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It’s time for the first Picaso household.

Carme just returned home from college and moved back in with her dad, Matthew.


Matthew inherited money from both Julien and Armando while paying taxes. Again, though, I don’t think it was a significant sum.


Carme used to want to top the Law Enforcement career, but now wants 50 dream dates. So she looked for a job in Willow Valley’s standard default career, Business, but didn’t find any openings. She’ll have to find other things to do with her time for now.


First up was a trip to the lamp store to sell some lamps. Carme and Matthew are both permaplat, and both have gold sales badges, so Carme did sales and restocking. The business was level 8 at the start.


Akilina had a water balloon fight with the dormie hiding in the bush for about 8 hours.


Carme reached her “earned $100,000” milestone while restocking.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_e207186bAnd Akilina gave the 125th star, making Lampshades a level 10 business!

I feel like I haven’t had a business make level 10 for a while, so this is exciting to me.


Carme returned home just long enough to buy another business, with the money her dad had made from taking the money perks for the last two levels at Lampshades.


Her new business may look familiar, because it’s Club C, newly on the market.

The neighborhood is getting very big, with a lot of businesses, so I’ve decided that old businesses that have been donated to the community will be available for purchase. Yes, that means they’ll count twice, but I figure that’s fine as long as they’ve been paid for twice. It will reduce neighborhood clutter and delay the time when Willow Valley will, regretfully, crash and burn.


Carme dazzled the first few customers into paying $500 an hour to hang out at the club…


But she was really there for dates. The old guy who bought the first ticket seemed like a likely candidate.


Aw, it’s Benjamin’s very first kiss.


Benjamin decided he had to leave before the date reached Dream Date status, so Carme went on another date with a dormie.


She played poker for a while, hoping for another good date candidate, but no one showed up.


She did get a Best of the Best award just before going home, though. The business also reached level 2.


Back home, where the rotation hadn’t really even started yet, Carme made friends with Hector.


Then she called over a friend for another date.

I’m giving Carme a goal of 2 dream dates per day, 1 at the business and 1 at home. We’ll see how it goes.


The date went quite well.


Carme had the house to herself after her date, Matthew and Hector both being at work. She decided to put in a small garden so she could indulge her OTH of Nature.


Hector’s got a pretty sweet carpool, but unfortunately didn’t get promoted this time around.


Matthew got home from work and spent about 3 hours on the phone.


Carme had been shopping at the candy store during the break, and decided to try out some chocolate. Those chocolates are enormous! Turns out the ones with the lightning bolt on the package give a little energy boost.


She still preferred her dad’s delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, though.


Matthew spent his evening painting Carme’s portrait.


He hung it up next to his own.


Carme headed back to Club C early in the morning, and went on a date with Peter Ottomas. He assured her his wife was okay with it.


She hung out for a while longer, going on an outing with Liouba and getting the club up to rank 4. She also raked in quite a bit of cash thanks to that $500 per hour price.


She got home just in time to say goodbye to Matthew as he left for work.


Once again, Carme had the house to herself. First things first, she invited a dormie over for a date.


After taking care of the garden, she spent the rest of the afternoon catching bugs.


Hector got home with a promotion!


Matthew came home with a want to make a pot, so he did.


Matthew and Carme spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the bubble blower.


After midnight, Carme looked for a business position again with no luck. But, hey, she’s got over $300k in the bank, so she’s not doing too bad for being unemployed.


Apparently a collar had already been purchased for Hector, but they finally got it on him.


Carme continued her teenage habit of hardly ever sleeping, so she found herself eating leftover grilled cheese at 3 in the morning.


Then she headed out to the garden, and earned her silver badge!


Carme headed to the club for her first daily date, and who should show up but Michael Bruce! He was kind of sort of dating her sister, but they weren’t exclusive or anything, so Carme figured she’d tick off another date with him.


The date went beautifully, as usual.


Until Mireia showed up. “How could you?!”

“Hey, it’s not like we’re engaged or anything.”


“And whose fault is that, huh?”



Oddly enough, though her relationship dropped with both of them, Mireia wasn’t actually furious.


Carme hung out with Mireia for a while, building the relationship back up. She was glad Mireia wasn’t too upset with her, but hoped she hadn’t ruined things between Mireia and Michael.


“You know Anya?”


“Once, she got electrocuted, and she didn’t make it to the bathroom!”

By the time Carme was ready to go home, her relationship with Mireia was fully repaired.


“Hey, Agnes, congratulations on being the smart one. Now you’ve got to go back to school, I’m closing up.”


Back home, Carme managed to catch the gardener and end her services, since Carme liked taking care of the plants herself.


With the installation of 4 solar panels, the household went from bills of $156 on Tuesday to a rebate of $66 on Thursday!


Carme invited Andrew over for a date.


Then immediately asked him on another date.

Personally, I think trying to woohoo in the cab of a pickup would be rather awkward and really not fun, but what do I know?


Andrew left a hot tub as a date gift! They’ll be keeping that.


In the wee hours of Friday morning, Carme finally found a position in the Business career! That gives her just enough time to go to work once this season.


She needed a Logic point for a promotion, so she spent the rest of the night at a newly purchased chess table.


Carme thought she got a pretty good carpool for being just out of college.


Matthew was the one to have the house to himself today. He spent a while on the phone, making new friends.


Then he made some teapots.


Carme got home early with a chance card promotion, and then ended up with a second promotion due to networking. Funny how that works.


Matthew immediately monopolized Meadow Pederson, who had come home from work with Carme.


Carme needed 2 logic points for her final promotion, so she headed to Club C. Of course, she had to dazzle some customers into paying the ridiculous $500 per hour ticket price first.


She sat down at the chess table, soon joined by Andrea Bruce.


Unfortunately, Carme kept getting distracted by outings…


And dates.


So Carme set the price to “cheap”, so she wouldn’t have to keep jumping up to dazzle people and then get distracted from going back to the chess table.


Finally, with Peter Ottomas’ help, she was able to get the logic points she needed, while meanwhile getting the club up to level 6. She left the club at almost midnight on Saturday night.


When she got home, it was still early Friday afternoon, with several hours left in the workday, so she headed back to work.

Cheating a bit, I suppose, but I’m justifying it based on how long it took her to find the job.


“So you dated Carme, too, huh?”

“Yeah, she’s awesome.”


“Not awesome enough to leave flowers, though.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

That was weird.


Hector came home with a promotion to the top of the Pet Show Business career, and also got a $2400 chance card bonus! Who’s a good dog?


Carme got home with a promotion to Business Tycoon! She’s #11 for the neighborhood.


She celebrated with a date, breaking in the new hot tub.


Reno Day time! The focus today was on the downstairs bathroom, which inexplicably has cheap fixtures even though Matthew’s bathroom upstairs is decked out with top-of-the-line stuff.


The inequality was easily fixed, with a modest cost of only a few thousand dollars.


Then, since the household had made so much money, Carme donated $100,000 for construction of a new University building.


As soon as it was light out, Carme headed down to Club C.

Now that she had a hot tub, she didn’t see any reason to ever change out of her swimsuit.


She went on a date with the hobby guy, and got the club up to level 7 before closing down for the season.


Then it was off to the pet store, where Carme got a dog of her own. Unfortunately, the first thing she had to do was scold Andromache.


Back home, Andromache got her collar and enjoyed a nice plastic bone.


Then she learned to Come Here from Matthew.


Meanwhile, Carme went on a date with Abhijeet.


One of Matthew’s special friends strolled by, so of course he said hello.


They ended up having a great time in the hot tub.


Carme went on a second date with Abhijeet.


Then she headed out to the garden to work on it late into the night.

That’s it for the Picaso 1 household! Next is Picaso 2.


Household: Picaso 1


Hobby Horse, rank 10

Lampshades, rank 10

Club C, rank 7

Taxes: $13,700

1 university building donated for $100,000

Playable sims: 137

Sim multiplier: 62 (+1 due to total 50 community lots)

Population: 8494



J. Picaso household

Left to right: Lluis, Agnes, Mireia, Jessica, Pau


The house is quite crowded due to the presence of three adorable puppies, in addition to their parents. Not that any of the kids mind.


Jessica got a serious shock when trying to fix the computer. That’s the 9th electrocution, opening the third permanent Science spot.


Wanting some fun, Pau sought Agnes out for a game of red hands. Agnes was his favorite of his older siblings, because she always seemed to have time for him.


As usual, Jessica didn’t have enough in the bank to pay the taxes, so she headed down to the park to earn some cash.


Mireia’s boyfriend Michael came by, so Jessica thought she ought to get to know him. He seemed like a nice boy. And, well, she wasn’t going to complain about the fact that he was the heir of one of the richest families in town.


Jessica also earned a logic point for work. She finally headed home after getting the business up to level 5 and earning enough to pay the household’s $6600 in taxes.


Carme came over for Family Sunday, and kidnapped poor Chicken Boo before she even came in the house.


Pau was very excited to finally get to meet his oldest sister.

“Have you really seen a genie lamp? I wish I could find one!”


Jessica wasn’t hungry, but Agnes made a nice Sunday brunch for everyone else.


I finally found Pau’s missing homework! It disappeared sometime last season, but turned out to be buried under the snow. Pau was hopeful that he could get it done and finally get that A plus.


Everybody had a great time playing with the dogs.


Buddy got a promotion! He’s now a Rescue Pet.


Pau was in need of friends – his only friends outside the family were Eva and Jake Cooke-Pavlov, who are now teens. So when Lyosha Parker walked by, Pau seized the opportunity.


Jessica made spaghetti for dinner without burning it! The triplets weren’t quite sure what to make of the meal.


Aw. Buddy was too tired to go back to work after only six hours off. Poor thing.


“Hey, Mom, can I go out with my friend Devan Bendett?”

“Well, it’s a school night, dear.”

“We’ll be back early, I promise.”

“All right, I suppose.”


As usual, Devan showed up in a limo. The Bendetts aren’t doing horribly, money wise, but they do have six kids, so they’re not exactly wealthy. And yet Devan can get a limo at 1 am.


Agnes headed to bed early, having not asked permission for anything. She hoped everyone would be asleep in a few hours.


I don’t have to wonder how Saveliy Pavlov can afford a limo for a night out on the town. His family probably has a garage full of them somewhere.


The snow finally melted overnight, so Jessica headed out early in the morning to plant a few tomatoes.


She also decided it was time to make the pond a little nicer with a bit of landscaping. The orange tree should provide some nice fruit, as well.


The next morning, Lluis and Pau enjoyed leftovers for breakfast and talked about how glad they were that winter was over.


Time for the puppies to grow up! This is Effie. She looks a lot like her dad Buddy, but there are some differences.


Dinah’s coloration isn’t quite as interesting as Effie’s (plus she just peed on the floor).


And Carter’s a clone of Effie.

Darn it, I wanted another blue poodle. ūüė¶


Mireia was excited to have the house to herself from 2 to 3, after her brother and sister headed off to their Crappy Teen Jobs. She could sit on the toilet as long as she wanted without anyone banging on the door asking how much longer she was going to take.


I swear, I’ve used “End Services” on the nanny at least 3 times now, and she keeps coming back. They don’t need a nanny anymore, dangnabit!


Pau brought home Artur Pederson, and spent the next 3 hours hanging out with his new friend.


Jessica got a promotion to Business Tycoon! Hooray! She’s the neighborhood’s 8th business tycoon, which means Willow Valley only needs two more businesses for another Business District.


Jessica immediately went to the computer and deposited her bonus in her bank account. She was determined that next season she would have the money to pay the taxes right away.

Then she looked for a job in her dream career of Oceanography, but there were no postings.


There were way too many dogs in the house, and Jessica had informed the children that all the puppies would be finding new homes as soon as they were adults. David Ottomas had come home on the bus with Agnes, and seemed to enjoy playing with the puppies, so Jessica asked him if he would like to take Carter home.


Then he ate the disgusting toaster pastry that had been sitting out on the table since breakfast.

I have a feeling neatnik Agnes isn’t going to be too eager to make friends with him.


She was too busy working on her last homework assignment with Lluis, anyway.


After homework, it was Smustle Time!


Jessica invited her friend Phil over to foist another dog off on him, but got a little distracted.


Still, it did put him in a good mood, so that he was willing to pay over $1000 to buy Effie.


Agnes supposed she should be squicked by seeing her mother in the kitchen in her underwear, making out with some guy, but she had to admit it was nice to see her mom happy.


After everyone else had gone to bed, Agnes indulged herself in one last midnight cleaning.


Pau got up early on Tuesday morning and went around the house making everyone’s beds.

I guess we know who’ll be taking over the cleaning once Agnes leaves.


Jessica was so excited when she found an oceanography job in the morning that she shouted out the news to whoever would listen.


She did worry a bit, though, as she headed off for her first day. She’d been a Business Tycoon, and had finally been making some good money…and now she was a Sea Lice Research Assistant, with a salary of less than $300 per day.


The triplets got home from school and invited some people over to enjoy their last afternoon as teens.


As sad as Mireia was to see the last puppy go, she wanted to make sure she would be in good hands. So she gave Dinah to her friend-with-benefits, Isaiah Gavigan. She thought about asking for money, but refrained since she knew Isaiah’s family didn’t have much.


All the teens had exactly one vacation day for their crappy teen jobs, so they decided to use them, although Agnes still changed into her fugly pink suit out of habit.


Wow, that’s a lot of anger over a newspaper no one ever reads.


Mireia gave Isaiah a proper goodbye.

Unfortunately, Lluis’ girlfriend Liouba Pavlov left before he could give her a similar goodbye.


Jessica got home with a promotion!


As 6 pm approached, Lluis fixed the computer that one of his siblings had broken. He had to make sure things were in good shape, because he wondered sometimes if his mom would be able to take care of herself.


It’s birthday time for Pau! He got a cake, mostly because the fridge is empty and I haven’t gotten around to sending anyone out for groceries.


The boy’s going to need some new pants.

Pau decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and favorite sister, so he became a Knowledge/Popularity sim with a LTW to have 5 top businesses.


After that, it was time for the triplets to head to college.

Lluis managed to amass a trust fund of $20,000, which is good because he only earned $4750 in scholarships (grades, job, and 4 skills).


Mireia did even better with her trust fund of $26,000 (thanks to a lot of outing gifts and being lucky enough to dig up a treasure chest early in her teen years). She managed to barely beat out her brother with $5000 in scholarships, including grades, job, 3 skills, and the Tsang Footwork Award.


Agnes, the barely social nerd of the group, has a trust fund of only $16,800. I think she only got one outing gift. But she earned scholarships of $8,000, including grades, job, all 7 skills, and a surprise Tsang Footwork Award.


Jessica got rid of the extra beds and turned the girls’ bedroom into an exercise room and art studio.


Pau took over bathing the dogs. Ariel was filthy.


Pau got some new pants before heading off to school in the morning.


Jessica spent the day in her PJs, and scarfed down a yummy salad for lunch.


After school, Pau called up Agnes to see how things were going at uni.


This is what it looks like when a household consists of two Knowledge sims.


Jessica had two days off work in a row, which meant no money was coming in. So she decided a painting would help.


As soon as she finished her painting, Jessica aged up into a very sharp-faced elder (with glitchy ears).


Pau was too busy earning body points to pay much attention to his mother’s birthday.


Jessica spent the evening out by the pond fishing. Now that she was an elder, she was rather glad that the house was a little less hectic.


The next morning, the first crop of oranges was ready to harvest. Jessica was so excited that she headed out in her pajamas to pick them in the rain.


Hey, Gypsy lady, what’s up?

“There is a disgusting pile of trash in front of this house. It’s so awful I have to take a break from my sneaking!”

Uh, ok, but you’re still going to leave a lamp, right?


Jessica had another day off, so she decided to clean the place up so that everyone would stop waving their hands around and shouting about the mess.

Also, they bought one solar panel for their roof (because Pau wished for it), and their bills dropped to just $17. Sweet.


Jessica didn’t have a lot of spare cash for a renovation, so she just went with new wallpaper in the kitchen and family room, and a new stove.


Finally, someone brought home a teen besides David Ottomas. Pau had a fun time getting to know Isaiah.


I don’t usually do this, but Pau really wanted to get into private school. And since it’s just him in school now, Jessica can afford the fees.


“Wow, this bathroom is awesome! I’m especially impressed that I’m being impaled by the door. And the young man angrily shooing me out is a terrific touch. +10 points!”


Then Pau brought the headmaster into the kitchen, where his mother just happened to be saying to Isaiah, “Yes, of course all four of my older children were overachievers. And no doubt Pau will be, too, just as soon as he gets his Crappy Teen Job.”


Pau successfully made it into private school. Isaiah looked awfully smug after playing a minor role in Pau’s success.

(Now I don’t like the new wallpaper.)


Pau headed back to the exercise bike and earned his 8th body point. Another scholarship in the bag! His master plan was to earn all his skill scholarships, then get a job for the scholarship and the overachiever point, and then hopefully open his first business while still in his teen years.


As Pau was heading to bed, he noticed a dusty old lamp sitting in his room. How had that gotten there? Oh, well, he was tired. Maybe he’d deal with it next season.

That’s it for the J. Picaso household! Next up is the Pederson family.


Household: J. Picaso

Business: Picaso Park, Rank 5

General fund contribution: $6600 (all taxes as Pau hasn’t gone to private school yet)

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700


It’s a very rare visit to a single sim household with Matthew Picaso.

You can just see the tip of the triangle, but he’s thinking about woohoo, as usual.


He paid the taxes right away.

This is about when I checked his second LTW and found out it’s to marry off 6 children.


Just no.

(I’m mystified because he’s a Popularity/Grilled Cheese sim.)


Matthew got a dog last season, Hector. He spent a lot of time working with Hector on his skills.


Being a popularity sim, he also spent a lot of time on the phone.


Matthew’s at the top of the Athletic career and only works 3 days per week, which means he only worked the first day of the rotation.


He brought Nathan Gavigan home from work with him. They were already friends, which shouldn’t be surprising since they’re the only two sims in town still in the athletic career, now that Armando Cooke has retired.


“Hey, Dad! I just stopped by to see how the store’s going.”

“Well, it’s all right. I did have to hire some employees now that you’re not here to help out.”


Matthew tried to have visitors over as often as possible, and often waylaid walkbys.


He got along with some of the walkbys really well.


Since he had a day off work the next day, he hung out with the gardener most of the day.


Peter Ottomas was Matthew’s next victim for a walk-by friending.


On Saturday morning, Matthew headed back to the store to sell more lamps.


The dormie in pink set him up on a blind date. He enjoyed going out with the island girl, but it wasn’t going to go any further than one date.


Matthew returned home to make friends with another random townie.


Then he invited a half dozen friends over for a party.


Matthew had an open door policy, so he acquired some extra sims. The party went quite well.


On Sunday, Matthew invited the kids over. Carme brought Ramsay along.


He had a sneaking suspicion that Carme and Ramsay were more than just friends, so he spent some time getting to know the young man.


Everyone enjoyed a nice grilled cheese dinner before heading home.


Matthew spent the evening teaching Hector to play dead, his final skill. He then got Hector a job in the Pet Show Business career.


The next morning, it was back to the store. Mireia showed up this time to see how things were going. The shop reached level 8 by the end of the season.


Matthew got home to find a love letter waiting in his mailbox. He wasn’t sure exactly who had sent it, but he was pleased anyway.


Reno Day! Matthew decided it was time to update the cheap kitchen.


Much better, and now he won’t run out of room at the table at his parties.


Matthew spent the day in his favorite fashion, hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

snapshot_7c4d4c4e_df5dbd5fAt 6 pm, he grew up with little fanfare.


Matthew was disappointed to discover that his hairline was receding in his old age, so he grew a beard to compensate.


He and Camryn had a private celebration after everyone else went home.


As spring came to an end, Matthew sent his customary child support payments to the triplets’ accounts.

That’s it for Matthew! Next is the first Uni rotation of the season.


Household: M. Picaso


Hobby Horse, Rank 10

Lampshades, Rank 8

General fund contribution: $7700

Playable sims: 114

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5700


Back, left to right: Agnes, Jessica holding Pau

Front: Lluis, Mireia


Jessica must have been to the pet store, because she bought a poodle named Ariel.


Lluis’ first wish upon waking was to make some money, so he got himself a money tree. Unfortunately, the cash wasn’t enough to keep the family from being poor. Their family funds started at $200 at the beginning of the season.


Mireia took a shine to Ariel and promptly went to work teaching her tricks.


Jessica recalled how the kids would always find valuable items buried in the yard, so she decided to dig herself. Unfortunately, all she found was a water main.


“Did I tell you? I had my first kiss at the Carrs’ house.”


Jessica was a little confused – she had thought the Carrs’ boys were too young for kisses. But she was glad Agnes was getting involved with other kids in the neighborhood, so she smiled and told her how great that was.


Jessica headed off to work, hoping maybe she could get a promotion and have enough to pay the taxes.


Nanny Kendal took good care of Pau, who was content to play on his bunny head and then take a nap.


“How was Pau today, Nanny Kendal?”

“Oh, he was just fine. You’ll mind him until your mother gets home, then?”

“Sure thing.”


Agnes had brought Anzhelina Pederson home from school, but she and Lluis both had to leave for work at 2.


Angie took the opportunity to kidnap Chicken Boo.


Pau woke up from his nap and promptly woke up Ariel, who had fallen asleep on the bed.


Anzhelina took charge of getting him out of his crib and settled on his bunny head.


Both Buddy and Jessica came home with promotions, but their combined bonuses were not quite enough to pay the $5300 tax bill.


Needing just another $600 or so, Jessica headed down to Picaso Park.


Although the pond at home was frozen, the one here at the park wasn’t. Jessica got in some fishing. As she waited for a bite, she worried. She’d never been good at making money. She’d never been able to contribute anything toward her children’s education – Matthew and the kids themselves had funded their college funds. Pau, though, didn’t have a father out there to help him out. How was she going to come up with $10,000 for him to go to college?


Jessica earned enough in admission fees and from selling the fish she caught that she was able to pay the taxes with a little left over, which made her feel better. Back home, she had just enough time for a snuggle with Pau.


Pau was excited to be bigger, and immediately wanted to make some new friends.


Mireia got home with a promotion – I had thought all three teens were at the top of their careers, but I guess not.


Pau was excited to see Sevastian walking past the house and rushed out to greet him, even though Sevastian was on his way home and couldn’t stay.


The teens occupied themselves, as usual. Lluis had some leftovers for dinner while Mireia worked on skills with Ariel.


Pau had only gained 7 charisma skill points from the bunny head, so when he wanted a skill point he was sent out to the Execuputter.


Agnes might have had all her skills for scholarships, but earning more skill points was still her favorite activity.


She almost forgot her homework, but remembered it right before going to bed. She couldn’t risk jeopardizing her A+ average.


Pau was excited to share a room with his big brother. Lluis was not so excited to get a roommate, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter.


Mireia got up early and indulged in her favorite hobby of Arts & Crafts.


Jessica was thrilled that she’d managed to make breakfast for the kids without burning the pancakes.


Pau was excited but nervous about his first day of school, so Jessica tried to help him out. “If it’s cloudy, Pau, make sure to take your umbrella in case it rains.”


They’d forgotten that yesterday was supposed to be the nanny’s last day, so when she showed up that morning, Lluis politely informed her that her services would no longer be needed. That was a way the household could save some money, anyway.


Jessica was surprised when she saw the company had sent a limo to pick her up. That must mean she was doing pretty well, she supposed.


Agnes finished maxing her body skill just as the bus pulled up outside.


Mireia brought Isaiah home, while Nikifor came home with Agnes. Funny how they’re sticking with their own aspirations.


“Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“He’s at college.”

“Cool.” Isaiah was just happy to be getting the attention, even though he was sure Mireia and Michael would be back together again as soon as she got to college.


Pau just did okay at school as far as grades, but he did convince Jake Cooke-Pavlov to come home on the bus with him, so he was excited about that.


Jessica got home with a promotion, as well as a $5000 chance card bonus! She couldn’t believe it – she actually had enough to establish Pau’s college fund!


Lluis, sadly, didn’t do as well – he was demoted due to a bad hobby chance card.


Pau and Jake had a great time before Jake had to head home.


Jessica needed skills for her next promotion, but didn’t have time to work on them that night, as Pau needed help with his homework.


She was crushed when she burned the spaghetti. She’d thought she was done with cooking disasters.


As usual, the kids scarfed it down without complaint. Sometimes she wished they would say something.


Agnes reached her dirty house breaking point, and stayed up late after everyone else had gone to bed, cleaning everything.


In the morning, Mireia sat down at the chess table and unexpectedly maxed her logic.

(I don’t make the Picaso kids skill at all unless they roll a want.)


Buddy needed to learn to Roll Over for his next promotion, so Lluis worked on teaching him before school.


And off to school and work. Everyone left at the same time for once.


Apparently the nanny service thought that Lluis was just kidding when he told Nanny Kendal that they were done with nannies, since they sent over Nanny Karen. She was promptly told to go away.


Pau called up Jake for a chat, while Mireia made burgers for lunch. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to have inherited her mother’s difficulty with the stove.


Mireia headed off to work as Jessica arrived home with a friend. Jessica hadn’t gotten a promotion, but she was thrilled that her regular income now was enough to manage the household expenses.


Lluis got re-promoted, and was happy enough with the ensuing bonus that he was able to humor his annoying little brother for a bit.


Teenagers. They spend half their lives on their phones.


With the family’s new financial stability, Pau was able to get some new clothes!


Mireia wanted to buy a pottery table, and then to make pottery. After making one plate, she lost interest.


Buddy wasn’t the quickest at skill learning, so Lluis kept at it. Agnes indulged in her favorite activity, reading a book.


Finally, an outing gift! At least one resident of the house goes on an outing daily, but Shura is the first to deliver.


While everyone was asleep…


Puppies! As far as I can tell, they’re identical at this point. I named them Carter, Dinah, and Effie.


Jessica needed a logic point and a charisma point for her next promotion, but the logic point was proving elusive.


Everyone was off for school and work again. I was kind of hoping for a snow day, since the snow’s been falling for many hours now, but no dice.


Jessica got home to find strange teenagers hanging around the house, as usual. That Gavigan boy always seemed to be over. Also, it looked like someone had stolen Chicken Boo again. She didn’t know how Lluis always seemed to know who took it.


The evening was pretty tame, as all the teens had to work. Lluis got his homework done while Pau played with Buddy.


Jessica got her logic point and went to work on charisma. The kids’ friends seemed to really like the puppies, she noticed. She wondered if maybe they might want to take the dogs home – 5 dogs was an awful lot, after all.


So, a long time ago I decided to institute a Renovation Day on the first day of the rotation. The problem is that the rotations are long enough now that I often can’t remember what I wanted to do by the next rotation. And the Picasos’ house is just boring as heck. So, I’ve decided to move Reno Day to Day 5 of the rotation (although for the rest of this season it can be either Day 1 or Day 5, since there’s one family that I know really needs a good house expansion right away).


I put in new wallpaper everywhere to get rid of the boring Beachy Keen paint, put in nice archways into the kitchen and study instead of just having spaces, put in carpet in the living room and study, and bought them a TV and some living room furniture. Not a huge reno, but it cost about half of the money they’ve got saved up, and will make the house a little nicer to live in.


Jessica headed down to the park, where the pond was still unfrozen even though the snow was knee deep. Maybe it’s fed by a hot spring?


The reviewer gave Picaso Park a Best of the Best award! I think it might be the first venue business in town to get that distinction.


Jessica also earned her gold badge! She’s pretty high up in Business, so I’ll let her stay there for now, but there’s still time for her to achieve her LTW of becoming a top oceanographer.


That evening, shortly before it was time to go home, she found herself in conversation with a young guy named Phil, talking about her trip to meet the aliens.


She found herself romantically interested for the first time in years, certainly since her marriage ended. There wouldn’t be anything long-term with Phil – he was far too young, only a few years older than Carme – but she did have a nice date with him.


Agnes spent breakfast explaining to Pau how he could one day be an overachiever, just like his older sisters and brother.


I redid the tv room and the seating area in the living room. They almost kinda sorta look like they could be in a real house.


 Agnes broke in the new couch while keeping up with her usual Saturday tradition of studying in her PJs.


 Lluis invited Liouba over for a date. The surprising thing is that this is the first time this season.


¬†“Hi, I’m Pau.”

“I’m Eva.”

“Hey, are you Jake’s sister? Because Jake’s my best friend.”

“Yeah, Jake’s my brother.”

“Want to stay and play?”


“How come your sister has a job? I thought only grownups have jobs.”

“Well, my family’s kind of poor. We don’t have much money in the bank.”

“That’s really sad that your sister has to work on Saturday.”


“My grandpa’s a ghost, and my grandma just died, so she’s gonna be one, too. It’s okay, though, because I still have my other two grandpas.”

“Wow. I wish I had grandparents.”

Eva and Pau hung out until 6 o’clock came and it was time for Eva to go home.


Mireia managed to max a second skill. This one’s less surprising, since she paints all the time.


Lluis and Agnes get along just great.


Thanks for the broken piano, Phil.

That’s it for the Picaso family! Next up we have the Pedersons.


Family: J. Picaso

Business: Picaso Park, Rank 3

General fund contribution: $5300

Playable sims: 89

Sim multiplier: 38

Population: 3382

It’s time for the other half of the Picaso family.

Left to right: Agnes, Jessica, Lluis, Mireia

Another dog acquired at the pet store. His original name was Balin, but Lluis renamed him Buddy.

¬†Since Jessica had only barely been able to purchase a business last season, there was no money left. She had to take out a loan to pay the taxes – and she still owed Mireia $5000 for that treasure chest she’d dug up.

Mireia wanted to make breakfast for everyone, and was crestfallen when she burned the toaster pastries.

“Now that we’re older, we can all pitch in to keep the house clean and tidy,” Agnes said. She couldn’t figure out why her brother and sister didn’t seem to like that idea.

Off to school!

Agnes really wanted to get into private school, but she knew that the family just couldn’t afford it.

Jessica left shortly after the kids, but her boss had had enough. She was fired for being late to work too many times. Also, she caught a cold.

She was jobless, sick, in debt, and with a baby on the way. She felt like a total failure.

She needed a new job, right away – anything would do. She sat down at the computer and took a position in Military.

While trying to make some Comfort Soup to cure her mother (and Lluis, who had also caught the infection), Mireia set the stove on fire. Fortunately the fire department arrived promptly to put it out.

(This was the 6th fire, opening another position in Law Enforcement!)

Mireia’s 2nd attempt was successful, and Jessica and Lluis were cured!

The teens decided to help out by taking jobs. Mireia took a position in her LTW career of Adventure, and Lluis and Agnes both took jobs in the Education field.

Jessica finally got a chance to get out to her new business, Picaso Park. It’s quite a lovely park, but probably won’t be a big money maker as the ticket price is only $20 per hour.

Jessica was hoping to use the park to help her get her gold fishing badge, but she was only able to fish for a few minutes. She was exhausted, and soon closed up and went home to bed.

“Such pigs. This place is a disaster,” Agnes grumbled under her breath as she cleaned up. She had to spend close to an hour cleaning the bathroom before she could even stand to use the toilet.

Agnes had gone on an outing with Marsha after school, and Marsha brought over a gift!

Agnes let her mother borrow the money from the pinball machine, so Jessica was able to pay off her loan. She hated owing money to her kids, but at least she wouldn’t have to pay interest on the bank loan anymore.

Jessica also checked the job listings, and was able to get another job in the Business career. She vowed she would do better about getting there on time – but not today. The baby was due today.

The fridge was out of food, but luckily, the tomatoes were ready to harvest. That ought to provide a few meals, at least.

While waiting for breakfast, Agnes wanted nothing more than to sit and read a good book about cleaning.

Lluis checked the job listings and found a position in Politics. He felt that fit him better than Education, so he took it. He also got Buddy a job in the Pet Service career.

“Wow, mom, these pancakes are delicious! You should make tomato pancakes more often!”

Shortly after the kids left for school, the labor pains hit.

(Yes, the kitchen is filthy.)

Jessica’s gift from the aliens was a little boy that she named Pau.

He’s half sister to Mhairi Bruce and Liouba Pavlov, which is awesome as it links the Picaso family tree into theirs. Now I’ve got the Pavlov, Cooke, Bruce, and Picaso families all connected.

She was able to afford a blanket for him, which she put in her bedroom – there wasn’t room in the house for a nursery.

It was good that Pau was a boy, since he would be able to share with Lluis when he got older.

Agnes and Mireia’s carpool came at 2 pm, so they were off to their first day after just a short break at home.

Agnes had earned $200 for winning a spelling bee at school, so Jessica was able to buy a changing table for Pau.

Mireia and Agnes both brought home promotions.

Jessica didn’t manage to make it to the park that night, but it was more important to finally get the kitchen cleaned up.

After getting a promotion, Lluis needed a serious fun boost, so he decided to go out back and jump rope.

Agnes was eager to earn her Creativity scholarships.

(I’m not going to have the Picaso sims skill as madly as some of the other households, except of course for Agnes as she’s a Knowledge sim.)

Lluis went out to the park for a few hours, solely so he could ask his girlfriend Liouba over for a date. She brought Nikifor as her friend – apparently kids can buy tickets, they just don’t routinely show up.

Mireia wanted to study Anger Management. Considering that her main romantic interest is Michael Bruce, I was happy to let her do so.

It’s Saturday, so that’s why everyone is hanging around in their pajamas.

“Poor dog, running around all stinky and no one cared.”

Lluis wanted Buddy to get a promotion, so he worked on teaching him to Shake.

Pau got glitchy – Jessica wasn’t able to interact with him, and I had to cheat to get his hunger up to save him from the Social Worker. So he got an early birthday.

Definitely a cutie, although he resembles his half sisters Mhairi and Liouba more than the Picaso side of the family. He’s a Virgo, 10/4/9/2/10, so he and Agnes can bond.

Mireia wanted a date, too, so she followed her brother’s example and had it at the park.

Michael and Mireia both rolled up the want to go steady. Well, wonders will never cease. I guess Michael’s decided to settle down.

“Come here, Pau! No, silly boy, over here.”

Agnes and Jessica had the day off, but Mireia and Lluis headed off to their crappy teen jobs.

The old block table was the only thing left from when the triplets were toddlers. Pau enjoyed building with the blocks, even if he had to play by himself.

Lluis reached the top of the teen Politics career.

Jessica headed out to buy groceries. She really couldn’t spare $500 – she still had to pay back the kids – but what could she do? The fridge was empty.

She headed out to the Park, where she was able to get her bronze badge and earn back about half the money she’d spent on the groceries. So that was good. Maybe things were starting to look up.

Back home, Agnes had been studying so hard all day that she’d forgotten to get dressed.

Mireia topped the teen Adventure career.

Jessica finished her portrait and hung it up over the desk.

The fishing was going well – she was catching more fish now, enough to earn a little money.

Playing tub pirates never got old.

Jessica had heard that the reviewer would pay anything. She didn’t quite believe it, so she was afraid to put the price up too much, but he bought a $500 ticket without even blinking and stayed for 3 hours. Well, Jessica was hardly going to complain about an extra $1500.

She fished for quite a while before heading home, although Sandy seemed a bit confused about the difference between fishing and swordfighting.

Back home, Jessica worked on talking with Pau, and tried to think positive. The triplets had their college funds; their future was assured. She had a job, and there was food on the table.

Carme! How dare you steal Chicken Boo after you were invited over for family Sunday!

Lluis didn’t care, though. He was too busy trying to ask Liouba on a date.

Agnes made omelets for breakfast – she’s the only one in the house with more than a handful of cooking points.

Lluis and Liouba spent pretty much the whole day doing this.

Everyone gravitated to the backyard, probably because there’s not much to do in the house.

Agnes was a bit left out, but she didn’t mind. Her brother and sister could date all they wanted, but she would outshine them when it came time to apply for scholarships. Plus, she hadn’t met anyone that awakened even a spark of romantic interest in her.

“Mom’s working hard to get her fishing badge before the pond freezes over. But don’t worry, Pau, your big sister Mireia will take good care of you.”

Jessica maxed her Nature enthusiasm and picked up a silver fishing badge.

Lluis caught sight of Carme and Michael dancing together. Hadn’t Carme talked about having a fling with Michael Bruce? He decided to send everyone home, before something happened to upset Mireia.

Mireia didn’t notice a thing. She was busy making sure that Pao learned his nursery rhyme.

Agnes earned her 8th logic point, and her 7th skill scholarship.

Hey look everybody, it’s the Rose Parade!

Liouba might actually get what she’s wishing for up there. She and Lluis have 3 bolts, and they’ll be going to college at the same time. But I’m not counting on any permanent pairings until both parties have reached their junior year of college, because aspirations might change.

Lluis and Mireia spent Sunday night indulging in their favorite hobbies – games for Lluis, arts & crafts for Mireia.

Just before going to bed, Jessica remembered to call the nanny for tomorrow. Pau had already learned all his skills, so he wouldn’t need much. It should only be for a couple of days, until he became a child.

Lluis went out to retrieve Chicken Boo, who surveyed as Liouba and Michael both left date gifts.

Jessica felt relieved the next morning as she settled into her carpool seat. The nanny was in the house, the triplets were off to school, and she felt like things were finally back on track.

Lluis knew it was time to give Buddy a bath when even Mireia started complaining about the stink.

Mireia had wanted to stay home with Pau, but her mother said no, she had to go to school.

Pau didn’t care who watched him. He was perfectly happy on the block table.

He was happy enough to find Nanny Kendal when he needed a nap, though.

Carme and Lluis headed off to work an hour after getting home.

“I can watch Pau until my mom gets home, Nanny Kendal.”

“Oh, well, if you’re sure, young lady.”

Anya and Malvina came home on the bus and spent a few hours dancing before heading home.

Jessica came home with a promotion! The resulting bonus was quite a nice sum.

Jessica still owed Mireia some money, but Mireia said she didn’t need it – she’d done quite well with outing gifts, and her bank account was already over $20,000. So Jessica did something she’d thought at the beginning of the season she wouldn’t be able to do – she gave $5100 to the college levy. She knew it wasn’t as much as some; she’d heard about how the Pavlovs and the Cookes had each given over $100,000. But it was everything she had. It would be worth it if it meant her five children could go to college.

Pau only had a day left as a toddler, so Jessica vowed she would enjoy what was left of this innocent time.

Agnes came home with a promotion to Substitute Teacher. She was the last of the triplets to top her teen career.

(No, I don’t know how a teenager who’s still in high school can be a substitute teacher.)

Then she finished skilling Charisma, ensuring herself a spot in her LTW career of Entertainment once she finished college.

That’s it for the Picasos! Next up is the Pederson family.


Family: Jessica Picaso

Business: Picaso Park, Rank 2

Uni funds contribution: $7600 (taxes $2500, levy $5100)

Total uni fund: $815,000

Average needed per remaining family: $20,556

Career spots opened: 1 law enforcement (6th fire)

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2133

Ah, a household with no teenage drama – or so it would seem.

At the end of last season, Matthew finally got out of his tiny apartment and into a brand new house.

Much more space than the one bedroom apartment in the Bachelor Arms.

(The gray house next door is the Bendett family’s new house, which we’ll see more of later in the rotation.)

“Hi, Dad!”

“Carme! What’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to school?”

“I’m moving in with you!”


“You said I could, at the triplets’ birthday party, remember?”

“That’s not exactly…”

“‘Cause Mom’s having a baby, you know, ’cause she got abducted by aliens, and it’s going to be really crowded. I think she’s really glad I’ll be out of the house.”

“Well, all right, I suppose. I guess you can stay for now.”

“Hooray! We’re gonna have so much fun.”

“Right now I’ve got to go to work, and you’d better get to school.”

When Carme got home from school, she found herself in an almost completely empty house. She sat down and paid the mandatory taxes so that the house could be furnished.

Carme claimed the downstairs bedroom for herself. Her dad would probably like sleeping in the loft.

The house was pretty sparsely furnished, leaving them most of the money they needed to pay the university levy.

Matthew got a promotion to the top of the Athletic career, achieving his LTW!

Matthew now had enough to pay the 10% levy. He needed to put in his share, because he wanted Carme to be able to go to college next season.

He wanted the triplets to be able to go to college, too. He hadn’t realized that Jessica had been abducted by aliens; it must be hard for her having to take care of the triplets, keep working, and plan for an alien baby. He sent some spare money to their accounts, vowing that by the end of the season he would make sure each of them had $10,000 for college and their future lives.

After Carme returned home from work (with a promotion!), she and Matthew headed down to Hobby Horse for a few hours. The business is level 9, and I’m hoping for level 10 this season.

Back home, it was time for a grilled cheese dinner.

Matthew was actually glad Carme was here. He hadn’t really liked living alone.

There was just enough time for a little red hands before bed.

Carme stayed up, though, passing the time with some jump rope.

She’s not going to be going for all the skill scholarships. She’ll get the grades and job scholarships, and she’ll have the money she’s been saving ¬†up to help pay for college as well. She won’t need a move-out fund if she moves back in with her dad after college.

“Wow, Annika, sweet ride!”

“Any problems getting away?”

“Nah, my dad’s asleep. He’s got no idea.”

It was about 5 am when Carme crept back inside. She heard the shower running upstairs; hopefully that meant Dad hadn’t come down yet.

After his shower, Matthew went downstairs and worked on a new portrait, since his previous one had been lost when he’d been unceremoniously evicted from his apartment.

The next morning, Matthew called Carme to wake up as soon as it was light outside – he wasn’t about to have her oversleep and miss the bus. Once he was sure she was awake, he headed to the kitchen to make some grilled cheese for breakfast.

Carme tried to shake the sleep out of her eyes as she got out of bed. She’d only slept about 3 hours. And she couldn’t let on how tired she was, because Dad would know she’d gone out. Maybe she shouldn’t go out on school nights.

“So Dad, did I tell you I got a promotion yesterday?”

“That’s great!”

Carme greatly enjoyed her grilled cheese breakfast. She had missed Dad’s delicious sandwiches.

Carme brought Pavel Hamilton home from school. She had the house to herself again, which was awesome, and the afternoon off work, which was even more awesome.

Matthew brought Armando home. He wasn’t a Fortune sim, but it was still nice to know he had earned $100,000 in his lifetime.

Back to Hobby Horse. They stayed until about midnight. The business was still a few stars from Level 10, but did earn about $5k in profit.

Back home, Carme met Tosha Go as she walked by and invited her in.

Tosha and Pavel did not get along, it turned out.

Tosha kicked Pavel’s butt in a fight. Must be all that military training.

(Matthew and Carme each have only one neat point. I’m going to see how messy they’ll let things get before they clean up.)

Tosha went home after that. Carme and Pavel played some darts, until Carme got bored and changed to juggling instead.

She was so glad she was here, where Dad let her do what she wanted, instead of back at Mom’s house. If she were there, she would probably have been taking charge of the new baby by now.

Carme ended up going to bed pretty early, so she got up early, too. There was no point planting a garden here – she might even go to college before she was able to harvest anything. But at least she could enjoy nature while doing yard work.

Time for a little freestyling before school!

Well, Matthew didn’t put up with the pile of dirty dishes very long at all before he decided to clean them up.

Carme brought Anya Pavlov home from school. Clearly she’s still working on that dance scholarship.

Michael Bruce came over and invited himself in just as Carme and Anya were finishing an outing. I’d prefer to avoid any further slapping this rotation, so Carme sent Anya home.

Matthew came home in Carme’s carpool car, even though he deserves a much better car. He brought home Timothy Huerta, one of the earliest new townies the game spawned. Timothy’s a lot better looking now than in his usual state, which is shirtless with a number on his chest.

Carme got a promotion to the top of the teen Law Enforcement career, and brought home Marsha Bruenig again.

Late that night, Marsha brought over a gift!

Carme added the money to her bank account. She now had over $12,000 – definitely enough to see her through college.

After two outings, Carme didn’t see the need to sleep. She stayed up all night dancing.

After Carme went to school, Matthew spent some time on the phone catching up with friends before heading to work.

Also, Carme wanted a bubble blower, so they got one.

Agnes decided to come by after school to see her dad.

Stupid chance cards.

The store got up to level 10, and earned another Best of the Best Award!

Matthew rolled up the want to buy another business, even though he’s not a Fortune sim. Unfortunately they don’t have enough money yet, especially if he’s going to finish establishing college funds for the triplets.

Since Agnes was over, Matthew figured he might as well have Lluis and Mireia as well.

Carme’s aspiration was a little low, so she decided to have Orlando over for a date.

She rivals the Bruce boys with her propensity to fall in love with everybody.

Meanwhile, Matthew fell in love with some random walkby chick via ACR.

As you can see in the background, he finished his portrait.

The visitors had a great time. I didn’t know sims could use easels in houses that aren’t theirs.

Carme left the party to head to work. 9 pm to 1 am seems like kind of a silly shift for a teen, but it fits Carme since she likes to stay up all night anyway.

Matthew made a platter of grilled cheese, and everyone chowed down before heading home.

After everyone left, Matthew sent the last of the money to the triplets’ college funds. They would now have $10,000 each.

He didn’t have enough money yet to purchase a new business, but he was sure that would come soon enough.

Matthew then spent a few hours painting. He wanted to stay up and make sure Carme got home safely.

Carme returned home and spent another night dancing. She didn’t really care about scholarships – she had the money she’d been saving so carefully during her teen years, after all. But a dance scholarship could be fun.

Friday afternoon, Carme brought Mireia home with her.

Matthew was re-promoted to the top of the Athletic career, and got a very nice bonus.

Matthew still didn’t have quite enough to buy his next business, so it was back to the Hobby Horse, where he and Carme successfully earned $4,000 in about 4 hours.

Then he purchased his second business, and he and Carme went to run it for a few hours.

The store is called Lampshades. After a few hours, it reached Level 2, and Matthew and Carme headed home.

Back home, Carme decided it would be fun to joy-buzzer her sister.

Mireia promptly responded with a Ventrilo-Fart.

Mireia was hungry, but a tasty morsel from the trash can took care of it.

(The Picasos are all terrible slobs, except for Agnes, who’s some kind of mutant.)

More dancing until the carpool came.

Matthew started on a new painting and maxed his Music & Dance enthusiasm.

Carme got a $500 bonus at work! She promptly added the money to her college fund.

Carme ended the season with some more dancing.

Next up is Jessica Picaso and the triplets!


Household: Matthew Picaso


Hobby Horse, Rank 10

Lampshades, Rank 2

Taxes: Total $24,300 (taxes $8100, levy $16,200)

Total uni fund: $807,400

Average needed from remaining families: $19,260

Playable sims: 78

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2106

It’s time for the second half of the Picaso saga.

Left to right: Agnes, Jessica, Lluis, Carme, Mireia

This is their cute little house. They don’t have much money for expansion, so I just made a few small changes.

Jessica was hard at work, getting skill points for her job in Business.

Carme made her 10th best friend!

Since it was Saturday, the kids were free to enjoy some time at the play table.

Carme never grew out of tub pirating.

While trimming the hedges, Carme discovered that her OTH was Nature.

Mireia must be spying on Stepan Pavlov’s plant shop; that’s the only place I can think of where there’s bamboo.

Carme and Lluis made some new friends.

Jessica would have preferred to make something other than grilled cheese for lunch – the sandwiches reminded her an awful lot of Matthew. But she didn’t have many cooking points, and the kids had to eat something.

Carme headed off to her part time job, also in the Business career, and returned with a promotion as well as a $100 bonus due to chance card. She promptly deposited the money in her savings account – she would have to save every penny if she ever wanted to get out of this zoo.

Jessica’s new LTW, after Matthew had spoiled her previous one forever, was to top the Oceanography career. She went out to fish whenever she got a chance.

As soon as it was dark, though, she switched over to the telescope, to get the logic points needed for work. She desperately needed to get a promotion when she went in on Monday.

With Jessica so busy skilling, most of the household repairs were left to Carme.

“Michael and Ramsay don’t have to do crap like this,” Carme grumbled. “They’re rich enough to hire someone to unplug their toilet. Why can’t we be rich? We would be, if Mom just hadn’t thrown Dad out.”


Late that night, Orlando dropped off a very nice outing gift!

As soon as she woke up in the morning, Carme sold the statue and deposited the earnings in her bank account – after taking some of it to buy a long desired cell phone. She’d made way more money with that one gift than she had at her dumb job.

Then she made toaster pastries, since her mother was too busy outside on the telescope.

Agnes made her bed as soon as she got up, as always. She didn’t understand how the others could stand unmade beds.

¬†“My friend Irina told me that her grandpa is a ghost.”

“Don’t be silly, Lluis. There’s no such thing.”

¬†Jessica spent much of the day fishing, but sadly didn’t catch anything.

Once again, the kids spent their free time making friends.

Since the fishing proved unproductive, Jessica spent some time digging for treasure. She wanted to purchase a business, to fit in with everyone else in Willow Valley, but she just didn’t have the money.

Carme had planted a few tomatoes, and spent an hour tending them before she had to go to work.


Carme got a promotion via chance card, reaching the top of the teen Business career!

“Hey there, hot stuff.”

That night, consumed by her thirst for knowledge, Jessica once again pointed the telescope up at the stars.

Carme chowed down on a leftover Pop Tart before heading to bed.

The next morning, Jessica headed off to work, glad that she didn’t have to worry about a nanny now that Carme was a teen.

“I can’t believe how filthy this sink is. I live with pigs.”

Carme successfully got all the kids on the school bus. She was relieved when that responsibility was done.

When she got home from school, though, Carme had a sinking realization. She left for work at 2, the kids got home at 3, and Jessica wouldn’t be home until 4.

She got on her cell phone and made a call.

THE NANNY RETURNS! *dun dun dun*

Lluis brought Liouba Pavlov home on the bus.

Jessica came home with a promotion and a $5000 chance card bonus! Sadly, she still didn’t have enough to purchase a business.

After work, Carme tended her tomato plants. They were growing nicely.

“I’m glad we learned to talk before Mom and Dad split up. Mom would never teach us now. She’s too busy skilling.”

Jessica stayed up late after the kids had gone to bed, getting a charisma point for work.

After getting her charisma point, Jessica moved over to the telescope, where she trained her eye on what looked like a planet.

It wasn’t a planet.

Sadly, all the kids woke up at 3 am and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Carme saw something at the bottom of a hole a stray dog had dug. She shoveled it out and found a map, worth $400! She sold it and deposited the money in her bank account.

Carme’s not the only one into tub pirating.

Carme broke the computer, but fixed it without difficulty.

That really hadn’t been fun…and why had the kids been¬†cheering as she landed?

As Jessica headed into the house, the kids returned to their play with astonishing speed. Jessica realized what it was that was bothering her – the kids hadn’t missed her. They hadn’t been afraid when she was gone, hadn’t seemed to miss her at all. She’d been too busy skilling, and they’d learned to do without her.

She didn’t know where to start, how to apologize, so she decided to start by making breakfast for the kids.

The kids seemed happy enough – no one even complained that the pancakes were burnt.

Jessica had the day off work. She was tired after the abduction, so once the kids were off to school she lay down for a nap.

When Carme got home from school, she called up her boss and quit her job. Why should she work 4 hours a day for only $98 when she could dig up expensive stuff in a few minutes?

The kids got home exhausted, and went straight off to take naps.

Lluis woke up in need of some fun, and everyone was busy. He was a little nervous about approaching Mommy – he knew how seriously she took her skilling. But she gladly agreed to play red hands with him.

“Hopefully I’ll get a promotion at work tomorrow.”

“Does that mean we get new clothes for our birthday?”

“We’ll see.” Jessica was still hoping to purchase a business this season; all non-essential purchases would have to wait until afterward.

“Mom, can I go out tonight? My friend Mhairi will come pick me up.”

“I suppose that’s all right. Just don’t be out too late.”

Carme had known the Bruces were rich – certainly they had a lot more money than her lousy family. But a limo? That was beyond cool.

While Carme was gone, Jessica made friends with an adorable puppy dog.

Late that night, after everyone had gone to bed…

Fortunately, they have a burglar alarm.

Demi to the rescue!

Sadly, Demi lost the fight, and the burglar got away. But she didn’t take anything, and that’s the 3rd burglary, opening a spot in Law Enforcement! I’ll call it a success.

Everyone went back to bed except Mireia, who wasn’t tired enough. She enjoyed the unsupervised couch jumping time.

In the morning, Carme searched for a Law Enforcement position – Business had been boring, but Law Enforcement was the career she had always wanted. Unfortunately, the job didn’t come up.

This family eats a lot of burned food. Probably because neither Jessica nor Carme has any cooking points to speak of.

Agnes and Mireia barely even noticed. They just scarfed it down before heading to school.

Jessica was stepping out of the shower when the pop happened.

Could it be Matthew’s? No, that ill advised fling on Carme’s birthday had been days ago.

It was still just her with four kids, the place was a mess…how was she going to handle another baby?

Jessica was so lost in thought that she almost didn’t make it to work. As it was, she got a reprimand for being late.

Carme brought Michael Bruce home.

They were in the middle of a date when the kids got home from school.

Jessica didn’t get a promotion, probably due to being late to work. Still, she was earning a decent sum now, and hopefully would soon be able to buy a business.

“Daddy! Guess what? It’s my birthday today!”

“That’s why I’m here, Champ.”

Matthew gave Jessica a smile, but it turned to a frown when he saw the baby bump. So she had moved on, then. Matthew was glad Jessica’s new guy wasn’t around; he would have had a hard time being civil.

 Agnes grew up first, becoming a Knowledge/Popularity sim with a LTW to top the Entertainment career.

Next up was Lluis. He chose Fortune/Romance, with a LTW to top the Business career.

Mireia went last, and became Family/Fortune with a LTW to top the Adventure career.

¬†Lluis wished he hadn’t left his homework until after his birthday – but his new glasses did help him see it better.

Mireia decided to try out a new hairdo.

She discovered quite a connection with Michael – 2 bolts!

“I’m glad you could come, Dad. I miss you.”

“I miss you kids, too.”

“Do you think…could I come live with you? It’s crazy here, and it’s only going to get worse when the baby comes.”

“I…well…you should talk to your mother about that.”

Agnes headed out to the Execuputter – she’d need 10 Charisma to guarantee herself an Entertainment spot, and she only had 2.

 Mireia decided to try the digging that Carme was so fond of. On only her second dig, she found a treasure chest!

She could have put the money straight into her bank account, like Carme always did. But Mireia knew her mom really wanted to buy a business. She kept enough to buy a cell phone for herself and new clothes for her and her siblings, and gave Jessica the rest.

Mireia liked pink just as much as ever.

Carme liked her top just fine, but had always wanted a miniskirt.

Lluis thought his new outfit would impress potential employers much more than a track suit.

Agnes chose a more summery outfit, in more subdued colors.

As soon as she woke up, Jessica hurried to the computer and bought a business. She was thrilled to finally be able to fit in in Willow Valley and own a business like everyone else.

Sadly, she’ll have to wait until next season to get the business going, because the season’s over. (I’m still counting it in the stats, though.)

Next is the Pederson family!

New policy: Since I keep the stats updated on the boolprop page, I’m only going to post brief stats for the family chapters.

Family: Jessica Picaso

Business: Picaso Park (rank 0)

Taxes this season: $1500

Total taxes paid: $7300

Playable sims: 59

Sim multiplier: 20

Population: 1180

For this post, we focus on recently divorced sim Matthew Picaso.

Here’s Matthew, enjoying a breakfast of grilled cheese.

After paying his taxes of $4400, Matthew made out a check for $4000 and mailed it to Jessica. He might not have wanted four kids, but now that he had them, he knew he needed to help them out.

Matthew had the day off of work, so he headed down to the store, Hobby Horse. He could only get one employee to come in, so he mostly had to restock rather than do sales. As a result, he didn’t gain many customer stars – but the store did earn quite a bit of money.

Back home, Matthew spent the afternoon and evening making friends. It was so much easier without a wife or kids to worry about.

The night was spent working on skills for work.

The next day was another day off, so it was back to the store. Matthew couldn’t believe that Jessica had the nerve to show up, and even more, pretend she needed help.

Turned out he was mistaken.

“I just wanted to say, thank you for the money,” Jessica said. “It really helps. Listen, the kids want to see you. Do you maybe want to take them on Saturdays?”

Matthew readily agreed. He did kind of miss the little ones.

Back home, it was back to making friends.

Maybe more than friends, if Toby Bruenig would stop walking in on them.

The next day, Matthew went to work and returned home with a promotion!

The evening was spent gaining skill points.

Off to work again in the morning.

It was Saturday, so as soon as Matthew got home he invited the kids over.

The landlord had had some kind of get together while Matthew was at work, and the pizza seemed like it was still ok, so Matthew let the kids chow down on that while he was playing with them one at a time.

Meanwhile, Carme enjoyed the bar. She wished there was one of these at home, but it was all kid stuff there.

All too soon, it was 6 pm, and the kids had to head home. “I’ll see you next week, buddy,” Matthew said as he gave Lluis a goodbye hug.

Back to the skilling grind.

Another promotion! Matthew was a coach, only one level away from achieving his LTW.

Matthew headed back to Hobby Horse, where he was finally able to get both of his employees to come in. With one on the register and one on restocking, Matthew was able to dazzle customers and get the business up to level 9.

Then he headed into the store’s bathroom to gain his last couple of charisma points before heading home.

Unfortunately, while the apartment lot was loading, the game crashed. I restarted and tried again, and it crashed again. Matthew was about 16 hours from the end of the season, when he would have moved out anyway, so I went ahead and moved him into a house. Only major loss in the apartment was Matthew’s portrait, so he’ll have to repaint that.

Next up is Matthew’s ex-wife, Jessica, and the kids.


Sims 59
Households 15
Owned lots 16
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 3
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 20
Population 1180
Uni funds 343400


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 6
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 6 (unlocked)
Criminal 1 of 2
Culinary 4 (unlocked)
Dance 1 of 1
Education 1 of 4
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 2 of 3
Journalism 0 of 2
Law Enforcement 3 of 3
Medicine 0 of 1
Military 1 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Politics 0 (unlocked)
Science 0 of 1 (2 special)
Slacker 1 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 9
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 8
Wired Bruce Rank 9
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 8
Sofa City Hamilton Rank 5
Hobby Horse M. Picaso Rank 9
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 10
Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio Carr Rank 7
Paws Cooke-Pavlov Rank 4
Sunshine Floral St. Pavlov Rank 3
Sleep Soft Fairchild Rank 4
Tots Best Toys Bendett Rank 1

We’re into the second half of the rotation now with the Picaso family!

I should note that I’m on vacation until after the new year, and have successfully completed my Nano (hooray!), so I’m hoping for lots of time to play Sims.

The Picasos: Matthew, Jessica, and toddler Carme.

They still live in their 2 bedroom 1 bath starter home, as I neglected to make them save any money last season.

Thanks, Jan! This gift will give the Picasos enough to pay their $2400 in taxes!

“Look at you, Carme! Walking all by yourself!”

“Oh, boy, I don’t feel good. Bad grilled cheese?”

“Yeah, I definitely have food poisoning.”

I missed at least one vomit episode – she threw up three times in a few sim hours.

“Hello, boss? Yeah, I’m really sick – stomach flu.”

Jessica mysteriously had no vacation days, so I had her call in sick. Honestly, as much as she’s throwing up, I think she’s justified.

She looks pretty animated for someone who’s sick as a dog.

And again.

Yes, it’s morning sickness, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sim this sick. I can’t keep her out of the bathroom.

“Ah, this feels good. I feel so awful.”


And duty calls.

Jessica figured Carme could keep herself amused for at least a few minutes while she finished her bath, though.

Matthew got a promotion! Hooray, money!

“Ahhh. If I just stand like this for a couple more hours, I’ll get that body skill point for work.”

“Oh my goodness! Another baby!”

Yay, I finally downloaded the Wear Anything hack! No more Maxi maternity wear.

“All right, sweetie, time to sleep. You’re getting a little brother or sister soon.”

After she slept for about an hour, she was ready to go again.

“Love you Daddy.”

I remembered that now that a Law Enforcement position is open, sims can have fire and burglar alarms! Now let’s see if I can remember for everybody else.

“This pregnancy is terrible. I feel like an elephant, and it’s only my second trimester.”

Her needs are dropping like rocks, too.

Matthew got another promotion, and got a punching bag! It goes in the bedroom because there’s nowhere else to put it.


One more day!

I’d like them to stop after two kids, ideally. They have no genetic diversity – they will have all brown haired, brown eyed kids with skin 1 or 2. That’s assuming they don’t get multiples, of course.

“Cheeby tambaluna…”

Another promotion, and Matthew brought Armando home with him!

Creepy bus is creepy.

Armando and Matthew (unison): “Oh my boolprop! A pregnant woman falling asleep in her food! No way!”

Birthday time! Carme is such a daddy’s girl.

“Yeah! I’m awesome! Everybody look at me!”

Since the family’s saving up for a bigger house, she’s not getting new clothes. So it’s a good thing she grew up in a decent outfit.

She can at least get a new hairstyle.

Carme: “I approve.”

Since the house only has two bedrooms, Carme has to share with her unborn brother or sister. I’m rather hoping for a girl, since the room is very pink and I’m really not planning to redecorate.

“Splishety splash splash!”


“Ow! Urgh!”

“I really don’t want to watch this.”

Meet baby Agnes!

And baby Lluis!

And baby Mireia!

Triplets. Why am I not surprised?

The nursery’s a little crowded once two more cribs are added.

“You bad baby, you woke me up. Also, you stink.”

Matthew: “Jessica, we’ve got three stinky, hungry, crying babies. Do you think you could give me a hand here?”

Jessica: “So…hungry…”

“Row, row, row your boat, away from all the babies…”

Carme’s a mean, playful, active, outgoing slob. Not the type to skill on her own, I don’t think. And her parents are far too overwhelmed with the triplets to bother with her. So she pretty much just runs around on free will.

“Mom, maybe the stork will come and take them back!”

“That’s not quite how it works, Carme.”

Matthew and Jessica need to raise some cash, so as soon as it’s light out they head to their store for a marathon 24 hour session.

It’s preggers day at the store, apparently.

Matthew and Lyov, immediately upon meeting: “OMG, grilled cheese!”

Leo: “Babies…”

I do love those gold bags.

Plantsims will come to your community lots and never, ever leave.

All of the female-oriented females heartfart Sofiya. All¬†of them. Looks like she doesn’t mind too much.

Matthew learned to dazzle, and then overdid it a little convincing a townie to buy a piano. Naturally, his aspiration was green. I had to close the store and send him and Jessica on an emergency date.

“Bye, Dad.”

“Have fun at your first day of school, peanut.”

I’ve decided to charge fees for private school, to be added to the uni fund. The Picasos don’t have money to spare, so Carme will stay in public school.

Christy Inada is pretty much the Picasos’ best friend. She comes by all the time, and is even friends with Carme.

Jessica figured that since they had a guest, rather than eating the leftover grilled cheese in the fridge, she would make a delicious fresh platter of grilled cheese.

Meanwhile, Matthew was hard at work getting his last few Body points.

“All these brown haired brown eyed babies. Maybe I should adopt one.”

Baby feeding assembly line!