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The Hamilton Family

Left to right: Aglaya, Marylena, Pavel


This happened about 5 minutes after the photo was taken.

(Don’t worry, Pavel left the room.)


It’s a little harder to get a shot of all the dogs together, but they did a fairly good job of posing. The puppies are Max and Lissa, the brown dog is Violet, and the gray one is Grimalkin.


Aglaya got fat at the new food court, so she had to work off that flapjack belly. She spent much of the day on the exercise bike while Marylena and Pavel were at work and school.


Time for the puppies to grow up!

Max looks exactly like Grimalkin.


Lissa, however, is a very lovely blend of both parents.


Pavel brought his cousin Akilina home from school, and they had a nice outing.


Mieszko Kozlow, a new teen resident of Willow Valley, also stopped by.


It seems Mieszko’s house wasn’t furnished yet, so Aglaya invited him to use their shower.


Since she didn’t want to continue to have 4 dogs in the house, Aglaya sold Max to LaShawn Cameron.


Pavel gave Lissa to Mieszko, figuring that a new kid in town could use a dog.


Marylena taught Violet to Come Here. The Hamiltons are rich, so Violet doesn’t have to have a job, but every dog should know how to Come Here.


Pavel stayed up late working on restoring a car. Like many members of his family, he’s a tinkerer.


Aglaya stayed up late on the exercise bike, and…




Mieszko left a giant fountain as an outing gift! Pavel was feeling generous and sent half the money gained from selling it back to Mieszko, hoping maybe his friend could use the money to buy a shower.


First thing Saturday morning, the family headed to their store, Sofa City. Apparently there are still leaves on the ground from fall.


Orlando showed up and very firmly rejected the random dormie who serenaded him. Good to know he’s appropriately devoted to Marya.


Pavel, as a Fortune sim, is pretty easy to keep happy, so they ran the business for a full 12 hours and got it up to level 9.


“It’s too bad there aren’t any college scholarships for helping your parents run a business.”

“I know. It’s a cruel, cruel world.”


Back  home, Pavel practiced for his debate class. His task was to convince his classmates that more dresses should be available in the standard clothing catalog.


Aglaya needed a new hobby, so the family purchased a flower arranging bench.


Marylena wanted to make friends with Samantha Ottomas, so she invited her over.


Rosemarie Nanale stopped to chat.


And Pavel invited Marsha over for a “friendly outing” with an ulterior motive.


He was quite successful.


“So, Pavel, it seems like things are getting hot with your friend there.”

Pavel grinned. “Well, yeah, it’s okay, I guess.”


Time for family Sunday! Marylena sadly had to miss most of it for work, as she doesn’t have any vacation days.


Orlando responded much better to a serenade from the right person.


The Pavlovs came over for family Sunday as well. Aglaya had to make a total of 5 calls to get everyone there, and then Pavel had to make another because Anya didn’t want to come.


Everyone had a great time hanging out. Pavel got to know Orlando, the man he suspected would be his brother-in-law before too long.


Um, yeah, that’s appropriate behavior at a family get-together. Sure.


“I’m so glad that it’s not winter anymore. Spring is way more fun,” Kir told his cousins as the crowd enjoyed some hot dogs.


“There should be more makeup options available for guys!”

“I know, Pavel. But wow, you’re kind of intense about it.”


Marylena got promoted to Education Minister.


Everyone headed out about 8 o’clock after a great family Sunday.


“The hottest guy in town is definitely the old cafeteria guy.”


“Yes, definitely. If I had any interest in men I’d totally hit that.”

The only thing I can figure is that somewhere on the sim internet is a porno featuring Cafeteria Guy. Because my sims heartfart him all the time.


Meanwhile, Pavel was outside welding in the rain. That’s responsible parenting right there.


“Oh, boolprop. Really? Really, you two? You have a bedroom, you know,” Pavel muttered as he headed to bed.


The next morning, it was time for some badge building before work.


Work and school for everyone, as the maid and the gardener arrived to whip the place into shape.


Grimalkin got a $2500 bonus at his job.


Even though his moms were still at work, Pavel sat right down to do his homework.


He then hung out with his cousin Jake, who’d been passing by.


Aglaya got promoted to the top of the Medical career.


She then went to the computer and booked a vacation for herself and Marylena. She was about to become an elder, and they had never had a honeymoon; they deserved a vacation while they were still young.


Pavel was a little sad that his moms were going on vacation without him…but, on the other hand, they’d probably be doing a lot of gooey stuff that he didn’t really want to see anyway.


Aglaya and Marylena headed straight for one of the nicest (and most expensive) hotels in Takemizu.


“Oh, I’m so excited. It’s about time we had a honeymoon.”

“Give me a kiss, and then we’ll go change out of our work clothes.”


The pair spent a good deal of time in their hotel room, enjoying their late honeymoon properly.


They did all the usual stuff…


Had a terrible time on the tours, with bees (not shown), poison ivy, and vomiting…


And headed home, tired but satisfied.


Back home, while still in a good mood from the vacation, they headed to Sofa City. Lyov and Meadow apparently are scouting out a new couch for their new arrival.

The store got up to level 10, but the family isn’t quite ready to invest in a new business yet, as the store still hasn’t paid for itself.


Back home, Pavel worked late into the evening painting his car.


For Reno Day, the family got new wallpaper in the activity room and put up curtains throughout the house. The curtains were surprisingly expensive – but then, they do have a lot of windows.


Tuesday was another day for school and work.


Pavel brought home David Ottomas on the bus.


Aglaya got an $80,000 chance card bonus by being mean to an intern. Since the family already had too much money, they donated $100,000 to finally pay for the university’s administration building, which will now be renamed Hamilton Hall.


That evening, right after one last youthful woohoo, it was time for Aglaya to grow up.


The outfit had to go, and Aglaya decided she could use a hair and makeup update, too.


Much better.


“Delicious pork chops, Marylena.”

“Thanks. And you look terrific in your new outfit.”

Apparently that’s all that happened that evening, so that’s it for the Hamilton family! Next up is Matthew Picaso.


Family: Hamilton


Games Ahoy, Rank 10

Sofa City, Rank 10

General fund contribution: $17,600 (taxes $16,100, school fees $1,500)

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700



It’s time for the Hamilton family! I’m hoping this will be a household with less drama.

Back row, left to right: Dimitri, Venyamin, Marya

Front row, left to right: Aglaya, Pavel, Marylena

Aglaya sat down to pay the taxes and the levy, which came to a total of $62,500.

They had about $25,000 left after taxes, but no need for renovations – they already have a nice big house. They’re not as filthy rich as the Pavlovs, but they’re definitely among the Willow Valley elite – their net worth is higher than the Cookes’.

The kids all got in some skilling before school. This will be a common sight throughout the season.

Marylena wanted to max her Music & Dance enthusiasm, so she spent pretty much the whole day playing the piano.

The kids headed off to school. It’s Tuesday, so the private school fees for the season should be $16,000.

Aglaya headed down to her venue business, Games Ahoy. The reviewer gave her a good review, and she got the place up to Level 9.

Back home, Marylena looked for a job. She and Aglaya both have new LTWs to top the Architecture career, but it didn’t show up. They were able to get the family dog, Grimalkin, into the Pet Security career.

Aglaya worked on teaching Grimalkin to stay while Dimitri did his homework.

Venyamin should have been doing his homework, too, but he was busy talking on the phone.

Pavel brought his cousin Saveliy home with him.

Marylena decided to make turkey for dinner. No special occasion, she just likes to cook.

Grimalkin got a promotion!

In the morning, everyone enjoyed leftovers for breakfast. Spaghetti for breakfast is awesome.

Marya’s still got a thing going with the paperboy. Sadly, since they only have one bolt, he probably won’t be going to college with her – at this point, I plan to only send townie teens to uni that are likely to marry in.

After the kids headed to school, Marylena checked the job listings and found a position in Architecture.

She headed off right away.

(I think they’re still the only family in town with a maid.)

Aglaya was right behind her, having taken the same position.

Grimalkin was right there to greet the school bus when Pavel got home.

Aglaya and Marylena brought home double promotions and Allyn.

Aglaya and the teens headed down to Sofa City, which reached level 5.

Grimalkin got home with a promotion, but desperately needed a bath.

The teens were hungry after work, so Marya made pork chops.

After everyone else had gone to bed, Marya headed to the telescope. Gosh darn it, if Mhairi Bruce could get abducted, so could she.

Before school, everyone had a little time for skilling.

School and work for everyone meant an empty house for the day.

Venyamin brought home his cousin Feofil, while Mhairi brought home Michael Bruce.

Dimitri didn’t bring home anyone. He thought maybe it was because he wasn’t a creative enough liar, so he decided to practice.

Stepan brought home his cousin Nastasia. He was already BFFs with her, so he left her to smustle on the lawn while he went inside to do his homework.

Marylena and Aglaya got home from work with promotions and some guy, and decided to join the smustle party.

There was a brief interruption to the party when Aglaya and the teens went to the sofa store. Dimitri became the first of the triplets to get his gold sales badge, and the store reached level 7.

Back home, Marya wanted to ask Michael on a date, so she did – not realizing that he and Feofil had a relationship. Feofil, not realizing that Michael had relationships with everyone, got all slap happy.

The slap fest was interrupted for a birthday!

Pavel became a Fortune/Knowledge sim with a LTW to top the Natural Science career. Hooray, cowplant!

Now Aglaya and Pavel are mad at Marya and Michael. Boo.

I made Aglaya study Anger Management.

“Feofil, I am so sorry. I had no idea that you and Michael were together?”

“Well, I guess we’re not together now, are we?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Apology accepted, I guess.”

“You better watch out, with those Bruce boys. They’re the biggest horn dogs in town.”

“I wish you’d told me that before I asked Michael on a date.”

After a good night’s sleep, Marya decided that from now on she was going to stick with Derek the paperboy, at least until college.

The kids headed off to school, glad it was Friday.

Ok, Maxis has some crazy work outfits, but I’m pretty sure this is the ugliest one I’ve ever seen.

Grimalkin is such a pretty dog.

Nastasia creepily crept by, looking creepy.

Aren’t you supposed to be in school, young lady?

As soon as they got home from school, the four teens headed to the store.

It occurred to me that I really shouldn’t feel any pressure to get most of my teens jobs, considering that they pretty much all work in the family businesses.

Dimitri got halfway to his LTW to earn $100k.

I’m not sure who actually brought Liouba home, but anyway, she came over for the afternoon.

Ah, homework. Dimitri’s the lucky one who didn’t have any.

Yes, it’s Friday. I’m like a slave driver, I know.


Nastasia seems to be stalking the Hamilton family.

Dimitri was enjoying his outing with Liouba when Grimalkin got home from work. One of these days, someone will teach the poor boy the skill he needs for his next promotion.

Somehow it happened that everyone needed to skill body. But hey, they have a pool, so it’s all good.

Marylena finally managed to max her Music & Dance enthusiasm. Hello, free will!

Also, is it just me, or does Aglaya have a ridiculously awesome butt for a woman with 4 teenagers?

Another fruitless night. Marya was starting to think the aliens were deliberately shunning her.

Aglaya paid the school fees of $16,000. The university fund is more than 3/4 of the way there!

Normally I like to reserve Saturdays for fun and maybe having friends over, but since it’s the last day of fall, today will be a skilling day. The triplets should finish getting their scholarships, though, and once they do, they can do what they want for the rest of the day.

Back to the couch store!

Pavel thought Sophie Miguel was just gorgeous.

“I earned $25,000 sitting on the toilet! Ask me how!”

The kids were all hungry after their trip to the store, but Marylena totally failed at making pancakes for them. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

They have some kind of glitch going on in which Nastasia and Feofil keep coming over constantly – as soon as they leave they come back, even at night. Forcing errors didn’t help. If it persists next season, I’ll move them out and back in on Monday morning.

“Awesome pancakes, mom.”

“Yeah, thanks for not making us eat the burned ones.”

I installed MATY’s Romance Mod to hopefully cut down on the insane “I kissed you once and now you’re kissing somebody else!” jealousy, and put in a few other hacks while I was at it. Auto Yak was one of them. Aglaya stayed on the phone for about 10 hours, until I finally had her put it away.

Venyamin wanted to make friends with Liouba, and his aspiration was low, so I let him have an outing before skilling.

Malvina rejected Pavel for a date. I guess she’s pretty fixated on Dimitri. Well, maybe Pavel will have his chance to move in once Dimitri goes to college.

Marya’s got all her skilling scholarships! Now she can focus on that Alien Reparations scholarship.

Dimitri was right behind Marya, and now can play video games.

“Way to rub it in, you two. I’m trying to study here.”

Venyamin was a little behind the others, but he managed to get all his scholarships, too.

As soon as it was dark, Marya headed for the telescope.

“Wait! If I’d known it was going to be tonight I’d have gotten dressed first!”

Everyone but Grimalkin was asleep when Marya got back. She’d had a great trip, but wished the aliens hadn’t thrown her out of the spaceship from such a height.

That’s it for the Hamiltons! Next is Matthew Picaso.


Household: Hamilton


Games Ahoy, rank 9

Sofa City, rank 8

Uni fund contribution: $88,500 (taxes $20,800, levy $41,700, school fees $16,000)

Total uni fund: $783,100

Average contribution needed per remaining family: $19,800

Playable sims: 78

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2106

It’s time for the Hamilton family!

Back row: Aglaya, Marylena holding Pavel

Front row: Marya, Venyamin, Dimitri

I’m tired of kids getting up at 2 am and then wanting to go to bed as soon as they get home from school. So I’ve stopped queuing  actions for after sleep, so they stay in bed until 6 am. Hooray, sleeping children!

Aglaya, however, was allowed to get up early.

“Silly kids want a dog or a cat,” she grumbled to herself. “I’m already the one taking care of the bird.”

Marylena glitched and got stuck at work. Fortunately, she was restored through the power of cheats.

Since Marylena was sleeping, Aglaya took care of amusing Pavel.

Dimitri hadn’t done his homework the night before, so he sat down to do it as soon as he got up.

As soon as it was light out, it was Reno Day time! This is the upstairs pre-Reno – 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Since there wasn’t really a place for Pavel when he grew up, I added a room. Aglaya and Marylena got the new, larger master bedroom, complete with balcony, while Venyamin and Dimitri got the old master bedroom.

But that’s not all…

The Hamiltons are the first family in town with their very own pool! Just in time for summer.

Sadly, the kids had to head to school before they got a chance to try out the new pool.

As soon as the kids were off to school, Aglaya headed off to Games Ahoy.

Apparently Sandy changed her mind at the last minute. Poor Bolts.

Fortunately, another couple was able to successfully enjoy the photo booth.

Aglaya got the place up to Level 7. Venue businesses are much slower to level than sales businesses.

Back home, Marylena was the first to dive into the new pool.

She and Aglaya also tried out the new hammock.

Marylena was tired after all that exercise, so she stayed in the hammock for a nap.

Meanwhile, Aglaya taught Pavel a nursery rhyme, completing his toddler training.

Aglaya finished the portraits! They look nice.

That evening at 6 pm, the family gathered in the living room.

Pavel grew into a very cute child!

That evening, much of the family played in the new pool. The consensus was that it was awesome.

After the kids went to bed, Marylena and Aglaya had some snuggle time.

In the morning, Pavel spruced himself up with a new hairstyle.

Then he spent the morning playing Marco Polo with Marya.

Dimitri couldn’t join in the fun, as he’d left his homework until the last minute.

Venyamin really wasn’t all that interested in the pool. He preferred painting.

Pavel was excited for his first day of school.

Aglaya flew off to make the world safe for woohoo.

Marylena wanted to hire a maid, so hi, Kaylynn!

With everyone else out of the house, Marylena went out for a jog.

Aglaya lent Colin Cooke her flying abilities for the afternoon, so he could fly home from work with her.

The kids brought their cousins Nikifor and Feofil home with them.

Aglaya took care of helping Pavel with his homework.

Marylena was working hard toward her LTW of maxing all skills.

That night, the family and assorted guests gathered for the triplets’ birthday!

Dimitri was first. He became a Fortune/Pleasure sim with a LTW to earn 100k.

Next up was Venyamin, who became a Popularity/Pleasure sim with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.

Finally it was Marya’s turn. She chose Knowledge/Pleasure, with a LTW to top the Entertainment career.

(All 3 of them randomly rolled their aspirations and secondaries. I didn’t do the Pleasure thing on purpose.)

Marya got a new top before sitting down to dinner, which is apparently lobster in honor of the birthdays.

(Colin randomly prepared a meal. I’m having a lot of glitches going on with this family.)

Venyamin also got a new outfit, and the tree in the backyard has been burning for hours. *sells and replaces*

Not only is Marya a Knowledge sim, but her one true hobby is science! I deliberately kept her away from the telescope until now. *rubs hands gleefully*

Early the next morning, Aglaya and Marylena headed down to the games venue. They opened it up and let it run while Aglaya passed on her business perks, and I remembered why I usually don’t bother to do that. So tedious! And even though they were there for about 3 days, the venue still only gained one level, to level 8.

The Hamiltons have way too much money, so when they got home, Marylena sat down at the computer and bought herself a business.

Venyamin got a new hairstyle.

Dimitri got new pants, finishing off the makeovers.

Marylena maxed another skill, hurrah!

Before it even got light outside, Marylena, Aglaya, Marya, and Dimitri headed out to Willow Valley’s newest business!

The store is called Sofa City. As one might expect, it sells sofas and coffee tables.

Also, for the first time I actually put in an employee break room, rather than just having an energizer out on the lawn.

Brandi LeTourneau was their first customer, closely followed by Sophie Miguel. Dimitri and Aglaya shared sales duties, Marylena restocked, and Marya handled the cashiering.

The store gained stars quickly thanks to Aglaya’s dazzling, and by the time they left had reached level 4.

Marya needed max charisma to ensure herself a position in the Entertainment career, so she spent the morning talking to the bird.

Dimitri’s another tinkerer. Having maxed mechanical as a child, he now turned his attention to making robots.

Venyamin wasn’t interested in hobbies so much – he preferred to spend his Saturday making friends.

And maybe even more than friends.

(Only 1 bolt, but fine for a teen romance.)

Guess who this is? It’s Marsha Bruenig! She’s friends with both Marya and Venyamin, so she got to grow up with the triplets. Marya invited her over so she could stick her head in the ball and have a proper aspiration. She’s Fortune now – and has 2 bolts with both Dimitri and Venyamin!

Dimitri enjoyed a game of chess with his cousin Feofil, who’s only a few days younger.

Meanwhile, Pavel got to know his cousin Nikifor.

Marylena provided musical accompaniment, all day long.

Marya and Mhairi, both being knowledge sims, discovered that they got along quite well.

The word spread that the Hamiltons were having a party, and a couple more teens showed up.

Another first kiss!

Marya’s the only one left out – she hasn’t found anyone she has boltage with yet.

This happened immediately afterward.

Nobody’s made any commitments yet.

I figured out why Colin feels the need to cook – apparently his butler coding is still intact. *sigh* I turned the fridge around so he wouldn’t do it again.

“Do you think ghosts are real?

“I hope not, or else my grandpa might be one.”

Note how everyone is avoiding the sad, lonely burnt muffin.

Finally, everyone was sent home and Marylena could practice the piano in peace.

Marya again spent the night on the telescope. She was determined that she would learn all there was to know about the cosmos.

Venyamin had spent the evening going on dates and outings, so he stayed up all night cooking.

A brief trip to Sofa City got the business up to level 5.

In the morning, Marya hit it off quite well with the paperboy, Derek.

The Thayers were invited over for family Sunday!

Pavel and his cousin headed out to the backyard to enjoy the new basketball hoop.

Dimitri had Marsha over for a date as well, as Aglaya headed off to work.

Only 4 skill points to go!

The families enjoyed a delicious dinner of spaghetti. Lyov had decided that he was just going to have to put up with spaghetti during these visits, while Meadow and Nastasia rather enjoyed the chance to have something different.

Aglaya has 30 best friends!

It was a day full of family fun.

As soon as it was dark, Marya headed up to the telescope.

Mhairi came over for a date.

Marylena stayed up all night studying again.

Marya didn’t sleep either. How could she sleep when there was stargazing to be done?

Marya’s relationship with the paperboy progressed nicely.

Marylena earned her final cooking point, completing her LTW!

The kids headed to school, and Aglaya left for work.

Marylena spent the day catching up with the friendships she’d neglected during her quest for her LTW.

Aglaya earned $50,000 via chance card! They don’t need the money, but it will help with that university fund.

Pavel wanted a pet, and I’ve been meaning to get them a dog. So meet Grimalkin!

Marya took a break from her studies to welcome Grimalkin to the family.

Marylena and Aglaya were glad to have the opportunity to spend some time together on free will.

“Malky, you’re gonna be my dog, and we’re gonna have so much fun!”

I feel a little sorry for Pavel, being the odd one out, so the dog is mostly for him.

The Hamiltons concluded the season with a dinner of their favorite, spaghetti and meatballs.

Next up is Matthew Picaso.


Sims 59
Households 15
Owned lots 16
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 3
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 20
Population 1180
Uni funds 339000


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 6
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 6 (unlocked)
Criminal 1 of 2
Culinary 4 (unlocked)
Dance 1 of 1
Education 1 of 4
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 2 of 3
Journalism 0 of 2
Law Enforcement 3 of 3
Medicine 0 of 1
Military 1 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Politics 0 (unlocked)
Science 0 of 1 (2 special)
Slacker 1 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 9
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 8
Wired Bruce Rank 9
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 8
Sofa City Hamilton Rank 5
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 10
Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio Carr Rank 7
Paws Cooke-Pavlov Rank 4
Sunshine Floral St. Pavlov Rank 3
Sleep Soft Fairchild Rank 4
Tots Best Toys Bendett Rank 1

After a hiatus for various reasons (primarily moving and a new job), I’m back to Willow Valley!  Time for the 4th household, the Hamiltons.

Back row: Aglaya and a very pregnant Marylena

Front row: Dimitri, Venyamin, and Marya.

 “Look at the great tower I built! Now I get to…”

 “Knock it down! Yeah!”

“La de dah, making a yummy muffin.”

“Yep, totally a yummy muffin. Not burned at all. Nope.”

 Malvina: “Hi, I’m Malvina. I live next door.”

Dimitri: “You’re…beautiful.”

“Hey, Malvina, what’s that over there?”


Marya: “Hi, I’m the neighborhood phone stalker. Now that we’ve met, I’ll call you every day forever.”

Marsha: “Yeah, I bet you will. Amateur.”

It wasn’t long before things evolved into a free-for-all water balloon fight.

Late that night, after the kids were in bed, Marylena felt the onset of labor pains.

“This sucks! Aglaya is definitely having the next one.”

Next one? Wait, what?

Soon Marylena was holding baby boy Pavel, who had Aglaya’s exact coloring. 

“Only one? I was hoping for triplets, at least.”

Darn family sims.

It wasn’t long before Aglaya got home from work, and headed straight into the nursery.

“Aren’t you a cutie? And you look just like me. I do hope you’re the last one – I don’t want to be like my mother, raising seven children just because I married a family sim.”

After Pavel was fed and changed, Aglaya headed to the computer, where she was excited to finally get a response to her e-mail. She had authorization to become Willow Valley’s first police officer! She was more than happy to hang up the mantle of the Llama Queen.

“Our new brother is this big!”


Everyone woke up early, so Marylena fixed a delicious pancake breakfast.

“It looks like rain today. Make sure you have your raincoats handy if you play outside today, kids.”

“Yes, Mama,” the triplets chorused.

Then Aglaya headed off for her first day in her dream career, as the kids and Marylena finished their breakfasts.

“Marya, who broke the shower?” Marylena asked as she attacked the faucet with a wrench.

“Mm mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmm, mmm mmm mmmmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm.”

“My little brother’s really a triplet, just like me and my brothers, but the other ones got taken away on a rocket ship!” Marya gleefully explained to her friend.

The kids spent Sunday playing with their friends and their cousins Anya and Feofil.

“Grandpa, you should get an award for being the best grandpa ever!”

 “So, Pavel, you’re my tenth grandchild. Who would have thought?”

One of the kids desperately wanted a bird, so the family got a lovely avian friend named Agrippina.

“Finally, success! A perfect muffin!”

“You and I are going to be best friends, Agrippina!”

“Say ‘Environmental Protection Agency’, Agrippina!”

“Squawk! Recycling! Squawk!”

Finally, Monday arrived, and the kids headed off to school. They have plenty of money, so they get to go to private school.

 Marylena spent an uneventful day caring for the baby…

And talking to the bird.

“Where do you put gold, Agrippina?”

“Squawk! Safe! Squawk!”

“Clever birdie.”

Aglaya brought her sister home from work.

“So how are the kids? I can’t wait to play with them!”

“Aren’t you about to have one of your own?”

“Yeah, but I can spoil yours and then leave!”

So Nadezda played chess with her nephew, while Aglaya went right back to work.

Marylena was left to handle the homework training.

Aglaya came home with the flu! Alas.

She promptly went to the science station in the basement and cooked up a nasty tasting medicine.

“I don’t think the medicine worked! I still feel terrible!”

“Hush, Aglaya, it’s Pavel’s birthday.”

Cute! And while the triplets are all disturbingly nice, Pavel inherited Aglaya’s 1 nice point.

“Definitely still sick. I think I’ll go to bed.”

So Marylena was left to continue homework training alone.

Then I remembered that Marylena’s a family sim. Silly me. 1 bowl of Grandma’s Comfort Soup, coming right up.

“Ah, that’s doing the trick. I feel so much better.”

Just in time to take her turn with the homework teaching!

“You’re a really nice penguin. I wish we could keep you, but it’s getting warmer. You probably need to head back to the South Pole, don’t you?”

“Bunny! Me wub bunny!”

That afternoon, the triplets brought Mhairi Bruce home from school.

And Aglaya came home with a promotion to Captain Hero, achieving her LTW!

(She’s not unlocking a journalism spot, though, because she used her one career unlock when she topped Criminal.)

Also, Nadezda’s baby bump is now appropriately in place. There’s something weird about this kid.

The kids spent a great afternoon building block towers together.

“Hi, Mommy!”

“What are you kids doing up? It’s 2 am!”

“We went to bed at 5.”

“Yes! I’m the bestest building builder ever!” Dimitri shouted.

“Is this birthday cake from our awesome birthday party?”

“I think so.”

“Shouldn’t it be stale?”

“Don’t be silly. Birthday cakes are delicious forever.”

Time for school again.

Aglaya headed down to the store, where she met Bolts. The two got along quite well.

You know, if eating’s what you guys are into, there’s a restaurant next door.

(Yes, I still have No Playable Shoppers. The Hamiltons have lots of money, so they have a money order on the lot, and playables get free admission.)

“We have time for some sexytimes before the kids get home from school, right?”

That’s it for this season! Next up is the Picaso family.


Sims 45
Households 13
Owned lots 10
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 2
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 14
Population 630
Uni funds 245200


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 4
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 7 (unlocked)
Criminal 0 of 2
Culinary 1 (unlocked)
Education 1 of 2
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 1 of 2
Law Enforcement 2 of 2
Military 0 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Science 0 of 1 (3 special)
Slacker 0 of 1

Winter continues in Willow Valley with Household #4, the Hamiltons. Warning: This update has lots and lots of baby and toddler pictures.

Last time, Marylena (left) and Aglaya (right) had simultaneous pregnancies resulting in three babies: Dimitri, Venyamin, and Marya. No, I have no idea which baby is which.

Technically, the babies were born early in winter, and immediately after they moved out of their two bedroom starter home into a new house.

Their new house has 3 bedrooms + nursery and 3 bathrooms, and a lot more room than the old house. Much better for raising a big family.

Aglaya headed to work in her job in the Criminal career (because her LTW is to be Captain Hero, makes perfect sense, right?) and got demoted due to a bad chance card. Alas.

Bottle time for the babies! Fortunately they’re all on the same schedule.

Once the babies were all fed, Aglaya headed down to the arcade. It was still level 1, so she definitely needed to put in some time.

Aglaya: “You really want to buy a ticket. It’s the most awesome thing ever. EVER!”

Jan: “YesyesyesyesYES!”

Aglaya: “My dad, can you believe it? He got ELECTROCUTED!”

Brittany: “Ohmigod, really?”

Marylena: “So, I really needed to talk to you about something.”

Aglaya: “What’s that, Marylena?”

Marylena: *deep breath* “Iwantanotherbaby.”

Aglaya: “Um, we already have 3 babies.” *sigh* “Well, I did know you were a family sim when I married you.”

Oh no, it’s a burglar!

Wait, it’s just Aglaya. She got re-promoted.

“Who’s Mommy’s sweet little baby? Who’s my little sweetie?”

“Oh yeah, I rock. Level 9, baby!”

Aglaya goes to work about every 6 hours, it seems like, thanks to her constantly changing schedule.

Party time!

Sadly, Aglaya has never met Stepan, so he wasn’t invited. And there wasn’t enough room on the list for Noelle.

Yes, it’s time for the “triplets to grow up.



Marylena had to go to work before the third birthday. It didn’t occur to me until after she left that I could have just had her use a vacation day.

And finally, Marya!

They’re all super adorable.

The kids met some of their relatives.

And then everyone left.

Aglaya: “My bed’s up there. Can I go?”

No! You have three toddlers to make Smart Milk for!

Toys were bought for the nursery, and Dimitri discovered that his passion lay with tinkering.

The babies got their smart milk and went to sleep on their blankets.

“You got home just in time. They’re all asleep.”


Once the toddlers woke up, it was time for training in the most important skill.

Venyamin was the first to learn a skill!

*yawn* *stretch* “Well, that was a good day’s work.”

“Yay! You can walk now! Who’s Mommy’s big girl?”

Marylena has a clear favorite. Probably because Marya has a similar name and looks just like her.

Aglaya headed down to her sister’s store to buy some new clothes for the toddlers.

Then it was off to the arcade, where Aglaya made friends with Dand.

Toddlers post-makeover. Top to bottom: Dimitri, Marya, Venyamin. Don’t you love their adorable little winter outfits?

Yeah. They do this a lot.

Marylena managed to carve out some yoga time.

Marylena’s yoga interval, alas, was brief, because Marya still had to finish potty training.

“And the little brown bear realized that he was real, and he lived happily every after.”

Look who’s a Criminal Mastermind! Aglaya has unlocked an additional Criminal position, as well as positions in Law Enforcement and Intelligence. And a second position in Journalism will be open once the population reaches 1,000.

Aglaya promptly sent an anonymous tip to the Sim City police commissioner about the sharp upswing in crime and appearance of a criminal mastermind in the previously sleepy little town of Willow Valley. She waited eagerly for a response, but alas, didn’t hear back from him during the winter.

Synchronized bottle drinking!

“Yeah! I’m fit! Now it’s time for…”

“A nap. Mmmm, so good.”


Joe Carr came by for no good reason and hung out with Venyamin on the bunny head.

“Say high chair! Mommy keeps rolling the want for a high chair. Maybe one day we’ll get one!”


Aglaya got a chance card, and brought home a $60,000 bonus!

What is it about omelets in pregnancy?

“Go Ben Go!”

There is another controller, you know, ladies.

Ooh, Nadezda doing autonomous backrubbing! I have someone in mind for her, but I could be persuaded to change my mind for the right alternative. Ben Long is a fun one – and in case you were wondering, I happen to like his nose.

Also, the arcade got up to level 5 this visit.

Toddlers! They have THE CUTE!

Life is a little more hectic than it was during the first pregnancy.

“Oh my boolprop, I’m so big! Maybe there are four babies in there!”

Um, yeah. That would be… great.

Another party, and I got Noelle and Stepan over through the glory of Invite Household! Unfortunately, Sofiya couldn’t make it because she had to work.


 “Man, cake is AWESOME!”

Marya happened to be in the living room, so she was next even though technically she’s the youngest (by 30 seconds or so).


“I’m so adorable, aren’t I?”


“Growing up was awesome, Uncle Lyov!”

I liked Venyamin and Marya’s outfits, and everybody’s hair is staying the same, but Dimitri got new clothes.

And that’s it for the Hamiltons. Next up is the Picaso family. Let’s see if they’ll remain the only family in town without multiples.


Sims 31

Households 8

Owned lots 8

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 9

Population 279

Uni funds 169200


Adventure 0 of 1

Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 5 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 1

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1

At the beginning of Fall, Aglaya grew to an adult and moved out. She was finally on her own for the first time in her life, and she was so glad to get away from her overlarge family.

 I built a couple of small, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom houses on 2×2 lots to be used as starter homes, so that sims could have a house big enough to hold them, a partner, and a kid or two if necessary, and still leave them with enough to start a business. So this is Aglaya’s lovely little home for fall, though she’ll be moving out first thing in winter.

 Aglaya had some spare cash after furnishing her little house, so she headed to the computer and bought herself a business.

 Games Ahoy was one day going to be a busy arcade, with tons of games to play. It was a little sparsely furnished now, but Aglaya was sure she would be able to fill it up quickly.

(I’m also going to count it as a club, opening a Slacker position.)

“You can’t even believe how incredibly awesome this is, Dand! You’ll have so much fun!”

Aglaya was so glad she’d learned to dazzle during her teen years.

(Dand, of course, gets free admission as a playable, but I like to dazzle them on the first visit because they usually give a star.)

Back home, Aglaya perused the job listings. The only available job was Entertainment, which she had no particular interest in. Having nothing else to do, though, and being pretty low on cash, she went ahead and took it.

Then, bored, Aglaya made a booty call, but walked outside to find that some neighbors had come by to welcome her. Seeing no help for it, she went ahead and greeted them.

 One of the neighbors offered to set Aglaya up on a blind date. She was looking for that one perfect sim, so she accepted. But Makoto, although nice, was gay. They had a fun, friendly time together before ending the date.

(Aglaya’s bi, in case you’re wondering. I’ve got my ACR odds set on 20% gay and 20% bi, but a disproportionately large number of my playables seem to randomize to bi. I think the only gay ones so far are Julien Cooke and Sofiya Pavlov, but there are at least half a dozen who are bi.)

 As soon as the date was over, Aglaya headed into the bedroom with Ivy. She didn’t think their relationship would amount to anything more than a fling, but she was still up for fun.

Shortly after her first woohoo, Aglaya headed off to her job in Entertainment.

She hadn’t enjoyed it any more than she thought she would, so as soon as midnight hit she was back at the computer. The job she was hoping for still wasn’t listed, but there was a position in Business. Aglaya figured that was the best second choice, so she changed.

As soon as she got home from work that day (with a promotion), Aglaya invited over Marylena Hamilton, who you might remember gave Aglaya her first kiss at the quads’ birthday party. Aglaya had been thinking about Marylena a lot lately, and she thought that she just might be that one special sim.

What else would they do first?

Unfortunately, Marylena rejected Aglaya’s first invitation to move in.

After a bit more relationship building, Marylena finally agreed to stay.

They returned to the couch to celebrate.

Marylena is a Family/Knowledge sim. Her original LTW was Golden Anniversary, so she got a re-roll and rolled Max 7 Skills. Hooray!

Marylena has a job as a Mad Scientist. Since she has 10 logic points, I’m going to count that as “transitioning to adulthood with max logic” and let her keep the job. That also means that a position in Intelligence is open.

Marylena also brought in $13,000 in cash and over $20,000 in inventory items! It was more than enough to get the arcade fully decked out. Their average ticket price is now $56! I think that’s the highest average ticket price I’ve ever had.

Marylena rolled up the want to get engaged, and Aglaya accepted!

I want as many different last names in my town as possible, so all non-heirs who marry townies will take the name of their townie spouse, if that name isn’t represented in town already.

 Yeesh, they’re horny little bunnies! All these woohoos have been autonomous ACR, in the space of probably about 12 sim hours.

I can’t imagine cheering on my sister’s photobooth woohoo. Crayon Matthew Smith (the only failed makeover Nadezda couldn’t fix) looks like he disapproves.

And…um…somehow they’re both pregnant. There was this weird double lullaby; looks like Marylena got pregnant via risky woohoo while Aglaya got pregnant via try for baby.

That’s the second time I’ve had a same sex couple with concurrent pregnancies. Lesson learned. From now on, only one half of a couple will be able to get pregnant at a time (though of course that may switch off among same sex couples).

They’re going to end up with octuplets, probably.

Aglaya likes hats, so I gave Marylena a makeover, but I don’t like it. Shelby Barrett seems neutral on the subject.

As soon as Aglaya returned home from work (with another promotion), she went inside to make a phone call.

Party supplies were rented and placed in the tiny backyard. Aglaya hoped none of her guests would fall into the ditch at the back of the property.

Soon, Aglaya’s whole family arrived in their best formal wear. As glad as she was to be out of the house, she loved her family and would never want them to miss her wedding.

(Nadezda’s dress is frumpy, and I’m not sure how Jessica Picaso made it on the wedding list. Her dress is also frumpy, but she seems like a frumpy kind of person, so it can ride.)

Some guy crashed the wedding. Can you spot him? Also, who’s missing? It’s the Pavlov version of Where’s Waldo!

“I promise to love and cherish you all of my days, and not go completely insane when we have 8 babies.”

With the exchange of rings, Aglaya Pavlov became Aglaya Hamilton.

Of all the cheering guests, Leo was the loudest. His fondest dream had been to live to see all his children married, and now he was 1/6 of the way there.

Nadezda was the maid of honor, of course, as Aglaya’s closest sister, so she got to give the first toast. “To my wonderful older sister and her new wife. May you have years of happiness together and achieve all your dreams.”

Next it was time to cut the cake. Aglaya decided this was no time to be dainty, and shoved a mouthful of cake into her bride’s face.

So sweet.

Makari put a bit of a damper on the party when he had to head out early. “Sorry, sis, but I’ve been so tired lately for some reason. Also, Shelby won’t get out of your bathroom, and I really need to go.”

There was even more of a damper put on the party when the carpool pulled up for one of the brides.

(There was only about half an hour left of the party, and Marylena didn’t have any vacation days, so I figured I’d let her go to work.)

 Still ,there was time for Aglaya’s family to give her one last toast. The party ended a Roof Raiser.

As the guests headed out, Aglaya realized that she might just be happy forever.

(Sometimes I miss the pre-Freetime days when you actually had to achieve a LTW to get a sim permaplat. I don’t think I’ve ever had a born-in-game sim get farther than having their first child without getting it.)

Aglaya decided to carry on the family tradition of portrait painting, so she went ahead and got her self-portrait started.

As soon as midnight hit, Aglaya headed to the computer, where she found a response to an e-mail she’d sent to the Sim City Police Authority, asking why there were no law enforcement positions open in Willow Valley. She was told that the town was just too small and low crime to justify stationing an officer there.

Sighing, Aglaya turned to the job postings, and found one that made her think.

A few minutes later, she headed out the door to her newest job. Who did that Police Commissioner think he was, denying her a position in her dream career? She’d show him that there was plenty of crime in Willow Valley – even if she had to commit it herself!

Although Marylena and Aglaya were excited at the prospect of babies, they wished they were getting them one at a time.

The next day, Armando came over to yell at Aglaya for daring to look at his house through their telescope for a minute or two.

Aglaya didn’t care, though; it was time for a nice afternoon nap with Marylena.

Later that evening, Aglaya headed to work, preferring a promotion to sitting around on some stupid “maternity leave”.

The criminals were so intimidated that she had the guts to show up in her pajamas that she easily rose through the ranks.

The ladies spent most of their time sleeping and eating omelettes, with a little time for studying.

(Marylena got her old hair back! Yay! Also, while Aglaya’s quite well skilled, she’s a bit deficient in mechanical points, so she’s working on those while she still has fall on her side.)

Exciting, ain’t it? Really, these two are the most boring pregnant sims ever. They spend all their time taking care of their needs, but since they don’t have much else to do, they don’t entertain by passing out or peeing on the floor.

 OMG not an omelet!

 Aglaya continued to rise through the ranks, happily assassinating anyone who thought a pregnant Sim couldn’t hack it.


Finally, it’s time!

(Technically it’s winter now, but they’re moving first thing in winter, and I didn’t want to mess things up by moving them when they were imminently ready to deliver. Also, you may notice disappearing furniture; they’re all packed up and waiting to go, just awaiting babies.)

“Oh no! What do I do?”

“You have 5 younger siblings! Didn’t they give you any ideas?”

“I was sleeping when they were born!”

Marylena finally managed to twirl, and gave birth to a baby boy with her coloring. He was named Dimitri.

“Oh, boolprop! Here comes the other one!” Aglaya screamed.

Marylena quickly set Dimitri on the floor. “What do I do?”

Aglaya spun, and found herself holding a baby boy as well. He had Aglaya’s brown eyes, and was named Venyamin.

She handed Venyamin to Marylena and spun again. The last baby was a girl, named Marya.

(Cheating alert! The first time they had more babies – I’m not going to say how many more – so I exited without saving and tried again. Aglaya was originally going to have twins, so I figured this was the best I could hope for.)

Next time, look for this family as the Hamiltons!


Sims 25

Households 5

Owned lots 6

Unowned lots 1

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 8

Population 200

Uni funds 110500

CAS sims available 8

Fires 2

Burglaries 1

Electrocutions 2

Graves 0

Lvl 10 businesses 2

Business Tycoons 1


Architecture 1 of 1

Athletic 1 (unlocked)

Business 1 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 1

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 1 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market, Pavlov, Rank 10

A Whole New You, Pavlov, Rank 5

Club C, Cooke, Rank 10

Cooked To Perfection, Cooke, Rank 3

Wired, Bruce, Rank 5

Games Ahoy, Hamilton, Rank 1