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Annika Richter


Annika paid her taxes, broke the computer, and got electrocuted trying to fix it. Not an auspicious start to the season.

Her taxes were $3100, which is actually a little less than last season since she got her business up to level 10 and earned a tax credit.


She only had 2 mechanical points, so rather than risk getting shocked again she called a repairman, then made herself an omelet.


Once she got cleaned up, Annika headed down to her venue business, Spa Bliss, where she put in a hot spring. The business is level 10, but Annika hadn’t yet made back the cost of the business, so she needed to run it a little more.


She started the process of making the place profitable by dazzling the customers into paying $500 an hour.


Of course, she spent a great deal of her time working on her 20 lovers LTW, as well.


Turns out Mhairi is a naked hottubber. Who knew?


By the time Annika headed home, she was definitely in the black, to the tune of about $50,000.


Back home, she earned a charisma point to get in shape for her next promotion.


Then it was time for more work on the LTW. This is lover number 15, I think.


Sarah got promoted to Rescue Pet! She and Danny now have the same work schedule, for the first time ever.


Annika was feeling unusually tired that afternoon, so she lay down for a nap.


Number 16 came over in the evening.


Annika’s OTH is Nature, but she had never had a chance to really enjoy it before. She decided to establish a small garden, now that it was spring.


The next day, Annika headed to work. She earned $5000 on a chance card and came home with a promotion.


Then she realized why she had been feeling so off lately – she was pregnant. But she didn’t know who the father was.


She must have gotten pregnant at the spa, but she’d been pretty busy, and there were at least four possibilities.


Annika decided maybe some new clothes would help her feel better – and keep her belly from being quite so prominent.


She focused on getting things done. The garden needed weeded, after all, so she didn’t have to think about anything else.


“Oh, hi, Ramsay. No, nothing exciting going on for me. Just same old stuff around here.”

Annika wanted to tell Ramsay – he was one of her best friends, after all. But he was also a possible baby daddy, and she couldn’t imagine telling him that over the phone.


She was exhausted by the time it got dark – she supposed that was because of the baby. But the dogs still needed baths before she could go to bed.


She did finally manage to get a good night’s sleep, and had time to work on her skills for her next promotion in the morning.


She had the day off, so she decided to continue work on her LTW. It would be nice to be permaplat when the baby arrived.


The 2nd pop happened just after falling in love with Aaron.


“Oh, wow, you’re pregnant. Hey, it’s not mine, right?”

“Um, it can’t be yours. We’ve never woohooed. And now we never will.”

Annika may be a Romance sim, but she does have standards.






And 20! Annika was thrilled to be permaplat. Now, with her newfound sense of peace, maybe things would be okay with the baby.


Three of her lovers came by that night with outing gifts! Annika figured she would just consider it a baby shower.


She slept in the next day, and had just gotten out of the shower in the afternoon when the labor pains hit. The pain was terrible, and Annika vowed that she was never going to do this again.


She gave birth to a baby boy, and looking at his skin color and red hair, she knew who his father had to be. She named him Baldur.


He was followed by his twin sister, Cornelia.


Annika converted the study into a nursery for the twins. It was only temporary – she’d originally planned to add a bedroom onto the house, but now that she had twins she thought it was probably a better idea to plan to move to a new place at the end of the season.


“Hi, Ramsay. Thanks for coming over.”

“Hey, baby. Looking for a little roll in the hay?”

“Not exactly. I need to tell you something.”


“Oh, hey, whose kids are those? Are you babysitting?”

“No, Ramsay. They’re mine. And you’re the father.”


“Woah. I mean, wow, unexpected. Are you sure they’re mine?”

“Check your family tree.”

“Wow. Damn. Why didn’t you tell me before they were born?”

“I…well, I wasn’t sure who the father was, not until I saw the red hair.”


Ramsay was still shocked, but also pretty amazed when he held his daughter for the first time.


“So…um…I guess…do you want me to move in?”

“No. I want you to finish school. They should have a father who’s educated.”


“I don’t need money or anything, Ramsay. I’ve got plenty of savings. I can take care of them. I just want to make sure they know their dad.”


“I want to provide for them, though. I’ll be done with school after this season.”

“If you want to come live with us after you’re done with school, that’s fine. I was planning to move to a bigger house, anyway. Kids need room to play in the yard and things.”

“Can I stay for a little while? Overnight, maybe?”

“Of course. Stay as long as you like.”


Annika was glad Ramsay was able to stay. With him helping out with the babies, she was able to get things done around the house, including harvesting the fruit trees.


Of course, they managed to squeeze in some private time while the twins were sleeping.


The babies were very well fed – maybe a little too well fed. Ramsay seemed to think that sticking a bottle in a baby’s mouth was the way to solve any problem that presented itself.


Still, Annika was glad that Ramsay was able to stay and watch the kids while she went to work. She preferred to wait and use her vacation days when the babies were a little bigger and more interesting.


Ramsay spent most of the day playing with the dogs while the babies slept.


Shortly after Annika got home, it was birthday time! She was excited that infancy was over, but a little worried about the toddler years – the babies would need a lot more time and attention, and she would probably never get to woohoo.





I think they both look a lot like Ramsay.


Even though he was still a little in shock about being a dad, Ramsay enjoyed playing with the little ones.


Makeover time! Baldur got a new outfit.


Cornelia got a new outfit and a new hairdo, and now she really looks like Ramsay.


As Annika packed up the house to move to a bigger place, the twins gave each other an adorable hug.

That’s it for the Richter household! Next up is another university semester.


Family: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, Rank 10

General fund contribution: $3100

Playable sims: 121 (+2)

Sim multiplier: 55

Population: 6655



Annika Richter, my lone single sim household

Annika is a Romance sim, which is why she’s opening the chapter in her undies.


Annika went to work while thinking very strange thoughts, and returned with a promotion.


I downloaded some new makeup and adjusted Annika’s.


After work, Annika headed down to her venue business, Spa Bliss, to work on her 20 lovers LTW. The place was level 4 when she got started.

Later she added a third hot tub on the deck there, getting the ticket price up to $30. Adding a fourth hot tub, though, actually dropped the price down to $20, so three hot tubs it is.


There were times when there was nobody to seduce on the lot, but then the mah-jong tables were a good substitute.

Annika’s being a responsible Romance sim and not going after married men (especially married men whose sons are also on her list), so Dand there is definitely not an option.


Michael Bruce was invited over, and rejected Annika’s first flirt. But Michael was Annika’s first love when she was a teen, so she wasn’t about to give up so easily.



(Don’t worry, Michael is still looking forward to his girlfriend Mireia coming to college. And once Annika’s got her LTW, I’m going into Sim PE and nuking her hearts for playable non Romance sims.)


Annika met Venyamin when she was over at the dorm visiting Ramsay, and she liked him enough to invite him over.




For some reason Venyamin’s been…well, not unlucky in love, just never really in a serious relationship, though he’s had flings with Marsha Bruenig, Carme Picaso, and now Annika. Since this uni student was heartfarting him, I had him meet her. We may see more of her.


Farooq clearly hasn’t met too many Romance sims. While on a date with Annika, Farooq rolled the want to get engaged to her. Sorry, Farooq, you’re just a notch in her belt.


Annika was in the hot tub with Ethan when she got her very first BOING!

(Not counting the BOING! that she herself caused as a teen when she got mad at Ramsay for dating Anya Pavlov, of course.)

There was no slapping…I guess Farooq had cooled down a little by the time Anya got out of the hot tub.


“Sweetie, I’m so sorry you had to see that. Here’s a flower.”


And, with a final woohoo to get her relationship with Farooq back up to the top, Annika closed up shop and headed home.

The business ran itself while Annika was busy with other things, getting up to level 9 and earning Annika about $17,000.


Annika seems displeased by her new hairstyle.


“Wow, Annika must have a lot of roommates,” each guy thought as he dropped off his roses.


Annika did some skilling for work.


Then she ended the evening with a little recreation.


Annika brought Ghaliya home from work the next day, and made sure to say hello to Danny.


More recreation.

Annika’s LTW is 20 lovers, but first she’s got to get 20 FWBs (friends with benefits). Townie guy here is #19.


Some things haven’t changed from Annika’s teen years. She still spends ridiculous amounts of time bathing her stinky dogs.


I think Roll Over is Sarah’s last skill for her final promotion, and Danny’s already at the top of his career.


Annika’s making a pretty good salary at her job, too, so she hired a maid and a gardener. She was tired of the place being filthy all the time, but she wasn’t about to clean it up herself.


Annika really loved it when her acquaintances got her triple bolt blind dates.


She was quite happy to reward Makoto with a woohoo.


Still trying to get those logic points.


Annika got one, but it wasn’t enough for a Friday promotion. She was happy to have the weekend off, though.


Annika headed back to Spa Bliss to call over some of her FWBs, since the relationship was high enough for her to fall in love with them.


Bolts needs 50 first dates for his LTW, so Annika was more than happy to help him out.


New swimwear! Definitely better than that old tank suit she had before.

Also, the business got up to Level 10. She still hasn’t made as much from it as it cost her to buy it, though, so she’s going to keep running it a while longer.


Annika went on a date with a vacation townie a while back, and he dropped off an outing gift. So you can come from vacationland to drop off an outing gift, but you can’t come to smooch Annika and fall in love with her without staying 3 whole days, huh? I see how it is.


I finally had Annika get collars for the dogs, although I don’t see how Sarah’s is supposed to stay on since she doesn’t have a neck.


I feel kind of bad for Annika, not getting to go to college, so I decided that she can have extra elixir. Most of my sims get 2 sips now, but Annika can have a whole bottle.


It’s Saturday, and day 5 of the rotation, so it’s Reno Day. Since the rule that something has to be upgraded every Reno Day is new, Annika’s lived in this dinky little house for almost a whole sim year with hardly any change.


So Annika got a new bedroom at the back of the house, her old bedroom became a study, and the main room was expanded with a kitchen upgrade. The interior of the house also got a much needed flooring and wallpaper upgrade. The reno only cost about $5000.


 Annika tried out the new kitchen with her first meal of the rotation.


 This is when I noticed the season got messed up. Sometimes the game will try to cheat my sims out of a day of their rotation, but fortunately I have a season adjuster and was able to reset the season to the 5th day of winter.


Nery became Annika’s 10th lover. She’s halfway there, and that’s it for the Richter household! Next we have another college chapter.

(Yes, Annika woohooed via ACR. A lot. Yes, I have Risky Woohoo at 10%. No, she did not get pregnant. Annika Richter: The Luckiest Romance Sim Ever.)


Household: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, rank 10

Taxes: $3400

Playable sims: 92

Sim multiplier: 43

Population: 3956

The Richter household is a single sim island in a sea of families.

Annika is a teen on her own, for a few more days.

She still has the dogs, of course. Sarah and Danny never, ever sleep in their beds.

Annika’s busy with school and work, and has no neat points, so the house and yard are pretty much always a disaster.

“Oh, boy, I’ve got to give Danny another bath when I get home.”

“Yum, leftover omelet. It’s been in the fridge since sometime last season, but it still tastes delicious!”

Annika: “So today’s my last day of school. Isn’t that awesome?”

Amy: “Yeah…must be nice…”

Annika brought Agnes Picaso home from school, and they played some Rock-Paper-Scissors before Annika had to go to work.

Agnes trimmed the bushes before heading home. Thanks, Agnes!

See? Never in the beds.

“Who’s my good puppy dog? Are you glad to see me? Good dog.”

“Hey, Ramsay. Thanks for coming over.”

“Listen, about that whole thing with Anya…”

“It’s totally ok. We’re all Romance sims. I’m sorry for getting mad.”

After Ramsay left, it was time for baths for the dogs. I finally managed to rearrange the bathroom so the dogs can get into the tub in there.

Just after midnight, Annika, who had been surfing the job listings daily, finally found a position in Business.

(I decided last season, in the interests of population growth, that every sim who doesn’t have a career related LTW will be taking jobs in the Business career.)

Annika needed a Logic point, but could only afford the cheap telescope – until Ramsay came over with a very nice gift, that is.

The third day of the rotation was Saturday. Annika spent most of the morning teaching Sarah to Come Here for a promotion.

She went to her first day in the Business career that afternoon and came home with a promotion.

Annika wanted more Logic points, but didn’t want to get slapped, so she did the crossword in the paper to try to raise her Logic skill.

Annika’s a complete slob, and normally her house is a mess, but she spent Sunday morning getting the place nice and clean before work.

Danny got promoted to Rescue Pet! Good dog!

Annika also got promoted, to the top of the teen Business career!

Since work had ended at 6 o’clock, Annika immediately invited over 6 of her best friends for a party.

(Madelina Cooke is there, too, out of frame. I didn’t invite Ramsay, because I figured it would be best to just have one of her lovers. Michael got to come because he was the first.)

Annika grew up into a lovely adult, although her face glitched and she lost her makeup.

Annika changed into some pants she found in the dresser, put some makeup on, and promptly started on her 20 Lovers LTW.

“So, I heard you’re divorced.”

“Yeah, and this is why. I like being single, so I hope you’re not looking for anything long term.”

“I’m a Romance sim. I live in the moment.”

“It was good seeing you, Michael. Call me when you get to college, okay?”

“Sure will, Annika.”

Ah, the automatic age-up break-up.

The party was a roof raiser, even if everyone did get annoyed with Matthew at the end for some reason.

To top the night off, Danny got a $10,000 bonus via chance card! Very good doggy!

Annika saved most of the money for her business, but she did buy some chairs to go with the cake table. She anticipated she’d be entertaining guests much more frequently now that she was an adult.

Annika had been promoted to level 4 of the Business career upon her age up to adult, and in the morning she headed off for her first full day of work.

“What just happened?”

You got a chance card promotion, and so did Sarah. Don’t worry, it’s good.

Annika headed off to her business, Spa Bliss. The business still isn’t fully furnished, but thanks to Danny’s bonus she was able to afford two hot tubs.

Annika’s main purpose at the business is less money making and more meeting guys for her LTW – so, of course, the first two customers were female.

I had nothing to do with this. I was planning to have Annika stick with unmarried men, but alas, ACR struck.

And yes, that’s his daughter inside the building.

Annika discovered she had 3 bolts with Goopy, but she had already been at the spa well over 24 hours at that point. She decided to save Goopy for another day.

Back home, Annika made another new friend.

After getting skills for her own promotion, Annika spent the rest of the evening teaching Sarah to roll over for her promotion.

Note: Yes, it would have been possible for Annika to go to college, and I did consider it, but it would have been logistically difficult – I would have had to either move her in with another household, or move in another CAS sim for the dogs to be taken care of. Also, she wouldn’t have been able to afford it – she spent all her money on a business last season, and she didn’t have the skills for scholarships. So she got to be the last teen to grow directly into an adult instead.


Household: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, Rank 4

Town Fund contribution: $2100

(Annika didn’t pay the levy, nor did she pay half of her $10,000 windfall, because her business isn’t fully furnished. Sims don’t have to donate the extra if they’re still working on their businesses, and she definitely is.)

Total town fund: $28,000

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 37

Population: 2923

It’s time for the Richter household!

Annika is a teen living on her own…

With a pack of dogs.

Not pictured is Sarah, the momma dog.

The house was a disaster, so Annika spent most of her Saturday cleaning.

Sarah needed a bath pretty much every day.

At 2 o’clock, Annika headed off to work.

She brought home Tosha Go as her friend.

Annika and Tosha had a very nice outing before Tosha headed home.

Annika finally got around to paying her taxes. She’d heard taxes were high here, and her tax bill was $1000. She was sorry to see the money leave her buy-a-business fund, but what could she do?

When she had some free time, Annika dug for buried treasure. She didn’t find anything huge, but she did find some old treasure maps that she was able to earn some cash for.

Annika’s secondary aspiration is Knowledge, so I was glad when she finally rolled some skilling wants.

It was hard to find times when both Annika and one of the dogs were in a good mood, but she occasionally managed it. That Saturday night, she taught Danny to Come Here.

Sunday morning, Annika invited her good friend Madelina over. Madelina was the very first friend Annika had made in Willow Valley, back when Madelina was still a teen.

“So your little girl is going to be a child soon. Do you think she might like a puppy?”

“Oh, you’re such a cutie. Sharlene’s going to love you.”

So Madelina bought Brownie. I was considering having Annika keep him and breed him, but that would mean getting a mate, and 4 adult dogs plus puppies would just be too much.

Shortly after Madelina left with Brownie, the remaining puppy, Blondie, grew to an adult dog!

Annika invited over Ramsay Bruce. She thought he was about the hottest guy she had ever seen, and it was easy enough to fall in love with him.

“Maybe someday we could live in a big house, with lots of double beds and hot tubs, and romance the whole neighborhood.”

“Yeah, that would be awesome.”

That evening, Liouba Pavlov was walking by when she caught sight of Blondie. “You are the most gorgeous doggie, yes you are.”

“Can I buy Blondie from you? I have a dog named Eddie. He would love a friend, and my little sister Anzhelina would love a dog of her own. I’ll give you $1000.”

Annika had been thinking about finding a new home for Blondie, and just keeping Sarah and Danny – the dogs were so much work! She’d wanted to give all the dogs to friends, but Liouba seemed nice enough. She was even a Good Witch. And it would be good for Blondie to have another dog around.

“You’re going to come home with me. You and Eddie will be such good friends, and Anzhelina will be so excited to have a dog of her very own.”

As Annika gave Danny a bath, she wondered if she’d done the right thing, selling the puppies. Wouldn’t Danny and Sarah miss them?

But she really hadn’t had a choice. She couldn’t have kept 5 adult dogs here, in this little house. Maybe someday she could move to a big lot in the country, with plenty of room for the dogs to play. But not now.

Sarah was always exhausted when she got home from work, and generally went to sleep right there by the side of the road.

Ramsay brought over an awesome date gift! After selling it, Annika had enough cash to buy herself a community lot.

The business was just an empty building, so Annika needed to earn some money to furnish it. So, Monday morning, Danny went off to work and Annika to school as usual.

Poor Sarah, by herself all day, got very lonely. So Annika spent the hour between school and her work carpool playing.

Danny came home with a promotion! With his bonus, he made over $1000!

(Why do pet jobs pay so much better than teen jobs? Or perhaps that should be, why do teen jobs pay so horribly? At the top of her teen career, Annika only makes $100 per work day.)

Annika brought home her measly $100, and Orlando Bertino as her work friend.

Orlando wasn’t nearly as hot as Ramsay, but he was still worth a date.

Annika spent some time digging for treasure so she could furnish the business, while Sarah headed out for her night shift job.

Woot, thanks, Orlando!

The TV gave Annika enough money to at least buy a little something fun for the business.

Annika decided not to go to the business lot in the middle of the night, though. Instead, she worked on teaching Danny to Roll Over for his next promotion. She didn’t quite finish before it was time to get ready for the day.

Danny got a nicer car to go to work in.

Annika spent the remaining time before school teaching Sarah to Shake. This time, she was able to completely teach her the skill.

School and work passed uneventfully. Annika arrived home from work to find both dogs snoozing by the sidewalk. She sighed. They had beds, but they never used them.

Finally, Annika had a chance to head down to her new business! It was called Spa Bliss. Annika planned to eventually have hot tubs and hot springs for soaking, but for now, all she could afford was a sauna. Since the lot was so empty, she had to start with a miserably low ticket price of only $3 per hour.

Marylena was the first to try out the sauna. Sadly, it wasn’t as popular with the customers as Annika had hoped.

She spent quite a bit of time digging, to augment the meager earnings from the ticket machine. Again, she didn’t find anything spectacular, but she did dig up some trinkets she could sell.

Finally, she had enough to purchase a Mahjong table and a small boombox, which brought the ticket price up substantially, to $10 per hour.

The Mahjong table was much more popular with the customers, and Annika enjoyed a game with James Cooke and Bolts Carr.

“And then you had 4 babies? At the same time? How did you find enough toys for them?”

Annika found that she got along quite well with Larisa Pavlov. Larisa had once been a teenager on her own, too, and had started out in Willow Valley with almost nothing. Annika loved to hear her stories.

Finally, Annika headed back home, very satisfied with herself. She’d gotten the business up to Level 2, and gotten the ticket price up to $15 per hour. Spa Bliss would still need a lot of work to reach its full potential, but she would get there.

The next day, Annika invited Michael Bruce over after school for a date. She’d missed him after not seeing him all week.

Annika finally finished teaching Danny to Roll Over! Hopefully he would reach the top of the Pet Service career soon.

Annika’s friends and romances had done a really terrific job of bringing her expensive gifts over the course of the season.

Sarah finally got a promotion! Yay, level 2.

We end the season with a shot of the dogs, contentedly chewing on their bones.

Next up is the Cooke-Pavlov household!


Household: Richter

Business: Spa Bliss, Level 2

Taxes: $1000 ($1000 total)

Total uni fund: $376,900

Positions unlocked: 1 position in Slacker (as I’m classifying Spa Bliss as a club)

Playable sims: 64

Sim multiplier: 21

Population: 1344

Now it’s time for the new CAS sim, Annika Richter! This is a short update. With all my big families, I forgot how quick it is to play a single sim, especially with no business to run.

Meet Annika Richter. She’s a teen on her own, except for Sarah (white) and Danny (brown), the pair of stray dogs who joined her in her travels. Annika is a Romance/Knowledge sim with a LTW to have 20 simultaneous lovers.

After running away from home with her college funds stuffed in her pockets, Annika was thrilled to find this little house for sale within her limited price range. She even had enough left to furnish it quite decently.

Of course she’d invited Danny and Sarah to come with her. She couldn’t leave them out in the cold, especially not with Sarah expecting.

First order of business was some new clothes. Annika felt a lot more comfortable once she was changed.

(I originally moved Annika in as an adult and aged her down to teen, in order to avoid having an extraneous parent sim.)

The second order of business was to secure some income. Annika had some savings left after furnishing the house, but the money wouldn’t last forever. So she got an after school job for herself in the Military career, as well as a job in the Service career for Danny. Sarah would stay home until she had her puppies.

Annika had considered not enrolling in school or getting a job, and finding other ways to make money, but she’d decided this was the best way. Her family sim parents had been convinced that she, as a Romance sim, would be nothing but an irresponsible hoyden. Annika was determined to prove them wrong.

The welcome wagon came by, but Annika had little time to spare for them. She was too busy dealing with Danny and Sarah’s behavior. After living on the streets for so long, they had developed some very bad habits.

Later, though, someone came by that Annika did have time for – a boy named Michael Bruce. He lived across the street.

He was very cute, and she happily flirted with him while the dogs played.

(2 bolts! They would totally be destined for each other, except for Annika’s LTW and the fact that Michael is the Bruce heir. Well, they can have fun, anyway.)

After Michael left, Annika burned her dinner of mac & cheese, but she was hungry enough to scarf down two bowls of it anyway.

Poor Danny was exhausted when he came home from work, but he did get a promotion!

Sarah had been on the streets so long that she didn’t even recognize the pet food that Annika put out. But she did go straight for the bowl of burned mac & cheese.

 The next morning, Annika headed off for her first day of school, even though she was worried about what kind of havoc the dogs might wreak while she was gone.

Back home, she spent a happy hour dabbling on the easel before her first day of work.

Work went well enough, Annika supposed. She was only paid a pittance – but it should be enough to pay the bills and keep the dogs fed. Maybe someday she could buy a little shop and sell things, but she would have to save up some money first.

She should train the dogs not to be up on the furniture, Annika supposed. But it was nice having Danny’s warm bulk curled up next to her. And it wasn’t like the furniture was fancy anyway.

Bath time for the dogs was quite an ordeal, made worse because there wasn’t enough room in the tiny bathroom.

There seemed to be so much to do – bathing the dogs, training them, giving them attention – and of course feeding them treats since they wouldn’t eat the kibble. Annika was feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the time the next morning rolled around.

The next day, while Annika was at school…

Sarah had her puppies! They’re all brown like Danny, but one of them has Sarah’s shaggy coat. Annika named the two boys Brownie and Snickerdoodle, and the girl puppy Blondie.

The puppies were adorable, but still – 3 new puppies to train? 3 more dogs to make messes? Annika wasn’t able to keep up with the two adult dogs. It was just too much.

She called over Stepan Pavlov, who she’d made friends with over at the Carrs’ house. He and Madelina Cooke were her two adult friends. Madelina was about to have a baby, and surely wouldn’t want a puppy, too, but maybe Stepan would.

“Oh boy. A puppy, for me?”

Stepan was thrilled to take Snickerdoodle.

“Here, I think $399 is the going rate for puppies around here.”

Annika wanted to refuse, but she could use the money. Stepan was an adult, with a good job, and surely he wouldn’t offer if he couldn’t afford it.

“Do you want to take Blondie, too?”

“Oh, no, I think two puppies would be too much.”

(Drat! I was hoping he’d take Blondie and give her to Makari, since Makari has a boy puppy, but he said he didn’t have the money – even when I offered Blondie for free!)

Annika didn’t have to do her homework that night, because Danny chewed it to bits.

(Her grade went up the next day, so apparently the game counts destroyed homework the same as completed homework.)

Annika spent the night trying to keep up with things around the house. She really enjoyed the outdoors. Maybe someday she could have a little garden, but there was just no time right now.

“Oh, you’re a pretty girl, aren’t you? But I’ve got too many dogs already.”

Annika tried to be careful about using the energizer only when she needed it – the aspiration points weren’t coming as quickly as she liked, after all – but there was just so much to do.

She headed off for another day of work. Annika had managed to get promoted to level 2, but was still looking for time to get the body point she needed for the last promotion.

She didn’t quite understand how the dogs managed to get filthy so fast. At least they were good about being bathed.

After his bath, she worked with Danny on learning to Come Here, so he could get a promotion. It was a long process, though.

Now that the puppies were getting bigger, Sarah could be away from them, so Annika got her a job in Service, too.

She finally found time to earn that body point. Hopefully that would lead to a promotion!

She chatted on the phone with Michael before school on Friday. Sadly, there hadn’t been time to see him  all week, but she had high hopes for a date on Saturday.

Annika returned home on Friday with an A+!

4 dogs ate an awful lot. Annika felt like she was constantly cleaning and refilling the dog food bowls. She supposed she could be glad that they were at least eating the dog food now.

“Shake? Good dog! Good job, Sarah!”

Sarah was even slower at learning her tricks than Danny, but Annika knew she would get it eventually.

Danny came home from work with another $190 paycheck.

Poor Danny was always so tired after work that he just curled up and went to sleep right there in the front yard. Meanwhile, Annika never could keep up with all the dogs’ messes.

Annika and Sarah headed off to their jobs, Annika with a frown. She was so tired of working. But tomorrow was Saturday, and at least there was no school.

Annika came home with a promotion! She was a teen Overachiever! She had proven her parents wrong, shown that a Romance sim could be responsible.

She fell into bed with a smile on her face. She was doing just fine, and summer would be full of new possibilities.

That’s it for this chapter! Next up is Sofiya and Kylie’s house.


Sims 51
Households 14
Owned lots 11
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 2
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 14
Population 714


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 4
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 7 (unlocked)
Criminal 0 of 2
Culinary 1 (unlocked)
Dance 0 of 1
Education 1 of 2
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 2 of 2
Law Enforcement 2 of 3
Military 1 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Science 0 of 1 (3 special)
Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 8
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 6
Wired Bruce Rank 7
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 6
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 10
Miss Nadezda’s Dance Studio Carr Rank 7