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The Carr Family


Standing, left to right: Akilina, Nadezda, Joe, Irina

Seated: Semyon, Adam


Joe starts us off by paying the taxes. The Carrs have become Willow Valley’s first millionaires! Even after their tax rebates, that leaves them a hefty tax bill of $38,700, which is no problem at all.


Adam and Akilina hit the books, to get their skill points in early.


Irina and Semyon finished getting all their skill points for scholarships last season, so they were free to harass the puppies.


Nadezda became aware that only one of her children had a gold sales badge. That had to be remedied. So she took Irina, Adam, and Semyon back to her own roots at A Whole New You.


She took the opportunity to do some townie/dormie makeovers.


Timothy Huerta, one of the earliest newly spawned townies, had been running around with no shirt and a number on his chest for over a generation. Lucky guy finally got a sweater. He seemed pleased.


Back home, the Pavlovs came over for Family Sunday.


Wait, wait, she’s not a Pavlov! And good thing, because that definitely doesn’t look like a family kiss.


“Wow. She likes me. Wow. I’m in love. Wow.”


Time for the puppies to grow up!

Unfortunately, I find Joey rather ugly, even if he did get Ginger’s cute blue face.


Tina is cute and pug-looking, though.


Way to drive up the party score, guys!


Vanya and Noelle did their part, too.


There was an awful lot of slap dancing going on.


There ended up being several people there who weren’t family, including Irina’s kind-of-boyfriend-ish friend George.


Everyone enjoyed Munchie Bot’s Chinese food for lunch.


“You know, I was thinking maybe I could earn a scholarship or something.”

Is that a hint, George? I am taking applications with an eye toward sending some townie teens to college eventually.


Semyon was feeling a little lonely, so he used the crystal ball and got Debbie. Hooray, first kiss!


Things progressed naturally from there.


Irina had made family Sunday a party, and with all the woohoo, it wasn’t a surprise that it turned out to be a Roof Raiser.

(And yes, she was on the phone before her guests were even out the door.)


Joe brought a friend home from work, and gave her Joey. Poor Joey. Maybe somebody that likes ugly dogs will adopt him.


Tina was given to the Gavigan family, as she’s been judged pretty enough to be allowed to breed.


Adam made pork chops for the teens for dinner. The adults weren’t hungry.

“Hey, do you guys feel like we’re being watched?”


Akilina got the exciting task of fixing the broken Munchiebot.


Wait, what? I did not authorize this.

I suppose it’s my fault for letting Irina get most of the way through her teen years without her first kiss.


Isaiah is now in love with three girls.


I would like to reiterate that I had nothing to do with any of this.


The next morning was study time for Adam and Akilina. Adam got his last scholarship skill point, while Akilina got her next to last point. They were eager to get all their scholarships so they could have fun like their twins.


As soon as the sun came up, it was Phone Time.

I try to have each sim connect with an old friend each day, and I usually do it at 7 am for sims who aren’t busy doing other things. It’s rare that everyone in the household is ready for their 7 am phone call, though.


Nadezda was left alone to finish up her phone calls after everyone else headed to work and school. She had to do 3 phone calls since she’s a Popularity sim (and has 8 kajillion friends).


After she finished her phone time, Nadezda headed down to Dance Fever for a while to dazzle some sims out of their hard earned cash.


Then she tried to woohoo Bolts in the photo booth, and he rejected her. The whole thing was kind of creepy and weird, since Nadezda created Bolts and is therefore kind of like his mom, so I put him in Nadezda’s friend zone.

Nadezda did manage to earn a few simoleons – about a hundred and thirty thousand of them – so that consoled her somewhat.


Semyon was the only one who got a school bus friend. A cousin, of course.


Ginger got a promotion! Also a $2500 chance card bonus, which is kind of pocket change.


Irina had a third phone friend to call, while Akilina figured she’d just go ahead and get that last skill point.




This is just to show that the teens aren’t the only ones having fun in the only double bed in the house.


Varya Pederson figured she’d stop by and have fun with her cousins, too.


Joe’s work friend tried to set him up on a blind date. Nadezda got a blind date offer at the club, too. What the heck, guys?


Akilina worked on teaching Ginger to roll over for her next promotion.


“Ohmigosh, I love playing Minecraft!”

Varya was horrified. “Artur, stop! You’re embarrassing me!”


After the guests went home, the family had a delicious family dinner of chef salad.


The next morning, Joe and Nadezda had the day off. Joe headed down to Dance Fever to dazzle some money out of the customers.


I really wanted to get Dance Fever to rank 10 this rotation, for reasons I’ll get into later, so I had Joe set the price to cheap and meditate while I went off to take a nap.


I came back to broken sinks and a minor flood.


Also, Feofil apparently got hit by lightning.


But there were no graves, and the business did manage to reach level 10 (and earn the family another $150k). So after cleaning up the mess, Joe headed home.


Then, shortly after the kids got home from school, this happened and kind of freaked me out. Did I miss a grave at the club? Who died?


I finally figured it out when I found Ginger howling by a pet grave on the back porch. Death apparently took Lillian, the family’s elderly dog, without actually showing up.


I have no idea whose love letter that is. Pretty sure it’s not Irina’s, but she sure seems happy.


“So, Aunt Marylena, what do you think the best way to pick up chicks is?”

“Hang loose. Definitely hang loose.”

“Um, okay.”


Irina wanted to max all her skills, so she asked her cousin Angie, who had come home with someone on the bus, to help her out on the Execuputter.


Adam was furious with Angie for some reason. Given that and his fight with Sevastian at the Thayer house, he was banished to the couch to learn Anger Management.


Of course, maybe something like this happened to Adam…that could explain it. Although Semyon just thought it was funny.


Nadezda had a bit of a midlife crisis, and decided she was done being Captain Hero. So she got a job in the medical career instead.

At least Nadezda’s midlife crisis didn’t result in babies like some sims I could name.


Irina now has the Entertainment career open to her.


Early in the morning, Joe sat down and sold Dance Fever, then donated the money ($81,000) away. Dance Fever will still count as a sim-owned lot, since the family didn’t keep the money. But the advantage of it being officially unowned is that sims can go there to make money bartending or working as the DJ. Sims can also just go and hang out. It should be good for college students.

Then Joe bought another business. It’s the 40th sim-owned community lot, giving the neighborhood its 8th business district!


Pug learning to roll over. So cute!


Irina mastered another skill with the help of her mother’s new career reward.


Nadezda made pancakes for everyone before work and school. Joe took a vacation day just because.


As soon as the kids got home from school, Joe took Adam and Semyon out to the new business, Carr Sporting Goods.


Exercise equipment! So now every household can have one of those annoying exercise bikes, or maybe a weight machine that no one will ever use.


The boys earned their silver sales badges, and the business got up to level 2. And that’s it, the Carrs are finally done with businesses for the season!


After some male bonding time in the break room, that is.


Irina brought Sharlene home from school. As always, I got a little thrill when I realized it wasn’t a cousin.


Ginger got a promotion! She’s at the top of the Pet Security career. And I love her cute little tongue.


Semyon and Adam both needed needs boosts, so Semyon invited over Faina for a fun outing, while Adam had Catriona over for a date.


Adam invited Catriona to go steady, and she accepted! I’m excited, as all my steady teen couples have gone to college.


Irina was the only one with homework. ūüė¶


Nadezda got a promotion, of course.


Adam played with Lillian while Irina inspected for prints.


Akilina snuck out even though she’d asked for permission, sneaking right past Sharlene who was sneaking toward the house to bring an outing gift.


When Irina deposited the money from sales of Sharlene’s gift, it put her trust fund over the $100k mark.


Nadezda and Joe discussed logic over breakfast.


Irina stayed up all night, and finished maxing her skills early in the morning.


After the boys got up, seemingly everyone in the family enjoyed some rousing games of Punch You Punch Me.


Nadezda’s bank account was getting a little too big, so she donated $100,000 for another university building. That’s halfway to a second university, hooray!


Super fun phone time!


At long last, after having the want locked for at least two seasons, Joe finally maximized his Science enthusiasm.

snapshot_5b263e9e_bfe06f70 Joe had the day off, and spent a pleasant but boring day in his pajamas while everyone else was at work and school.


 I love having neat sims. The first thing Akilina did after getting home from school was head in to clean the dog bed, before I even realized it was dirty.


Irina brought Akim home on the bus with her, and…

snapshot_5b263e9e_ffe070a2I learned that hydro bots can teleport. Weird.


Pavel Hamilton also came over on the bus.


Reno Day! I actually liked their house quite a bit the way it was, but there were a few annoying layout issues.


Downstairs, I moved the stairs into what I hope will be a better position, and converted Nadezda and Joe’s bedroom into a brand new TV room!


The upstairs got a more significant overhaul, with a gigantic master suite for Joe and Nadezda. The boys moved into the girls’ old rooms.


“Mmm, the smell of sawdust and drywall. Must be Reno Day.”


Everyone spent the afternoon hanging out on the lawn.

snapshot_5b263e9e_bfe07e72 Mieszko Kozlow came by, and surprised me by getting his first kiss from Pavel.


That evening, it was time for the girls to head off to college. Akilina is well set up for a good start in life, with a trust fund of $95,500 and scholarships of $6250 (grades and 7 skills).


“Ohmigosh, Dad, that’s so gross.”


The Hydro Bot decided to malfunction at a rather inconvenient time, although it was rather funny to watch it spray water everywhere while the Clean Bot followed along cleaning it up.


Move along, nothing to see here.


*ahem* Anyway, Irina also headed off to college. She has a modest little trust fund of $102,400, and earned the same $6250 in scholarships.


The remaining members of the household, plus guests, sat down to some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. No one discussed Pavel and Mieszko’s hot tub activities.


We end with this picture of Semyon dancing like a loon after everyone else had gone to bed.

That’s it, another lucrative season for the Carrs! Next up is the Richter household.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Carr Sporting Goods, Rank 2

General fund contribution: $46,700 (taxes $38,700, school fees $8000)

$100,000 contributed to buy university building

Playable sims: 119

Sim multiplier: 55 (+5)

Population: 6545


Time for the Carr family!


Standing, left to right: Adam, Irina, Akilina, Semyon

Seated: Nadezda, Joe

Pictured in the background is Bolts, who moved out last season. We’ll catch up with him later in the rotation.


The Carrs acquired a dog at the pet store during the break. His name is Arthob. He appeared in Adam’s room, so I guess he’s Adam’s dog. I should probably rename him Dog, but he doesn’t really look like a Dog.


I don’t remember the outings that led to these gifts, but whatever.


Unlike the last couple of houses, the Carrs don’t need their inheritance money for immediate taxes or renovation. They got about $10,000, so Nadezda added $2,000 to each of the kids’ trust funds.


This is what Arthob thinks about all the time. Um, okay then.


Pizza for breakfast, awesome! The Munchie Bot comes in handy sometimes.


The Carrs are doing the moderate skilling plan, too. Getting in skilling and maintaining friendships before school seems to have worked pretty well for the last couple of families, so I’ll continue it. Of course, Irina tends to spend about 80% of her time on the phone, anyway.


Irina had to repair the computer, which broke down in the middle of paying taxes.


Joe sat down to finish paying the taxes as the kids headed off to school.¬†The Carrs’ total tax bill came to $25,400 – after a $15,000 deduction for their 5 level 10 businesses.


Since there was still plenty of money left after paying taxes, Joe naturally bought a business.

(This is the one the Thayers were supposed to buy but didn’t have enough money for.)


This is Dance Fever. It’s Willow Valley’s first real night club.

(Later I replaced the bar with one that works properly, and put in a bubble blower.)


Nadezda and Joe hung out passing along business perks while their customers paid a pathetic $25 per hour.


Ramsay, Romance sim that he is, seems oddly bothered by Nadezda passing along her business perks to Joe.


“Can you believe we’re paying $1000 an hour to hang out at this place? I don’t even make that much playing the violin!”

Yeah, periodically I got bored and had Nadezda and Joe dazzle the customers into paying exorbitant prices. I have a hack so that the playables don’t lose any of their family funds.


Nadezda and Joe hung out at Dance Fever for a whole sim week before I got bored and sent them home. They got the place up to level 7 and made $168,000. No, not a typo.  Since they had so much money, Joe donated $100,000 to build a new building at the university.

I’ve decided that I’m going to work on getting the Carrs from filthy rich to ludicrously rich.


If they’re going to be ludicrously rich, they need a maid and a gardener. I don’t know why I don’t hire maids and gardeners more often, since both together charge less than $100 per day usually. (I have a hack that makes the gardener come every day.)


The girls brought home Mireia and Malvina. It’s pretty amazing, actually – they both managed to get teens that aren’t their cousins and that they aren’t already friends with.


Nadezda and Joe are permaplat and at the top of their careers, so they just hung out and hung loose.


Eva came home with Adam, but poor Semyon! Not only was he the only one who didn’t get a school bus friend, he was also the only one with homework.


“Even though Dimitri’s at college, I kind of feel like I’m cheating on him.”

“It’s not cheating if the plumbing’s different.”


Since most of the family was hanging out on the lawn, the boys decided they might as well have their birthdays out there.


Semyon grew up in workout gear. He became a Knowledge/Romance sim with a LTW to top the Intelligence career. That’s one I haven’t had in the neighborhood yet.


Adam became a Family/Cheese sim with a LTW to reach his Golden Anniversary. I really don’t like that LTW, but I let him keep it anyway.


Nadezda seems a little unhappy about Akilina and Malvina going on a date. Joe just wants to push some townie on the swing set.


Akilina and Irina were wide awake after they both went on outings and Akilina had her date. They figured they might as well work on getting their scholarships while everyone else was sleeping, so they could just have fun later.


The boys grew up into matching dorky brown pajamas. Just for that, boys, I’m going to make you keep your coordinating hairstyles.


The family sat down for a nice breakfast of pancakes. Man, this family wears a lot of brown.


Adam’s lucky. Everyone in the family except for him and Joe has 10 nice points, so he can always find someone to listen to him blather on about grilled cheese.


Nadezda had the day off, so after everyone else left she headed back down to Dance Fever. With customers dazzled into paying $1000 an hour, she made about $80,000 before getting bored and heading home.


On the way home, Nadezda stopped at the pet store to buy a collar for Arthob, and fell in love with an adorable little pug named Ginger. She went ahead and bought the dog, figuring Arthob could use a friend.


Then she got home and I realized Arthob is female. What the heck kind of name is Arthob for a girl dog? So I changed her name to Lillian.


Semyon in his regular clothes.


Lluis came home on the bus, and Akilina invited over Chandler Platz (here represented by the back of his head).


Irina fell in love with Ginger, too, and promptly rolled the want to be friends with her.


Nadezda taught Adam to play chess, while Joe watched the game with great interest.


So apparently my same sex pregnancy hack allows same sex pets to get pregnant as well…and Ginger gave birth only one sim hour after the woohoo finished. Those two little black blotches in the snow there are two black puppies, a boy named Joey and a girl named Tina.


Irina naturally wants to be friends with the puppies. Ah, Popularity sims.


Hurray for the punching bag!

(I realized at some point that Bolts left several career rewards there when he moved out. The Execuputter and the Journalism reward are definitely his. I should probably call him over and give him back his stuff.)


Joe and Nadezda had the day off, and you know what that means. Even though this extremely handsome uni student was not impressed by Joe’s dazzle, he still made about $50,000.


Anya came home with Adam, while Isaiah Gavigan came home with Irina.


“Oh my boolprop, ew, our parents are in love. That’s so disgusting.”


Everybody wants to make friends with Ginger. She’s a very popular dog.

Ginger got a job in Pet Service, so Akilina worked with her on shaking.


This family’s been a little too quiet so far this season. Time to spice things up with a little romance.


Irina got George the checkout boy. I like him.


Adam got a townie named Marylena Hamilton (no relation), who immediately swooned over his brother.


Random elderly townies who walk into houses without knocking should fully expect to be influenced to make grilled cheese.


Things progressed well between Adam and Marylena.

If she ever moves in, she’s getting a name change.


“Goodnight, Akilina!”

“What?! Akilina, are you going to bed? But you’ll miss midnight study time!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Nerd Twins.


One more charisma point…


“So, Irina, working on your cooking?” Semyon asked.

“Yeah, and then I’ll have all my scholarships.”

“Bet I can beat you.”

“Bet you can’t.”


Adam and Akilina are a bit behind their respective twins on the skilling. Fortunately, skilling on the career rewards with tutoring is incredibly fast.


Snow day!

“Snow day? Does that mean we can stop studying?”



Well, all right.

Joe and Nadezda actually both had to go to work for the first time all week, while their kids hung out enjoying their snow day.


Right after Akilina finished her outing with Marsha, Adam borrowed her. What about Marylena?

“Marylena who?”


Irina earned her 8th cooking point, and her 7th skill scholarship!

Yes, she did invite George over and then ignore him to skill. He seems to have been fine amusing himself on the piano.


George was still playing the piano when Semyon earned his final skill scholarship.


Akilina and Adam were stuck skilling into the night, while Irina and Semyon got to have fun.

(Yes, at some point I abandoned the moderate skilling plan in favor of the “come on, they’re close, let’s just get all the college scholarships NOW” plan.)


Ginger got a promotion! Good doggy!


“Mom, I just love skilling so much!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Shh! I’m trying reverse psychology.”

Adam’s pretty close, but Akilina’s definitely behind everyone else in the skilling department. Comes of being a Romance sim, I suppose.


It’s day 5, so it’s Reno Day!


Quite a nice house, I think. Plenty of space – they even have that nice big loft upstairs that they’re not really using for anything.

Since the Carrs have succeeded admirably at becoming ludicrously wealthy – they’ve got $200k in the bank in addition to $60k trust funds for all four kids – I thought about moving them into a mansion. Then I thought about how annoying moving is, so they get a minor reno instead.


New stucco, because the old stuff just bugged me for some reason, and a nice little balcony on the outside.


Inside, I upgraded the bathrooms and got them some new dining room chairs and a new computer and computer desk.

Seems like a fairly small reno, but it actually cost about $20,000.


Since Day 5 is also Saturday, it’s party time!


Poor Irina. Lluis rejected her for her first kiss, and she also glitched through her cousin Anya.

Irina has 3 bolts with Lluis, but until now it seemed like she was respecting his relationship with her cousin Liouba. But it’s good to see that Lluis is true, at least.


That’s a strange way to hold the phone, Semyon.

The original party invitation only allowed 7 sims, and that’s hardly a party, so Semyon and Irina were on their cell phones inviting the rest of the neighborhood.


Akilina and Agnes got the party started right.


Just as I was lamenting the fact that the only teen in the neighborhood that none of the Carrs are friends with is Denise, look who showed up. I think maybe Sharlene brought her.

If I calculated right, that means all the playable teens in the neighborhood are here. *sits back and prepares for drama*


Nadezda and Joe are supervising, meaning they’re hanging out in the living room giving each other backrubs and such.


I bought them a hot tub for the party (along with a stereo and a bubble blower – pocket change). Lluis and Liouba called dibs.


I send two sims on vacation just once…


Sharlene and Saveliy hit it off.


Nikifor got his first kiss from Malvina Bruce, who’s making really good use of her break while her boyfriend’s at college.


The younger set of twins hung out in the kitchen with the grilled cheese, well away from the commotion.


But then Adam went out and found that the hot tub was newly available, and that someone had invited Marsha to the party.

I like Marsha better than Marylena Hamilton (no relation), anyway.


The party was a Roof Raiser, and I hardly did anything.


That night, the Science nuts did a little stargazing.


“Wait! You’ve got the wrong sim! I’m not a Knowledge sim!”

Really. I put Irina on the upstairs telescope for a reason, aliens. She’s got a Knowledge secondary and could always use more scholarship money. Joe just likes Science.


Apparently it’s all Adam’s fault? Nadezda started lecturing him right after the abduction.


Someone finally took the puppy outside to potty instead of just letting her go in the kitchen. Poor puppy, lost in the snow.



Semyon came out to see and started laughing hysterically.


“Semyon, it’s not funny.”

“Yeah, really, dude. Dad’s not even a Knowledge sim.”

“I know! That’s why…ha ha ha…that’s what makes it so…ha ha ha!”


I finally relented and gave the boys makeovers so they don’t look so alike. They’re still dorky.

(And yes, Semyon’s always had brown hair. He just had a blondish recolor before.)

That’s it for the Carr family! Next up we have Annika Richter.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Dance Fever, Rank 8

Town fund contributions: $31,400 (taxes $25,400, school fees $6,000)

Additional donations: $100,000 for uni building/toward new university

Playable sims: 92

Sim multiplier: 43

Population: 3956

Fall was an exciting season for the Carr family!

Back row, left to right: Nadezda, Joe, Bolts

Front row, left to right:  Older twins Akilina and Irina, younger twins Semyon and Adam

Since there are no more toddlers in the house, and they’re done with baby having, the nursery was converted into an exercise room (upper left corner). That’s the extent of the renovations this time.

Hmm, why would Nadezda be cheering? Because she just paid the taxes!

The Carrs are quite wealthy, thanks to Nadezda’s 5 top businesses want. Their net worth is $611,944, giving them a tax bill of $30,600 and a levy of $61,200. Nadezda was able to pay it all right off – which puts us over the 1 million mark! Willow Valley now has a university!

I did go ahead and build it, but no one will be going until next season.

Irina and Semyon had some leftover Chinese food for breakfast. Yum!

Akilina wasn’t hungry, so she got in a little skilling before school.

As soon as the kids were off to school, the adults headed down to business #3, The Kitchen Stop.

“OMG! Refrigerators are so awesome!”

“Yes! YES! I can store my cheesy cheese!”

Christy Stratton threw the 125th star, while Nadezda thought about how she’s totally the best.

3 down, 2 to go!

They went home for a few minutes, just long enough for Joe to chat with a friend while Nadezda sat down and bought another business. They were only at The Kitchen Stop for 14 hours, and I like to get in 24 hours per day, so they had more work to do.

Since the Carrs are filthy rich, and since every town needs a bank, Nadezda’s #4 business is First Valley Bank. I don’t know how much it actually looks like a bank, since I haven’t been inside one in years, but I tried to make it nice.

First Valley Bank is the 25th player owned business, giving Willow Valley its 5th business district!

But, you may be asking, how are they going to get it up to level 10?

Downloaded items, hooray! I found some treasury and investment certificates on Mod the Sims. The treasury certificates increase in value 0.5%  each day, while the investment certificates randomly fluctuate. These will be nice for townie inventories.

(Unfortunately, they can only go on walls, hence the weird wall setup in the bank lobby.)

They stayed for 10 hours, getting stars like crazy, and got the place up to Level 4 before heading home.

Back home, Nadezda invited over her niece Shura, as she had a want to make friends with her.

Bolts got his aspiration up with a townie who had been jogging by.

Still in love…

Akilina brought home Chandler due to a hobby chance card. Weird.

Adam brought his cousin Saveliy home, and the two were soon friends.

You wouldn’t guess that these two were cousins by looking at them, would you? Saveliy looks just like his mom.

Bolts was the only one who had to work on Thursday.

Semyon spent the afternoon just hangin’ around.

“Adam, what are you doing? I’m trying to be a dark tortured soul at the keyboard, and it doesn’t work if you’re dancing!”

Only two members of the family were hungry, but Joe made a platter of spaghetti to feed all the guests (including the random guy who just walked in off the street).

Bolts topped the Intelligence career! That’s the second career he’s topped.

He promptly sat down and got a new job, in Architecture.

Shura decided to have a very important moment in her life while her household’s not even being played.

Early the next morning, while everyone else was still asleep, Joe decided he wanted to see a shooting star. Sadly, he was unsuccessful.

Early in the morning, the three adults headed off to the bank to run it before everyone headed off to work. They got the business to level 8 and made almost $32,000 in 24 hours.

“Do you like grilled cheese? You look like someone who would like grilled cheese.”

“Grilled cheese? I LOVE grilled cheese! It’s so deliciously cheesy!”

Back home, it was soon time for the kids to head to school. Also, this was the moment I decided that I’m choosing Irina’s aspiration rather than rolling for it.

Everybody had work or school, leaving the house empty.

Bolts got home at three, and brought the Ottomas dad.

The kids brought their cousin Denise and Isaiah Gavigan home, and proceeded to ignore them. Poor Isaiah found himself on Denise’s bad side.

At six o’clock, it was birthday time for the girls!

Akilina became a Romance/Popularity sim, with a LTW to woohoo 20 different sims. Fortunately for her, there’s a time for that sort of thing, and it’s called college.

She’s got a sporty look, with the soccer uniform and pigtails. I like it.

Having spent her entire childhood on the phone, Irina became a Popularity sim, with a secondary of Knowledge. Her LTW is to top the Show Business career.

A new outfit was desperately needed.

That’s better. Although I may change her hair so it’s not glitching through her vest.

To finish the evening with a bang, Captain Hero lit the kitchen on fire while fixing dinner. For some reason, most of my fires seem to be started by sims with max cooking points.

“Ohmigod, Mom, why do we have to eat burned pork chops?”

Sims that Nadezda had outings with at the dance studio a season or two ago are showing up with gifts. It’s kind of weird, but highly profitable.

“Hey, Irina, what’s up?”

“Oh, just sneaking out, Uncle Bolts. Don’t mind me.”

“All right, have fun, then!”

Saturday morning, Nadezda got fit by vigorously changing her clothes.

As soon as it was light out, Nadezda and Joe took Akilina and Irina to the bank.

“I’m not really so sure about this business thing, Mom and Dad. I’d rather be at home making friends.”

“Yeah, I need to find some hot dates.”

“Just for a few hours, girls.”

Back home, the girls sat down for some delicious gelatin. Joe scarfed down a plate, too, before heading back to the bank.

Since they only brought the twins for 8 hours, the Carrs still had 16 hours to put in at the bank. It’s a rough life, earning all those sacks of money.

Nadezda got her gold restocking badge, and now has all three gold business badges.

Farooq Bousaid, a member of the new CAS household, dropped the 125th star. Only one more business to go!

Back home, Bolts invited Farooq’s sister Ghaliya over for a date. They have three bolts!

Isaiah Gavigan stopped by, and enjoyed burnt hamburgers with the rest of the family.

“Nah, I’ve never been on an airplane. The only people I know who have ever gotten out of this town are my uncle and his wife – they went to the islands for their honeymoon.”

That evening, Bolts went on a date with Shura Pavlov (only one bolt, but he’ll date anybody), while Joe got to know his sister-in-law after Sofiya randomly stopped by.

I’m not pushing the Carrs to study as much as I am some of the other households – but it’s their own fault that I send them to the bookcase after they try to go to bed at seven o’clock.

Joe wants to maximize his Science enthusiasm, and Irina’s OTH is Science, so I had to buy them another telescope.

“Uncle Bolts, I’m not friends with you. We need to fix that.”

“Tell me more!”

Akilina spent her free time working on her sports hobby. She looks pretty vicious, doesn’t she?

As soon as it was light out, Joe and Nadezda took the girls to their newest business, Pianoforte. As you can see, it sells pianos.

8 hours brought the store up to level 2, after which they headed home.

Pianoforte is the first lot placed in Apple Hill, the town’s new Business District. I’ve been counting virtual BDs so far, but the business area of Willow Valley is getting a bit crowded, and I want to save room for houses and civic buildings (which we’ll be getting more of soon).

“Someday I’m going to go on vacation to someplace really cool.”

“Whatever. Pancakes are awesome.”

Back to Pianoforte! I just might be able to get Nadezda her LTW this rotation.

“Woot, Brittany, looking good!”

“Whatever, robot. Can’t you see I’m like 10 months pregnant?”

“And it was THIS BIG!”

“Really, mom?”

Larisa seems to really enjoy telling dirty jokes and squicking out her kids these days.

The Hamiltons came over for family Sunday! Generally I make sure all members of the family meet each other, then leave them on free will. Sadly, there wasn’t much drama going on here.

Akilina randomized as gay, so Irina used “Invite Household” to get the neighborhood’s other teen lesbian over.

Success! They only have 1 bolt, but it’s enough to give them each aspiration fodder.

I’ve never done a 20 woohoo want with a gay sim before, so should be interesting. I’ve got it set at 20% gay and 20% bi, so Akilina should have 40% of the female population to work with.

After the guests went home, it was time for hobbies! Nadezda was getting boring, so she’s taken up flower arranging.

Stuck smart milk + fall skilling + career reward. Akilina’s sports enthusiasm is only about 4.

At least she got super buff!

The girls may not have coordinated everyday outfits anymore, but they do at least have coordinated nighties.

Bolts cooked up breakfast for everyone. Omelets, yum!

First the HydroBot went on the fritz, then the CleanBot shorted out while cleaning up the HydroBot’s messes. *sigh*

This is why I like family meals – gives everyone a chance to get to know each other.

Nadezda went to work a bit later than everyone else, so fortunately she was able to fix the malfunctioning robots.

Look, coordinated outerwear, too!

I love when teens bring other teens home. They can have outings and make friends with them pretty quickly. These girls don’t know enough teens who aren’t their cousins.

“Yeah, you should definitely buy a piano. They’re pretty awesome.”

The girls have warmed up to the idea of working at the store – it does allow them to meet plenty of new people.

“Noelle! Our nieces are watching!”

Later, when it was just the adults, the store got huge numbers of confused customers for some reason.

White haired lady: “But where are the pianos?’

Nadezda: “Everywhere!”

Marsha: “Where are they? I can’t find them!”

After a marathon 27 hour session, Katy McGaw gave the 5th business its 125th star! Nadezda has achieved her LTW!

“Hooray! Can I use the energizer now, before I pass out?”

Back home, the family had way too many people over, and I let everyone pretty much do whatever they wanted for the evening.

Bolts went on a date on the front stoop.

Then he and Amanda mutually rolled the want to get engaged, which surprised me. Unfortunately, Bolts has 37 more first dates to get through before he can think about marriage.

Akilina invited Agnes over for a date, too.

Finally, all the guests went home, and the family had some time together before bed.

Just before bed, Nadezda sat down to pay the $12,000 in school fees.

Even though I have my university now, I’m going to continue to have families that can afford it pay the levies and extra school fees for the rest of the season, to be fair.

That’s it for the Carr family! Next up is Annika Richter.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, Rank 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, Rank 10

The Kitchen Stop, Rank 10

First Valley Bank, Rank 10

Pianoforte, Rank 10

Uni fund contribution: $103,800 (taxes $30,600, levy $61,200, school fees $12,000)

Town General Fund: $25,900 (after $1 million deduction for the university)

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 37 (+10 this rotation – +5 for a university, +5 for a business district)

Population: 2923

It’s time for the Carr family! Will they become the 1st household in Willow Valley to own 3 businesses?


Left to right: Bolts holding Adam, Irina, Nadezda holding Semyon, Akilina, Joe

This is their house as the season begins. At the moment it’s a little cramped, mostly because I really didn’t expect them to have 4 kids in one season last time.

Even after paying $14,600 in taxes, they were doing pretty well money wise, so I built them a nice big upstairs, complete with a loft playroom and individual rooms for each kid.

(Barring alien abduction, the Carrs are done having kids. Now that there’s a medical position open, I’m allowing birth control for sims who have completed their families, unless one is a Family sim.)

Joe and Nadezda were working hard on getting skill points for their jobs. Joe’s in his LTW career of Architecture, while Nadezda is in Law Enforcement.

Bolts was left with diaper duty. Poor Bolts.

Nadezda headed down to her venue business, Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, where she gained stars by dazzling and going on outings with the customers. With a ticket price of $500 per hour, the money rolled in.

Mmm. Must get Dand in his swim trunks more often.

After 24 hours, it was time to go home, although it took a little while for the lazers in the hot tub to get the hint.

Back home, the girls got up promptly at 6 am. They were glad this was the last time they would have to be squeezed into the nursery with their brothers.

The best days start out with jumping rope.

Chili for breakfast is another good way to get the day going.

Nadezda headed off to work. She hoped everyone else would enjoy their Saturday while she was gone.

Akilina wanted to make friends with her cousin Anya, so I figured, why not invite the whole brood over?

“I have 3 best friends. Maybe if you’re nice to me you can be the fourth.”

Faina Thayer walked by, and naturally was invited to stay and play.

“So, we’re cousins, and obviously we both have awesome taste in hairstyles.”

“You’re right. We should be friends.”

Nadezda had made a lot of money at the dance studio, so they built a playground in the backyard for the kids.

The kids tired out quickly, and settled down to talk about their favorite topic: whether Grandpa Leo would come back as a ghost.

Nadezda came home with a promotion to Captain Hero! This opens positions in Journalism and Law.

(One of my rule changes is that a Law position is opened by a sim topping Law Enforcement or Journalism.)

I forgot about Joe on the easel all day, and he maxed his creativity.

After the kids went home , it was time for the younger set of twins’ birthday!



The boys got cute complementary outfits and haircuts, and of course Smart Milk.

I don’t know what it is about toddler birthdays that makes the Clean Bot malfunction.

The next morning…

“I’m so glad we have Bolts to help out around the house! Mommy and Daddy are super busy, and without Bolts the babies would be smelly all the time.”

Nadezda headed back to the dance studio and dazzled some more suckers out of their money. Only $100 per hour this time, but she was there for about 2 and a half days, so she ended up making some serious dough.

The Old Farts Club decided to hold their quarterly meeting in the hot tub. The usual discussions of children getting married and grandchildren ensued.

Nadezda had a horrible smustling accident and had to be rushed to the hospital, along with Joe Graham. Fortunately, both made a full recovery.

Where did you guys learn the Slap Dance? No one in this town has ever been to Three Lakes.

After hours on the dance sphere, Lyov finally got off…and was horrified when his grilled cheese belly melted away.

“Whatever you do, Vanya, don’t get on that dance sphere. It zapped away all my stored grilled cheese!”

After several days, Marie Rauscher gave the dance studio its 125th star! That’s two top businesses down, three to go.

Back home, Nadezda got on the computer and bought her 3rd business, while Irina made friends on the phone.

After buying the business, Nadezda tried to invite Makari over for family Sunday, but he was working, and then she had to go to work. So, sadly, family Sunday was cancelled for this week.

Joe spent the day working on skills with the boys.


Akilina stayed out on the playground as long as she could, but had to go inside when it started to rain.

While waiting out the summer storm, the girls bonded with their brothers on the block table.

“Faina said yesterday that her family has a TV! I wish we could get a TV.”

“What do we need a TV for? We’ve got plenty of stuff to do.”

“Yay, you’re home!”

“Yes, but now I have to go to the new store.”

So Nadezda headed down to her newest business, The Kitchen Stop.

The store sells…kitchen stuff. (Surprise!) Fridges, stoves, grills, dishwashers, and small appliances.

Look, it’s a sim spongebathing in a tiny bathroom, impaled by a door! Brings back memories.

Nadezda made 3 of these, and then I decided that it takes too long to keep making them for massive sales. So I’ll sell two, and the Carrs can keep one, since I think I foolishly sold the one they used to have.

“You really need a new fridge…”

“But I already have a fridge.”

“This is a special fridge. It keeps your plaid shorts and Western shirts nice and crisp.”

“Ooh….All right, I’ll take five.”

In 24 hours, the store reached level 6 and earned a Best of the Best Award.

Back home, Bolts went on a date. Sometimes I think, “Oh, no, I have to get him more dates, he’s only had six,” but then I remember he doesn’t age, so I could do one date a rotation and he’d still get there eventually.


“Honey, that’s a baseball, not a volleyball. You don’t serve it.”

Joe spent another night trying to max his logic.

The girls spent a couple of hours studying before bed. They wanted to be prepared for their first day of school tomorrow.

“Say ‘milk’, Semyon. Good job.”

Bolts maxed his tinkering enthusiasm!

Go away, hobby guy.

Random Adam picture.

“With the money I inherited from your grandpa, we can send all of you to private school! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Kind of morbid, actually, but okay.

Soon enough, the bus pulled off. Akilina and Irina eagerly headed off for their first day.

All the Pavlov kids moved out with tons of fresh produce in their inventories, and I keep trying to remember to have sims drink juice to use it up. So, after his night on the telescope, Joe downed a glass of Pepper Punch rather than heading for the energizer.

Joe headed off for work. Nadezda was going to go to work, too, but at the last minute decided to stay home with the boys. Bolts was a great help with the businesses, but he wasn’t the most paternal, and the twins’ needs might be more than he could handle.

It turned out that the boys were just fine, so Nadezda spent most of the day reading about controlling her anger.

Joe got a demotion from one of those stupid hobby chance cards. ūüė¶ Fortunately, he was able to go right back to work.

Akilina brought her cousin Anthony home from school! He looks just thrilled about it, doesn’t he?

Joe came home with a promotion back to his previous level.

Nadezda spent the evening teaching the boys their nursery rhyme.

“Daddy’s out on the telescope again. Maybe he’ll get to visit another planet!”

Bolts went on a date with another hot chick.

Success! At 5:30 am, Joe finally succeeded in getting his last Logic point.

First thing in the morning, the girls learned to study with help from Nadezda and Bolts.

As soon as it was light out, the adults headed off to the kitchen store.

I’m glad I got rid of No Playable Shoppers, and replaced it with a hack that lets playables just not spend their money. It’s nice to see all the residents of Willow Valley out at the shops.

Oh, no! A witch’s lightning caught the tree on fire, which caused Abhijeet to catch on fire!

Fortunately, Nadezda was able to put him out in time.

Despite Abhijeet docking us a star for letting him catch on fire, The Kitchen Stop reached level 8.

Back home, it was still Tuesday. The girls headed off for another day of school.

Joe went to work, while Nadezda stayed home with the toddlers.

The chance card went the right way this time, and Joe came home with a promotion to City Planner, achieving his LTW!

Irina and Akilina both brought home A plus grades.

Now that he wasn’t skilling like mad, Joe finally had the chance to catch up with his friends.

Nadezda was enjoying being at the top of her career, too – it gave her plenty of time to spend with the kids.

At 6 o’clock, it was time for Semyon and Adam to grow into children!

Semyon is super cute, and it looks like he knows it.

Adam is also adorable.

Bolts came home with a promotion, sadly too late for the birthdays.

Since Fall is coming, the boys got matching hoodies to wear. They kept their hair the same.

It’s a double outing gift night! *sells*

“We’re all going to be best friends, right?” asked Adam as he ate his yummy pancakes in the morning.

All too soon, it was time for school. The boys joined the girls in private school.

Nadezda had the day off. With Joe at work and no kids to take care of, she returned to the robot bench.

“Hi, Uncle Bolts. Hi, Uncle Bolts’ date.”

Akilina brought home Malvina Bruce. By 6 pm, the two were good friends.

Semyon brought home his cousin Nastasia, and they played a game of chess. Nastasia ended up winning, probably because of all the cheating she was doing.

Adam was a little more studious, wanting to learn to study right away. Irina spent her time making phone calls to her friends.

“Whee! Faster, Daddy, faster!”

Irina went out to look through the telescope, and decided that she really liked Science a lot.

Munchie Bot brought Chinese for dinner.

Bolts came home with a promotion, and Sofiya with the proper hairstyle!

That’s it for the Carrs! Next up is Annika Richter.


Family: Carr


A Whole New You, level 10

Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio, level 10

The Kitchen Stop, level 8

Taxes this season: $16,600 total ($14,600 in regular taxes, $2000 in school fees)

Total taxes paid: $23,700

Welcome back! The Carr family took a while to play, due to lots of running of businesses, but it’s finally time to write it up!

Left to right: Bolts, Nadezda, Joe

¬†Unlike everyone else who’s started in a starter home, the Carrs actually made it into a new, bigger house before having multiple babies.

It’s not huge – I’m saving up money for Nadezda’s 2nd business – but it’ll do just fine as long as they don’t have quads or something. And it’s built to be expandable next season.

Joe and Bolts headed immediately off to work. Nadezda stayed home on maternity leave, because otherwise she’d end up with a sidewalk birth.

Once again, Annika was the entirety of the welcome wagon.

Her turn’s up next. I wonder who her welcome wagon will be.

“So, do you have any legal troubles, living on your own like you do?”

“I don’t live alone. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

¬†“Ooh! Owie!”

“Um, Mrs. Carr, are you okay?”

“This is horrible! I am so never having kids.”

It’s a girl! Meet Akilina.

It’s a girl! This is Irina.

Meanwhile, Joe and Bolts arrived home from work, with friends.

Annika did not want to get a baby handed off to her, so Akilina was a floor baby.

Daddy to the rescue!

As soon as the babies were put on their new blankets, Nadezda and crew headed down to the clothing store. Time to get her first level 10 business done with.

I think we have some new nemeses.

Sadly, Nadezda has a fear of being a witch, otherwise I’d totally turn her into one.

New clothes and makeup for Brittany! I always have a soft spot for townies I’ve grown up from kids.

After 29 hours, Shelby Barrett gave A Whole New You its 125th star! 1 down, 4 to go.

Hee, Servos jumping on couches look funny.

Back home, Bolts called up the matchmaker for his first of 50 first dates. It didn’t last very long.

Then he got roped into diapers. Rats.

¬†While everyone else slept, Bolts spent the night working on building a car. Nadezda’s next business is built already and costs $45,000, so they need some cash.

The next day, Nadezda, as the only one with any vacation days, stayed home with the twins while Joe and Bolts headed off to work.

Finishing up the car brought back old memories for Nadezda. She had restored so many cars in her teenage years.

¬†Bolts came home with a promotion to Business Tycoon! He’s the neighborhood’s fourth. Now I just need 10 more player owned businesses.

Ooh, pretty. *sells*

Birthday time!

This birthday party brought to you by a malfunctioning Clean Bot.



OMG so cute.

Lina and Rina were promptly smartmilked.

Since Joe needed a mechanical point, he got the lovely job of repairing the Clean Bot.

Another baby on the way!

Nadezda finished a Munchie Bot! Selling it gave her enough money to buy her next business.

Normally I don’t send pregnant sims to work businesses, but Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio is a venue business, and Nadezda is permaplat, so we’ll see how it goes.

Ok, so the hot tub isn’t really related to dance, but I figured tired dancers might want to soak their feet.

Sadly, even with all this stuff, the average ticket price is still only $18.

I normally don’t like to pump up the price to ridiculous levels, but $18 is just silly. So Matthew Smith will be the lucky guy paying $5000 an hour to get in. That should help recoup costs.

 Still with that silly fear of being a witch. Come on, Nadezda, witches are awesome!

(I have no idea why that little sign is on the ticket machine.)

After letting Matthew Smith in, I decided I’d put down a money order and let playables in for free. To make up for it, non-playables are dazzled into paying $100 per hour.

Pregnant bellies, hee!

Aglaya spent about 8 hours in the dance sphere, and got some muscles to show for it.

Back home, the twins got makeovers and adorable matching outfits.

These girls are so cute. Seriously. I can’t wait for them to grow up, and I want them to stay toddlers forever.

Again, Joe and Bolts headed off for work while Nadezda stayed home.

The girls pretty much spent the day napping. Nadezda too.

Joe got a promotion, hooray!

As soon as the boys got home, Nadezda headed off to the dance studio.

Yeesh, these guys like the hot tub.

Back home, Bolts went on a date with his work buddy.

Makari already had max logic, so he wasn’t sure why his brother-in-law had invited him home to play chess.

Nadezda spent the evening teaching the girls to talk.

I missed Bolts’ first kiss. Thanks, ACR.

Bolts spent the night working on another car.

Nadezda burned her omelet. She looks so dejected.


Larisa came by to play with her granddaughters!

My sims really like to talk about soda and how bad it is for you.

Why does everyone feel compelled to play chess with Joe? Larisa sure doesn’t look happy about it.

Bolts took dance studio duties for the night.

Mostly so he could date the customers.

“Hello! Can I have this baby now?”

Go for it.

“Just spin and twirl, Nadezda. You can do it!”

Baby boy Semyon

Baby boy Adam

Heh. Nadezda’s brother has two sets of twins, too. But Vanya has the twins perk, and Nadezda doesn’t.

A double crib was squeezed in the nursery. Later I moved the activity table since it was in the way.

As soon as Semyon was placed in his crib, Larisa pounced. She loves the babies.

Bolts realized he’d earn more money getting promotions in another career than he would staying in Business, so he got a job in Intelligence. He wasn’t interested in money for its own sake, but he did someday want to be able to afford a nice bachelor pad with everything a Pleasure sim could want. After his maker Nadezda had her 5 top businesses, of course.

Nadezda headed to the dance studio for the last time this rotation.

Ashton Cooke and Marisa Bendett seemed to get along well.

Outings at venue businesses are good for gaining stars, so Nadezda has about 50 million friends. By the time she left, the dance studio was up to Level 7. A spot in the Dance career is now open!

Nadezda actually made it to work the last day of the rotation!

Bolts got left home with 2 toddlers and 2 infants. Poor guy.

Also, I’m not really sure how safe it is for a Servo to be giving a toddler a bath, but Akilina had green fumes, so what else could he do?

The mail brought love notes from Bolts’ sweeties!

Toddler spam

Nadezda stopped home with a promotion, and went back to work.

I love the pet dividers. Screaming baby, sleeping toddler.

Joe got home (with promotion), and Bolts finally got to go to work.

All right, one last adorable toddler picture.

Because it’s birthday time!

Akilina’s super adorable. So far, at least, she seems to be one of the sims who can rock the huge mouth. She gets to keep her clothes and hair just the way they are.

Irina is also super adorable. She looks a lot like Joe.

Irina did get new hair and clothes. I love her.

I squeezed a couple of beds in the nursery, just for tonight. Next rotation they’ll be getting a nice big addition to the house.

Bolts missed the birthdays, but got a promotion.

Nadezda and Joe stayed up all night getting skill points for work.

The girls’ favorite pastime hasn’t changed. (Neither one of them has tinkering as their OTH, but they both have wants to gain mechanical points.)

That’s the end of this rotation. Next up is the new CAS sim.


Sims 51
Households 14
Owned lots 11
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 2
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 14
Population 714
Uni funds 265200


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 4
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 7 (unlocked)
Criminal 0 of 2
Culinary 1 (unlocked)
Dance 0 of 1
Education 1 of 2
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 2 of 2
Law Enforcement 2 of 3
Military 0 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Science 0 of 1 (3 special)
Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 8
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 6
Wired Bruce Rank 7
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 6
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 10
Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio Carr Rank 7

It’s time for the last household of Winter 2!

Nadezda Pavlov, you might remember, is a Popularity sim with a LTW to have 5 top businesses. She’s very lucky she’s in the right challenge for that.

If her house looks familiar, it’s because her older sister Aglaya lived here for a season. Nadezda will hopefully be moving out at the end of the season, too.

Nadezda got a little chubby from all the sparkly food in her parents’ house, so first up is a little yoga.

“Yeah, I’m not fat anymore!”

I wish it were so easy in real life.

Nadezda headed to the computer, where she found a job in Law Enforcement.

She went immediately to work, returning with a promotion.

After work, she headed to the robot bench. Shop type businesses run best with three people working them, so Nadezda has a plan to get the help she needs.

After a while, feeling a little lonely, Nadezda called up someone she’d been thinking about a lot lately. She didn’t know Joe Carr too well, but they had two bolts even though he didn’t match any of her turn-ons.

Autonomous flirting with the relationship in the 20s. It’s a good sign.

After some relationship building, Joe agreed to move in.

Joe brought $3,000 cash, as well as another $10,000 in inventory items. They don’t need the money at the moment, as Nadezda’s father gave her her first business last season, but they can save it to buy a new house.

Joe is a Fortune sim with a LTW to top the Architecture career. Luckily for him, 2 slots just opened up.

So, after a makeover, Joe sat down to look for a job. Unfortunately, there were no Architecture jobs available. He moved in with a mid level job in Athletic, so he decided he’d keep that one while waiting for Architecture to come along.

Joe needed body points for his athletic career, and being a Fortune sim he naturally rolled up the want for a body point. Lucky for him there was an exercise bike in his inventory when he moved in.

If you wonder where Nadezda is this chapter, she’s probably making robots.

“Awesome, I’m fit!”

Joe and Nadezda headed off to the clothing store, where Joe took up a position at the cash register.

Nadezda hasn’t gotten into charging for makeovers yet, and quite frankly probably never will, but she does pretty well with the free ones.

“You want that shirt! It’s the most awesome shirt ever!”

“It’s the most awesome shirt ever! I want it!”

“The Pavlov Women Club will come to order.”

The store is filled with playables. Playables who have no money. I think I might have to crack and install No Playable Shoppers.

After the store was closed, Joe and Nadezda went on a date.

“Nadezda, with you, I feel like my life can finally start.”

“Yes, Joe, yes!”

The next day, it was time for a party! I got the kids to come this time, but Larisa and the Pedersons couldn’t make it.

Nadezda couldn’t get married in that frumpy black dress, so she’s the first to actually get a proper wedding dress – as well as a new hairstyle.

You guys could, y’know, spread out a little bit.

And Lyov! Stop heartfarting Noelle!

“Nadezda, I love you so much.”

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

So Nadezda became Mrs. Joe Carr.

Naturally, Nadezda is a cake shover.

Everyone stood around eating cake on the lawn, because my weddings are classy like that.

Kids pillow fighting at a wedding – slightly less inappropriate than adults doing it.

Always there is kicky ball at Pavlov weddings. And apparently it’s serious business.

After the wedding, Joe and Nadezda engaged in appropriate wedding night activities.

This might just be cheating.

See? MunchieBot brought pizza.

“This stuff…is…DELICIOUS!”

Back to the store. See? People with money, actually buying stuff as I installed No Playable Shoppers. I’ll miss having sims all get to know each other at the community lots, but it was really making it hard to level up the businesses when most of the customers were playables who weren’t shopping.

Nadezda and Joe got the store up to Level 7.

Then they had a lullaby, so they probably won’t be coming back to the store this season.

 Nadezda finished her great project.

Say hello to Bolts!

Bolts has Nadezda’s personality, naturally, but I changed his aspiration to Pleasure/Popularity. His LTW is to have 50 first dates. Never actually did that one successfully. Good thing he’s a Servo and thus immortal.

Hooray, Joe found a job in Architecture!

There wasn’t anything good for Bolts, though.

Sims love the exercise bike, to the point of ridiculousness.

Since Nadezda’s pregnant, that means she must eat omelets.

Yes, it’s official.

Nadezda had to go to work anyway, because I’m mean like that.

Bolts found a job. In Business – never mind that I have way too many people in the Business career for my number of businesses.



No promotion. ¬†ūüė¶

Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

Joe worked on catching his friendships up, while Nadezda made another Servo – solely so she could sell it for money. Eventually she’ll open up a store and sell robots, but that’ll be at least business #3.

Bolts brought a putter home from work, and so he spent the night working on his charisma in the snow.

The portraits were almost finished.

“Bye, Nadezda. Taking your maternity leave today?”

“I’ll go in later, after I pop.”

After a couple of hours, Nadezda had her pop and headed into work. She was 4 hours late, but she was sure they wouldn’t mind.

What’s the matter, Nadezda?

“Everybody got promotions!”

Yeah. Isn’t that a good thing?

“Yeah, it’s great!”

So why is your face like that?

“I have to pee.”

The guys painted.

Nadezda made robots.

Yeah, life is pretty boring at the Carr house at the moment.

The paintings are done! Nadezda’s turned out great.

And that’s it for winter! You’ll have to wait for spring to see Nadezda and Joe’s baby.

Next up: it’s back to the main Pavlov house!


Sims 40

Households 8

Owned lots 10

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 2

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 14

Population 560

Uni funds 171600


Adventure 1 of 1

Architecture 3 of 4

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 8 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 2

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 1 of 2

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1