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It’s time for the Parker family!


 Left to right: Zinaida, Stepan, Akim, Brittany, Lyosha


The kids got a rare bit of playtime in before I realized they were up and made them go study.


Shura and Ryan moved out. I said way back when that Shura would stay and be the heir, but I changed my mind after she hung around as an adult for two full seasons. She’s still going to keep the plantsim line going, but not for a while. We’ll see her and Ryan again at the end of the season.


The kids were sad to see their big sister go, but dutifully headed off to school. Private school, of course. The Parkers are nearly as rich as the Carrs.


As soon as the kids were gone, Stepan and Brittany headed down to Store #4 to sell dining room sets.


After a day and night of just Brittany and Stepan, they called Akim to come down. He got his gold sales badge, and was very obliging in rolling up wants to make sales and for customers to earn stars despite being a Knowledge/Popularity sim.



The shop reached level 9 before everyone headed home.


Brittany headed off to take a nap, so Stepan spent the day on the phone with his friends. Akim was magically transported back to school.


Akim returned home with a want to make friends with Eva, so she came over to hang out.


Zinaida and Lyosa both got homework. And no school bus friends.


Zosia Kozlow came by, so Zinaida went out to meet her. With a thought bubble of herself, and 3 of 4 wants involving making friends. I wonder if Zinaida’s trying to tell me something?


Stepan spent the night on the flower bench after the kids had gone to bed.


Akim was excited that his outing with Eva had maxed his motives, so that he could spend the night on the couch studying.


As much as I like the Rock God outfit, the hours stink. So after getting home from work, Brittany got a job in Education.


Akim maxed his mechanical skill!


As a reward, he got to slave away on the robot bench.

He didn’t mind too much, as his OTH is Tinkering.


Brittany tended the garden before heading to bed, determined that the plants wouldn’t suffer just because there was one less plantsim in the house.


When Zinaida and Lyosha got up in the morning, they were immediately set to skilling until the school bus came. I’m a cruel taskmaster.


“Bye, Akim.”

“Bye, Brittany. Have fun at the new job.”

“As long as I get promoted and get out of this terrible outfit.”

snapshot_fc77a632_c0095660Stepan had the day off. He spent most of the day playing with Snickerdoodle.


He also spent some time on the phone, keeping up with his many friends.


Akim got homework, but sat down right away to get it done.


Finally, a school bus friend! Drina Bendett came home with Zinaida. Also, Brittany got a promotion.


Off to Dining in Style, where Brittany and Stepan earned huge sacks of money.


Anya Pavlov gave the star that got the business up to level 10! Only one more to go!


Akim used the wishing well to wish for love…


 And got Catriona Bruce, who’s supposed to be going steady with his cousin Adam.

Since they fell in love as soon as she fell from the sky, I figured they might as well go on a date.


 Stepan and Brittany stopped at Tots Best Toys while they were out and picked up an automatic dog washer. I need to have more of my families with dogs get them.


 Late that night, Stepan maxed his Arts & Crafts enthusiasm and got all glowy. Plantsim + Journalism reward + max hobby enthusiasm means I suspect he can stay at that flower bench pretty much forever.


 Early in the morning, Brittany bought her 5th and last business.


 Lyosha and Zinaida spent the morning skilling, as usual.


“Someday when you go to college you can make the Dean’s List, and then they’ll give you grant money. That’ll help you get a good start on getting rich.”


I’m highly amused by Stepan in full diving suit, cramming into a 4 door sedan.


Brittany and Stepan both got promotions, and Brittany brought home Samantha Ottomas for the second day in a row.


Zinaida brought home Samantha’s daughter Sharla.


Without even taking time to change out of their work uniforms, Brittany and Stepan headed down to Brittany’s newest business, The Rummage Basement!

(Disclaimer: The Rummage Basement does not contain a basement.)


The store exists to sell all the craftables, produce, and fish clogging up the family’s inventories. I added a couple of clothing racks and some groceries, and later some decorative knickknacks, just for flavor.


“You like to cook, right? Wouldn’t you love a random salt shaker thingy?”

The business got up to level 4 before Stepan and Brittany headed home.


Lyosha saw Jordon Cooke walking by and hurried out to greet him, while Stepan chatted on the phone.


Brittany needed a logic point for work, but unfortunately couldn’t find anyone to play chess with her.




“Urgh! You killed me! Now I’m going to haunt you forever!”

Some sims express their friendship in different ways.


Birthday time!


Zinaida became a Fortune/Pleasure sim with a LTW to top the Show Business career. I guess she really wants a nose job. Can’t say that I blame her.


The hair still works, but she got some new clothes and makeup.


The family sat down to a delicious meal of sparkly ribs from the grill for dinner, and Brittany shared all of her favorite money making tips with Zinaida.


Zinaida and Lyosha went out to harvest the plants before bed.


“Are all the kids in bed?”


“Party on the couch!”


Zinaida was excited the next morning to finally get to jam on the Rock Hammer. Her OTH is Music & Dance, after all.


Off to The Rummage Basement.

“You definitely need some new clothes. Really make the guys stand up and take notice!”


I decided to see if I could get playable sims into new clothes. Turns out I can! Josiah seemed pleased with his new duds.


Zinaida came down to help out, and earned her gold sales badge. She also managed to stay in platinum for the 12 hours or so she was there. The store was up to level 7 by the time they went home.


Back home, Stepan made a new best friend. Because there’s no such thing as “enough” best friends.


Stepan’s outfit amuses me here.

“What? Rain? How will our solar panels make us money?”

Yes, I bought them half a dozen solar panels, and they got a credit of over $100 on their last set of bills.


Zinaida brought home David Ottomas. They have a bolt, which is good enough for her, and apparently for him too.

They will not be getting together as adults. Can you imagine the noses their poor children would have?


Jus a little lightning hitting the tree. Pretty.

(No, the tree did not catch on fire. This time.)


Akim and Lyosha spent some time bonding after the storm.


“I’m going to go to college, and then I’m going to be a movie star, and own a business, and make tons of money.”

“That’s great, kid.”

“Just don’t marry a family sim, or you’ll end up with six kids and a toy store that can’t seem to make any money.”


It’s not Reno Day just yet, but I got them a new couch. Technically not against the rules since I didn’t go into Build Mode at all.


Then I moved the old couch into the study (the room that used to be Ryan and Shura’s) so that Brittany could take a nap.

She got aspiration points while napping for Zinaida getting a scholarship.


Getting a “gain a skill point” want is easy when there’s a huge greenhouse in the backyard.


Stepan continued his floral studies while everyone else was asleep.

snapshot_fc77a632_800d3887Reno Day project #1: Zinaida’s room. I think she’s grown out of the princess carpet and pink canopy bed.


Akim has a double bed, so Zinaida got one too, along with a money tree for her Fortune sim “earn some money” wants.


Brittany was still tired after her nap, so she went to bed early, but she got up in time for some stargazing.


Reno Day Project #2: Fix up the back of the house


I built a sunroom onto the back of the house, and you can just see the new stone patio I put in outside.


There’s a lovely little balcony for stargazing over the sunroom.


And there’s a brand new pool!

I should put in more pools, really. This is only the second pool I’ve built in the neighborhood (although the Bendetts got one accidentally with their Stupidly Huge Maxis House).


Akim was forced to weed the garden instead of playing in the pool, but he got his bronze gardening badge.


Zinaida wanted a bubble blower. Since they have a brand new room to put it in, I figured, why not?


A shot of the addition and the patio during the day.


It was Saturday, so Stepan had to go to work while everyone else got to stay home.


Whoops. Too much sparkly food.


“Yeah, I know. Every time there’s a party in this town, it’s a family reunion.”

Brittany spent the whole day working on logic points for work. The kids pretty much ran wild.


Wild, I say!

When Zinaida invited Dustin over, he brought his grandfather as his friend. Hot.


Akim wasn’t really on board with the idea of stealing his cousin Adam’s girlfriend, so he headed back to the well for another wish.


Not an auspicious start. It does look like it was Akim doing the rejecting, despite two bolt chemistry.

Alas, she’s a vacation townie, and therefore will also not be a viable option for casual dating during Akim’s teen years.


Lyosha wanted to fish, so he went to the pond. Then he decided he wanted to catch a bass. That’ll only take a few minutes, right?


Alas, a promotion. That means a new outfit tomorrow.


Dustin likes full face makeup, so Zinaida tried some out. It put them up to two bolts, plus she looks kind of cute with the whiskers.


“Oh…but…I wanted a bass.”

Poor Lyosha. He ended up fishing for about twelve hours straight, and his hunger and bladder bars were both a nice orange by the time he finally caught his fish.


“So you really like the whiskers, huh?”

“Yeah, baby!”


Zinaida would just like to point out that she got her googly-eyed purple heart memory before her brother who’s 7 days older. And she’s not even a Romance sim!


She spent the evening rocking out. She’s keeping the whiskers.


Dustin hung out with Akim. They’re BFFs.


OMG gold flower arranging badge! I can’t believe I didn’t have someone in Willow Valley get one of these sooner.


Good for now, until she eats more sparkly food.


I almost forgot to have them put in their last 24 hours at the store, but remembered at the last minute. They got to level 9! Hopefully Brittany will manage her LTW next season.


 Stepan got back to work as soon as they got home, and soon had the very first snapdragon!


 By the time the season changed to summer, there was a snapdragon in almost every room. Hooray!

That’s it for the Parkers. Next is the Fairchild family.


Family: Parker


Sunshine Floral, Rank 10

Parker Statuary, Rank 10

Skate World, Rank 10

Dining in Style, Rank 10

The Rummage Basement, Rank 9

General fund contribution: $40,500 (taxes $34,500, school fees $6000)

Playable sims: 121

Sim multiplier: 56 (+1 as The Rummage Basement is the 45th community lot)

Population: 6776


Time for the Pavlov/Parker family, aka the Plantsim family.


Left to right: Brittany with Zinaida, Stepan with Lyosha, Shura, Akim

snapshot_fc77a632_1e81ac6eStepan finally finished Brittany’s portrait!


This is another family I planned on a day 1 reno for, so they got the upstairs finished. Akim’s moving into the room with the double bed, while Zinaida will get the purple room and Lyosha will eventually get the blue room.


The family got a genie lamp last season that they didn’t use right away. I don’t think it’s much of a mystery what Stepan wished for.


As soon as it was light out, Brittany headed down to Skate World. She wants 5 top businesses, and Skate World is #3. It’s currently at level 6.


The empty, unclaimed lands of the Business District. Clearly, we need more businesses to fill the place up.

Brittany got the place up to level 7 before heading home.


She arrived just as everyone was heading off to work and school.

“Hi, Brittany!”

“Have a good day at school, Akim!”


Brittany had the day off, so while everyone else was gone she got her genie wish and tidied up around the place.


She spent time with the little ones too, of course, when they weren’t napping.


After work, Shura headed down to Skate World. She met the blond dormie guy, who she has three bolts with, but they both swoon over Ramsay.


Ramsay had a great time visiting.


I decided to try Shura out with a normal skin – she’s still a Plantsim, I’m just using the sim blender to make her look normal. I think I’ll keep her like this.


After school, Zinaida and Akim spent some time on the block table.


“Hi, Daddy! It’s my birthday!”

“I know, Akim. Give me just a minute and we’ll get your party started.”


Shura invited Ryan over, too. Even though she’s only got two bolts with him, apparently she likes him better than the dormie guy.


Stepan invited over a large selection of family members for a birthday party!


He made sure some teenagers were included in the party.


Zinaida enjoyed meeting her aunt Aglaya.


And it’s birthday time! I decided to do things differently than usual and grow the baby up first.


Between the evil eyebrows and the pink tuxedo, Lyosha reminds me of a Bond henchman.


Nice outfits for a kids’ birthday party, guys.


Next it was Zinaida’s turn to grow up.


Every single party I have is a crazy zoo, and also counts as a family reunion.


“Look at me, I’m cute!”

Well…sort of. That nose is rather unfortunate on girls.


And finally, it was Akim’s turn.


“Akim who? I have cake!”


Akim is still adorable, and became a Knowledge/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Dance career.


First of all, there are no neighbors to complain, because all the neighbors are at the party. Second, the party’s not even a Roof Raiser yet! I really think either the cops should hold off until the party’s a Roof Raiser, or their arrival should make it a Roof Raiser.


Zinaida found her new bedroom all by herself, before I had a chance to give her a makeover.


I thought about giving Akim a more grown-up hairstyle, but he just looks so darn cute with that one. So new clothes will have to do.


Lyosha also got a nice makeover. He looks much more relaxed now.


Shura used the last wish. More money, of course.


Zinaida got her makeover. She’s definitely growing on me even with her unfortunate nose.


Zinaida was a little sad to learn that school was cancelled because of the snow; she had looked forward to making new friends. She consoled herself with her dollhouse.


Akim was also sad, although he was cheered by the knowledge that he would be able to study at home.


Zinaida showed an inclination toward the artistic, while Lyosha preferred to build with the blocks.


Shura left Stepan and Brittany on a date as she headed off to work.


After Stepan left for work, Zinaida helped Brittany weed the garden.


“Well, Mr. Snowman, welcome to the household!”


Stepan got fired. Stupid chance cards.

He decided not to look for another job right away – not until Lyosha had learned all his skills, anyway.


Akim is very dedicated to his skilling, there.


Shura came home with a promotion to Business Tycoon! Only 3 more businesses to the next BD.


She spent the afternoon teaching Rosalie to sit up.


“So, I wonder when we’re getting a new family member.”

“Well, I think Aunt Meadow’s having a baby pretty soon.”


“So, you like studying too?”

“Oh, yeah! And school! School’s the best!”


Brittany topped the Music career, hooray!

“Eh, whatever.”


Apparently it’s Outing Gift Night. Because the family is clearly so urgently in need of money.


Shura was glad to be done with Business, and was thrilled when she found a position in Oceanography right away.


Stepan headed down to Skate World to dazzle some customers. This place needs to get to level 10.


He invited Brittany over for some fun.


And Dand gave the star that got the place to level 10! Hooray! 3 of 5 done!


Shura got a promotion via chance card and went right back to work.


Brittany did occasionally spend a little time with her kids. In her underwear, but whatever. She was just glad that Stepan had two other kids that weren’t hers to make his Family secondary happy – she was way too busy making money to deal with more little ones.


In the interest of making money, Brittany purchased her fourth business.


Dining In Style sells tables, chairs, and decorative “juice” racks.


Akim came along, and earned his bronze sales badge and $5,000. The place got up to level 2.


Akim felt sorry for Zinaida, who wouldn’t have a chance to go to school and meet friends until her fourth day of childhood. So he invited over his friend Dustin Cooke to play with her, and invited Dustin to bring Sharlene. Akim was excited to meet his alien half-sister for the first time.


They were all having a great time outside when Shura got home with another promotion. She got a bad chance card this time, but only lost $1,000 – pocket change in this family.


Brittany headed off to work in her awesome Rock Goddess outfit while Zinaida enjoyed a game of chess with Dustin.


Zinaida and Dustin were good friends by the time he had to go home.


Sharlene felt right at home on the Rock Hammer. She looks pretty serious about rocking out there.


Shura was bored, and her OTH is tinkering, so I got her a robot bench. Stepan spent the evening teaching Zinaida to play chess.


Brittany did a killer solo and got a $35,000 bonus. You can tell how excited she is about it.


Venue businesses tend to lead to lots and lots of outing gifts.


Akim finished earning all his skill scholarships, after only two days as a teen! He didn’t have time to get dressed, but that hardly matters.


Lyosha learned a nursery rhyme, and is all done with toddler training!


Since he was done with skill scholarships, Akim decided he might as well go for Alien Reparations.


The adults headed to the newest store, where Stepan dazzled like a maniac and got the place up to level 5.


The Pavlovs came over for family Sunday.


Brittany got a gold gardening badge! Also, isn’t it nice of the gardener to help out?


None of you have ever been to Three Lakes! Stop doing the slap dance!


“I have three best friends. Isn’t that awesome? Hey, maybe you can be the fourth.”


Shura made chef salad. I’m pretty sure it’s the only time she’s ever cooked, or eaten, but it’s leaves, so it should be ok.


Birthday time!


That outfit is just perfect for him.


Shura invited over her boyfriend Ryan. Even after a date with a 3 bolt college student, he’s still her One Sim. And right after meeting another 2 bolter at the store, she rolled the want to talk to him. So, since she’s clearly made her choice and is only a couple of promotions from her LTW, she asked him to move in.


The nursery was redecorated so Ryan and Shura could have a bedroom.

“I used to play with toys in here!”


“Shura, I have something very important I want to ask you.”

“Yes, Ryan?”


“Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”



After a makeover, Ryan’s got an absent-minded professor look going. He’s a Knowledge/Fortune sim who wants to be a Mad Scientist. He really didn’t qualify to marry in since he and Shura are both Knowledge and only had two bolts, but I changed his turn ons and gave him glasses to get them up to three bolts.


He promptly headed out to the telescope.


“Can you believe how much snow we’ve had this winter?”

Akim made dinner at about 3 in the morning, which is why Brittany is in her PJs.


Shura came home early with a chance card promotion and went right back to work.


Ryan thought it was kind of strange that Shura had a sister and brother who were still kids, but he was reassured when he found that Zinaida liked to play chess and talk about algebra.


Finally, school. It’s the first day for both Zinaida and Lyosha, since Friday was a snow day.


Reno Day! Brittany wanted a $1000 dresser, and I said, sure, why not? I also bought nice fixtures for the downstairs bathroom, and got them a new table and two more chairs.




Shura came home with a promotion to Hand of Poseidon, achieving her LTW!

Her new LTW was to max all skills. She’s about 3 skill points away from that.


Store, dazzle dazzle, level 7, etcetera.


Back home, it was time for homework and more studying.


If one wants to be a Mad Scientist, one must expect to spend significant amounts of time at the telescope.


Now that Lyosha was a child, Stepan supposed it was about time he got another job. He took a job in the Adventure career.


“Thanks for making chips for dinner, Akim.”

“Hey, no problem.”


So, Shura completed her second LTW. That’s two LTWs in one day. Pretty sure it’s the first time that’s ever happened.

Shura’s new LTW is, fittingly, to be a Mad Scientist.


That’s it for the Pavlov/Parker family! Next we have the Fairchilds.


Family: Pavlov/Parker


Sunshine Floral, Rank 10

Parker Statuary, Rank 10

Skate World, Rank 10

Dining in Style, Rank 7

General fund contribution: $18,000 (taxes $16,000, school fees $2,000)

Heading into the homestretch of the rotation now with the Pavlov/Parker family.

Left to right: Brittany, Stepan, Akim, Shura

Shura’s still working hard on fishing, to get into her LTW career of Oceanography. Hopefully she can get her gold badge before the pond freezes over for the winter.

Brittany and Stepan have a lot of work to keep the huge garden tended.

Since it was Saturday, Akim decided he was just going to jump rope in his pajamas and play with the dogs all day.

The three adults headed off to their business, Parker Statuary, where they made plenty of money filling those lovely gold bags.

After about 24 hours, the store reached level 10! That’s 2 of 5 done for Brittany’s LTW.

Back home, Shura paid the taxes, and then found a job in Business! Even if she gets her gold badge, I’ll probably still make her become a Business Tycoon before switching over to Oceanography for her LTW.

Puppies! So many puppies. The family has two adult dogs and three puppies.

Brittany bought her next business, which cost $110,000. It’s pretty cool, but the family didn’t have much money left over. That’s why they didn’t pay their levy right away.

Poor Rosalie was pretty worried about Akim, until she got the hang of the “Play Dead” trick.

Shura got her silver badge! Brittany took a maternity leave day, and spent most of the day working on her creativity.

Is that blood? What the heck have those puppies been doing in the doggy beds?

Stepan got a promotion!

This is one of the few houses where I don’t have any permaplat sims, so I’ll be happy when Stepan gets his LTW.

Shura wanted to become fit, so she spent the evening doing yoga.

Just in time for Akim to go to bed, I did a little renovation. At the moment, Akim has the second floor all to himself.

“Yeah, my wife is so huge, she’s bigger than a sumo wrestler.”

“Stepan! Get off the phone! It’s time!”

Say hello to baby Zinaida! Zinaida’s got Brittany’s blue eyes, and blonde hair from her grandpa Leo.

Shura was very excited to have a baby sister, even if it did make her the middle child.

Time for a little puddle splashing to make the night complete.

Shura’s aspiration was pretty low by morning, so she invited over that guy she had her first kiss with over at the Carr’s for a date.

Off to the new business! It’s a roller rink, called Skate World.

Despite the place being chock full of fun – it even has a concession stand! – the average ticket price is still only $27. Definitely not fair considering it cost $110,000. So the family will be dazzling to get sims to pay $100 an hour, to recoup their costs.

Heh, Stepan can’t skate.

Back home, it was time for the puppies to grow up! Violet’s the only one that looks at all like Rosalie.

Clover looks just like Snickerdoodle.

Phil looks like a shaggy version of Snickerdoodle.

The Hamiltons came over for family Sunday.

Everybody loves to smustle on the lawn in the rain!

There was no way the family was keeping five dogs, so Violet was given to Aglaya – she’s already got a male dog at home.

Since Clover looked just like his dad (and the rest of Danny and Sarah’s puppies), Shura sold him to her townie boyfriend.

Snickerdoodle came home with a promotion to Rescue Pet!

“Hi there. Are you my cousin?”

“Yeah, probably.”

Aw, townie guy is actually really cute with Clover. Maybe he can adopt him if he ever gets moved in.

“Mommy and Daddy are woohooing, yes they are! Don’t worry, big sister will take care of you.”

One more dog to get rid of, so Brittany called over her friend Ashton and gave him Phil. Ashton’s a family sim, so hopefully his kids will enjoy a dog.

I don’t know what happened, but Anzhelina seems to be furious at Pavel.


Unfortunately, Brittany had just sent everyone home, so I didn’t get to see the drama play out.

Akim was rather glad that everyone had gone home, and he could read in peace.

Stepan and Shura spent the night in the greenhouse, talking to the plants and harvesting delicious produce.

The next morning, Shura headed off to her very first day in the business career.

“Yay, leftover pancakes!”

“Aren’t you going to work, Dad?”

“In just a few minutes, son. I’m just waiting for your grandma.”

“Hey, Mom, can you watch the baby today? I’m the only one with vacation days, and I’m just a hair away from my lifetime want.”

“Of course! I’m always happy to watch my grandkids.”

Brittany’s at the fancy dress stage of the Music career.

Zinaida was sleeping, so Larisa spent the first few hours of her babysitting time playing with the dogs.

Stepan topped the Journalism career, achieving his LTW!

I’m not sure whether the old guy there is smustling, or just threw out his back.

Stepan also brought home a cold, so he headed straight to the juicer for orange juice. Poor Zinaida was on the floor, but Stepan didn’t dare touch her until he was cured.

Since Stepan was sick, Shura and Akim took care of the garden.

Brittany got a promotion and a preggo pop.

Birthday time!

Zinaida had this weird squinty eye thing going on, so I had a hard time getting a picture of her. Also, she’s got evil eyebrows, but 6 nice points.

Since Stepan’s permaplat now, and not pregnant, he headed to Skate World and got the place up to level 3.

Back home, the plantsims engaged in their usual nighttime activities of fishing and gardening while the rest of the household slept.

Akim had leftover birthday cake for breakfast. He wanted to play with Zinaida afterward, but Daddy said she was busy learning to walk.

Brittany had a healthy vegetable smoothie for breakfast. Yum!

Then she took her maternity leave day to work on her skills.

Stepan also took a vacation day, so he could get the garden tended perfectly.

“Bunny! Bunny is my fwiend.”

Pop #2!

Stepan invited the Garden Club over to do an inspection just as Akim got home from school.

Brittany headed off to Skate World.

The photo booth was extremely popular among both married couples…

And cheaters.

Brittany’s aspiration got a little low, so she invited Stepan over for a date. They ended up making use of the photo booth themselves.

Back home, the Garden Club completed their inspection and rewarded the family with a wishing well! Hooray!

Stepan got the first wish. He doesn’t need love or money, so he wished for wealth. Only $1000, so it’ll probably pretty much just be used for wishing for friends or romance.

Akim and Zinaida became good friends at the block table.

Shura got her gold badge! Of course, I never get the over the head icon when I really want it.

She’s level 8 in the Business career, so I’m going to have her top that before moving on to Oceanography.

Stepan headed off to Skate World for the last visit of the season, and got the place up to level 5.

Back home, Akim got in a little chess before school.

Stepan painted his own portrait ages ago, but he’s been slacking on getting Brittany’s done.

Score! Genie lamp!

I put in the corner. They can use it next season.

Everyone headed off to work and school, leaving Brittany with Zinaida and a fridge full of leftovers.

“Yeeow! Going into labor while mopping up dog pee? Totally unfair!”

Brittany had a baby boy, named Lyosha. He’s got Stepan’s black hair and brown eyes, and Brittany’s fair skin.

The nursery was decorated in an alien green theme back when Akim was born, and no one ever saw any reason to change it.

“Yay, I have a brother! If it had been another girl, I’d have been way outnumbered.”

Since it was the last day of fall, Brittany sat down and paid all the money the family owed into the town fund, a total of $82,900.

(One of the reasons I’m keeping up the extra money collecting, even though I’ve got the university, is that it’s helping to get families’ finances into a state where they might actually have to be concerned about money a little.)

Shura got up to level 9 of the Business career, and brought home Annika Richter.

Stepan got a $48,000 bonus via chance card!

(See what I mean about getting rid of extra money?)

Feofil stopped by for a visit, which he really should do more often since he only lives across the street.

Shura got a bad chance card and lost 3 logic points, so she spent the night trying to get them back.

That’s it for the Pavlov/Parker household! Next up is the Fairchild family.


Household: Pavlov/Parker


Sunshine Floral, Rank 10

Parker Statuary, Rank 10

Skate World, Rank 6

Town fund contribution: $98,400 (taxes $15,500, levy $30,900, windfalls $49,000, school fees $3000)

Total town fund: $209,400

Playable sims: 81 (+2 this rotation)

Sim multiplier: 38 (+1 this rotation due to 30th community lot purchased)

Population: 3078


It’s time for the youngest Pavlov, Stepan!


Stepan with baby Akim.

Not pictured are the two dogs, Snickerdoodle and Rosalie.

Stepan moved into a new house. It’s not much bigger than his old one, but it’s on a much bigger lot. He has super green grass just because.

Stepan’s helicopter came, but of course he wasn’t going to work – he had to stay home and take care of Akim.

Stepan went in to pay his taxes. Move along, nothing to see here.

Stepan used his inheritance money to plant a nice big garden.

“Who are my good puppies?”

The Welcome Wagon had fun playing with the dogs.

Stepan invited Brittany over!

Stepan’s new pond proved quite popular.

Birthday time for Akim!

He’s a cutie, and has a terrific alien personality – 7/0/10/0/10.

“I wonder if Stepan would notice if I just took this baby home with me.”

Um, sorry, you can’t do that.

Brittany agreed to move in! She’s a Fortune/Popularity sim with a LTW to own 5 top businesses – yikes, another one! She brought $18,000 plus about $15,000 in inventory items. She’s also a General in the military, so that opens an Intelligence position.

Brittany noticed that Stepan’s furnishings were a little lacking. She decided that she wanted to live in a house with a kitchen and a bed, so most of her money was spent building a kitchen and buying a bed. The rest was used to build a greenhouse around the garden.

Aw. Look at Rosalie with her eyes closed in puppy bliss.

 “I’m so glad I invited you to move in, Brittany.”

“Ugh, my head feels funny. Is that pollen?”

“Oh, look, it’s a seedling.”

Stepan’s plantbaby is a girl, named Shura.

Shura proved quite popular with the rest of the family.

Brittany and Stepan headed down to the flower shop, where they earned some badges and got the business up to level 7. Normally I’ve been having them roll for their business perks, but Stepan took only money perks as he’s going to transfer the business to Brittany for her LTW.

Normally I have my families work their businesses a total of 24 hours during the course of the season, but since Brittany’s LTW is 5 top businesses, I’ll try to get them to work their businesses 24 hours each day of the rotation, for 120 hours total. I’m sure if I had each family do this my SM would be much higher, but I wouldn’t be able to stand that much business running in every household.

During a break to get aspirations up, Brittany surprised Stepan by getting down on one knee.

“Stepan, will you marry me?”

“Of course I will!”

Back home, Brittany headed to work, while Stepan took a vacation day to care for the toddlers.

Hooray for the block table!

I kind of wish sims could teach plantbabies the regular skills. Maybe not potty training as they have no need for it, but at least walking and talking. But hey, we have the nursery rhyme!

In the afternoon, Brittany and Stepan worked on getting the garden established.

Turns out Brittany’s OTH is Nature! Between that and her LTW, she really lucked out when she snagged a plantsim.

Since Brittany’s going to need a lot of money to buy 5 businesses, and she’ll ultimately make more climbing the career ladder than she will at the top of a career, she quit her job in Military and took a position in the Music career instead.

It was quite late by the time Stepan finally finished planting all the crops.

“Oh, so this is what a bed is for.”

They decided to have a quiet late night wedding ceremony right there in the bedroom.

Brittany’s had a want for Snickerdoodle to get a promotion pretty much since she moved in, so she taught him to shake.

Shura maxed her mechanical skill! That’s…actually kind of sad. Since she now has max Charisma, Logic, Creativity, and Mechanical, there’s no more skilling she can do for her remaining 36 hours of toddlerhood.

“Really, Stepan? You want to give me Sunshine Floral?”

“Well, you want 5 top businesses, and it’s already level 7, so you should have it.”

Then it was time to head back to the store, where the business got up to level 8.

“They told me I needed glasses, but I was like, ‘Pshaw, no’.”

Nadezda has no intention of buying anything, apparently – she just came to hang out.

“I’m so happy with this view, the happiness is just exploding out of my head!”

Yeah. Spores of Happiness. I should use them more often.

Back home, Shura discovered her passion for splashing in filthy puddles and making a huge mess.

“So, Akim, I hear you like to drink milk.”


“I wouldn’t know what that’s like, myself, but it sounds interesting.”

Shura discovered the radio. Definitely less messy than the puddles.

Bronze badge, hooray! I put in the huge garden because long term this is going to be a plantsim house – Shura is already the heir. I’m figuring most likely there will be 2-3 plantsims around most of the time. But for right now, the garden is too much for just Stepan.

Aunt Aglaya came to visit! She held Shura, snuggled her, and played with her for about 6 sim hours.

Puppies! I named them after flowers – the girl is Violet, and the boys are Clover and Phil (short for Philodendron).

Even after a date, Brittany was really hungry, so she made herself some spaghetti.

“Shura’s puppy!”

That would be great if I knew which one that was.

Snickerdoodle got a promotion, hooray! Now I can have green dogs.

“Chibi tamba luna…Akim?”


“No, we’re inside.”

“Go outside!”

Back to the flower shop. Shortly after arriving, it reached level 9.

Stepan got a gold restocking badge! As you can see, he needs it.

Melissa Fancey gave Sunshine Floral its 125th star! Level 10, hooray!

Brittany promptly rolled up the want to buy another business.

Snickerdoodle and Brittany shared a carpool.

“Is this…yes! They’re looking for a journalist to write a Willow Valley section for the Maple Hills news! I’m their man!”

Lucky for Stepan, his brother happened to be visiting.

“Vanya, I got a job in my dream career!”

“That’s great, Stepan!”

“They want me to start right away. Do you think you could watch the kids for me for a few hours?”

“Sure, no problem. Good luck!”

Vanya made a great nanny. Of course, it wasn’t surprising, as he’s got plenty of experience with his own two sets of twins.

Triple promotion!

(Why do the dogs always pee on the sidewalk? There’s grass. Right there. Lovely green grass.)

“You know that guy Stepan? He had two kids out of wedlock!”

Stepan had gone right back to work earlier, and returned a couple of hours later with a chance card promotion. He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?

Time for a double birthday!

Akim continues to be adorable, but that shirt color doesn’t suit him.

Shura became a Knowledge sim, with a LTW to top the Oceanography career. She still hadn’t decided on a secondary aspiration by the end of the season.

The garden had gotten a little overgrown while everyone was at work, so the adults headed out to get it in shape.

“Arr, matey! I be a pirate boy!”

Even pirates have to help weed the garden.

“Oh! Stepan, honey, we’re having a baby!”

I think it’s funny that Stepan will have 3 kids with 3 different “mothers”, even though Brittany’s the only one he’s ever woohooed with.

Shura wasn’t partial to the regular plantsim dress, and decided cloth suited her better.

Brittany sat down and bought her next community lot. It cost about $65k, and they still had about $40k left (all of which is reserved for move out funds for Akim and the new baby).

They won’t go until tomorrow (yes, I’m breaking from my usual pattern and sending her while pregnant). But! Brittany’s new business is the 20th player-owned lot, which means Business District #4 is now available! That increases the sim multiplier to 26, hooray!

Stepan wanted to teach Rosalie to Come Here, so he did.

Eventually she’ll probably get a job. But so far all employed pets have been in Pet Service, which is the only one that’s open. So for right now, she’s just learning skills.

“These pancakes are so good, you’re going to get an award!”

Brittany and Akim have a special bond as the only sims in the house who eat.

“Eating breakfast with Brittany almost made me late for my first day!”

They have lots of money, so Akim was enrolled in private school.

As soon as Akim was gone, everyone else headed off to the new business.

Don’t ask why I decided to make the building all weird, because I don’t know. Anyway, this is Parker Statuary, and it sells statues.

Shura didn’t meet a lot of people, but she did turn out to have 2 bolts with Toby Bruenig.

(I’m not in a hurry to get her married off, at all. The plan is for her to spawn a plantbaby before she gets married, so that the plantsim line has the Pavlov name. But if she spawns too soon, the generations will get smashed together and there will be too many people in the house. So she’s going to get some elixir, and wait to get married.)

Brittany did have to make a few trips to the Energizer – 3 during the 24 hour stint at the store – but she stayed in platinum due to the store increasing in levels, so it wasn’t a problem.

I got Shura on the register early, since a low register badge cashier works best in a low level store. By the end of 24 hours, though, Shura had a silver register badge and a silver sales badge, and Parker Statuary was level 6.

Back home, everyone had the day off. Stepan taught Snickerdoodle to Roll Over for his last promotion.

Brittany weeded the garden – a seemingly never ending task.

Like a good Knowledge sim, Shura sat on the couch and studied.

She doesn’t have a job as of the end of the rotation – she needs a gold fishing badge to get her dream job in Oceanography. Since there are now spots available in all careers, all sims with non career related LTWs (or who are waiting on their LTW for whatever reason) will take jobs in Business. So Shura will get a Business job when it shows up, and hopefully top the career before switching to Oceanography.

Rosalie is a great doggy mommy, always nuzzling her puppies.

“Earlier your dad and I went on a terrific Dream Date!”

“Uh, great, Brittany. Thanks for telling me.”

“Ow! Feels like I got bonked in the head by a badge!”

Shura’s actually a pretty terrible fisherperson. In all the time it took her to get her bronze badge, she caught…absolutely nothing.

Um, Carme, newspaper stealing tip: don’t do it when the owner of the house is right there on the lawn having an outing with his brother.

Even though Brittany was on maternity leave, she headed off to work. At least she’s wearing clothes.

“Well, I never went to school, but I suppose if your homework asks you a question, then you should answer it as best you can.”

“So if I have 7 apples, and I give 3 to my friend, how many apples do I have left?”

“Son, if you only have 7 apples, you should plant another apple tree.”

Akim wrote carefully, “Plant another apple tree,” on his homework.

Stepan and Shura spent the last night of the rotation gardening and fishing, respectively.

Brittany came home with a promotion! I didn’t check when she goes to work next, because it’s the end of the season.


Household: Pavlov/Parker (Stepan took Brittany’s name, and one of their kids will carry on the Parker name, but Akim and Shura are Pavlovs, and Shura will inherit the house.)


Sunshine Floral, Rank 10

Parker Statuary, Rank 7

Taxes: $3000 ($2700 in regular taxes, $300 in school fees)

Total uni funds: $389,700

New this rotation:

1 birth (Shura Pavlov)

4th business district opened

Intelligence position (due to Brittany being a General)

Architecture position (due to business district)

2 Education positions (due to population increase from business district)

Playable sims: 68

Sim multiplier: 26

Population: 1768