bed.”


“You see? I’m fine. Enjoy your pancakes.”

Mhairi sniffed appreciatively. “Wow, Andrea, those smell great.”


Dand and Malvina joined them for a delicious Saturday brunch.


“Mother? Will you play with me?”

Andrea pasted a smile on her face before turning around.


But as playing with Catriona fulfilled a want, Andrea wondered. Perhaps it wasn’t just about the book; maybe she really did want to know her alien daughter.


For the Knowledge Sim members of the family, naturally skilling was the order of the day.


Liouba stopped by to say hi, and she and Malvina chatted about how excited they were to be starting college soon.


Catriona had woken up early that morning, and dozed off while watching TV.


Andrea and Dand headed down to the bookstore, which seemed to be populated mostly by college students.


All of those college students buying books for their next semester got the store up to level 10!


Dand and Andrea had a private celebration after the customers had left.


As nice as it is to have a bookstore in town, the place makes basically zero money. So Dand and Andrea stopped at home to pick up Mhairi and headed to the electronics store, where they made $13,000.


Andrea was about to put the money into her bank account, but then changed her mind. She wanted Catriona out of the house one day, right? Well, the alien would need money for college. She established an account for the little alien with $10,000.


Funny, I didn’t see Liouba as the type to tell dirty jokes to her half sister.


Dand felt himself getting all tingly…


Oh, my.


Dand felt much more like himself after changing his clothes and getting his hair back to its proper style.


“Do you still love me now that I’m old and infirm?”

“Dand, I’m only a day behind you. We’ll be old and infirm together.”


Mhairi invited Isaiah over for one last teen date. She was hoping maybe they could resume their relationship in college.


“Do you know any Drama majors? I think I might want to be a Drama major,” Catriona said while chatting with her big brother Michael.


Mhairi spent most of the night at the flower bench, earning a bronze badge.


The Bruces still have three cats. And the other cats still hate Buttons (the gray cat).


Sunday morning was spent in the usual pursuits: chatting with friends and skilling.


Dand hadn’t lost his enthusiasm for his garden.


Michael and Ramsay came home to visit for family Sunday, and everyone had a nice relaxing day.


The boys were excited to get to have some home cooking, rather than the pizza they usually subsisted on.


“Oh, yes. That’s a really interesting wall. I’ll just study it for a minute.”

Michael knew that Catriona was cheating, of course, but he let her get away with it. As a Fortune sim, he was well aware that sometimes cheating was necessary to get ahead.


“Is it really true that I can go visit the aliens someday?”

“Sure, when you’re older. Mhairi can tell you all about it.”


As 6 pm approached, Mhairi sat down and checked out her scholarships. She was quite pleased – she’d earned scholarships for grades, all 7 skills, her alien abduction, and a surprise with the Tsang Footwork Award.

Mhairi earned a total of $8750 in scholarships. With that and her $28,100 trust fund, she’s in good shape for the future.


“Listen, Andrea. I don’t want to end things between us on a bad note. But I do want to make sure Catriona’s taken care of. Take it from another alien: she’s just a kid. What happened isn’t her fault, and she just wants to be loved like any other kid.”


“Well, of course I’ll take good care of the little thing!” Andrea said, hoping she sounded convincing. She certainly didn’t intend any harm to Catriona, but she was far from falling in love with the alien child.


Immediately after the conversation, Andrea felt sparkles erupting around her.


She did make a rather decent looking elder, she supposed.


As Mhairi headed for the cab, Catriona averted her face, trying to keep Mhairi from seeing the tear in her eye. “Bye, Mhairi. I’ll miss you.”

“Don’t worry, Catty. You can come visit me, and I’ll be done before you know it.”


Mhairi got into the cab, willing herself not to glance back at the castle. She had to go to college, of course – couldn’t imagine not going – but she worried about whether Catriona would be all right without Mhairi there to protect her.

Well, Malvina was still there, so that was something.


Andrea decided a full makeover was in order. Now that she was an old women, it surely wouldn’t be long before she started to realize her dream with the arrival of grandchildren, and she wanted to look the part.


Her belly expanded while eating some leftovers. Well, that was fine, too; grandmothers were supposed to be soft.


Catriona loved looking up at the stars for a few hours every evening before bed.


Dand’s first love was still skilling. He hoped to maximize his skills before he passed on.


Malvina was up late, and spent some time teaching Baby to Roll Over. Only one more skill and she would be able to get a job in the Pet Show Business career!


“Well, the first rule for going to college is that you have to do really well in school,” Malvina told Catriona, when she asked about college over breakfast.


Catriona wondered if Mother was still in the mood to be nice after her birthday, so she went to talk to her about her violin studies. Andrea was friendly enough, but Catriona still felt like she was holding back.


After everyone else had left, Andrea headed out to drive into work, considering. She remembered when she’d first married Dand, when they’d lived in this little building that now served as a garage. How far they’d come…


Dand had debated whether to go to work today or use a vacation day in preparation for retirement. He was glad he’d gone, because he’d earned a $50,000 bonus!


Andrea used the money to buy a new business, but then as she was heading there she was struck by lightning!

Fortunately her needs had been in excellent shape in preparation for her outing, because she came awfully close to dying.


The rest of the family kept busy while Andrea energized. Catriona practiced the violin, Malvina studied up on recipes and cooking techniques, and Dand got to know his work friend.


Finally, Andrea made it to her new business, happy at the thought of all the money she would be making.


It’s Lunch! was a food court, a place where hungry sims could stop in for a quick meal during a day of shopping in the Business District.


Customers came, and they ate, but Andrea found that the place wasn’t quite as profitable as she had envisioned. The main reason was that the local chefs who ran the booths demanded a $30 an hour salary. Still, she persevered.


She discovered that the customers would eat and eat and eat until they got fat. Well, she supposed they could go to the Gavigans’ gym if they wanted to get fit again.


Back home, Andrea spent a night working on her novel. She was having a bit harder time than usual.


“Will Mhairi live in a dorm at college?” Catriona asked over leftover grilled cheese on Tuesday morning.

“At first she will, anyway. The rules say she has to for the first year.”

“Oh. So you’re going to live in a dorm, then, too?”


Dand spent the morning in the garden, as usual, and harvested the first fruit of the season.


He had the day off, so Andrea spent the day at home with him. They were both trying to use up some of their vacation days, but neither one of them was ready to entirely quit working yet.


Malvina was excited to maximize her cooking skill, and the 8,000 aspiration points certainly didn’t hurt.


Catriona was a little more frustrated with her violin practice.


Malvina had been so excited about learning the recipe for the ultimate dish, so she was crushed when she burned the Lobster Thermidor.


She blamed the old, sad kitchen. Everything except the new food processor had been around since before she was born, back when Mom and Dad had lived in the garage!


Everybody was really tactful about the burned lobster, though, even though they did seem understandably excited about dessert.


Once midnight hit, it was Reno Day! Here’s the sad kitchen/dining room before, complete with cheap counters and stove.


It’s looking better after an upgrade and some rearrangement. It’s still not where I’d like it to be, but then, my eventual plan for the Bruce castle is a huge, grand, ultra-upgraded monstrosity, so it will probably be a while.


Malvina spent the last night of her teenhood in fine Willow Valley tradition, sneaking out with her girlfriend.


The morning started off with a little jumping rope before everyone headed off to work and school.


It was super duper friends day at the Bruce household!

(From top to bottom: David Ottomas came home with Malvina, Artur Pederson came home with Catriona, Makari Pederson came home with Dand, and Annika Richter came home with Andrea.)


“I’m a scary alien, ooga-booga.”


Malvina invited Denise over, and she brought Derrick as her friend.


Catriona decided to have her birthday out on the lawn.


She became a Popularity/Pleasure sim with a LTW to have 20 best friends. And that outfit really suits her.


David Ottomas wasn’t impressed.


Still, they had a bolt despite David’s Xs.

But Catriona has 2 bolts with Adam Carr. So there, David Ottomas.


Love…ah, young love…


Destined to end immediately with an automatic move-to-college breakup.

Malvina earned $6250 in scholarships – 7 skills and grades – and has a trust fund of $28,800, so I think she’s in pretty good shape.


2 electrocutions in one rotation. Poor Andrea.

Fortunately, she was okay once again.


Catriona’s first wish after becoming a teen was to earn the Alien Reparations scholarship. Makes sense to me, as she’s an alien, and she certainly deserves reparations.

That’s it for the Bruce family! Next is the Hamilton household.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Sons Booksellers, Rank 10

It’s Lunch!, Rank 3

General fund contribution: $16,500 (taxes $13,500, school fees $3000)

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700

It’s time for the Bruce family!


Back row, left to right: Michael, Ramsay, Malvina, Mhairi

Front: Dand, Andrea, Bigelow

(The family has 3 other cats, but they didn’t choose to be photographed. And apparently someone bought another pet at the pet store last round, but I was mean and wouldn’t let them keep it. 4 cats is quite enough.)

But wait, isn’t someone missing?

snapshot_ba372f43_3e22f075Catriona, Andrea’s alien child, is still banished to the second floor. Andrea either doesn’t realize she’s still there, or is in denial about the whole thing. In any case, Catriona’s older sisters have taken on the job of taking care of her and teaching her skills, with a nanny while they’re in school.

snapshot_ba372f43_fe22ed48Andrea had a good morning, learning that she inherited money from Larisa Pavlov. That was good – she had to return to work today, for the first time since that nasty little incident, and she needed all the good vibes she could get.


Michael had finished getting all his college scholarships last season. Now, with three days until he headed off for university, he found himself a bit at loose ends. He spent most of the morning watching TV.


Ramsay was a bit sad that Annika, one of his main squeezes, had grown up and was off limits, but he consoled himself by getting to know the cute papergirl.


Everyone headed off for school and work, leaving the house nearly empty.


Catriona didn’t notice, as she napped on her blanket most of the day.


Meanwhile, Nanny Kendall hung out in the kitchen and enjoyed the bar.


Mhairi brought Isaiah Gavigan home from school. She was a little cool to him last season, but it seems her feelings have warmed considerably.


Since they didn’t quite have enough to pay their taxes, Dand and the other teens headed down to the electronics store, where they made $10,000 profit in six hours.


Back home, Michael transferred ownership of the bookstore to Andrea – only temporarily, until he’s back from college. I’ve decided not to allow uni students to own businesses, because I don’t want to have to deal with taxes or running businesses when I’m playing the college households.


“Hey, Dad, can I go out with Lluis tonight?”

“Well…” Dand looked around to make sure Andrea wasn’t around. “What about…you know…”

“It’s fine, she’s asleep. And Malvina can keep an eye on her.”

“Well, all right. Just don’t be out too late.”


The next morning, Mhairi gave Catriona her bottle before school. “After you drink this, play on your bunny head until you get tired, and then you can sleep on your blanket. Remember to stay nice and quiet.”


Shortly after the kids left for school, though, Andrea decided to dispose of the old newspaper in the upstairs trashcan.

She froze in her tracks when the door opened and a little girl toddled out.


The child followed her into Mhairi’s room. With a toddler blanket, changing table, fridge, and baby bottles, it was pretty obvious to Andrea what was going on here.

Then the little girl looked up at her with a piteous face. “Mama?”


“Well, you’re…” Andrea found herself stooping down to pat the girl on the head. “There, you’re all right.”


The girl still looked unhappy, so Andrea picked her up. There was something about having a warm toddler snuggled against her…


The door opened, and an elderly woman entered. Andrea was at once horrified and embarrassed. This woman, this stranger, knew her secret shame! “Who are you?” she demanded. “What are you doing in my house?”

“I, uh, I’m here to care for the child,” the nanny stammered, gesturing toward the little girl on the floor. “I’m here from 8 to 1, Monday through Friday.”

“Not anymore, you’re not,” Andrea said. “Get out, and never come here again.”


Dand had come up after hearing the commotion. As the nanny left, Andrea wheeled on him. “You! You told me you got rid of it! Instead I find that not only is it still here, SOMEONE is spending our hard earned cash on a nanny for it!”


Dand considered telling Andrea that he had never actually promised her he would get rid of the child, but decided he was better off with a strategic lie. “I called the social worker. She said they couldn’t take just one child that wasn’t wanted. She can only remove all the children if the home is unfit. So she would have had to take all the kids. Is that what you want, Andrea? Because I can call her back.”


Andrea sighed. “Well, I guess we’ll have to put up with her, then. I have to go to work.”

Dand waved, glad to see the argument over, even if nothing had really been resolved.


Dand supposed it was a good thing he had the day off work, since Andrea had fired the nanny. He left the toddler on her bunny head and went out to harvest the year’s last tomatoes, wondering what they were going to do about child care tomorrow.


Catriona seemed happy enough to play with her bunny head, and showed no sign of being bothered by the fight over her presence.


Dand and Michael headed down to the bookstore in the afternoon, getting it up to level 7.


Buttons, the only cat with a job, got a promotion, hooray!


Michael made dinner and set out plates at the ridiculously long table, but only Malvina was hungry.


When she got home from work, Andrea was unsurprised to find the older alien in the living room, using her wiles on an unsuspecting teen boy. Of course, the Gavigan family was known to be rather poor, so it probably wasn’t too surprising that their oldest boy was falling for someone like Mhairi.


After dinner, Malvina got to know Isaiah. She really liked him, but was careful to keep things fun – she wasn’t sure if he was actually Mhairi’s boyfriend or not, and didn’t want to make a move unless it was clear that he was available.


“What we doing, Mawy?”

“We’re taking a bath, Catty. Now that Andrea knows about you, I can bring you down to the tub.”


“I think maybe I want to be a musician when I grow up.”

“I can open for you with my entertainment act!”


The next morning, Malvina decided it was time for a more mature hairstyle. She was halfway through her teen years, after all.


Mhairi overslept, and almost missed the school bus. Only after the bus pulled away did she remember that she and her dad had never decided what to do about child care that day.


Catriona wasn’t worried. She’d found Malvina’s old doll house, and had a grand time chewing on the dolls.


Melanie, the kitten, grew into an adult cat. I’m quite disappointed.

snapshot_ba372f43_5e2cec21 snapshot_ba372f43_fe2cec4b

See, these are Melanie’s parents – Baby on top and Bigelow on the bottom. I really thought their kitten would be more interesting looking.


Fortunately, Dand had stayed home from work to take care of Catriona, so he invited his friend Brandi over and sold Melanie to her. Perhaps I’ll try again with the cat breeding schemes.


As soon as they got home from school, Ramsay and Michael headed down to the bookstore one last time. They got up to level 8, and Ramsay also lucked out and managed to meet several of the neighborhood’s adult Romance sims.


Back home, it was Date Wednesday. Malvina invited Dimitri over for a little fun, while Ramsay and Michael both got on their phones as soon as they got home.


Michael invited his steady girlfriend Mireia over for one last hurrah before he went to college, while Ramsay decided to get to know Feofil Pavlov a little better.


“Malvina, why are you and your boyfriend in your underwear?”

“Uh…we were cleaning the tub and we got wet!” Malvina swiftly changed the subject. “This is really awesome pie, Mhairi. Thanks for making it.”


That evening, it was time for Catriona’s birthday. She was glad to have her two big sisters there.


“Look, Mhairi and Malvina, I grew up!”

snapshot_ba372f43_de2cfb79 snapshot_ba372f43_1e2cfba7

That night, it was time for Michael and Ramsay to head off to college. My very first uni students! (I’ve decided that teens will leave for college when they’re at 2 days to adult, so that they have time to enjoy their teen years.)

Both boys earned the grades scholarship and all 7 skill scholarships, for a total of $6250 each. They also have plenty of money saved to get them through school. Michael has $11,500 in his bank account – as the Bruce family heir, he doesn’t have to worry about buying a house after college, so that will be plenty. Ramsay has $39,300. I’m not quite sure how he accumulated that much, but he did manage his “Earn $100k” LTW early in his teen years, so it makes sense.


“Malvina, why are you and Dimitri in your underwear?”

“We’re playing a game. Is that Mhairi’s old shirt?”

“I don’t know. I found it in the dresser. Mother said I’m not allowed to have any new clothes.”


“Um, Catriona, what are you typing there?”

“I’m chatting with someone named Chloe.”

“Shouldn’t you go to bed? You can sleep in my old room. I’m taking Ramsay’s room.”

So Catriona went to bed, and Malvina and Dimitri finally got some privacy.


After making sure to ask her dad’s permission, Mhairi headed out with Isaiah for the evening. She loved her little sister, but she was glad that Catriona was a little more self sufficient now.


After her date, Malvina sat down to do her homework before going to bed.


In the morning, Andrea sat down to get started on her newest novel. Like all of her novels, it attempted to paint a clear picture of the dangers aliens posed to sim society.


Malvina did some studying before school.

Rather than making my sim teens study all the time to get all their skill scholarships, I’ve decided that in most households I’ll require kids and teens to earn at least one skill point per day. They can earn more if they want, but that should be enough to earn at least a few skill scholarships.


“Mmm, smells good. Are you making pancakes?”


“Ooh, sounds delicious. Make sure you save me a slice!”


Catriona hurried out the door in the morning, excited to go to school. Andrea tried to ignore her presence.

Andrea had wanted to save the expense and enroll Catriona in public school, but Dand had used the same argument he’d used to get Mhairi in private school – wouldn’t people talk if Catriona was the only Bruce child in public school?


Dand had the day off, so he spent some time working with the cats on their skills.


Mhairi brought Anzhelina Pederson home from school.


After a nice outing, she headed off to do her homework, which she’d neglected the night before. Fortunately, being a day late hadn’t affected her grades.


“Hey, Catty, how was school?”

“Pretty good. Can you help me with my homework?”



“It’s always best to do your homework as soon as you get home, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Even on Fridays?”

“Definitely on Fridays. It’s even more important then.”


The Bruce family had several visitors that afternoon, all playables.


Mhairi earned her 8th body point, so she’s good for all the skill scholarships.


“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. We’re doing adding and subtracting.”

Andrea kept her eyes focused on the computer screen, but carefully noted the alien’s speech patterns. She supposed one advantage of having two aliens in the house was that she did get a lot of great material for her novels.


Malvina served her cheesecake to the guests, and it was a huge hit.


“We’ve both got to be best friends to Catriona, since Andrea’s so hard on her.”

Malvina had a mouthful of pancakes, but nodded. She loved little Catriona, and it was hard to see her mother reject her.


A little while later, it was time for school and work, except for Andrea. She had the day off.


She spent most of the day working on her latest novel, full of new material about alien behavior.


Mhairi brought home her good friend Marya Hamilton, and Malvina took the time to get to know her. Marya was Dimitri’s sister, after all, and therefore well worth knowing.


Catriona brought home Adam Carr and spent the afternoon getting to know him. She was glad to make a friend, and to learn that nobody at school hated her for being an alien the way Andrea did.


“Hey, Marya, congratulations on being hot!”

“Um, thanks, Malvina.”


“Yeah, I’ll be glad when the sun comes out and we can spend more time outside.”


Aw, look at the adorable wittle newspaper thief!


Andrea and Dand went down to the bookstore for a few hours to get in the full 24 hour business running for the season.


After the store was closed, they enjoyed having the place to themselves.


While her parents were gone, Malvina invited Dimitri over for one last date before he went to college.


Catriona decided to try her hand at painting. She knew her big brothers had gone off to college, and she would need money if she wanted to go there someday, too.


“So, how exciting is it that we both earned the alien reparations scholarship?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.”


“Promise you won’t forget me when you’re a big man on campus.”

“Don’t worry, Malvina. I could never forget you.”


Andrea’s latest book in her Alien Menace series was an instant bestseller.


Dimitri was quick to show that he wasn’t forgetting Malvina, leaving a great gift that night.


“Sweet dreams, Catriona.”

That’s it for the Bruce family! Next up is the Hamiltons.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Son Booksellers, Rank 8

Town Fund payments: $23,400 (taxes $14,400, school fees $9,000)

Playable sims 88

Sim multiplier 38

Population 3344


The Bruce Family

Back row, left to right: Andrea, Michael, Ramsay, Dand

Front row: Mhairi, Malvina

Somebody bought a cat at the pet store. His original name was Baxter, again, but I changed it to Bigelow.

Mhairi was excited to pay the taxes – she really, really hoped that she and her siblings would be able to attend university. The Bruce family’s share was $45,000, consuming almost all of their family funds.

With what was left, they started fencing in the back yard – since they live in a castle, their rear needs to be protected.

I guess Annika’s still mad at Ramsay.

Everybody headed off – Dand and Andrea to work, and the kids to school.

When the teens returned home, Ramsay went to repair the shower he’d broken that morning.

Michael brought home next door neighbor Dimitri Hamilton, and had a nice outing with him.

Mhairi headed straight to the bookshelf. She was determined to be ready when it was time to apply for scholarships.

Baby likes Bigelow a lot better than Buttons, and they were able to try for kittens – but without success. I have a larger households hack, but apparently it’s not working.

Mhairi brought Faina Thayer home from school, and greeted her with a water balloon.

Andrea got a promotion!

With the money from Dand’s salary and Andrea’s bonus, they were able to finish fencing in the yard, put in a back door and steps, and put out a small garden.

Andrea needed 2 logic points for her next promotion. She wasn’t about to go near the telescope, so she settled at the chess table.

She tried not to think too much about the baby she was carrying. She was just going to assume that Dand was the father. He had to be, because she couldn’t handle anything else.

I tried to send Dand and the teens to the store, but Dand wouldn’t leave – said he couldn’t leave the little ones home alone. Apparently Andrea counts as a little one?

So the teens went on their own, and called Dand up and invited him over.

I didn’t quite catch it in time, but Bolts gave Wired its 125th star, making it the 7th level 10 business in the neighborhood!

Back home, it was back to the skilling grind.

(I hadn’t really been planning to send Michael and Ramsay to college until I decided to make a hard push at the beginning of this season. So they’ve got a lot of work to do to get all their skill scholarships.)

Dand planted some tomatoes in the new garden.

It occurred to me later that I probably should have had him wait until spring, but whatever.

Malvina made herself a yummy muffin before bed.

Mhairi continued in her determination to meet her other parent.

(Must go to school and remove glitched staircase.)

Skill skill skill

(Mhairi’s still in her school uniform because she didn’t sleep. No sleep for her until she gets abducted.)

Malvina couldn’t skill as she had homework.

Annika, it’s Ramsay you’re mad at, not Mhairi.

After getting Buttons a job in Pet Service, Dand worked on skills with Baby. Eventually she’ll hopefully get a job in Pet Showbiz.

Andrea got her 9th logic point, and headed in to work late. Dand had the day off, so he stayed home with the cats.

After school, Ramsay decided it was time to call up Annika.

“Listen, I’m not sorry. I’m a Romance sim, and so are you. But we had a good thing going. Surely you’re not going to let one little date ruin that.’

“So, uh, want to go on an outing?”

“I’d love to!”

Michael had done his fair share of dating around the neighborhood, but Mireia Picaso was something else.

“So, how are things going with your girlfriend? Is she still mad at you?”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

Malvina brought home her good friend Akilina.

Andrea did well on a chance card, and got a $35,000 bonus and a promotion to Business Tycoon! She’s the neighborhood’s sixth business tycoon, and the Bruce household is the first to produce 2 Business Tycoons.

Michael was pleased to discover that Mireia liked him back.

Look at all those skill bars!

I don’t understand why sims will stand to watch tv instead of just sitting down and turning their heads.

“Yeah! I bet this will make even more girls swoon over me.”

That evening, as Malvina prepared to grow up, Andrea gave her stepdaughter an appraising look. If it weren’t for those aliens, she would be cheering her youngest becoming a teenager, not worrying about whether this new baby would be one of Them.

Malvina became a Family/Fortune sim, with a LTW to become a top Entertainer. The outfit she grew up in didn’t suit her at all, so she headed off for a makeover.

Using his mother’s bonus money, Michael sat down and bought himself a business.

(I’m still hoping to have them donate half of Andrea’s bonus to the uni fund, but not just yet.)

Bruce & Son Booksellers sells books, magazines, and even has a small stand for video games.

Malvina was tired, but the other teens were game to go run the new business for a few hours.

The reviewer gave Michael a Best of the Best Award, but I don’t know why she has to be so creepy about it.

The store got up to level 3 before the teens headed home.

Back home, Malvina tried on her new clothes before bed.

I got a different larger households hack, and…success!

Mhairi spent another night in pursuit of the aliens.

She might be developing a bit of an energizer addiction.

Early in the morning, Andrea woke up with the onset of labor pains.

“Oh boy, oh boy, this never gets any easier.”

Malvina was excited that she was about to get a new little brother or sister.

Andrea held the discolored, monstrous thing away from her. “It…it’s hideous.” She glared at Mhairi. “It’s like YOU!”

She put the alien thing on the ground and backed away. “What’s wrong with all of you?” she asked, gazing around. “You act like you’re excited by this! They took me, and they did things to me, and now I have…that!”

She turned to Dand. “Get rid of it!”


“I want that thing out of my house! I don’t care what you do with it. Call the social worker, put it up for adoption, maybe some other family that likes freaks will take it. But get rid of it!” She turned and stormed out of the room, not looking back at the baby on the floor.

Mhairi scooped up the baby. “Dad, what are we going to do? We can’t just…I mean, we’re keeping her, right?”

Dand frowned, looking at the baby. “Yes, of course we’re keeping her. Your mother will come around.”

Mhairi raised her eyebrows. “She’s not my mother. I think she’s made that perfectly clear.” She cuddled the baby against her shoulder. “I’ll take care of the baby. We can put the crib and stuff up in my room. Andrea never goes up there.”

“All right,” Dand said. “And I’ll talk to her.”

“Dad, was it like this when I was born?”

Dand took a deep breath and considered the best response. “Not for me,” he said finally. “I loved you from the moment you were born.”

The other teens were devastated. They would have been hard pressed to say what exactly upset them the most – what the aliens had done to their mother, or their mother’s reaction to their new baby sister.

Mhairi found the baby stuff in storage and put it in her room, then took a long look at her new baby sister before laying her in the crib. “You need a name, don’t you? I guess I get to name you.” She thought for a moment. “How about Catriona?”

It occurred to her that she and Catriona weren’t actually related by blood. But the baby had no one else, it seemed. Mhairi didn’t believe that Andrea would “come around” – she’d never come around to Mhairi, after all. They lived in the same house and never spoke to one another.

Once Catriona was settled, Mhairi got out her cell phone. She would be leaving for school in about an hour, and Dad had to work. Andrea had the day off, and Mhairi was afraid if she heard the baby crying maybe she’d call the social worker herself. So Mhairi called a nanny. Hopefully Andrea wouldn’t notice the small deduction from the household funds.

Andrea was famished after that ordeal, so she sat down to a plate of chef salad. After she ate, she planned to go back to bed for a nice long snooze and forget that the last 3 days had ever happened. She didn’t even want to know what Dand was doing with the alien – but it had better be out of her house.

Michael and Malvina decided some physical activity would help them deal with their stress.

Mhairi passed the nanny on her way to the bus. She hoped Nanny Kendal would take good care of her little sister, and keep her out of Andrea’s way.

Nanny Kendal did a great job. She cleaned the place up…

And had Catriona fed and changed when the teens got home from school.

Just Malvina and Ramsay went to the store that afternoon. Because of the way the bookshelves work, it’s pointless to have somebody on restocking duty, so they just needed a seller and a cashier. Malvina earned her silver sales badge, and Ramsay got a bronze cashier badge. They got the store up to level 4.

Ramsay and Malvina enjoyed an outing before heading home.

After getting home from school, Mhairi hurried to her room to check on Catriona. “Did the nanny take good care of you, little one?”

Mhairi had brought Dimitri home from school, but she was busy, so Malvina took him over.

It turned out they got along really well.

Andrea hadn’t written a novel in years. But now she was at the top of her career, and all three children were teenagers, so she could get back to it. She decided to write a thriller called The Alien Menace.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding. You’re such a cutie. But stay quiet so Mom doesn’t find you.”

Friday night was spent  partying skilling.

 “About time! I’ve got some serious questions to ask you!”

“Did you hear that?”

“What was that?”

“I think maybe Mhairi finally got the aliens’ attention.”

As she chowed down on some pancakes, Andrea hoped that maybe the aliens would keep their spawn.

She heard a sound, and frowned, looking around. It had sounded like a baby crying.

No. She must have just imagined it. Her youngest, Malvina, was already a teen, after all.

“Hush, little one, Daddy will get your diaper changed,” Dand comforted little Catriona. “Big sister will be home soon.”

Buttons came home with a promotion!

Mhairi returned in the middle of the night.

“No! Wait! Can’t I stay a little longer?”

“Oh, you aliens, always a good laugh.”

That’s Baby down there hissing at the flying saucer.

“It was so awesome, Dad! I saw the moon, and the stars, up close! I can’t wait to go again.”

“Not until after you finish getting your scholarships, Mhairi.”

Mhairi told her siblings all about her trip over breakfast.

“I don’t think I would want to go,” Michael said. “But did you ask them about Catriona?”

“They said she was supposed to be a gift, just like I was a gift. And they’re sorry Andrea doesn’t like her, but she’s non-returnable.”

The Bruces need $12,000 to pay school fees, and $17,500 to donate for Andrea’s bonus. (Yes, the $17,500 donation is optional, so if they don’t have the money it won’t be a big deal. But the Bruces are hoping to have two students in the college’s inaugural class, so it’s only fair that they donate as much as possible.)

The bookstore is lovely, but not very profitable, so as soon as it was light out Andrea, Michael, Ramsay, and Malvina headed to the electronics store. They made about $15k before heading home.

Back home, Mhairi slept for the first time since becoming a teen, until Catriona woke her with cries of hunger.

Saturday is for skilling.

Dand worked in the garden, hoping to harvest some vegetables to see them through winter.

Ramsay is the first to get all his skill scholarships! (Mostly because he’s permaplat and doesn’t have to worry about those pesky wants.)

Michael was only a couple of hours behind him. Now he just needs money for college.

(Yes, I’m making my sims pay tuition for college. Most of the kids in the neighborhood already have move-out funds, including the other Bruce kids, but Michael doesn’t since he’s the Bruce heir.)

Ramsay’s OTH is Nature. Since he didn’t have any more skilling to do, he took over tending the garden, and was lucky enough to get to harvest the first fruit.

Baby had a kitten! I named her Melanie.

Sunday morning, Malvina and Mhairi bonded over omelettes.

Sunday morning Ramsay and Michael headed down to the bookstore and got it up to level 6. They only made about $100, though – the place isn’t exactly a moneymaker. But what’s a town without a bookstore?

Back home, Michael decided to dig for his college fund, while Ramsay tended the garden.

Andrea kept herself busy, writing another novel about the evil aliens. She hadn’t changed out of her pajamas in several days.

The Bruces haven’t been participating in Family Sunday until now, but Mhairi decided it would be a good time to get to know her half sister Liouba, especially now that the aliens had assured her that they were in fact half sisters. They had a nice outing before Liouba headed home.

I may have forgotten about Malvina on the exercise bike for a while – and sims will ride that thing until they’re practically dead. On the upside, she became fit and earned enough body points for a scholarship!

When 6 pm hit, Malvina headed to Mhairi’s room, compelled by the urge to toss her baby sister in the air.

Catriona grew up cute, but possibly evil, with a personality of 7/10/10/0/0.

Andrea just might be on to something.

Malvina got Catriona her smart milk, because gosh darn it, if she’s going to be evil, she’d better be an evil genius and not just some stupid sidekick.

Catriona got a makeover, and learned to walk from her big sister Mhairi. It seemed she couldn’t have what she really wanted, though, which was a snuggle and a tickle from her mother.

That’s it for the Bruce family! You’ll have to wait until next time to find out what Andrea will do when she discovers Catriona’s presence.


Family: Bruce


Wired, Rank 10

Bruce & Son Booksellers, Rank 6

Uni fund contribution: $84,500 (taxes $15,000, levy $30,000, school fees $12,000, windfall $17,500)

Total Bruce family contribution: $132,500

Total uni fund: $694,600

Average contribution needed from remaining families: $25,450

Playable sims: 78 (+1)

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2106

Today’s subject is the Bruce family!

Standing: Andrea, Dand

Seated on couch: Ramsay, Mhairi, Michael

Front: Malvina

(Sorry for the speech bubbles and such. Had a terrible time with the family photo this season for various reasons.)

As usual, first thing was taxes. Dand was wondering where they were going to get the money, but then he decided to have Michael cash out his move out fund – he doesn’t really need one since he’s heir. So that money was used to pay $12,400 in taxes, with some extra for renovations.

(For the first two families, I chose the heir randomly. But for the Bruce family, since they’re a little more traditional with their castle and all, I decided that the oldest male will be heir.)

This is the aforementioned castle. They added the second story last season, but couldn’t afford to finish it at the time.

For now, the girls have been moved upstairs. They got their own bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

Downstairs, the boys also got their own bedrooms. Also, I finally furnished that pink bathroom that’s been empty forever. The rest of the house pretty much stayed the same.

“But Mhairi, what if I don’t like school?” Malvina asked as she headed toward the bus and her first day of school.

“It’ll be fine,” Mhairi replied. “I bet you’ll love it.”

An hour after the kids left for school, the carpool arrived for Dand. The house was left empty except for Buttons the kitten, who spent the day sleeping.

The boys brought Carme Picaso home with them.

Little Buttons needed a friend, and Baby seemed like quite a nice cat, so Michael made friends with her.

Baby was soon adopted into the family!

The girls brought Isaiah Gavigan home with them. His family had just moved to town.

Carme and Ramsay got along quite well.

As soon as the adults got home from work, those who were old enough to help out headed out to the electronics store. Michael tried his hand at sales.

Ramsay initially took care of the cashiering, but he couldn’t keep up, so Dand jumped in to help on a second cash register.

Ramsay’s LTW is to earn $100k. He’s already over 25k after a few hours at the store, so I’m anticipating he’ll be permaplat by the end of the season.

Back home, Michael discovered he had a passion for music – even though his first scratchings on the violin didn’t sound very wonderful.

Andrea was a little nervous about approaching the telescope – she certainly didn’t want an alien baby. But she needed a logic point for work, so what could she do?

Ramsay decided to try his hand at flower arranging.

The next morning, the kids enjoyed some toaster pastries while the grown-ups slept in.

After breakfast, Andrea helped Malvina with her homework. She had the whole weekend ahead of her, but Malvina wanted to get homework out of the way.

Later, Michael and Malvina enjoyed some TV while Mhairi talked on the phone. Mhairi, like Feofil Pavlov, is friends with half a dozen neighborhood kids.

Buttons grew up into an adult cat!

Carme’s another one of those sims who just invites herself in.

Looks like neither of their pre-existing relationships is exclusive.

The girls wanted grilled cheese for lunch, so Dand cooked up a platter.

Even though she was older now, Mhairi still enjoyed hearing a story from her big brother.

That evening, the adults and teens headed back to the store.

The reviewer came by, and the store earned a Best of the Best Award!

The boys took turns doing sales, and met a number of Willow Valley’s most distinguished residents in the process. By the end of the night, Ramsay’s lifetime earnings were well above $50,000.

The family went home briefly to sleep, and the cats decided they didn’t like each other. *sigh* It seems I will forever have no luck with the pet breeding program.

As soon as everyone was up, it was back to the store for the final session.

Ramsay became permaplat within 3 days of becoming a teenager, and before either of his parents.

The store also got up to Level 9.

Back home, everyone spent a lazy Sunday doing whatever they wanted.

Malvina’s One True Hobby is cooking. She was very disappointed with her failures to make a good muffin.

Mhairi discovered the violin and her own OTH.

Michael invited over Annika…who turned out to have 3 bolts with Ramsay. Romance sim triple bolt trouble!


Andrea wanted a fancier TV, so they got one.

For some reason, this sent the kids into conniptions. Apparently they were very attached to the old TV.

Malvina eventually reconciled herself to the new TV in time to watch a cooking show.

Andrea made a chef salad out of the produce that had been sitting in her inventory since moving in. Yummy!

Ramsay stayed up late teaching Buttons to come here.

The next morning, Monday, everyone headed off to work and school.

The twins brought Carme and Annika home from school with them.

Love, true love…presumably one of many for Ramsay.

Malvina brought Mireia Picaso home.

Mhairi was the only one who didn’t bring a friend home, but she consoled herself by talking on the phone.

Dand came home with a promotion to City Planner, achieving his LTW!

Mhairi was also the only one to come home with homework. She had a big night coming up and didn’t want it hanging over her head, so as soon as she was done chatting with her friends she hurried up to her room to get it done.

Well, the cats finally got into it.

Baby was the winner. *sigh*

At 6 pm, everyone gathered in the kitchen for Mhairi’s birthday!

“I wish…”

Mhairi became a Knowledge/Popularity sim with a LTW to become a top Artist.

First Uni want! Now I just need a university.

Everyone grabbed cake while Mhairi went off for a makeover.

Mhairi got a new outfit and tried out some makeup, embracing her alien look.

She then headed back to the kitchen to hang out with the other teens.

Malvina was a little sad that her sister had left her behind, but she supposed she would manage. It was only a few more days before she would be a teen, too, after all.

Besides, Mhairi made it clear that she still loved her little sister.

“What…what’s that?”

Andrea clung to the telescope with all her might.


Dand hurried down the stairs. “Kids! Kids! Your mom’s meeting the aliens! Isn’t that exciting?”

Malvina didn’t think it was exciting. She was afraid Mommy would never come back.

It was late by the time the aliens brought Andrea home. As relieved as she was to be free of them, Andrea was terrified that she might end up with another awful alien freak in her house.

She was never going to look through the telescope again.

Andrea was exhausted after her horrifying experience, so she headed straight to bed.

Meanwhile, Mhairi decided that she wanted to see if the aliens would take her to meet them – she wanted to know her other parent.

Soon it was morning, and time for the kids to head off to school.

Dand and Andrea both had the day off, so they breakfasted on leftovers.

Andrea tried to remain cheerful, but it was hard when Dand had to blather on about how much he had enjoyed his time on the alien spaceship.

After breakfast, Dand got on the computer to pay the season’s school fees. 4 kids in private school for 3 days cost $3000. It wasn’t a problem, though; the family had earned plenty of money during the season.

Andrea returned to skilling for her next promotion, although she stuck closely to the chess board this time.

After an uneventful day, the teens returned from school.

Carme’s come home with one of the boys all three school days this season.

Malvina came home with an A+!

Mhairi joined Dand and Michael on the couch to study; if she was going to go to college, she needed lots of scholarships. She would worry later about finding a college to go to.

Andrea was exhausted, and went to bed early.

 As soon as it was dark, Mhairi headed back up to the roof. She was determined to find out who had made her – and the scholarship money wouldn’t hurt, either.

Andrea woke up early and went to harvest her money trees. For the first time, the thought of her horrifying abduction was far from her mind.

“No. No! It can’t be true!”

That’s it for the Bruce family! Next up is the Hamilton household.


Sims 59
Households 15
Owned lots 15
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 3
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 20
Population 1180
Uni funds 321500


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 6
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 6 (unlocked)
Criminal 1 of 2
Culinary 4 (unlocked)
Dance 1 of 1
Education 1 of 4
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 2 of 3
Journalism 0 of 2
Law Enforcement 3 of 3
Medicine 0 of 1
Military 1 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Politics 0 (unlocked)
Science 0 of 1 (2 special)
Slacker 1 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 9
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 8
Wired Bruce Rank 9
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 6
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 10
Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio Carr Rank 7
Paws Cooke-Pavlov Rank 4
Sunshine Floral St. Pavlov Rank 3
Sleep Soft Fairchild Rank 4
Tots Best Toys Bendett Rank 1

Family 3 in the rotation is the Bruce family.

Left to right: Michael, Dand holding Mhairi, Andrea, and Ramsay.


Dand headed off to work, while Andrea stayed home with the kids to enjoy a lazy Sunday.

For Reno Day, I built a second story onto the house, but ran out of money before I could furnish it. It’s just an empty room for right now, but they should be fine for space as long as they don’t have a huge number of babies.

After several days of nearly nonstop chess playing, Michael maxed his logic skill.

Soon it was time for the newest baby to be born.

Ramsay was thrilled about having a new family member, something he had wanted for quite a while.

Soon baby Malvina was born, with her father’s brown hair and her mother’s skin tone and eye color.

The boys were thrilled to have a new baby sister.

“I hope you’ll both be nice to Malvina and be BFFs with her,” Andra told the boys over a meal of very well done hamburgers.

“What about Mhairi? Shouldn’t we be BFFs with her, too?” Ramsay asked.

Andrea frowned, and turned back to her food without answering. The boys seemed to like their strange looking half sister, but Andrea just couldn’t get used to her.

Dand returned home with a promotion, and also brought Joe Carr from down the street.

“Hello there, Malvina. I’m sorry I missed seeing you born.”


For a moment, Ramsay thought he had scared his little sister.

“Hahaha,” laughed Mhairi, and Ramsay smiled.

As soon as it was light out, Andrea and Dand headed down to the store.

As the business reached level 7, things got very busy, and they decided they had to hire an employee. Vyn made a great cashier.

They got home just in time for Andrea to head off to work, while Dand stayed home with Mhairi and Malvina.

Dand saw the boys off to school, then headed into the nursery to spend the day with his girls.

The boys brought Anya Pavlov home from school, where they had a great time hanging out.

 That night, it was time for a double birthday.

Malvina grew up to look quite a bit like her mother.

Mhairi became a very cute child.

Mhairi got a new bed, while Malvina took over the toddler blanket.

Mhairi decided she wanted a change in her clothes and hairstyle.

Early the next morning, the kids headed out to the backyard for an early morning water balloon fight.

Oh no, why is there a policewoman here?

To drop off the newest family member, of course! The family adopted a kitten named Buttons.

The kids were very excited about the new kitten.

Malvina was more excited about the kitten’s nice soft bed, and never mind that she had one of her own.

He has to put his paws up to reach the food bowl! So cute.

Andrea stayed home with Malvina that day, and began the training process.

That night, the kids brought Feofil Pavlov home from school. Dand made sure that Mhairi learned how to study.

“So, Mhairi, how about that new song? Did you hear it?” Ramsay asked Mhairi over a dinner of spaghetti.

Malvina mostly kept herself amused with her bunny head.

The next morning, everyone spent some time having fun before it was time for work and school.

Dand had the day off, so Andrea headed into work, hoping for a promotion and a big paycheck.

She did indeed return home with a promotion, and also brought Bolts!

The kids brought Dmitri Hamilton home from school with them.

Dmitri seemed to find the bunny head quite fun.

Andrea needed to work on her charisma, so she got some help from Bolts.

“Statues are great, Mhairi. If you do well in school, you can get a good job and fill your house with statues!”

“Whatever, Dad.”

“Today’s our birthday, Ramsay. Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah. I hope we don’t have to get glasses, though.”

“Maybe for our birthday we can go on vacation!” Michael said at breakfast.

“Sorry, Michael,” Dand said. “We’ll be out of money after we pay your school fees.”

Dand had another day off, so he spent the day finishing Andrea’s portrait.

“Where’s Malvina? Peek-a-boo!”

Very much the daddy’s girl, Mhairi headed to the couch to study cooking alongside Dand.

That night, the family gathered around for a triple birthday.

Michael became a Fortune/Knowledge sim, with a LTW to top Gamer. Luckily for him, I think the family already has the necessary electronics in stock at the store.

Ramsay became a Romance/Family sim, with a LTW to earn $100,000.

It was also Malvina’s birthday.

She continued to be very cute.

Makeovers for all!

That’s it for the Bruce family! Next up is the Hamiltons.


Sims 44

Households 13

Owned lots 10

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? YES

Business districts 2

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 14

Population 616

Uni funds 227600


Adventure 1 of 1

Architecture 3 of 4

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 7 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 1 of 2

Entertainment 1 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 1 of 2

Military 0 (unlocked)

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 0 (1 special)

Science 0 of 1 (3 special)

Slacker 0 of 1

After a few months of no Sims at all, and then a spate of playing Sims 3, I decided I wanted to get back to my BACC. So, it’s time for the long delayed Bruce family.

On the left is Andrea, holding Michael. On the right is Dand, pregnant with an alien spawn and holding Ramsay. Michael and Ramsay are twins, you might recall.

They live in this lovely L plan Scottish castle. It’s a bit on the small side, though I expanded it some at the beginning of the season.

Toddler skilling, hooray! Dand’s off working his way up the Architecture career ladder for his LTW (never mind that he’s pregnant, I make them go anyway), and Andrea is currently unemployed, so she’s handling the walking training.

When the toddlers are otherwise occupied, there’s a lot of this going on. Dand, being a knowledge sim, is perfectly happy to read all the time, while Andrea is definitely going to get a job someday and is getting up her skills in preparation.

“Say ‘Daddy’!”

“Yay, Daddy!”

“Tickle time for Ramsay!”

While Dand worked on talking with Ramsay, Andrea decided she was fed up with this domestic lifestyle and got a job in the Business career.

Suddenly Dand stood up and cried out in pain. Oh, boolprop, this was awful! Surely it hadn’t been this bad for Andrea. There must be at least three babies in here, maybe four!

Dand was quite surprised when all that pain turned out to be due to only one baby. He named her Mhairi. He thought she was absolutely beautiful, even if she was a little strange looking.

“Well, congratulations on having a weird alien baby. This house is now just too strange for me, so I’m so glad I get to get out of here a few days per week.

The next morning, Andrea headed down to Wired, the Bruces’ electronics store, and called Dand over.

Best of the Best Award!

“Wouldn’t you like to have a pinball machine of your very own? Then you wouldn’t have to steal them.”

“Um… I’m not a burglar. I know, I know, it’s the hat. I get that a lot.”

This is how pretty much all my business running trips end for married couples.

Shortly after getting home from the store, Andrea headed off for her very first day of work.

Dand was a little nervous about his first day at home with two toddlers and an infant. But the boys seemed content with their rabbit heads, and Mhairi seemed happy enough after a cuddle and a diaper change.

Andrea came home from her first day with a promotion!

(She also tries to put groceries in the fridge every time she comes home, because she has about nine baskets in her inventory. I always try to stop her, because I don’t want to waste the food by overstocking the fridge.)

Just as she was about to go to bed, Andrea passed out. Getting up, she felt rather silly – surely she should be able to handle a simple day’s work. Maybe she was getting sick.

That night, it was time for the twins to have their birthday!  Dand decided to celebrate quietly at home, particularly given Andrea’s illness.

Michael continued to be quite cute.

As did Ramsay.

“Wow, Ramsay, look at us! We’re big! Let’s see if mom and dad will buy us a video game!”

How about new clothes instead?

“I can’t stand this crying… I suppose I’ll have to change your diaper.”

Skilling for the twins began promptly. They’ve got a Knowledge sim for a father, so they’re not going to be allowed to slack off.

“Oh boy, I guess I really am sick.”

Nah, she’s just pregnant.

Who didn’t see this coming? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I know I said I wanted smaller families, but Andrea wants six grandchildren, so I figure she has to have at least three kids. I know, excuses excuses.

Andrea had a wish to get the boys into private school. Since it’s allowed now, by my curious interpretation of the rules, I figured, why not?

Andrea had some sparkly fish in her inventory from the grocery store, so naturally they got in easily.

(I don’t like having the headmaster over for every single kid, nor do I like having to wait until the youngest is a child. So subsequent children in the Bruce household get automatic admission at their child birthday.)

“You’ll have to study hard, son. You’re in private school now. It’s a lot tougher than public school.”

Time for Mhairi’s birthday! I bet she’s going to be adorable.

Adorable! Also, elf ears!

I forgot to take a post-makeover picture, but I gave her new hair and kept the dress.

Michael: “Ah, leftover birthday cake. Did somebody have a birthday?”

Ramsay: “MmmmmmHhhmmmmmMMmmmmmmm.”

Everybody in the house is up by 5:30 am, even though it’s Saturday. Sad.

“I’m glad that you’re studying, Ramsay. The more you study, the easier it to grow up well, and then you can get a good job and make a lot of money!”

Then Andrea headed off for a little tub pirates before work.

Andrea had her second pop just as she was leaving for work. Good timing. I’ll have to keep her home tomorrow so she doesn’t have her baby on the sidewalk like Jessica Picaso.

Poor Dand hasn’t had much time for skilling lately, with all the time he’s spent taking care of the kids. Finally he got a chance while Mhairi was amusing herself.

See? Isn’t she cute?

Red hands. It is awesome.

Andrea came home from work with another promotion…

And promptly passed out again.

This is what happens when you get up at 5 in the morning.


And…chapter. Next up is the Hamiltons (Aglaya and Marylena)!


Sims 31

Households 8

Owned lots 8

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 9

Population 279

Uni funds 162800


Adventure 0 of 1

Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 5 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 1

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 1

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1

Fall continues in Willow Valley with the Bruce family: Andrea (left) and Dand (right).

Unfortunately, newlywed Andrea is not feeling well.

Meanwhile, Dand maxes his Creativity while working on his self portrait.

Once Dand heads off to work, it’s renovation time!  Their current house is the size of a college apartment, so they definitely need some expansion.

The final product is much improved.

Dand is Scottish, so eventually I want him to have a proper Scottish castle. So now we have just the beginnings of an L-plan castle.

The inside has a main room, 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths. Just a normal house for right now, but I spent all their money, so building a proper castle will have to wait.

The old house, with Andrea still sleeping inside, is converted to a storage shed for now; later, once they have more space in the main house, it will be a garage.

The full renovation cost $25,000. After that and taxes of $6000, they have $45 left.

Andrea definitely enjoyed the new house, and spent most of the day after her nap talking to her friends.

Dand came home with a promotion to Level 9 of the Business career! His salary also gave them money to pay their bills.

Dand spent the night working on the skills he needed for his last promotion.

Meanwhile, Andrea had her first pop.

Wow, I never noticed before how you can totally see her bra through that shirt.

The Bruces are the first family in town with a TV! Normally I don’t get TVs for my sims, but Andrea’s one true hobby is film & literature, so I figured she could have the TV.

Andrea spent the day eating and cleaning up around the place. She doesn’t strike me as a stay-at-home sim, really. But it’s necessary right now, since Dand was already in the business career, and because he has a career-oriented LTW and she doesn’t. Besides, she’ll be busier once the baby comes.

 Dand got a chance card and hit the jackpot! Promoted to Business Tycoon, and he gets a $35,000 bonus!

Since the Cookes opened the fifth sim-owned community lot, this means that Willow Valley now has a business district! Also, the business career is unlocked to all.

Dand comes inside and immediately checks the job listings – and finds a position in his LTW career, Architecture! He snaps it up.

(I’m intending this BACC to be a long-term project, and expect to get through multiple generations. Because of that, I’m not requiring sims to keep their top spot in order for their achievement to count. Dand still counts as a Business Tycoon, even though he doesn’t hold the job anymore. If a sim tops multiple careers, though, only the first one will “count” for opening other jobs, business districts, etc.)

Dand still has a couple of hours left in the work day, so he heads off to work.

After returning home (with a promotion, of course), Dand works on his mechanical skill, as that’s the only one he still needs for Architecture.

He and Andrea have a nice date, enjoying the opportunity for couch woohoo before there are kids around.

Having a desire to get his last logic point, Dand spends the night on the roof stargazing.

Meanwhile, Andrea works on her novel…

And has her third pop!

Yes, dear, it’s Dand’s.

Somebody forgot to take any pictures the next day. Just assume nothing important happened. Anyway, it’s baby time!

It’s a boy! His name is Michael, and he’s got Dand’s recessive red hair and Andrea’s skin tone and green eyes.

 It’s a boy! This is Ramsay, and he’s got Rand’s skin tone and recessive red hair and gray eyes.

When I saw “There are TWO new babies in the family!”, I immediately started chanting, please just be two, please just be two. And you all know my luck.

Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s only two.

Still, that’s multiples in every household so far. There’s a reason I take Triplets & Quads out when I play my apocalypse.

Dand immediately returns to the telescope.

While Andrea impales baby Michael with a book.

Amazingly, Dand and Andrea actually made it to their electronics store this season!

Hey, it’s Meadow! I love when sims show up that are going to marry in, but aren’t actually playable yet.

“So, Meadow, how would you like this enormous TV for your new house?”

“Oh, I don’t know…it’s so big…”

“Well, if it’s too big, you can sell it and spend the extra money!”

“Oh, that’s a great idea! I like that!”

It took 3 dazzles, but she eventually bought the TV. That’s over $1000 in profit for the Bruces, and a $10,000 inventory item for Meadow when she moves in.

When they got home, the Bruces used their allotted vial of elixir. Dand started out 10 days older than Andrea, so he got 4 sips while Andrea only got 1.

That night, while stargazing…

(I swear I took more pictures. Oh, well, at least I got the important stuff.)

Andrea was obviously very concerned about Dand’s abduction.