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Time for the Pederson family! This is a huge family, and therefore a long update.


Left to right: Varya with Lana, Makari, Artur, Anzhelina with Rada, Meadow, Liouba with Zhenya

As you might recall, last season, Meadow’s risky woohoo pregnancy resulted in triplets. Hence the chaos in this house.


Liouba was eager to help out, and sat Lana down to teach her how to talk.

In the background are the family’s two dogs, Eddie and Blondie. Thus far there are no puppies, because there is enough craziness in the house already.


Meadow headed out to get the garden in early. They would need the produce to help keep seven kids fed.


Makari broke the computer while paying taxes, but soon had it fixed again.


Lucy Hanby is furious at Anzhelina, and I have no idea why.


Liouba is now a neutral witch. Her title is just Liouba Pavlov the Witch.


Now they have all three varieties of spell books. At least until Liouba goes to college.


Varya decided to go hang out with Blondie in the yard at 4 am. Because she was up anyway, so why not?


 Meadow made pancakes for her brood for breakfast, before everyone headed off for work and school.


And off they go in their snazzy private uniforms.

Man, at $500 per kid per day, the Pedersons are going to spend a fortune on private school this season.

snapshot_9b264049_3f9d1e55Makari had the day off, so he started working with the triplets on their nursery rhymes. He’s become quite the house husband, since I don’t think he’s been to work since they were born.



 By 10 am, all the toddlers were sacked out on their blankets.


 As soon as the teens got home from school, Makari took Angie and Varya to the store. Varya turned out to be quite good at selling witch stuff, even though she’s not a witch herself.


 Makari got a Best of the Best Award, hooray!


Angie got a gold sales badge.


Liouba stayed home with the triplets and the girls’ 3 school friends, all cousins.


Then Nikifor stopped by unannounced.

“Hey, guys, I heard you were having a party!”


Meadow got a promotion! She’s on track to be yet another Business Tycoon (eventually).


Artur didn’t bring a friend home, but he didn’t mind. It meant he had time to become best friends with Hadassah Gavigan on the phone.


Meadow made hamburgers, but only Artur and the visiting cousins were interested.


The next morning, Varya and Angie decided to get their skilling out of the way early.

(Unlike the Picaso kids, who do whatever they want, the Pedersons are a Moderate Skilling family, which means the kids have to earn a skill point a day and two on weekends.)


Liouba’s got all her skills for scholarships, so she was free to change diapers. Um, hooray?


Meadow made sure to get the garden weeded before work.


I lost track of Anzhelina for a while, and finally found her playing in the tub in her parents’ bathroom.


Artur left his homework for the last minute. Those darn kids.


Ha! Finally caught it quick enough to take a picture!


Makari got tired of summoning Spectral Assistants all the time, so he went ahead and just hired a maid and a gardener.


Makari took a vacation day, and finished the last of the toddler training with Lana’s nursery rhyme.


He didn’t neglect the other girls, of course.


Yes, Makari. Too much woohoo. That is how you ended up with 7 kids.


The dogs love having toddlers around.


Varya brought her cousin Nikifor home from school. She enjoyed getting to know him, but really wished she could meet some boys who weren’t her cousins.


She spent a little while hanging out with Liouba after that. Since Liouba was about to leave for college, it was about time the sisters became friends.


Anzhelina became a Wicked Witch!

I’ll probably eventually download a mod so she’s not green, but I think for now I’ll leave her like that.

snapshot_9b264049_bf9fd783 It was dark before everyone was finally gathered together for birthday time.


 Artur became a Romance/Family sim with a LTW to top the Show Business career.

If he’s going to be a movie star, he’s definitely going to need a makeover.


Next it was time for the triplets to grow up!

I love it when toddler multiples grow up. So much.








The nursery was converted into a bedroom for two. Lana and Rada will stay in here, while Zhenya gets to move upstairs with her older sisters.

So glad I did a nice big addition for them last season.


After that, it was time for Liouba to move to college. She ended up with a trust fund of $21,200 and total scholarships of $7250, including grades, all 7 skills, and the dance scholarship that so many of my teens seem to pick up somehow.


It was late, but the triplets had just finished a nap shortly before growing up. So they had some leftovers while talking about how exciting it was to be bigger.


“I look much more manly now. I can definitely be a movie star…shut up, Zhenya, my chin does not look like a beach ball.”


The triplets got adorable coordinated outfits. They can wait until they’re teenagers to express their originality.


They all still wanted mechanical points, so it was off to the block table until they finally went to bed.


Varya wasn’t tired after going on two afternoon outings, so she stayed up with Makari.


The next morning, Meadow did a little yoga before work. She wanted her pre-six-babies body back.


Artur decided an exercise bike was the way to go. He would need to be fit for the shirtless scenes, after all.


“Bye, Daddy!”

“Bye, girls. Have fun at school.”

Makari was a bit disappointed that he had a day off, the first day he could have actually gone back to work.


After school, Makari took the teens to the store. Angie felt a little out of place at The White Cauldron, given that she was quite clearly a wicked witch.


Artur, as the youngest, got stuck restocking. He really would have preferred the flashier sales job, but no hot teen girls came in, so it was okay.


Artur was getting desperate – he’d been a teen for almost a whole day, and hadn’t been on a single date. Almost all of the teen girls he knew were his sisters or his cousins. So he used the crystal ball and got Nicole.


Meanwhile, Varya saw a guy walking by on the sidewalk and chased him down.

“You’re a Romance sim, and you’re not my cousin. So you’re my boyfriend now.”

“Um, okay.”


That’s a lot of homework. Varya’s the only one that lucked out and didn’t get any.


Meadow got another promotion, to President.


Zhenya came running out to give her a hug.

Meadow was so glad for the happy accident that had resulted in the triplets. If she didn’t have them, she wouldn’t have any kids to give her hugs after work.


I installed a hack to de-greenify Angie. She’s clearly pretty excited about it.


Meadow probably should have worked on her skills for her next promotion, but she decided to spend some time on the phone catching up with friends instead.


The girls had some of Makari’s delicious chili for dinner, and Zhenya told her sisters all about her dream of becoming an astronaut.


Artur was getting along well with Nicole.


Since the triplets didn’t bring anyone home from school, Lana went out to greet Jenna Cooke when she walked by. The girls need some friends.


The pond finally unfroze. Varya wants to be an Oceanographer, so she figured it was time to get started.


For the rest of the family, it was time to work on the mountains of homework.


Artur flexed his guns right before heading to bed, excited to be fit.


Makari sometimes got a little lonely at night, while everyone was sleeping. But at least he had his robot bench to entertain him.

(The hack was supposed to work on him, too, but he’s still sparkly. That’s ok, it doesn’t bother me as much as the green did.)


Makari was glad Angie still wanted to play Red Hands with him, even though she was a wicked witch.


Varya was sometimes a little miffed about having to share her room with her little sister, but she had to admit Zhenya was cute when she was asleep.


When Zhenya did get up, she had to hurry to do her homework, as she was the only one who had left it until morning.


Meadow just had time to weed the garden before work. She was sure Makari would have been glad to help out – he had so much spare time thanks to his witch chair – but the garden was her project, and she wanted to manage it herself.


Angie was her usual friendly self to Artur, while the triplets got in some time on the block table before school.


Look! Makari’s actually going to work! He’s, um, an architect or something.


The teens didn’t bring anyone home from school with them. This made me sad. So they immediately got out their phones and invited people over.


Varya had Devan over for a date, while Angie went on an outing with her cousin Nikifor.


Artur had decided the night before that he wanted to make Catriona Bruce one of his conquests, so he invited her over for a date.


No promotions today, but that’s ok. They made about $4000 between them.


“Well, everyone seems to be having fun. Hey, Meadow, come up to the bedroom with me. I want to talk about…um…laundry.”


Artur was excited by his success – especially since he’d discovered during their date that Catty was turned off by black hair.


Then Artur decided he wanted to do makeovers, so he bought a makeover chair. He did Catriona for free, naturally. Just a little eyeliner and lip gloss.


Meadow finally got a chance to harvest the first oranges of spring, while Varya and Devan fished.


Poor Artur. He was the only one with homework.

Zhenya, meanwhile, was the only triplet without a friend (since Rada brought Rufina Thayer home from school), so she spent the evening chatting with Elle Goodie.


Varya got her bronze badge, with an audience.


“I don’t know, Angie. I’m not sure about the red.”

“It looks really cute, Zhenya!”


Lana had a bit of trouble getting used to her sister’s new hair color, but decided she wanted a makeover, too.


Artur was happy to oblige Lana with a new hairstyle.


Of course, Rada wanted a new style, too. She also found she could see much better with a brand new pair of glasses.


Anzhelina earned her evil green sparklies of evil.


Then it was time for middle of the night skilling. Angie’s only got a few more cooking points to go to have all her skills for scholarships.


The girls were back on the activity table first thing in the morning. They were all close to getting their 8th mechanical points.


Don’t worry, Meadow’s not pregnant again. She just decided to use the first harvest to make omelettes for her girls.


Time for the last visit to the store for the season. Artur convinced his Aunt Nadezda to buy some stuff she didn’t need, and earned his gold sales badge. The store reached level 7.


Reno Day! The kitchen got an expansion, with a bigger table that seats 8.


They also got a brand new study.


“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure I’ll make sacks of money when I’m a movie star, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the art, man.”


Angie really wanted to cast an evil spell…


So she made her sister act like a chicken.

Yeah, that’s about as evil as my sims get to be.


Artur invited Catriona over for a date. He keeps rolling the want to go steady with her, which I suppose is due to his Family Sim secondary aspiration.


Rada failed while trying to do a cartwheel.


Zhenya spent about 6 hours straight playing the piano while I wasn’t paying attention to her.


Since Artur was on a date, Varya figured she might as well invite Devan over, too.


Lana finally finished teaching Blondie to come here. But then, Blondie is a dog of very little brain.


Angie finally got her magic skill high enough to make herself a Throne of Darkness. I would think she would finish it faster if she didn’t spend so much time cackling evilly, but whatever.


“Do you really not mind that I’m an alien?”

“Baby, if it bothered me, do you think we would be here right now?”


Devan and Varya are in love, as is only proper for two Romance sims.


“Finally got rid of the baby weight!”


The triplets spent some time fishing in the backyard pond, discussing algebra, as 8-year-olds tend to do.


Angie finished her witch throne! I find this one significantly more impressive than the good witch throne.


None of the teens were interested in sleeping, so they stayed up late working on scholarships.

That’s it for the Pederson family! Next up is the Thayers.


Family: Pederson


Galleria, Rank 10

The White Cauldron, Rank 7

General fund contribution: $22,200 (taxes $12,200, school fees $10,000)

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700


snapshot_9b264049_1e4cfd54The Pederson Family

Left to right: Varya, Anzhelina, Makari, Meadow, Liouba, Artur


Varya got the day going with some homework.


“Huh? What? Oh, just eating an omelet. Since I’m pregnant, you know.”

Don’t break the fourth wall, Meadow.


Makari sat down to pay their $11,700 tax bill, and I wondered why they didn’t have more money in the bank.


Then I found these. That’s right, that’s $30,000 there on the wall. I sold one for renovations.


Here’s the house before – 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and definitely cramped for a family of 6 with another on the way.


Now they have a second story, hooray!


New first floor – Artur’s bedroom stayed the same, while the front room became a magic room complete with secret doorway bookcase, and the back room will be the nursery for the new baby.


Upstairs we have the master bedroom with ensuite bath and two bedrooms and another bathroom for the girls. Liouba gets her own room, while Angie and Varya will have to share until Liouba goes to college next season.


The kids headed to school while Meadow walked to work. She wasn’t due for another day, so she figured she might as well go make some money.


Makari was left home by himself with a vacation day, so he spent the day painting.

(I kind of hate when sims have a vacation day while everyone else in their family is at work and school. Seems to me like it’s wasted.)


As soon as the teens got home, they and Makari headed out to the art gallery on their broomsticks.


Angie did sales for a bit before switching to restocking. When the merchandise is as expensive as it is in an art gallery, it’s really best to have a sim who can dazzle.


Still, this is what most of the customers did most of the time.


Finally, Faith came inside, and Makari was able to convince her to buy a painting and give Galleria its 125th star. Hooray, level 10!


The gallery seemed like a nice peaceful place to do some yoga before heading home.


“Hi everybody! I’m home! I got a promotion!”


Varya brought home her cousin Semyon, and spent the afternoon making friends with him.


While the Pederson kids were busy, the guests got their smustle faces on.


Max body! Now Angie’s ready in case there’s an apocalypse.


She also got fit, which was her real goal.


Makari helped Artur with his homework, while Varya worked on her creativity skill. Meadow spent most of the evening napping.


Angie made friends with Anya, while Liouba indulged in her mad desire to earn a cooking point.


Late that night, after selling the other two investment certificates, Makari sat down and bought another business. It’s the 30th player owned business, which means another business district is open! It also means I’m out of business tycoons.


Makari named his new shop The White Cauldron.


He’d brought his cauldron along and picked up the witch chair from Galleria, so he had everything he needed to stay in the back room for many, many days.


Finally, the store was well stocked with witchy reagents, potions, and lamps, as well as some old dusty books and supernatural themed Buy Mode objects. It was rumored that somewhere, hiding in a back corner, there were even love potions.


Back home, the teens were working on their own witchiness. Liouba has 6 nice points and is going for neutral (although that does mean she won’t be able to use a throne, which is sad). Angie has no nice points at all, so she’ll be Willow Valley’s first wicked witch.


Varya was hungry, the fridge was out of leftovers, and Makari didn’t feel like cooking. He was a little disappointed that his spell made nothing more than a giant bowl of cereal.

snapshot_9b264049_fe4fdac0Everyone headed off to school and work.


Meadow came home with a promotion and Ghaliya Bousaid.


They had a lot of visitors, and it was a warm day for winter, so naturally a dance party broke out on the lawn.


Artur was a little nerd and went to do his homework right away while everyone else was having fun.


Liouba was excited to have the opportunity to make a fancy dinner for all the guests.


The rest of the teens decided to just hang out in the living room.


Meadow decided she should put on some entertainment after dinner. Her labor performance was quite popular – everyone came running.


Baby girl Lana


Baby girl Rada


Baby girl Zhenya


That’s right, just drop the babies on the floor. That’s cool.


After the babies were tucked in their cribs and the rest of the family went to bed, Makari summoned a Spectral Assistant. He had a feeling he was going to be in need of some serious assistance.

(Good thing they renovated the house, isn’t it?)


“Congratulations on the triplets. Here’s a baby shower gift.”

Thanks, Ghaliya!


It was a very short time before the rounds of stink and spit up began.


Makari and Meadow soon needed a break, so they headed down to The White Cauldron for a bit and got the store up to level 4.


I went on a bit of a fakepeeps downloading spree to get new kid clothes, and figured I’d give the poor babies some warm sleepers in the meantime.


Anzhelina was too impatient to wait for her parents to get back from the store, so she made Pop Tarts for breakfast.


Once she got home, Meadow got to work on skilling for her next promotion. It was Saturday, so everyone else got to just  hang out.


The crystal ball. I’ve had it in my downloads file forever, but didn’t really use it. But I’ve decided it’s not really cheaty – Willow Valley’s residents have the internet, after all, so it’ll just be like they used an online dating service or something. Anyway, Angie needed a special friend, so she dialed up this guy.


She had a nice date with him while Liouba worked with Eddie on tricks, and the kids played with each other.


First kiss!

They have two bolts, but for some reason I’m just kind of “meh” about them as a couple. So it’ll just be a teen romance.


“You’re painting aliens, huh?”

“It seemed like a fitting subject.”


“Yeah! Got my skill points and now it’s smustle time!”


Larisa was just a little hungry, so she figured she’d try a cheese platter.


Birthday time!


Ok, I know the family spent most of their money on the house reno and the new business. But they’re hardly poor enough that Varya has to wear her sister’s hand-me-downs while Angie’s still wearing them!


Varya kept her curly ponytail, but otherwise went classic Maxis for her makeover. She’s a Romance/Fortune sim with the LTW to top the Oceanography career. I guess the Pedersons will be putting in a pond (although the career might well be unlocked by the time Varya’s ready, since Pavel Hamilton wants to top the Natural Science career).


While Varya was on the computer (where all my sims buy their clothes because I’m lazy like that), she bought a warmer outfit for Artur. It’s still appropriately nerdy.


The babies needed diapering and feeding while Meadow and Makari were sleeping, so Liouba and Angie kindly helped out.

(Multiples are so much easier with teenagers in the house.)


The Hamiltons came over for family Sunday.


Of course, the uni students weren’t forgotten. Orlando came along with Marya, since he wants to meet as much of her family as possible.


The families had fun just hanging out.

Liouba was already friends with all three of the Hamilton triplets, but Angie and Varya definitely had a good time hearing about college from their older cousins.


Makari had to take a break from hanging out with family for diaper and bottle duty.


Liouba decided to serve chili for lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.


At 6 pm, it was time for birthdays!








The guests were sent home, and it was time for smart milk and makeovers.


Lana looks pretty evil there, but she’s got six nice points.


Ah, toddler skilling with multiples. Hooray.


Makari and Liouba stayed up all night while everyone else went to bed. Liouba had a mad desire to learn to make pottery, even though it was pretty clear she didn’t have a talent for it.


Zhenya had gotten tired and had to take a nap before learning to walk, so she was a bit behind her sisters.

As a permaplat witch at the top of his career, Makari had a feeling he was the one who would be doing most of the toddler training – not that he minded. He was a knowledge sim, after all. While having seven children might not have been something he could have predicted, he did like teaching them all skills.


Once Zhenya had learned to walk, it was time to finish up Lana’s potty training. The most important skill was now mastered for all three girls.


Zhenya took a break to dance to the radio.


Toddler picspam


The older kids all got their phone time in before school.


Makari took a vacation day to take care of the triplets while everyone else headed to work and school. He held off on bottles a little too long, as Zhenya threw a tantrum due to being tired.


Isaiah Gavigan came home with Angie, but Varya immediately zeroed in on him. He was the only teenage boy she knew that she wasn’t related to, after all.


“Say ‘Daddy’, Rada.”


Angie had her paperboy boyfriend over, too, and oh boolprop, he looks creepily like her uncle Lyov without his uniform. Sorry, paperboy, you definitely don’t get to go to college with Angie.


“Mommy! You’re home!”

Poor Artur is the only one who didn’t have a friend over.


Yeah, Liouba had Lluis over, too.


The family almost had $30,000 saved for the triplets’ college funds. They would have made it, if it hadn’t been for the school fees of $6000.


Varya was a little weirded out by the idea of having her first kiss with a Family sim, but it wasn’t enough to stop her.


Even though the family just had a grandfathered Day 1 reno, I decided to let them have a day 5 one as well, just to put in a pond for Varya. She’ll have to wait for it to thaw out before she can start fishing and wonder why the heck she settled on Oceanography as a career choice.


The witches spent the evening working on their witchiness, and Anzhelina became a mean witch. Don’t worry, she changed back to her regular outfit.


I don’t know where Isaiah got the money to buy that fountain, as his family isn’t exactly rolling in dough. But Varya’s college fund appreciated the contribution.

(No matter how badly a family might need money, teens get to keep the proceeds from their own date & outing gifts.)

And that’s it for the Pederson family! Next up we have the Thayers.


Family: Pederson


Galleria, Rank 10

The White Cauldron, Rank 4

General Fund contribution: $17,700 (taxes $11,700, school fees $6000)

Playable sims: 92 (+3 due to birth of triplets)

Sim multiplier: 43 (+5 due to new business district)

Population: 3956

I realized after posting the last chapter that I had mistakenly labeled both of the Picaso chapters as Summer. It is, in fact, Fall.

The Pederson Family

Back row, left to right: Meadow holding Artur, Makari holding Varya

Front row, left to right: Anzhelina, Liouba

The season started with taxes. I’ve never quite been able to figure out why, but the Pedersons are always the most strapped for cash of all the 2nd gen Pavlov households. Just unlucky with bonuses and promotions, I guess. Anyway, Makari had no trouble paying the regular taxes of $8600, but the levy will have to wait – the Pederson kids haven’t completed their move-out funds yet. Now that there’s college, though, I’m changing the minimum fund to $10k rather than $20k, although $20k is preferred for families who have the funds.

Makari is a Knowledge sim, so his kids will be skilling. Since Liouba became a witch last season, it shouldn’t be a problem for her as she doesn’t need to sleep.

Meadow planted a garden last season, so this season she’ll be able to harvest some home grown tomatoes and cucumbers.

In addition to Liouba’s dog Eddie, during the break they acquired Blondie from Annika Richter. The dogs seem to be getting along.

Makari, Meadow, and Liouba headed down to Galleria for a bit. It’s currently Rank 8.

The first day of the season was Saturday. Meadow was the only one who had to work.

They made enough money at the store for Anzhelina and Liouba to fill out their college funds to $10,000. Anzhelina was pretty happy to be depositing the money into her account.

Liouba wanted to make friends with Mireia Picaso, so she came over with her sister Carme.

Anzhelina had a great time playing with her new doggie. Liouba was such a good big sister to get her a dog.

There must be layoffs in the Business world. Meadow got fired due to a bad chance card. Boo.

Makari made himself a Spectral Assistant. It’s pretty awesome, going around cleaning everything.

Liouba took Eddie for a jog. Angie’s friend Sharlene came by, so Angie sat down to play with her. (She’ll get to the skilling eventually. Probably.)

Meadow sat down and looked through the job listings. She wanted to get back into Business, but there weren’t any positions available. So she took a temporary job in Journalism. She was able to go straight to work.

Liouba returned from her jog and decided to do some yoga in the rain, while the spectral assistant took care of the leaves. (The Pedersons have a lot of trees, so it’s a good thing Makari’s able to make the assistant. She even composts the leaves for Meadow’s garden!)

“Who’s Daddy’s cute little guy? You are! Yes you are!”

Liouba and Angie both needed logic, so they enjoyed a game of chess.

Adoption? Oh no you don’t, Liouba. I have plans for you, and they do not involve buying babies from the social worker.


Makari, did you forget the part where Angie’s supposed to be skilling?

Meadow came home with a promotion and went right back to work.

Meadow was still at work when the rest of the family gathered in the living room for Varya’s birthday.

“Look at me, I’m big!”

Varya got a new hairdo. She seems a bit plain to me, but I bet she’ll look a lot better as a teen with some makeup.

Liouba was happy to help her little sister with her Make a Friend want.

Also, note Angie in the back, finally skilling for a little while before bed.

Meadow got another promotion! The money she earned was enough for Varya to establish her college fund. Now they just need $10k for Artur, and then they can pay the levy.

The spectral servant is still at it. An NPC sim would have thrown in the towel by now.

She’s also a pretty good piano player.

In the morning, Meadow and Varya had leftover grilled cheese for breakfast, since no one else was hungry.

The Thayers came over for family Sunday!

The families are a pretty good mesh at this point. Anthony’s about 3 days older than Varya and Faina’s about 2 days older than Anzhelina.

Liouba and Nastasia are also about 2 days apart, and have been friends since shortly after Nastasia’s last birthday.

I decided it was high time the Meadows got to know each other, so they bonded over art.

Liouba’s really terrible about rolling up fulfillable wants. Fortunately she has a boyfriend.

Varya and Anthony really hit it off at the chess table.

The other kids smustled in the girls’ room.

I’ve never really done much with the Myshuno game. So I tried it, but nobody really seemed that interested.

Meadow served grilled cheese for lunch, mostly because she didn’t want to listen to the passive-aggressive comments Lyov would make if she served something else.

Meadow was finally able to harvest her first fruit! The oranges weren’t perfect, but she was sure that would come with time.

Once it got dark outside, Makari said goodbye to his brother and sister-in-law – as well as Liouba’s boyfriend, who hadn’t had a problem hanging out all day.

The spectral assistant disappeared. 😦

That night it was time for Artur’s birthday!

He’s adorable.

I redecorated the nursery and got Artur a blanket, so he doesn’t have to sleep in a pink crib anymore.

The house is a bit cramped for 6 people and 2 dogs. Varya took over Liouba’s bed when she grew up, so Liouba doesn’t have a bed anymore. Hopefully next season they’ll be able to expand the house, but this season it’s all about move out funds and uni contributions.

“It was so fun meeting all those new people at family Sunday today! And birthday cake is yummy!”

Makari didn’t feel like washing the dishes, so he conjured up another spectral assistant instead.

“Who’s Momma’s big boy? You look so cute with your new clothes and hairdo, don’t you, big boy?”

The hour before school was spent on the skilling grind.

Everyond headed off to school and work, except for Makari, who took a vacation day to watch Artur.

Liouba brought Michael Bruce home from school. Thankfully, they have negative bolts. I don’t need Liouba cheating on her boyfriend with her boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend who’s also half brother to her half sister.

Anzhelina got an A+!

Another promotion for Meadow – but still no job in Business.

That afternoon’s trip to the portrait gallery was quite fruitful. Dand Bruce’s star brought the place up to level 9, and Meadow got her $50k cash perks bonus! That’ll give them enough to pay both the levy and half of the bonus toward the uni fund.

Also, I caught Orlando Centowski heart farting Marya. Since she hasn’t had much luck in the romance department, I made her selectable and had her go say hi. 3 bolts!

Back home, Makari donated the levy of $17,200 and $25k for the bonus. Since they’ve now met all the criteria for being included in Willow Valley’s Who’s Who list (taxes paid, move-out funds funded for all kids, nice house and fully stocked business), the kids were enrolled in private school.

The afternoon was spent in ordinary domestic pursuits. Meadow helped Varya with her homework, while Angie chatted on the phone with Sharlene.

Makari taught Artur how to talk, and Eddie ate his dinner.

After Varya finished her homework, she challenged Angie to a game of chess.

Liouba finished earning all her skill scholarships!

As Liouba switched to working on her magic skill, Michael Bruce brought over a hot tub! It was sold, and the proceeds added to Liouba’s account.

The kids headed off for their first day of private school. They were excited to be attending the same school as all their cousins.

Meadow and Makari both had the day off, and enjoyed a relaxed breakfast together.

Varya came home with an A+!

Liouba was the only one with homework, while Anzhelina brought home Isaiah Gavigan.

“Don’t worry, Artur, I’ll make sure you have a nice clean diaper.”

“Did you hear something?” Meadow asked Makari after woohoo.

“No, why?”

“Sounded like a lullaby.”

While her parents were busy, Liouba took charge of teaching her little brother a nursery rhyme.

None of the three younger kids were friends with each other, so it was time to fix that at the block table.

Meadow woke up in the middle of the night and headed to the kitchen, consumed with a desperate craving for an omelet.

Later, Angie and Varya had leftover grilled cheese for breakfast. They must not have liked the sandwiches, because they sat down at the table shortly after 6 and still weren’t done when the bus pulled up.

Meadow finally found a position in Business! She wouldn’t start until tomorrow, but she was glad to finally be back in her normal job.

She was glad enough of the opportunity to stay home with Artur. It was his last day as a toddler, and she found herself sad that her youngest was about to become a child.

After school, Liouba spent a couple of hours chatting with friends.

Then she caught Alvin walking by.

“Hey, Alvin, want to be friends?”

“Sure, but I won’t be your backup boyfriend.”

“Aw, come on.”

“Oh, all right.”

At 6 o’clock, it was time for a birthday!

Cute how the spectral assistant came to watch.

Anzhelina grew into a very cute teenager.

In a rare change from my usual, I picked her aspiration. She initially rolled Family – just like Meadow and Liouba. Family didn’t really seem to fit, so I made her Fortune with a secondary of Family. Her LTW is to top the Athletic career.

Ohmigosh surprise baby!

Since Meadow’s a family sim, she’s not on birth control, and got knocked up by risky woohoo. Seems like my standard number of kids in the neighborhood is heading toward 5 (especially if one’s an alien).

There was one more birthday that night.

Artur grew up adorably nerdy.

Anzhelina got a makeover. She’s lovely.

Ok, he doesn’t appear to be aiming at her, but Makari turned Anzhelina into a witch.

The plan is for the witchcraft to be genetic. All the kids will get a roll at teen to see if they get it with a 50% chance; Angie and Liouba both got lucky. Of course, anyone in the family who rolls the want can be witchified, too.

Artur got a bed in the nursery. The house is definitely going to need an expansion next season as I figure out where to put the new baby.

As befitting a new witch, Angie spent the night awake, studying her new craft.

That’s it for the Pedersons! Next is the Thayer family.


Family: Pederson

Business: Galleria, Rank 9

Uni fund contribution: $56,800

(Taxes $8600, levy $17,200, windfall $25,000, school fees $6000)

Total uni fund: $871,800

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2133

It’s time for the Pederson family, in a brand new house!

Left to right: Makari, Liouba, Meadow holding Anzhelina

This is their lovely new house. Kind of my standard boxy, open plan house. Room to expand.

Meadow had the day off. She was happy to stay home with little Angie.

As he went to pay the taxes, Makari inherited money from Leo! It was about $10,000, but I’m not going to try to tax the inheritances. They’ll get taxed next season, and in the meantime they can use the money for move out funds, businesses, and such.

Whew! Makari’s carpool almost ran over Eddie!

Eddie grew up!

Anzhelina kept herself amused while Meadow fixed lunch in the new kitchen.

“Look at you, boy! You got big!”

“Daddy! Did you have a good day?”

“Pretty good, sweetheart.”

Makari had had a want nagging at him all day, so as soon as he got home he called up the neighborhood good witch, Asia. She brought Vanya along as her friend.

Liouba played chess and got to know her uncle while Makari made friends with the witch.

Finally, Makari had the relationship high enough.

“This is awesome!”

Makari headed out to the good witch’s palace and spent a while studying with the spell books there.

He made quite a bit of progress, but returned to his regular clothes before heading home. The witch’s robes and hat just weren’t for him.

Back home, Liouba and Meadow played some red hands before both heading to bed.

“Say ‘bottle’, Angie! Good girl.”

Meadow got up early, and she and Makari worked on repainting the portraits, as the old ones got wiped in the move.

Liouba spent the morning playing with her puppy dog before heading to school.

Makari headed off to work as Meadow went out to pay the bills. Meadow was taking another day of maternity leave, since she would be having the baby during the day.

The Clean Bot broke down, but fortunately Meadow was able to fix it.

Meadow went into labor just as Liouba arrived home from school with her cousin Nikifor.

Soon Meadow gave birth to baby girl Varya.

Anzhelina noticed that her mother was preoccupied, and seized the chance to enjoy some delicious dog food.

Makari came home with a big smile on his face, because he was just promoted to City Planner, achieving his LTW!

Meadow and Makari headed down to Galleria, their art gallery, where they needed to hire a cashier to keep up with everything. The place made it to level 7, and they finally finished decking out the place with paintings.

“Hi, you look like me.”

“Yeah, we probably have the same alien mother.”

“From the sky, you mean? My grandpa said I’m a sky child.”

“Sky child, sure.”

“Come here! Come here, boy!”

“That’s a good girl, Varya. Drink your milk.”

Makari spent the evening working on a special project.

Mhairi hung out playing the piano, long after everyone but Makari had gone to bed.

Makari’s project was completed! He now has his very own witch chair!

Davis brought over a vase, which was promptly sold. Now that the art gallery was fully stocked, it was time to begin establishing move out funds for the kids.

After he finished his chair, Makari spent the night doing chores around the house, like repairing the troublesome CleanBot. He could see why his dad had enjoyed being a plantsim so much.

Liouba got up early to get her homework done.

Then she scrubbed out Eddie’s bed – she didn’t want a stinky doggie.

In the morning, Makari made breakfast for the family. He was glad he didn’t have to give up eating.

 Meadow only made it a few bites into the meal before she was rushing for the bathroom. She was pretty sure she knew what this meant.

“So, honey, does this mean you’re having another baby?” Makari asked when she returned to the breakfast table.

“Another baby? Hooray!” Liouba said. “I hope it’s another girl.”

“Well, a boy might be nice, too,” Meadow replied.

 After breakfast, Meadow headed off for her first day of work in a very long time. She was excited to think she just might be climbing above level 2.

Makari was very happy to be able to stay home with his girls. Plus, now that he was at the top of the architecture career, he would earn $2300 per day for doing it!

 He even gave Eddie a bath!

Eddie was Liouba’s dog, of course, and she took great care of him, but he was a little too big for her to manage in the tub.

Wonder what Eddie’s barking at?

Why, it’s the Clean Bot! Silly dog.

Eddie got over his anger at the vacuum cleaner in time to greet Liouba as she got off the bus.

Meadow came home with a promotion! Level 3, hooray! At this rate, she’ll top the Business career around the time Varya’s ready to retire.

The redone portraits are finished!

Makari sat down with Angie to teach her a nursery rhyme.

Shortly after 6 pm, the family gathered for a double birthday!

We interrupt this birthday to bring you a pregnancy pop.

Sadly, the pregnancy pop made the cake glitch, so Anzhelina had to grow up on her own. Without cake. It’s a cruel world sometimes.

Next up was baby Varya!

She’s adorable, but desperately needs a new hairdo.

“Being grown up is great,” Liouba told her sister over birthday cake. “You get to do all kinds of great stuff that you can’t when you’re a baby, like sleep in a bed and go to school.”

The pigtails suit Varya much better.

“And soon I’m gonna grow up again and be a teenager, and then I’ll be able to drive, and get a job, and stuff.”

Hmm, Meadow seems a little bored.


 “All right, Varya. Daddy wants to teach you all your skills, so let’s get started.”

Angie stayed up for a little while playing chess, and quickly discovered that she loved games.

“Honey, the whole pregnancy thing has got me a little down. Want to go on a date?”

“I’m always up for a date.”

Anzhelina and Liouba were sharing a room, so naturally the first thing they did in the morning was play Cops & Robbers.

Anzhelina was a little nervous to get on the big yellow bus, but she didn’t really have a choice in the matter, so off to school she went.

Makari and Meadow both had the day off, so after their date they indulged in their hobbies.

Meadow missed her tomato plants at the old house, so she planted a nice little garden in their new backyard.

She earned a bronze badge in time to plant some cucumbers.

Anzhelina headed straight to the piano after school, while Liouba got on the phone to chat with friends.

Meadow invited the garden club lady over, but then I forgot about the second step to ask for membership.

The girls got their homework done early.

“It won’t be long now!”

Meadow and Makari kept getting interrupted in their attempts to have some bedroom time.

That evening, it was time for a birthday!

 Liouba chose the Family aspiration with a secondary of Fortune, just like Meadow. Her LTW is to be The Law.


Oh yeah, the Garden Club people. Somebody finally asked them to do an inspection. They reluctantly allowed Meadow to join the garden club. No wishing well or reward, because they’re stupid like that.

 “Just because I’m older now doesn’t mean you’re not my best puppy dog, Eddie. Now stay!”

Makari spent the night making reagents, so that maybe he could actually use his witchcraft for something other than sparkling.

“Now that you’re a teenager, maybe we could go on a cruise!”

“Sorry, Angie, I don’t think we have cruises.”

Liouba lingered a bit too long over her omelet, and found herself dashing for the bus.

Meadow headed off to work, leaving Makari home with Varya.

Liouba was feeling a little lonely when she got home from school, so she invited over her best friend Lluis.

They quickly discovered that they liked each other as more than friends.

Liouba had to interrupt her budding romance to go to the art gallery with her dad, where she earned bronze sales and restocking badges. They also got the place up to Level 8 and made some money.

Fortunately, Lluis was still there when Liouba got home, and was glad to agree to go steady.

Liouba was thrilled. She had a boyfriend!

“Mmm. I love jump roping in the sunshine.”

“Hi, Mommy. How was work?”

“It was great, sweetie! I got a promotion.”

Lluis got along well with Eddie, playing with him while Liouba made dinner.

Technically it was a late lunch, but Liouba didn’t care. She was excited that she could make a meal for the family.

Does anybody else get the impression that Angie really wants to go on vacation?

“Say Daddy, Varya!”

After dinner, Meadow headed out to tend her plants. She was looking forward to the delicious tomatoes and cucumbers she would harvest in the fall.


“Oh boolprop, I’m in labor!”

“Yikes! This freaks me out every time.”

Why is Liouba so shocked? Because it’s a boy! His name is Artur.

While everyone was busy with the new baby, Liouba put a sleepy Varya to bed.

(She got new glasses, by the way, because Lluis likes girls with glasses.)

As a boy with 3 older sisters, Artur gets a pink crib. And he’ll like it, gosh darn it.

Makari finally got to cast a spell!

He welcomed Liouba to the world of witchiness.

That’s it for the Pedersons’ summer! Next up is the Thayer family.


Family: Pederson

Business: Galleria (Level 8)

Taxes this season: $6300

Total taxes paid: $9800

Playable sims: 61

Sim multiplier: 20

Population: 1220

Household 6 is the Pederson family!

Makari, Meadow, and Makari’s half alien daughter Liouba

They live in this starter home on a 2×2 lot. They’ll be ready to move to a bigger place next season. For now, though, they’ve only got about $1200 left after paying taxes.

There’s just enough room at the back of the house to add another bedroom and bathroom, although they can’t quite afford to buy wallpaper yet. Fortunately, they have until the end of day 1.

“No pway! Lemme out!”

Soon it was time for Meadow to head off for her first day of work. She’s Level 1 in the Business career, so she’s not making much, but every little bit helps.

Makari had the day off, so he kept Liouba busy.

Then I remembered that his secondary aspiration is Pleasure. He can write restaurant guides!

Alas, Meadow didn’t get a promotion, so she only got paid about $100.

“Hey there, cutie. Did you have a good nap?”

Meadow loved her little stepdaughter just like she was her own.

Between Meadow’s salary and the restaurant guide (but mostly the restaurant guide), they were able to finish the new rooms, furnish the new bathroom, and do a little redecorating of the bedrooms.

“Jessica, I heard about what happened. How are you holding up?”

“Oh, well, I’m doing all right, I suppose.”

“Oh! I’m pregnant! Hooray!”

Early the next morning, Makari was making omelets, when suddenly he found himself on fire!

(That’s the 2nd time a sim with maxed cooking has set himself on fire. Out of 3 fires. What’s up with that?)

(Also, fire #3 means another law enforcement position is opened up.)

Fortunately, the Pedersons had a fire alarm. The firewoman arrived quickly to put Makari out.

“I’m so sorry, Meadow. I was making you breakfast.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Makari. Leftover pork chops sound delicious right now, anyway.”

Meadow had discovered when she married Makari that she really liked sparkly food, as he’d had some in his inventory from before he’d moved here. She decided that a small vegetable garden would be lovely.

Sadly, she only realized after she planted the tomatoes that the family would probably be moving before it was time to harvest them.

“Hi there, nooboo. I’m your daddy. I’m going to teach you about everything!”

Pregnancy made Meadow tired, so she headed off to take a nap on the couch.

Portraits! I will have them.

See? There’s Makari’s portrait.

That evening, it was time for Liouba’s birthday! Makari and Meadow decided not to have a party.

“Look at me! I have fingers!”

I don’t like that hairstyle.

Much better.

Her outfit is ok, so she can keep it. It’s better that way anyway, since they’re saving up for a new house.

Liouba headed to bed pretty quickly, to get a good night’s sleep before her first day of school.

Meadow went to bed, too, but soon got up to pop.

Makari stayed up late to make robots. They already have a CleanBot, and it’s awesome. Must have somebody make a store to sell them.

The next morning, Liouba woke up wanting to jump rope, and discovered that Fitness was her One True Hobby. Alas. That one’s not profitable.

“I hope you’re a girl in there. I can’t wait to be a big sister!”

Next, Liouba convinced Meadow to take her outside for some delightful swinging around fun.

All too soon, it was time for everyone to head off to work and school. The carpool wouldn’t accept Meadow for liability reasons, so she had to walk.

Liouba was excited to head off to school. She couldn’t wait to learn about everything.

Meadow came home with a promotion, all the way to Level 2.

Makari also got a promotion, and a greeting hug from Liouba. Meanwhile, Meadow made a sidewalk friend.

(I swear she’s a closet Popularity sim. She’s always rolling wants to make friends.)

Makari helped Liouba with her homework; as a knowledge sim, he was determined that his children should be well educated.

With the money from today’s promotions, they were able to nicely furnish Liouba’s bedroom, and she spent a happy hour painting before bedtime.

Meadow and Makari spent the evening painting.

Before long, it was time for the baby to arrive.

“Oh, boolprop, what do I do?”

“You’ve done this! Don’t you have some idea?”

After a spin and twirl, Meadow held a black haired, brown eyed baby girl.

Her proud parents decided to name her Anzhelina.

(Two singletons! First time I’ve gotten past the second pregnancy without multiples in this hood.)

“Sleep well, little Anzhelina.”

In the morning, Liouba followed her Daddy into the nursery. “Is that my new sister?”

“Yes, Liouba, this is baby Anzhelina.”

“How come she doesn’t look like me? I thought she would look like me, since she’s my sister.”

Makari frowned. He wasn’t quite ready to have this conversation with his daughter. “Well, Liouba, different kids look different, even if they’re brother and sister. Now, why don’t you go play? Anzhelina needs her diaper changed.”

Liouba knew a put-off when she heard one. The new baby looked like Mommy, with Daddy’s eyes. Liouba didn’t look like anyone.

“What are you reading about, sweetie?” Meadow asked as she ate some more leftover salmon.

“Genetics,” Liouba replied.

As soon as it was light out, Meadow headed out to the art gallery. It wasn’t long until she had her gold sales badge and was able to dazzle.

Marisa Bendett bought over $20,000 worth of paintings!

Brittany, who might be moving in later in the rotation, bought over $5000 in paintings.

After a marathon 24 hour session, Makari and Meadow went on a date. They wanted 2 more kids, so they appreciated the opportunity to try there at the store, without distractions.

Back home, Makari completed the portraits!

Soon it was time to head off for work and school.

Meadow took a vacation day to take care of Anzhelina, and spent the day making friends.

In the middle of her outing, though, she had to make a run for the bathroom. She hoped it meant what she thought it meant.

“Oh, hi, Leo. How are you?”

“I’m just wonderful. I heard I have a new grandchild.”

“That’s right. She’s in the nursery if you’d like to see her.”

It wasn’t long before Makari and Liouba got home.

“Grandpa!” Liouba cried, giving him a kiss. It occurred to her that Grandpa looked different from everybody else, too. He didn’t look like Liouba, true, but maybe he might have some insight.

“Who’s Mommy’s baby girl? Mommy thinks you’re getting a new brother or sister soon.”

“Well, it was the bugs, you know,” Leo said after Liouba asked him why he was green. “You see, I was spraying the bugs, and I had a little accident and became part tomato plant.”

“Am I part tomato plant, too? Is that why I look different?”

“Oh, no, Liouba, but you are a very special child. You came to your parents as a gift from the clouds.”

“I did?”

“Yes, you’re a sky child. That’s why you’re different, but different is a good thing.”

After Grandpa left, Liouba sat down to write her report for school. She decided she’d write all about “My Grandpa the Tomato Plant”.

Makari stayed up late that night, getting Anzhelina her bottle.

“You’re a nice doggy. I’m going to ask Mommy if we can keep you.”

Meadow was not at all averse to getting a pet – it was just another way of expanding the family, after all.

Unfortunately, the stray trotted off before Meadow could adopt him.

The next baby is definitely on the way!

Makari and Liouba went off to school, while Meadow took her maternity leave day so she could be home with Anzhelina.

In between catching butterflies and making friends, Meadow changed into a different, more summery outfit. I love her hoodie, but that ridge in the pregnancy morph was getting annoying.

What’s wrong, Liouba?

“Teacher said I have a wild imagination, and that my grandpa is not a tomato plant! Silly teacher.”

She still got an A+, though.

Liouba spent the afternoon playing chess with her cousin Feofil.

Makari got home with another promotion. He’s about level 9 in Architecture, almost to his LTW.

Since the stray adoption didn’t work, the family adopted a puppy! His name is Eddie, and he’s Liouba’s A+ present.

Also that night, it was time for Anzhelina’s birthday!

With the number of extraneous sims hanging around, you’d think a Popularity sim lived here.

Anzhelina grew up adorable, although with a personality kind of out of nowhere. Makari and Meadow are both middle of the road, a Cancer and an Aquarius. Anzhelina here is a Scorpio, 9/3/9/10/1.

She can keep the hair, but the bear suit will have to go.

“You and me are gonna be best friends, and go on adventures, and have so much fun!”

Eddie found his bed in Liouba’s room with no trouble at all.

I only realized after I bought Anzhelina a new dress that it clashes with her hair ribbon. Oh well. She’s stuck with it now.

Makari thought one of the best things about toddlers was being able to teach them skills.

Meadow had been exhausted and had gone to bed immediately after the party, so in the morning it was nice to be able to have some cake.

“Bad puppy! You potty outside!”

Even though the Clean Bot already cleaned up the puddle. Poor puppy.

That’s another household done, and the rotation halfway over! Next up is the Thayer family.


Sims 46
Households 14
Owned lots 10
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 2
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 14
Population 644
Uni funds 252100

Uni funds are over the quarter million mark! Hooray!


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 4
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 8 (unlocked)
Criminal 0 of 2
Culinary 1 (unlocked)
Education 1 of 2
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 1 of 2
Law Enforcement 2 of 3
Military 0 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Science 0 of 1 (3 special)
Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 8
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 6
Wired Bruce Rank 7
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 6
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 4
A Whole New You Carr Rank 7

Welcome back to Willow Valley!

Makari Pavlov, the oldest of the Pavlov quadruplets, is the focus of today’s chapter.

You may notice that he looks a bit different. I got back the default eye replacements that I had on my old computer.

Makari moved into another starter home. It’s a nice big one, and unlike the other two potentially has room for some remodeling.

Makari immediately got on the computer to find a job. His LTW is to top Architecture, but silly me, I forgot until halfway through his season that unlocking a BD creates an architecture position.

Makari took a job in Science, open to him because he had maxed Logic as a child. He immediately went to work, and returned home with a promotion.

There was a strange sensation in his stomach as he walked toward the house, causing him to stop and look down. Must be some kind of weird indigestion, he figured.

Makari headed down to the cooking hobby lot, to compete in a Best Baked Alaska competition. Little Ivy Copur was pretty embarrassed that she’d misunderstood the rules.

Makari was happy to see Nadezda there, although he was a little worried, knowing that his sister had maxed cooking while he only had 9 points.

Makari was thrilled when he was declared the winner!

Makari then asked Nadezda to help him get that last half a cooking point. Soon, he too was a master chef. In addition, cooking was his last skill to master; he had now maxed all skills.

Back home, Makari spent the evening painting, before heading to bed early. He’d been tired a lot lately, and his stomach had been bothering him some; he must have some kind of bug.

When he woke the next day, he was terribly bloated and craving pork chops.

He was almost late for work – for some reason, the carpool never came.

He returned home with a promotion – turned out it didn’t really matter what he wore in to work, as long as he produced the science.

He decided, since his OTH was Tinkering, that he might as well get down to it, so he purchased a robot crafting station and spent a happy evening there.

He was quite excited when he successfully made a Clean Bot.

The next day, the car pool again didn’t come, even though Makari was dressed and ready to go. After some consideration, he decided maybe it was better to stay home, after all – he still wasn’t feeling well.

It was early afternoon when the pains started.

Makari had never felt such excruciating pain. He felt as though his plumbbob would burst.

And then it did, sort of, and Makari found himself holding a strange looking baby in his arms.

(I have a multi PT hack, but Makari and Dand got the same PT. So Mhairi Bruce is this one’s half sister.)

Makari gingerly dangled the baby, who giggled and reached out for him.

“You’re very cute, but I don’t quite know what to do with you,” he said.

A crib. A crib would be important, right? He bought a crib for the second bedroom, carefully placed the baby inside, and then went to make a phone call.

“I hope Makari’s all right. He sounded stressed on the phone, and he was insistent that we needed to come over right away.”

Larisa was shocked to find the tiny baby girl in Makari’s house, but she picked her up and cradled her expertly.

“I think it was the aliens, Mom,” Makari said. “I mean, that’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense.”

“So what do I do with her?”

“Well, babies are easy enough,” Larisa said, as she went to the fridge and got the baby a bottle. “Just feed her plenty of milk, keep her in clean diapers, and cuddle and play with her a lot.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” said Makari.

“Oh, it’ll get harder as she gets older. But you kind of figure it out as you go along.”

“So what’s her name?” Larisa asked as she finished feeding the baby.

“Name?” Makari asked blankly.

“Well, yes, she will need a name.”

Makari considered for a moment. “How about Liouba?” He spoke directly to the baby. “You look like a Liouba, don’t you? Yes you do!”

Larisa put Liouba back in her crib, then gave Makari a hug. “You’ll do just fine, son. Call us if you need anything, all right?”

“Thanks, Mom.”

After his parents were gone, though, Makari still felt uneasy. His parents had managed to raise 6 kids – well, 7, counting his half-plant brother, but Stepan hadn’t really needed to be “raised” so much. Still, they’d had each other to raise all those kids. He was all alone.

As he headed outside to recycle the newspaper, still thinking about Liouba, he caught sight of a gorgeous woman walking down the sidewalk. Her name was Meadow Pederson.

She came inside, where they chatted for a good couple of hours before she had to go. They talked about all kinds of things, and she thought Liouba was just the cutest little thing. She wanted to have a big family, she told him.

After she left, Makari changed Liouba’s diaper for the first time – definitely an adventure, but she seemed happy enough afterward, so he supposed he’d done it right.

“You need a mother, don’t you, little one?” Makari said as he fed her some milk. He was thinking about Meadow.

Makari was off work the next day – a good thing, since he would have had to take a vacation day otherwise. He decided to invite Meadow over, to see if his feelings were reciprocated.

It wasn’t all about finding a mother for Liouba, either; he really was taken with Meadow, and thought she just might be The One.

As it turned out, Meadow fully reciprocated his feelings.

When he asked her, she was quite willing to move in.

“Aren’t you adorable? Oh yes you are?”

Meadow gleefully played with the baby while Makari repaired the malfunctioning robot toy.

Then, she shocked Makari when she got down on one knee. “I know we’ve just met,” Meadow said, “but I feel so complete, here with you and Liouba. Will you marry me?”

Makari, of course, said yes.

They decided to have the wedding right away, so Makari promptly invited his family over.

(The Pavlov family is big enough now that I have to invite them in groups to get them all over.)

It was a beautiful ceremony, agreed the only guests who were actually paying attention.

The rest of the family was outside playing kicky bag, of course.

Makari rather enjoyed shoving cake into his bride’s face.

It was also Liouba’s birthday!

“Well, timer’s up.”

“Great party.”

“Yeah, see you next time.”


So Liouba grew up with just her parents watching.

After some smart milk, Liouba got a new outfit and hairstyle. Makari thought she was quite adorable.

Meadow got a makeover, too. She’s lovely.


“Come on, Liouba, you can do it. See, there. Good job!”

Meadow’s primary goal was to have a big family – her lifelong goal was to see 3 of her children graduate from college. But she also wanted to be affluent. So she decided that her job in the Culinary career wouldn’t cut it, and got a job in Business instead. She also thought it would be good for the family to own their own business.

With the money she’d brought to the marriage, Meadow purchased Galleria, an art gallery.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of art to start out with. Still, the customers seemed to be interested.

“You really want this painting, you know you do! It would look perfect above your fireplace.”

“But I don’t have a fireplace.”

“Well, then, you’ll have to get one, won’t you?”

While at the Galleria, Meadow learned to dazzle, and with a little help from Makari got the business up to Level 3.

Back home, Makari got another promotion at work.

“So Meadow, I know you want a big family. Should we get that started?”

“That sounds wonderful, Makari.”

“As long as you’re the one getting pregnant this time.”

“Say ‘bottle’, Liouba!”

Liouba broke the robot toy. I’m not so sure that a toy that spits out fire and sparks when broken is such a great choice for a toddler.

“Oh gosh, this salmon is really delicious. I wonder where it came from.”

Makari had it in his inventory when he moved in.

“Um…how old is it, then?”

Makari decided he didn’t want to be a scientist anymore. This decision was mostly spurred by the news that an architectural firm was hiring.

And that’s it for this chapter! Next up is Lyov Pavlov, who will be marrying another Family sim. I don’t know what’s up with the glut of family sims, but they’re certainly the ones the Pavlov kids seem to go for.


Sims 36

Households 8

Owned lots 9

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 1

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 9

Population 324

Uni funds 171600

(Makari had no contribution this season because he was a new move-out. New move-outs’ taxes are paid by their families before they go.)


Adventure 0 of 1

Architecture 2 of 2

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 6 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 1

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 0 of 1

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1