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This is the update in which I officially go insane.


The Thayer Family

Left to right: Faina, Anthony, Lyov, Rufina, Meadow, Sevastian, Nastasia.


Everybody got their skill points in early so they could enjoy their Saturday.


I’ve never seen two wolves with glowing eyes at the same time before. I thought there was only one.


The Thayers didn’t manage to earn enough money to buy a second business last season, but they managed this season with a slightly cheaper business. So welcome to Time to Buy a Clock.


The store sells clocks of all sorts. At first there wasn’t enough money to stock it fully. But Sandy gave Lyov a huge flat screen TV as a networking gift.


Then the store reached Rank 1, and Lyov rolled a money perk, which happened to be his $50,000 one. So now the store is fully stocked, and the family has over $40,000 left, not counting move out funds.


Usually Rufina keeps to herself, but Saturday morning her want panel was full of wishes to call other sims and make friends with them.


“Hey guys? I know it’s phone time, but the baby’s coming!”


I don’t know about this labor face. Is Meadow having one of those orgasmic births?


Her daughters are obviously not impressed by the prospect of a new sibling.


And it’s twins! Lyov has Alexei, another blond-haired, blue-eyed kid with skin 3. Meadow’s got Yevgeniya, who has blue eyes, skin 3, and…RED HAIR!

Ok, it’s kind of sad that I’m excited by this, but really, Lyov had to get to his sixth biological kid before he managed to pass on his red hair gene? Really?


Everybody finally got off their phones and got excited about the babies. The study was converted into a nursery for them, since I don’t like to put babies on the second floor.


Of course, they also got bouncy seats in the living room, where all the action is.


“Lyov, I’m so excited about the twins, but I just can’t help feeling we’re not done yet.”

“Rolled the 10 kids want?”


“Well, I’ve always said, more kids means I get to make more grilled cheese.”


Anthony wanted to throw a party to celebrate it being Saturday. His guests (mostly cousins, of course) arrived just as Rufina maxed her creativity.


Nastasia thought Anthony’s friend Eric was really hot – like, 3 bolts hot. Too bad he was just a kid. Still, he was worth a flirt.


Anthony made grilled cheese for his party guests, but then his sisters and brother ended up eating most of it. Josiah did manage to get a sandwich, though.


Faina was entirely unconcerned that her mother came out to eat grilled cheese in her underwear. In the middle of a party. Because that happens all the time.


Rufina enjoyed the chance to tell some of her cousins about school. Also, it’s too bad Sharlene is straight, because Faina and Akilina were both heartfarting her the whole party.


That night, it was time for birthdays! Rufina and Semyon were very excited to have so many people there for their birthday.


Rufina became a Family/Popularity sim with a LTW to have 20 best friends. And wow, those pigtails do not work for her as a teen.


“Haha, I shall steal the newspaper…wait, what? A party? With a birthday? Well, I’ll go on in, then.”


Sevastian became a Popularity/Pleasure sim, with a LTW to top the Law career. He grew up just in time, as the party ended a few minutes later.


Rufina got a makeover, and she’s gorgeous.


Sevastian’s pretty darn handsome, too.

Lyov and Meadow make good kids.


“Um, Mom, could you maybe put a robe on or something?”


Nastasia decided that it was time for a new look, since she was almost ready to head to college.


Faina decided to get to know Sevastian a little better, while Lyov thought about all the woohoo he was going to get to have if he was going to have 3 more kids.


“Oh, this isn’t the number to hire a maid? Oh, well, that’s fine. Yes, that would be great. See you tomorrow.”


“Honey, I made you some yummy cheesy cheesecake.”


“This is fabulous, Lyov. You should make me cheesecake more often.”


I don’t know who was calling Faina at 3 in the morning, but she wasn’t interested. Because science!


Rufina was kind of excited to have the chance to change her little sister’s diaper.


Meadow got up in time for diaper and bottle duty with the second baby, though.


As much fun as being a space pirate was, working from 10 am to 7 pm wasn’t exactly family friendly. Since they were having more babies, Lyov decided to take a job in Science instead. It would have irregular hours to start, but once he was a Mad Scientist his hours and Meadow’s wouldn’t overlap.


Faina earned her 8th logic point, and now has all her skill points for scholarships – which puts her ahead of her older sister.


The Carrs came over for Family Sunday.


Lyov apparently wanted to make 20 best friends, and apparently just achieved his 2nd LTW by talking to Joe before work. Apparently.


Everybody hung out on the lawn, chatting about algebra.


Oh no! They forgot to feed the babies!


Just kidding. I really am going for ten kids here, but Meadow’s life bar is filling up. So meet number 8, Julia.

I’ve heard people call Sims adoption the Ugly Kid Lottery, but so far I’ve had great luck. Julia’s definitely a winner.


Meadow was excited to meet her new daughter, but a little concerned that Sevastian didn’t seem to be getting along with his cousin. She’d have to have a talk with him later.


Grilled cheese was served, naturally. What else would you have for brunch?


Meadow got Julia her smart milk and get her started on the most important toddler skill, and never mind that she was being impaled by the door.


Family Sundays are great for popularity sims.


Nastasia looks really thrilled about making friends with Eric, doesn’t she?

Meadow is continuing to ignore family Sunday to focus on her new little one.


Terrible pregnancy pop shot. Anyway, number 9 is on the way. Hopefully number 10, too, but the Sim Blender says the cheesecake didn’t take.


“I must cleanse my brain of the knowledge that my mother is pregnant again. I remember when I was an only child, you know. Kiss me, fool.”


Adam and Sevastian continued to have trouble getting along. I sat back and watched, because normally my sims are all way too nice to one another.


“Oh, no, guys, you should try to get along. Don’t fight in front of the baby!”

On a related note, I love having teens who can be drafted to take care of younger siblings.


And they were off.

Joe was thinking, “My poor son. He’s such a wimpy little nerd. I can’t imagine that this will go well for him.”


It appears Joe was correct.


I was going to let things run their course, but Sevastian actually rolled up the want to apologize.


Lyov got a promotion, and brought Madelina Cooke home with him.


Birthday time! It’s always fun when birthdays coincide with Family Sunday.


Ok, I absolutely adore Alexei’s Li’l Surfer Dude look. He also appears to be pretty much a clone of Meadow.


I missed a cake shot, but here’s Yevgeniya. Also adorable, also looks like mostly Meadow. Unlike her brother, she definitely needs a makeover.


Eric’s got the Romance sim strut down.

“Yeah, baby, got an older woman giving me kisses.”


After the guests headed home, Rufina went on an outing with her sister, wanting to get her LTW off to a good start at home. Lyov got right to work on toddler training.


Meadow gave Ginny her makeover, staying with the beach theme her twin started.


More toddler training, complete with drafted teens!


The teens worked on getting their skill points in first thing in the morning, except Faina.


The toddlers made friends on the block table.


Adam came by to exact his revenge by stealing the newspaper as the teens headed off to school.


Meadow stayed home with the toddlers, which was just fine with her.


After their naps, they kept themselves entertained at the block table while Meadow took a nap of her own.


Nastasia brought home her cousin Angie, because she thought it was just incredibly cool that Angie was a wicked witch.


The other kids brought a couple more cousins home with them.


Lyov got another promotion, but needed cleaning points for the next one. So he hung out reading a book while the kids had fun with their friends.


Julia got a new dress! Better suited for spring, I think.


2nd pop. Meadow’s clearly very excited.


Apparently Adam and Akilina thought it was still family Sunday, since they showed up uninvited to play red hands in the yard.


Lyov took Sevastian and Anthony back to the clock store (after transferring the deed to Meadow, so she can get her cash perks as well).


Anthony surprised me by rolling up tons of wants to make sales and for customers to earn stars. He got his gold sales badge, and the store reached rank 4.


Back home, Lyov made a platter of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for his hungry brood.


“And the cheese was so delectable, just melted perfectly, so good…my dad makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the whole world.”


Success! In the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, Nastasia earned her last point for skill scholarships…a bare 16 hours before she was due to leave for the university.


Lyov and Meadow spent the morning working on that all-important toddler training.


Rufina earned a ton of aspiration points for making her 10th best friend. Halfway to her LTW already!


“I get to eat yummy grilled cheese while the kids go to school. Hooray for cheesy vacation days!”


Meadow also stayed home, taking a maternity leave day. She taught her li’l surfer dude a nursery rhyme.


And then it was nap time. Sleeping toddlers are the most adorable kind.


Hey, look! It’s a school bus friend who’s not a cousin!


Nikifor also came home with Nastasia, but was not impressed when she tried to talk to him about makeup.


3 teen outings + getting a toddler’s aspiration up before her birthday = chaos


Sevastian and the younger twins did their part to ease the insanity by engaging in quiet activities.


Kobe got a promotion!


“What? Giving noogies is a quiet activity. As long as the twerp doesn’t scream too loud.”


Meadow was eating a delicious leftover grilled cheese sandwich when she was interrupted by labor pains. Nikifor was first on the scene.


Fortunately, Lyov took the time to give a very hungry Ginny her bottle before rushing into the dining room with the others.


All the teens were very concerned. Despite her labor pains, Meadow naturally took the time to acknowledge that Anthony is a Popularity sim.


Baby boy Miron has blond hair and brown eyes.


And so does baby girl Oxana.

That’s it! 10 kids!


Of course, with 10 kids, it’s expected that someone will have a birthday. Lucky Julia got to grow up immediately after the babies were born.


Julia grew up well and continued to be adorable.


“Bye, Nastasia! Hope you don’t get lonely at college!”

“Well, if I do, at least I’ll be out of this nuthouse.”

Nastasia had a trust fund of $21,200 and scholarships totaling $7250, including grades, 7 skills, and the dance scholarship.


Miron doesn’t seem to enjoy Lyov’s piano playing.


Julia got Nastasia’s old room, which meant she got the room to herself for one night.


“Who’s Mommy’s adorable little nooboo? Is it you? Is it?”

Meadow was rather sad that these would be the last babies. She consoled herself by rolling a want for 20 grandchildren.


“Yikes! A hissing cat ghost!”

Yes, that’s right, it’s the ghost of Noodle.


Reno Day! I could have been nice and added more bedrooms onto the house, but no. 9 kids can fit into 3 bedrooms, right? And 3 bathrooms are fine for 11 people. So they got new kitchen counters instead.


Lyov made a platter of grilled cheese for breakfast, and earned tons of aspiration points when his family ate it (which would matter if he weren’t already permaplat with max aspiration points).


Julia got to eat her first grilled cheese sandwich in her brand new nightie.


Meadow took a vacation day to stay home with the little ones while everyone else headed out to work and school.


Lyov got home early with a chance card promotion! And a cold. 😦


Because of his cold, Meadow wouldn’t let him touch the babies, so he worked on his last cleaning skill point instead.


Sevastian was the only one with homework, but responsibly sat down to do it immediately, right inside the front door.

(And somebody brought Eric home from school. He seems to be pretty popular with the Thayers.)


“Hey, man, have you seen Sharlene Cooke? She’s really hot, huh?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, she’s kind of…well, I’d really like her to be my girlfriend.”

“So you’re saying you’ve got dibs, then.”

“Pretty much, yeah.”


Since the teens were home to watch the babies, Meadow and Lyov headed out to their old business, Cakewich, so that Meadow could cook for about the second time in her marriage without distractions.


Meadow made Lyov a nice bowl of Comfort Soup. It certainly wasn’t grilled cheese, but it did cure his cold.


Then Meadow randomly started cooking something else and lit the kitchen on fire.

Nice one, Meadow.

Fortunately, the fire department responded swiftly and no one was hurt.


Then it was time for the rather tedious process of passing along business perks. I gave up after Lyov did the wholesale rewards.


Then they headed over to Time to Buy a Clock and had a little private party.


Faina and Sevastian came down to help out. As you can see, Faina spent her time at the store working very hard.


The store didn’t really need four people to run it, anyway, so Lyov found time to get his last skill point for his next promotion.


Sevastian learned the basics of running the cash register while Rufina took care of sales, and the shop reached level 5.


Back home, Rufina helped out by feeding one of the babies a bottle – and was rewarded by being spit up on.


Sevastian was very excited to make his 10th best friend – even if pretty much all of his best friends were relatives.


Julia brought Greta Fairchild home from school. Big props to her for not only bringing a friend home her first day, but a kid who’s not a cousin.


As 6 o’clock approached, Lyov worked on getting the toddlers into good moods while Meadow napped.


Rufina got her first kiss. Eric was the only option, as he’s the only guy she knows that she’s not related to.


Meanwhile, Julia had a great time hanging out with Eric’s sister on the lawn.


Faina made herself platinum by maxing her logic. She seems to roll a lot more Knowledge wants than Pleasure wants.


Nastasia came over for birthdays, and made best friends with Rufina just before the growing up started.






And then it was time for baby birthdays. Hooray!


Oxana and Miron look pretty much identical despite their different genders, I think.


“Yes, I’m so excited that my children are growing up. I would like to have another baby, though. What? Why are you all groaning?”

Fortunately, as of 6 pm, Meadow is 5 days to elder and therefore can no longer get pregnant.


Training in the most important skill naturally came before makeovers.


Alexei kept his Li’l Surfer Dude look, of course.


Ginny decided on casual clothes and pigtails.


Oxana got a cute blue smock.


Miron was the unlucky one and got hand-me-downs, but he didn’t seem too upset.


Just a shot of the rather crowded upstairs to end the season. The upper left bedroom belongs to Julia and Ginny, while the lower left bedroom is Faina and Rufina’s. The boys all share the bedroom on the right.

That’s it for the Thayers! Next is the Carr household, a family with only four children. Won’t that be a change?


Family: Thayer


Cakewich, Rank 10

Time to Buy a Clock, Rank 5

General fund contribution: $16,000 (taxes $8500, school fees $7500)

Playable sims: 119 (+5)

Sim multiplier: 50

Population: 5950


It’s time for the Thayer family!


Back row, left to right: Meadow, Lyov, Nastasia, Faina

Front row, left to right: Anthony, Rufina, Sevastian


The old house was getting a little cramped, so the Thayers moved to a new, nicer home.


It’s got 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is quite spacious. They spent all their money on it. (Really, all of it. They have $32 in the bank.)


And the back yard – fairly small, but they do have a nice covered patio. Eventually maybe they can put out a picnic table and a grill.


Meadow’s portrait got borked in the move. I hate it when that happens. At least it’s just one this time.


Inheritance money from Larisa allowed them to pay their taxes – just $5800 due to the tax credit for their level 10 business.


They also had the money to get the kitchen in a little better shape. It’s really a very nice kitchen, but the counters are kind of cheap. A counter upgrade will have to wait until Reno Day.


Cakewich is level 10, but Lyov still had a bunch of homemade desserts in inventory. So, after sending the kids to school, Lyov and Meadow headed to the store. They made about $4000 while selling the rest of the desserts.


Back home, Meadow went to work. Lyov spent his vacation day making friends with Brandie.


A welcome wagon actually came! It consisted of Herbert Goodie. That’s it.


Nastasia came home from school and decided to influence Herbert to make grilled cheese.

“Hmm. Let’s see. There’s bread, and cheese, and…how do I do this?”


“Yeah, it’s Anthony’s birthday tonight. We’re all pretty excited.”


All five kids brought home homework. I have a homework hack that makes it random, but maybe it’s just because they’re in a new house. I hope I don’t have to teach the older three to study again.


The kids were all in need of fun, too. Fortunately Anthony brought Semyon home on the bus, so they had an even number.


I tried to have everybody get their homework done right away. The twins really did need to learn to study as it was their first day of school.


Finally, homework was done and it was birthday time!


Anthony became a Popularity/Grilled Cheese sim. He wants to top the Paranormal career.

We’re going to need more graves.


He got new clothes and a slightly different haircut, although the anime-type hair suits him quite well.


I missed Faina’s homework, so she had to stay up late finishing it.


In the morning, the kids did a little skilling before school. Nastasia and Anthony are about even on their Logic points, so they make good chess partners.

(I do what I call “moderate skilling” for the Thayers, the same thing I do for most of my households. Kids and teens have to earn 1 skill point each day on weekdays, 2 on weekends, and after that they can do what they want. It gives a pretty nice balance – they get skills and scholarships, but still have some free time to just hang out.)


Lyov’s first attempt at a portrait of Meadow turned out to be a picture of the house instead. Either Lyov has some kind of strange neurological condition in which he confuses people and buildings, or it’s a rather bizarre glitch.


School time, ohmigosh, everybody’s so excited!

(Or maybe I just forgot to cancel their skilling until 8:45.)


Lyov stayed home by himself and made grilled cheese.


Well, the teens all came home without homework, so I guess it was just a first day thing.


They also brought popular school bus buddies Liouba Pavlov and Isaiah Gavigan. Liouba and Faina are hoping to try out for the track team, so they went for a jog.


Semyon Carr is also popular, it seems. He came home with Rufina today.


The house was a bit busy in the afternoon as everyone hung out with their friends.


“Boy, grilled cheese sure tastes good after a jog.”

“So, since your dad’s Grilled Cheese, do you eat grilled cheese all the time?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”


“So I’m thinking about joining drama club, too…do you think that would be too much?”

“Hold on, this old guy wants to appreciate me.”

(Ethan just kind of invited himself in.)


Faina’s aspiration was kind of low, so she got to use the crystal ball. It gave her all of two possibilities, one of which was Agnes Picaso.


Late that night, after friends had gone home and most of the kids had gone to bed, Lyov and Meadow had a nice date. Faina wasn’t tired after going on outings with both Liouba and Agnes, so she stayed up late studying.


Meadow spent Wednesday morning chatting on the phone in her underwear while the kids headed to school.


After Meadow went to work, Lyov was left home alone again, and spent the day teaching Kobe skills. He’s working on using up his vacation days so he can get another job that doesn’t have evening hours like Adventure does.


No friends on the bus? What villainy is this?


Well, talking on cell phones will have to do.


“Nastasia, there’s nothing over there. Why do you keep telling me to look there?”

Fortunately, shortly after this they both earned their 8th logic point.


Irina walked by. Nastasia was bored and invited her in.


Anthony got his crystal ball date, and turned out to have one bolt with Amy the papergirl.


I ignored Faina for a while, and she took the opportunity to maximize her Creativity.


First kiss! I don’t think Faina’s had hers yet, so Anthony’s ahead of the game.


Meadow wished she could take a picture – she loved seeing all her kids having fun with their friends.


Nastasia made a platter of grilled cheese for dinner. It was delicious, if she did say so herself.


Finally, Lyov finished Meadow’s new portrait.


Irina dropped off an outing gift just as Amy was leaving after her date with Anthony.


Meadow got fit while sleeping. Good job there.


Faina’s getting her mandatory skill point, but Anthony’s just enjoying the ballet barre. His arm is glitched – I could fix it, but I find it amusing.


“Oh my! A baby! I’m so shocked!”

Because you’ve only had the want in your panel for the past 3 days.

This is a rare “try for baby” pregnancy (rather than my usual strategy of just letting them go at it on ACR). Meadow rolled the want for a baby, and I decided I’d let them try. She managed to keep the want for the two days it took to get a lullaby. I’m going to call this her midlife crisis baby.


Anthony brought Feofil home from school, and the cousins got to know each other.


Of course Semyon came home with Rufina again.


Everybody finished their skilling early and got to just hang out in the living room.


Naturally, smustling broke out.

Semyon and Sevastian look frighteningly similar in this picture.


Okay, how negligent do Meadow and Lyov have to be as parents to not notice that their son’s left arm is clearly broken?


Rufina was just as glad to get away from all the excitement and paint by herself in the study.


Guess what the Thayers are having for dinner?


Kobe learned to sit up! She’s the first pet in Willow Valley to learn all her skills and be eligible for a job in Pet Showbiz.


“How come I’m the only one with homework? This is so not fair.”


Nastasia got up early and decided to max her creativity.


Everyone was doing their early morning studying when they got the announcement that there was a snow day.

About time. This is the first snow day all winter.


Meadow paid the school fees of $10,000. I think this is the first time a family’s school fees have been more than their taxes – and it would have been $12,500 without the snow day.


After changing Reno Day to Day 5, I decided that I’m going to have each household do at least something for Reno Day, since my houses are woefully underdecorated. But the Thayers are saving for another business, so they just got curtains in the bathroom.


Meadow popped into her third trimester while Anya and Feofil were visiting.


Grilled cheese. Grilled cheeeeeeese. GRILLED CHEESE!


“So tennis is a good way to get guys to fall in love with me?”

Nastasia got to know Annika and got some great Romance sim tips.


Anthony wanted to throw a party, and since it’s Friday night I let him. The guests are mostly his cousins, but Isaiah Gavigan and Sharlene Cooke were also invited.


Anthony turns out to have two bolts with Sharlene! That’s awesome! Why didn’t she show up in the crystal ball?


The teens mostly just hung out in the living room.


Varya and Isaiah continued their improbable romance.


Someone made grilled cheese, of course.


Kobe came back from her first day in the Pet Showbiz career with a promotion! Good kitty!


I’m not sure that would be my response if someone asked me to bathe, but Annika has always been a bit odd.


After woohooing with Amy, Anthony headed straight out to dance with Sharlene.

Notice Varya and Isaiah in the background. They’ve been all over each other the whole party.


And Anthony’s very first party was a Roof Raiser! Nice job, Anthony!


Rufina managed to avoid most of the partying. She had a solitary grilled cheese late that night before heading to bed.


Okay, Lyov, play us out!

That’s it for the Thayer family. Next up we have the Carrs.


Family: Thayer

Business: Cakewich, Rank 10

(I wanted them to buy a new business, but they didn’t have enough money. But you’ll see it next season when the Carrs buy it.)

General fund contribution: $15,800 (taxes $5,800, school fees $10,000)

Sim multiplier: 43

Playable sims: 92

Population: 3956

The Thayers

Back row: Meadow with Rufina, Lyov with Sevastian

Front row: Nastasia, Faina, Anthony

The best mornings begin with a wholesome breakfast of grilled cheese.

(Note: there was discussion last season about whether the Thayers should have 10 kids. Meadow no longer has the want. So I’m just going to leave it up to ACR whether they have more kids or not.)

(exorcist voice) “Kill Michael Bruce!”

All right, Nastasia, I know you saw Michael cheat on your cousin with your other cousin, but that’s no reason to be evil.

Seriously, she had a want to see Michael’s ghost when the game loaded up, and then she throws me faces like that.

The kids headed off to school. The season started on a Tuesday, so they’ve got almost a full school week ahead of them.

Meadow took a vacation day to take care of the twins. She didn’t really need to – there were only about two hours between when Lyov left and the end of her work day, and they could have asked someone to babysit. But Meadow had a lot of vacation days built up, and was frankly rather tired of being a Business Tycoon.

In addition to their 5 children, the Thayers also have a houseful of cats. That’s Noodle on top and Kobe on bottom, and one of the kittens (the other one looks exactly the same).

Meadow sat down to pay the taxes of $9300. They don’t have move out funds for the twins yet, so the levy will have to wait, but it shouldn’t be a problem. The three older kids all have move out funds of over $20k, and they don’t need that much.

“So, mom, we’ve got way more cats than we need. I heard you have a cat at home. No one has just one cat, so how would you like one of our kittens?”

“Oh, that sounds lovely.”

“Such a sweet little kitten. The kids will be so excited.”

Larisa took Alexandra. The Thayers will be keeping the other kitten, Ian.

“Bye, everyone. I’m off to be a pirate in space.”

I don’t understand why more teens don’t roll the “top Adventure” LTW. It seems like it would be every 12-year-old’s dream.

Ok, Grim, really. Did you have to come for Noodle in the bathroom?

Noodle was an elder when Meadow adopted him, and now his time has come.

For now, Noodle’s grave was placed in the backyard. Eventually I’ll establish a pet cemetery (as well as a human cemetery).

The kids arrived home from school during Noodle’s passing, but didn’t seem overly affected. It’s not too surprising, since Noodle was Meadow’s cat.

Faina might have been just a little sad – she played Moonlight Sonata on the piano, and rolled up a want for a puppy. No, Faina, you can’t have a puppy.

It was a good thing Larisa stuck around, because none of the Thayer kids had met their grandma. This of course immediately needed to be remedied.

That evening, it was birthday time!

All right, the pink jumpsuit must go.

Nastasia became a Romance/Grilled Cheese sim, with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.

Before Nastasia could get rid of the awful pink jumpsuit, she had to help out with the twins’ birthdays.

Rufina, with The Mouth

Sevastian, very cute, avoided The Mouth.

Fed up with the horrors of living with four annoying little siblings and growing up in an awful pink jumpsuit, Nastasia went with a bit of a goth look for her makeover. She couldn’t quite bring herself to dye her hair black, though. Maybe later.

Sevastian got to keep his look, while Meadow changed Rufina’s hair to adorable pigtails.

Lyov got the job of bringing the twins their smart milk, while Meadow took a break for cake.

There was just time to teach the little ones to walk before bed.

Nastasia was so annoyed that she had to share a room with her annoying little sister. Why couldn’t she have been an only child?

The next morning, Nastasia greeted the paper boy before school. He was super hot – plus making him her conquest would piss off her cousin Marya.

(Sigh, another love triangle. Of course, the teens in this neighborhood have gone way beyond “love triangle”. I don’t think there’s a name for the shape of a diagram of all their relationships.)

Meadow took another vacation day, and she and Lyov spent the morning teaching the twins their most important skill.

Ian grew up! He looks a lot like Kobe, except he’s a little darker.

After school, Nastasia headed to the bakery with her parents. She enjoyed doing sales, and soon had a silver badge.

“You know, Dad, the bakery would totally be more awesome if you sold grilled cheese.”

“Yeah, I tried that once, but the desserts sell better.”

The business got up to level 9, and Lyov earned the $20,000 cash perk!

Back home, Nastasia invited over her childhood friend Chandler Platz, who had grown up with her. Mostly so he could stick his head in the ball and get a proper aspiration.

The kids brought home Akilina Carr and Josiah Gavigan, and spent the afternoon playing with their new friends.

That evening, they got to know Rufina while playing blocks. Sevastian was napping and missed out.

Nastasia invited the paperboy over for an outing, and gossiped about the hated Michael Bruce.

The outing went quite well.

After her outing, Nastasia was up late after everyone else had gone to bed. Bored, she decided to tell her little sister how wonderful she was. Rufina wasn’t exactly an enthusiastic listener.

In the morning, Faina worked on her ballet with Anthony’s accompaniment.

Nastasia got so excited discussing the deliciousness of their grilled cheese sandwiches with her father that she almost missed the school bus.

After breakfast, Lyov headed off to Cakewich to stock his inventory with desserts. He would be rather glad when the place reached level 10, and had determined that the family’s next business would not involve anything he had to make.

In the afternoon, he called up Meadow and Nastasia. Nastasia was pleased to earn her gold sales badge.

Back home, the kids brought Adam Carr and Isaiah Gavigan home from school, and had a great time having a water balloon fight.

I’m not making the Thayer kids study as much as the other households, but if they don’t have any homework, I figure a couple of hours of skilling before bed is only fair.

Block table time! So good for forming sibling relationships.

In most of my families, a sim only serves a meal once a day, and they eat leftovers the rest of the time. For the Thayers, it seems like it’s always a grilled cheese breakfast.

Nastasia got platinum before school by becoming best friends with the paperboy.

Off to school!

I’m thinking of looking for new private school uniforms. Preferably some that are a little less fancy.

Lyov paid the school fees of $12,000, as well as the levy of $18,600 and $10,000 for the cash bonus at the store. I wish I had that kind of money just lying around.

Napping toddlers are the best kind of toddlers.

Meadow and Lyov both had the day off, so they indulged in their hobbies while the twins slept.

Akim came home with Sevastian, and the cousins spent the afternoon making friends.

Poor Faina was the only one with homework. She did it right away so she wouldn’t have to worry about it over the weekend.

Rufina took forever to roll up the want to learn a nursery rhyme, so Lyov was teaching her right up until the last minute.

Triple birthday time! As the oldest birthday girl, Faina got to go first. Boy, her family looks really excited, don’t they?

Faina became a Pleasure/Knowledge sim, with a LTW to become a top Architect.

The first thing she did was dance with Anthony. So adorable.

Next, it was time for the twins to become children. We can say goodbye to the nursery, hooray!

I’m going to change things up and only take one grow up picture. They’re cute.

Faina got some makeup and a new hairstyle, and holy cow. She’s gorgeous.

This family needs more living space, so I converted the nursery into a study and jammed all the kids’ beds into the upstairs bedrooms. They can have some renovation next season.

Rufina got a new outfit and discovered her OTH at the chess board.

Nastasia stayed up late, as usual, and maxed her body skill while working on her OTH of Sports.

I haven’t done very well with having sims teach Kobe skills this season. I eventually want her to learn all her skills, so she can get a job in Pet Showbiz.

You can tell Meadow made breakfast, since it’s not grilled cheese. Still, looks like it’s cheesy enough for Lyov.

Off to the store, where Faina took the lead on sales this time.

Nathan Gavigan gave Cakewich its 125th star! Hooray, another level 10 business!

Meadow looks really thrilled to have earned $100,000, doesn’t she?

Nastasia: “Hah! Take that, dork! That’s for being a dork!”

Ben: “Maybe someday we’ll get a freeway built so we can go downtown. That would be pretty sweet.”

Meadow: “Oh, hey! I earned $100,000!”

I forgot to show you Sevastian’s new outfit, so here it is. He’s adorable.

All the kids worked on skill wants except Nastasia, who was far more concerned about her social life.

Sharlene Cooke stopped by, while Nastasia went on yet another date with the paperboy.

Lyov: “Bye, everybody, I’m off to be a space pirate!”

Marya: “I wish we had an ice cream shop in town.”

After the horror of omelettes for breakfast, Nastasia decided she’d better take charge and make sure the little ones understood that grilled cheese was by far the best food ever.

There was just enough time for everyone to get in some skilling before bed.

That’s it for the Thayer family! Next up: the Carrs.


Family: Thayer

Business: Cakewich, Rank 10

Uni fund contribution: $50,300 (taxes $9300, levy $18,600, windfall $10,000, school fees $12,000)

Total uni contribution: $64,400

Uni funds collected: $922,100 (so close!)

Playable sims: 79

Sim multiplier: 27

Population: 2133

It’s time for the Thayer family!

Left to right: Meadow holding Faina, Nastasia, Lyov

“You should have cheesy grilled cheese for breakfast. It’s cheesy.”

“My omelet has cheese in it, too, Daddy.”

After breakfast, Meadow and Lyov headed down to their shop, Cakewich, to open it up for a few hours.

After closing the business and going on a date, Meadow and Lyov sat down to chat.

“Lyov, I really want another child.”

“Well, we’ve been trying, haven’t we, Sweet Cheese?”

“We’ve tried at least half a dozen times, with no luck. Maybe we should adopt a baby.”

“I’ll cheese as many cheesy babies as you want, Sweet Cheese, whether you cheese them in your belly or we cheese them from the orphanage.”

“That’s great, Lyov.”

Back home, it was time for the day to begin.

“Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, sweetie. Have a good day at school.”

The cats seemed to finally be getting along, after spending last season in the negative.

Lyov had the day off, so Meadow headed off to work.

What is up with these kids and their love of dog food? I swear, if the parents and I let our attention lapse for one minute…

She’s not even hungry.

“Say ‘milk’, Faina. Milk is delicious, and gets turned into cheesy cheese. Dog food is yucky and not cheesy at all.”

Nastasia got home from school and called up her cousin Pavel to chat. Poor kid only has two friends outside the family, both cousins.

“Hi. I need more friends. Will you be my friend?”

“Well, I have to go home in an hour, but we can play until then.”

I originally wasn’t going to do any renovations, but I have until the end of the first day, and at this point I decided I wanted a change. So, there’s now a separate nursery, instead of just having the toddler blanket in the living room. I built a little TV room nook with the half walls, and bought them a TV and chess set. It was a fairly inexpensive reno, with total cost of about $5,000.

Faina went to sleep on her blanket, rather happy to have a nice quiet room of her own.

“This is the last cheesy leftover grilled cheese. I’ll have to cheese up some more cheesy sandwiches after work.”

Success! *maniacal laughter*

Back to the bakery, where Lyov maxed his cuisine enthusiasm!

As sad as he was to stop selling grilled cheese, his customers were asking for desserts. So, desserts it would be.

No cheesecake, though. After growing up as a quadruplet, Lyov refused to stock cheesecake.

The customers clearly loved the change; they were constantly sniffing the air appreciatively.

Meadow and Lyov got the shop up to Level 8.

Back home, it was time for Faina to have a bath. Lyov made sure to use the cheese scented shampoo.

After the bath, Meadow took over to teach Faina a nursery rhyme.

Meadow had the day off, but soon enough it was time for Lyov and Nastasia to head off.

Mid morning, a car pulled up outside.

Meadow hurried out to meet the Thayer’s newest addition.

Little Anthony was adorable in his cute little tuxedo. With his blond hair and brown eyes, he also looked like he could have been Meadow and Lyov’s biological child.

Anthony had a busy day ahead. First up was a delicious bottle of smart milk.

Next was a new, even more adorable haircut.

Anthony learned to walk.

Finally, he settled down at the brand new block table with his sister.

Nastasia and Lyov got home at the same time, Lyov with a promotion.

Lyov needed some body points, so he went straight to the ballet bar.

“Biscuit, Moonshine? Good kitty!”

 “Hmm, this is not very cheesy, but I suppose it’s worth a try.”

After getting his 9th body point at the bar, Lyov still needed his 10th. Since he’s only got body and 1 other skill that aren’t maxed, I figured eggplant juice was worth a try – and it worked! He got his last body point and headed off to work.

“Stay, Kobe. Good kitty.”

I think I’m going to try to get all Kobe’s skills maxed so she can get a job in Pet Show Business.

6 o’clock is birthday time!

Faina grew up adorable, and I love her outfit. The pigtails are still working pretty well for her, too.

Nastasia was happy to help out her little sister with her “make a friend” want, so off to the backyard they went for water balloon fun.

Meadow had a want to make friends with Julien Cooke, so she went on an outing with him.

The empty upstairs bedroom, squeezed in under the eaves, was redecorated and furnished for Faina. They would have to move things around again when Anthony grew up, of course.

Lyov came home with a promotion, topping the Adventure career. The career is now unlocked.

Lyov finally had a chance to bond with Anthony.

Meadow watched out of the corner of her eye from across the room. She had wanted 4 kids, but with the addition of Anthony, the family seemed to have a completeness it hadn’t had before.

Or…maybe not. Was it possible? Could she have finally gotten pregnant again?

As adorable as Anthony’s coming home tuxedo had been, Meadow thought he might be more comfortable in a more casual outfit.

The next morning, even though it was Saturday, Nastasia sat down to get her homework out of the way.

(I wish real kids would want to do their homework the way sim kids do. Faina even wanted to do Nastasia’s homework!)

Faina got a new hairdo, and discovered the joys of the piano.

It was definite: another baby was on the way. Meadow was so glad they had built the nursery.

 “After the baby’s grown up, our family will be the perfect size to eat up a platter of grilled cheese!” Lyov said, as the family breakfasted on grilled cheese.

Nastasia’s OTH is Sports, so she got a basketball hoop.

Lyov taught Anthony to talk under the watchful eye of Jumbok, because I finally remembered that he had one.

In the afternoon, Lyov headed off to work, even though the carpool driver was decidedly not attractive.

Noodle will not go to the food bowl until he’s practically starving, so he mostly survives on treats.

Faina turned out to be a studious child, rolling a lot of skill wants. Nastasia, on the other hand, needed a nap after a hard afternoon of basketball playing.

“Mommy, after you have the baby, are we going to get another baby from the orphanage again?”

“No, sweetie, I think this is going to be the last baby.”

Shortly after most of the family had gone to bed…

Kobe had two kittens, a girl and a boy. I named them Alexandra and Ian.

“My kitty!”

It seems Ian has been claimed.

It’s family Sunday! The die roll initially was for Stepan, but since he’s just one person (since baby Akim can’t come yet), Lyov invited the Hamiltons, too!

“Just one more day! I’m so excited!”

Everybody was hungry for breakfast, it seems. Meadow made omelettes AND pancakes.

“Did your brother really come from the orphanage?”


“Does that mean he’s not really your brother?”

“Huh? Of course he’s really my brother.”

Aw, Faina’s got the pretty ballerina costume! Yay!

“Bye, kids, I’m off to work,” Lyov called as he headed toward the car pool. “Have fun.”

Pavel was, surprisingly, the only one to hang out with Anthony and the bunny head.

The kittens were a big hit.

At 6 pm, everyone gathered for Anthony’s birthday!

“Yay! I’m still cute!”

Meadow sent all the visitors home, and Anthony and Nastasia became friends by chatting about robots.

“Hi, kids, did you have a good family Sunday?”

“It was great, Dad!”

The next morning, Meadow was just sitting down to a plate of pancakes when Lyov came in to make grilled cheese. “Too bad you’re going to miss out on my delicious cheesy cheese, Sweet Cheese.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Lyov. I’ll still have room for grilled cheese.”

“Pretty soon I’ll be a teenager, and I can wear makeup!” Nastasia said.

“There’s no rush, Nastasia,” said Meadow. “That won’t be until fall.”

“Are you excited about your first day of school, Anthony?”

“It’s gonna be awesome!”

The kids were hardly out the door when the labor pains hit.

Meadow gave birth to a baby girl, named Rufina.

“Oh, she’s beautiful. Our youngest child.”

“Not quite, Lyov.”

A few minutes later, Meadow was holding a baby boy, Sevastian.

The babies were established in the nursery, under the watchful eye of Jumbok.

Meadow smiled as she headed off to work. She had 5 beautiful children.

She wondered if she could talk Lyov into another 5?

Faina brought home her cousin Feofil! They spent the afternoon making friends.

Meadow made sure Anthony learned to study.

Lucky Lyov got diaper duty for the twins.

After homework, Anthony headed for the piano. There he discovered that he was destined to be a Music & Dance lover, just like his dad.

After Feofil went home, Lyov made sure that Faina learned to study, too.

Faina stayed up late, determined to make friends with all four cats. Finally, after becoming friends with Noodle, she headed to bed.

That’s it for the Thayers! Next up is the Carr family.


Family: Thayer

Business: Cakewich (level 8)

Taxes this season: $8100 total ($6800 in required taxes, $1300 in private school fees)

Total taxes: $14,100

Playable sims: 64

Sim multiplier: 20

Population: 1280

It’s time for the Thayer family!

Meadow holding baby Nastasia, Lyov

Meadow began the morning with morning sickness. It’s not the first time, as you might have guessed by the green fumes coming from the toilet.

Then it was time for omelets. We all know what that means.

“Sleep well, nooboo. I’m off to work.”

“Arr, matey.”

It’s official, baby #2 is on the way!

A stray cat came by, Noodle. Meadow played with him and petted him…

And then decided to adopt him!

Noodle is an elder cat, so I anticipate lots of lying around sleeping in his future.

Sadly, playing with Noodle tired Meadow out, and she passed out in her grilled cheese.

“Well, hello there, kitty.”

After Meadow took a nap, it was time for Nastasia’s birthday!

I decided to let her be one of the rare girls that keeps that hair.



Lyov started the toddler training while Meadow went to bed.

I’ve been neglecting the original plan for Family Sunday, largely because of all the weddings last season, but also because the Pavlov family is far too large to have everyone over. So I decided that on Sundays, I’ll randomly pick a household to invite over. That way kids can get to know their cousins, hopefully. Today it’s the Pedersons, hooray!

Meadow fixed herself some espresso so she could stay awake for the fun.

Lyov tried to get to know his niece, but he was quite disappointed when he learned that she didn’t love grilled cheese. He would have to talk to his brother about that. The idea of raising a child without grilled cheese!

Second pop

Lyov and Makari talked about old times, while Meadow talked to Liouba about the world of high fashion.

Then Liouba got to know her cousin, stopping just short of becoming friends. They’re two days apart, so hopefully they’ll be a good cousin pair.

Lyov was a little surprised to see the spaghetti on the table, but he supposed it was all right for just one meal. Makari and his family weren’t grilled cheese sims, after all.

You guys! You guys. It’s Kobe. I had her in my apocalypse and loved her so much, and then she died. But now here she is!

Lyov was immediately sent out to greet.

Pregnant woman in leotard. Awesome.

Then it was time for talking training. Meadow wanted to make sure Nastasia had all her skills before the new baby was born.

Outside, Lyov made friends with Kobe and adopted her! Hooray! I will have Kobe kittens.

Even though they walked right by each other, though, Kobe and Noodle didn’t seem to show any inclination to play.

“Omelets, Sweet Cheese? I haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich since yesterday.”

“I had a craving, Lyov. You’re welcome to fix yourself a sandwich if you want.”

“No, no, it’s all right. You’re pregnant; you should eat whatever you want.”

Lyov kissed Meadow goodbye and headed off to work. He would miss the baby’s birth, but it couldn’t be helped.

Around noon, Meadow got Nastasia her bottle, just in time.

It was time for the baby to arrive!

After a short labor, Meadow gave birth to her second daughter, Faina. Faina had the same coloring as her mother and sister.

(That’s the 4th single baby! It’s like some kind of miracle!)

“Kitty! ‘Nother kitty!”

Lyov came home with a promotion, as well as Allyn Thomason from the Garden Club. I didn’t think she had a job.

Then I sent him off to Cakewich, the Thayers’ cake and grilled cheese cafe. I usually send sims to their businesses as soon as a baby is born, before anyone has a chance to get pregnant again, since I don’t like to run a business with pregnant sims.

Once Lyov finished preparing all the grilled cheese, Meadow arrived to run the cash register.

Lyov earned a silver restocking badge, and they got the business up to level 6 in a marathon 24 hour session.

(My goal is usually 24 hours at the business per rotation for each household. I like to get it done in one session if I can, but if I have teenagers or employees working I usually have to break it up.)

Back home, Lyov met his second daughter.

Meadow worked with Noodle, teaching him to Come Here. He still hadn’t officially met Kobe.

Of course, being a mommy was Meadow’s most important duty, and she loved every minute of it.

Still not meeting each other.

Lyov had the day off, so Meadow headed to work instead. She just hoped he didn’t put pureed grilled cheese in the babies’ bottles while she was gone.

Lyov spent most of the morning teaching Kobe to Come Here.

Then he went out to a newly built fenced area in the backyard and called the cats, locking the gate behind them.

Finally, an introduction – but not a good one. *sigh*

Meadow brought a very pregnant Meadow Pederson home from work with her.

Davis Cooke also came by and invited himself in to play the piano.

It was a good day for guests, because it was time for a double birthday!

First up was Nastasia.


Nastasia has her grandpa Leo’s mouth, but not the nose, and overall it doesn’t look too bad on her. Hopefully she’ll continue to grow into it.

Next up was baby Faina.

Faina grew up into a very cute toddler.

After getting a new hairdo, Nastasia headed up to sleep in her newly decorated bedroom.

Lyov stayed up with Faina, who got a new hairdo to match her sister’s hand-me-down dress.

The cats got themselves well into the negatives while fenced in in the backyard, so the fence was taken down. *sigh*

The next morning, after dressing in her new shirt to go with her skirt, Nastasia got on the phone with her cousin Liouba to fulfill the usual Make a Friend want.

After playing with Kobe a bit, she headed off to school.

The Thayers aren’t super wealthy, but they’re quite comfortable, and can definitely afford the $250 per kid per day that I charge to send the kids to private school.

Meadow started teaching Faina to walk, and then Lyov took over as Meadow headed off to work.

It’s…they’re…they’re actually playing nicely together! It’ll still take some time to get the relationship out of the negative, though.

Meadow brought Bolts home from work!

I always like to have the neighborhood kids meet each other, even if they’re walking past the house after 6 pm and will immediately have to leave.

Um, apparently Agnes was furious at herself. For stopping to meet Nastasia? For being out after 6 pm? Who knows. Poor kid, she’s clearly got issues.

“Wuv kitty!”

“Why must there be so many small humans?”

That’s it for this chapter! Next up is the Carr family, where we will see more of Bolts.


Sims 47
Households 14
Owned lots 10
Unowned lots 2
Military lot? YES
Business districts 2
Universities 0
Downtown? 0
Sim multiplier 14
Population 658
Uni funds 258100


Adventure 1 of 1
Architecture 3 of 4
Athletic 2 (unlocked)
Business 8 (unlocked)
Criminal 0 of 2
Culinary 1 (unlocked)
Education 1 of 2
Entertainment 1 of 1
Intelligence 1 of 2
Law Enforcement 2 of 3
Military 0 (unlocked)
Music 0 (unlocked)
Oceanography 0 (1 special)
Science 0 of 1 (3 special)
Slacker 0 of 1


Larisa’s Fish Market Pavlov Rank 10
Five & Dime Pavlov Rank 8
Club C Cooke Rank 10
Cooked To Perfection Cooke Rank 6
Wired Bruce Rank 7
Games Ahoy Hamilton Rank 6
Hobby Horse Picaso Rank 8
Galleria Pederson Rank 6
Cakewich Thayer Rank 6
A Whole New You Carr Rank 7

The next to last household of the rotation is Lyov Pavlov, Willow Valley’s resident Grilled Cheese sim.

Lyov moved into a largish house, 3 bedrooms 2 baths, with an open first floor ready for customization. It’s also on a larger lot, 3×3 instead of 2×2. Hopefully Lyov will be able to stay here instead of having to move after a season or two, but the downside is that he spent nearly all of his money on the house.

He had an easy enough fix for that, though: he immediately invited Meadow over.

Meadow agreed to move in.

Meadow is a Family sim, and is assigned the secondary aspiration of Fortune. Her LTW is to celebrate her Golden Anniversary.  😦   I hate that one.

But – she’s a Business Tycoon! She’s the neighborhood’s third Business Tycoon.

She came with $6000, and had all this in her inventory, as well as a computer and two big telescopes. Selling it all netted another $35,000.

The house was redecorated and nicely furnished, although I’ll wait on the extra bedrooms and bathroom until there are kids to use them.

The family was left with about $9000 after furnishing the house. The business I pre-built for them costs $28,000, so they’ve got some work to do.

A quick proposal ensued.

As a reminder, moved out sims will generally take the surnames of their spouses, so I don’t have too many families with the same last name.

 I played around with different makeover options for Meadow, but ended up just adding a little makeup.

While waiting for all the wedding guests to arrive, Lyov got a job in Adventure. Yay Jumbok!

Nobody wanted to come inside, so I decided to have the wedding outside.

No Nadezda. I think I forgot to invite her.  😦

*lovey-dovey sighs*

“We shall be together forever, and have lots of recessive haired babies!”


I have to confess, I’m getting just a bit tired of Pavlov weddings. Only two more, though. (I’m having parties for all of them just to make sure, although I think it still counts for Leo’s LTW even if there’s not a party.)

I rather like their cozy kitchen, although it’ll probably end up being too small if they have a lot of kids. Their randomly selected “ideal family size” for ACR is two kids, but they’ll probably go over – everyone else has.

 Totally appropriate wedding party behavior, you guys.

Meadow had some champagne in her inventory, so I figured what the heck. Everyone ignored it.

Meanwhile, Lyov heart-farted his sister in law (Noelle, although her face is glitched out there). Classy, Lyov.

All too soon, the guests were gone. Meadow settled down to work on her cooking.

Meanwhile, Lyov conjured grilled cheese. I’m determined to get him his LTW ASAP so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Although he’ll probably be permaplat before he gets his 200 grilled cheese – his lifetime aspiration bar’s just a sliver away.

The next morning, Lyov returned to his conjuring, while Meadow started a self portrait. I’m hoping to do better on getting the portraits done in a timely manner.

I want a Business Tycoon job like Meadow’s, where I work 4 6 hour days per week and make $8400.

Lyov had the day off, so he spent the day conjuring grilled cheese, working on his own self portrait, and going on outings – I’m hoping for outing gifts to help the Thayers buy their business.

Look who came home with Meadow! Yay, Lyov can meet Stepan!

Could Meadow be…pregnant? *gasp*

“So, you’re my brother, huh? We should be friends.”

Later that night, Stepan came by and left an outing gift. Thanks, Stepan!

“Oh my! I’m having a baby!”

Meadow: “Thanks for making breakfast, Leo.”

Leo: “No problem, Sweet Cheese. I’ll make lots of cheesy grilled cheese. We’ve got to keep you well cheesed so the baby will be good and cheesy.”

Meadow worked on her self portrait a little before work. It looks a little dark, but I’ll have to see how it looks on the wall before I make a final decision.

Lyov conjured some more grilled cheese, then hit the energizer as Meadow headed off to work. He had another day off. I kind of hate it when sims take a new job and then have a bunch of days off.

“Man, Lyov, you’re HOT!”

Lyov turns out to have 3 bolts with Clarence. (He also has 3 bolts with Noelle, but everybody seems to have 3 bolts with Noelle.) He only has 2 bolts with Meadow. Did I have him settle down too early?


Meadow got a chance card, and got a $40,000 bonus! Hooray for Meadow!

So Lyov sat down and bought himself a business.

Cakewich is a little shop selling birthday cakes, wedding cakes…

And of course, grilled cheese.

Cakewich’s purchase is significant for two reasons:

1) It’s the 20th building in town, opening up a spot in the Architecture career.

2) It’s the 10th player-owned community lot. Since I’ve already got 3 Business Tycoons, that opens up a second Business District! That also opens up another Architecture position, as well as increasing the SM by 5, to 14. That bumps the population up to…*drumroll*…518!  Services are now unlocked – maids and gardeners, hooray! Also, additional positions in Education and Law Enforcement are unlocked.

Lyov spent a little while conjuring grilled cheese before the grand opening.

 Makari was Lyov’s first customer! He bought some grilled cheese and a birthday cake, presumably for Liouba’s birthday.

“You really, really want to buy some of this delicious grilled cheese! Then you can eat it all up and have an empty plate!”

Dazzling is awesome – although in a store like this, selling low value items, it’s really not necessary except to drive the star count up faster.

“I’m in ur store, eatin ur chips.”

The Cookes must have run out of money, since after buying a single grilled cheese sandwich, Davis just hangs around the store.

(At the end of each rotation, I put excess money in a bank account to get available family funds in each family down to about $1,000. Otherwise they’d spend all their money in the shops.)

Meadow got home and, after a quick outing with Lyov, spent some time on the phone. She moved in with about 8 friends, most in the 60s to 70s range, so she spent the season working on getting relationships up.

Lyov worked on his portrait, then conjured up a little grilled cheese before bed.

 “Oh boy, my nooboo will be here soon!”

They finished their portraits!

Meadow’s is just a bit dark, but it’s ok. I’ll keep it.

Lyov finally got to go to work!

“Have a great day, Sweet Cheese.”

Meadow wanted a car, so I bought them this fancy van. So she drove that to work.

Lyov came home early, with a promotion via chance card.

He worked on his body for an hour before heading back to work.

Lyov’s OTH is Music & Dance, so that’s why he gets the ballet bar instead of building body another way. Plus he doesn’t want to lose his grilled cheese belly.

“Family, I’m home!”

No one’s here, Meadow dear.

Lyov got home with another promotion.

Then he conjured grilled cheese, what else?

Meadow worked on a painting while waiting for the big moment.

“Oh boolprop, this hurts. Just get through it, and then you’ll have a beautiful baby,” Meadow told herself.

“Oh boy, this is scary.”

It was all worth it when Meadow held her little girl in her arms. She had Meadow’s coloring, and they named her Nastasia.

Meadow and Lyov decided they didn’t want Nastasia isolated in the upstairs bedroom, so they put her crib and changing table right in the living room.

As soon as it was light, Lyov headed down to Cakewich, where he spent a little time conjuring up grilled cheese.

Finally, he did it! He had consumed 200 little packages of delicious cheesy goodness.

Lyov then called Meadow to come and handle the cashiering.

“Vanya, don’t you want some grilled cheese just like Mom used to make?”

“Lyov, I live with Mom, remember?”

Meadow and Lyov got Cakewich up to Level 4.

Then they had a date before heading back home to Nastasia.

“Arr, matey. I be a dread pirate today. I be wantin’ all yer grilled cheese.”

Meadow had the day off. She wasn’t feeling well, so she took a nap on the couch to be close to Nastasia. She hoped her illness meant that she was pregnant again.

Lyov came home without a promotion, because I didn’t realize he needed a body point.

I have this occasional problem with babies where they glitch up and sims can’t change their diapers. It happened to Nastasia, so she got a bath instead.

That’s it for the Thayer family! Only one more household to go this rotation.


Sims 38

Households 8

Owned lots 10

Unowned lots 2

Military lot? NO

Business districts 2

Universities 0

Downtown? 0

Sim multiplier 14

Population 532

Uni funds 171600


Adventure 1 of 1

Architecture 2 of 4

Athletic 2 (unlocked)

Business 7 (unlocked)

Criminal 1 of 2

Culinary 1 (unlocked)

Education 0 of 2

Entertainment 0 of 1

Intelligence 1 of 2

Law Enforcement 0 of 2

Music 0 (unlocked)

Oceanography 1 (special)

Science 2 (special)

Slacker 0 of 1