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It’s time for this season’s last semester of Uni – and soon we’ll have Salix University’s very first graduates!

Cham Var Hoh

snapshot_1e9c043f_df65c309Back row, left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front row, left to right: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


“I’ve heard in some neighborhoods, seniors get to go on vacation before they graduate.”

Not in this neighborhood. I have way too many kids to get through uni. Now eat, so you can work on your term papers!


It was soon time for the standard start of semester gigantic party.


I was relieved to see Lluis and Liouba in the hot tub together, rather than some other combination.


Michael rolled a want panel full of wants for Mireia.


Ramsay and Carme ignored the party and had a fun time on their own.


The cow crashed the party, of course.


Akilina and Agnes were all over each other the whole party. They may only be a 1-2 bolt couple with incompatible aspirations, but they don’t act like it.


Mhairi had no interest in Isaiah’s advances last semester. Not sure what happened here, but it seems they fell back in love.


Michael and Mireia were still all over each other.


Mauro had a nice chat with Irina, who he thought was really hot.


Venyamin made sure to spend some time with Demi.


For some reason, half the group hung out on the lawn eating dodgy Chinese food that they got from who knows where.


Looks like Romina’s still upset with Dimitri for his indiscretion last semester.


After everyone left, the house’s residents finally got around to doing their term papers. Naturally, they had the obligatory post term paper games of red hands.


Ramsay brought a grill back from campus. Seems dangerous. We’ll keep it.


For this semester’s update to the house, the front porch was expanded. Decorating the porches will have to wait until next time.


Venyamin invited over his girlfriend Demi Gast for a date.


It wasn’t long before they moved into the TV room, where the couch is hardly ever used for watching TV.


“Demi, listen. We’ve been dating for a while, and I really like you, and I’m getting close to graduating, so…”


“Will you marry me?”


“I’d love to!”


“We are so going to have adorable dreadlocked babies.”


Meanwhile, Mauro was rejected for a date by Irina.


She did readily agree to a fun outing, though.


Ah, the joy of seeing the cow mascot beg.


Hey, look, a fruit tree! And the joy of spraying said fruit tree without worrying about anyone accidentally fusing with the tree.


Between the Munchie Bot and sims running out to visit campus, there was always cold pizza available.


Toga party time! Venyamin did get around to asking Demi to pledge the Greek House at some point. (And yes, he then influenced her to clean. Because who would turn down a free house cleaning?)


The hot tub was, as usual, in high demand.


“So, Mike, what’s going on with you and Mireia? Are you still in love?”

“Well, I’m definitely still in love with her. I’m just not sure how she feels these days.”


Finals time! They went about 17 hours early. All earned A pluses, of course, and Venyamin, Carme, Ramsay, and Michael have graduated!


Michael Bruce graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Physics.


Ramsay Bruce graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Art.


Carme Picaso graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science.


Venyamin Hamilton graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Drama. His horrible adult outfit will have to wait. Michael, Ramsay, and Carme will all join existing households in Willow Valley, some of which will be played before the next Uni semester, but Venyamin will be founding a new household which will be played for the first time during the Summer rotation. So he gets to hang out with Mauro for a bit longer, until the new Greek House residents move in.

40 Almond Street

snapshot_3e3fd4be_9f6867b9Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


The beginning of the semester was rather tense, due to Dimitri’s little fling with the cheerleader last season.

snapshot_3e3fd4be_011649aaMarya and Orlando escaped to their bedroom for a little private time as soon as possible.


“Romina, I am so, so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”


“This once, Dimitri, I’ll forgive you. But it had better not happen again.”

Dimitri was incredibly relieved.


This semester’s house upgrade project was to add a bathroom. For now, they only had the money to build the room and buy a toilet.


Everyone seemed to have senioritis. Even Marya, the Knowledge sim in the group, wanted to play computer games rather than write her term paper.


Finally, the term papers were finished, and it was time for Red Hands.


Orlando wanted to make friends with this dormie for some reason, so she was invited over for an outing.


Then Demi walked by. Marya thought she probably ought to make friends with her future sister-in-law.


Dimitri spent pretty much all of his free time repairing his relationship with Romina.


Things were definitely going well. Orlando helped out by sending the cow mascot away before it could cause trouble.


Now that the relationship was back on track, Romina decided to spend the rest of the evening studying Anger Management.


Demi brought a gift to contribute to the Boy-Do-We-Need-a-Second-Bathroom fund. I knew I liked her.


There it is, all finished. Hooray, no more chaining showers!


Every time it rains, Marya rolls up a wish to get hit by lightning. So she went out to play in puddles in the thunderstorm, but the lightning didn’t come near her.


She finally gave up and went back inside to go on a date with Orlando.


Looks like things are definitely mended between Romina and Dimitri. They did this entirely on their own.


That evening, everyone hung out waiting for Marya to get home from class, since I decided to send them to their final a whole 24 hours early.


4.0s all around, and three new graduates! Marya graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, Dimitri graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics, and Orlando graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature.

The graduates will all be waiting until next season to move out.

Nagard Annya Fruhm


Left to right: Lluis Picaso, Liouba Pavlov, Mhairi Bruce, Malvina Bruce, Agnes Picaso

At the end of last semester, these five sims moved out of the dorms with the hope of starting a different kind of Greek House.


Per university regulations, they were required to move into this Maxis house, just like the other Greek House. They decided to call the house Nagard Annya Fruhm.


The layout, as you see, is horrendous – too many stairs (4 staircases to a tiny attic loft!), master bedroom blocked off by a bathroom, somehow only 3 medium size bedrooms in this enormous house.

The residents of Cham Var Hoh worked with the layout, making some significant modifications.


The new residents of Nagard Annya Fruhm went to the next level, and gutted the place.


I like this layout so much better. Much more open, especially the upstairs.

As you can see by how the main room is furnished, Nagard Annya Fruhm is meant to be more study-oriented and less party-oriented than Cham Var Hoh.


After snubbing Isaiah Gavigan all last semester, Mhairi now wants to get engaged to him. So first thing, she invited him over.


He asked to bring a friend, and brought Mireia. Good. We can get this thing settled while everyone else is still working on their term papers.


Step one: dance and a kiss. Mireia took no notice.


Mhairi took Isaiah up to her bedroom for a celebratory woohoo.


Do Family Sims have some kind of cheating ESP? Because Mireia put down her book and ran upstairs crying.


She slapped Isaiah soundly, then reached into his chest, pulled out his still-beating heart, and crushed it into dust before storming out of the house.

Well, that’s settled, then.


Agnes and Malvina were the only two residents of the house who weren’t already friends, so they spent some time fixing that.


Liouba and Lluis had no problem keeping each other company, as usual.


Some kind of miracle occurred, and I actually saw a sim get aspiration points for writing her term paper! And Malvina’s not even a knowledge sim.


Liouba made a delicious pot of chili for lunch, and everyone gathered at the table and happily scarfed it down.


Mhairi invited Isaiah to pledge the Greek house, and then influenced him to clean.


Everyone spent the evening studying and skilling. Definitely a change from Cham Var Hoh. There will be some parties, though, as we can’t let things get boring.


Mhairi got up and headed to campus first thing in the morning, bringing back this…thing. It was sold for a few simoleons.


Leftover pizza that’s been sitting on the counter all night makes a fabulous breakfast.


Remembering how expensive Cham Var Hoh’s bills were at the beginning, I spent all of Nagard Annya Fruhm’s leftover money on solar panels. Imagine my surprise when the mailman showed up and they got a $110 rebate!


Malvina’s OTH is cuisine, which means occasionally I let her indulge wants to serve a meal even when no one is hungry.


Mhairi invited Isaiah over for a date, and he rolled up the want to get engaged. Since they have mutual wants, I locked them both and had Mhairi use her portachug to change her turn-ons. They have 3 bolts now.


Agnes maxed all her skills!


The group went to their finals 21 hours early, and all returned with A pluses.

Mhairi and Malvina are juniors now, and got the aspiration re-roll option, but they’re both staying the same aspirations.

Larisa House


Left to right: Anya Pavlov, Akilina Carr, Irina Carr, Feofil Pavlov


Larisa House has dormies again. Stinky Crystal and Bandanna Boy Aaron managed to get the choice positions.


Stinky Crystal really enjoyed access to the bar. She seems like a “juice” drinker.


Anya, for one, was glad to have the new residents.


Feofil and Irina spent most of the first day on their cell phones, naturally.


Anya wanted to make friends with Professor Dreads, so she invited him over.


She’ll be getting an A this semester without ever going to class.


That night, the Romance sims headed out to Dance Fever to get some action.


They were quite successful. Akilina even hit the halfway point for her LTW.


Back home, Akilina sweet talked a walkby into the photo booth.


Mhairi and her housemates came over for the evening, and Orlando stopped by as well. Irina took the opportunity to give Mhairi her flower bench, which she had left in her room.


Akilina rolled a want to make friends with Orlando. She did so in time-honored fashion, with much Busting of Moves.


Anya hit her 10th unique woohoo.

snapshot_1f5dfc2d_8135b420Akilina got her 12th woohoo, while the streaker watched approvingly.


Irina wanted to make friends with her professor, but this didn’t look like ordinary friendmaking. Then I realized it’s because he’s a Drama professor.

Note: Don’t try to go on an outing with a drama professor. He got positive plus signs for their interactions, but also the “lost best friend” symbol, and the outing score dropped like a rock until he left in disgust. Irina didn’t even get her grade up from the interaction!


It was time to get everyone’s grades up. Irina’s was the lowest since she’d skipped class to make friends with Professor Jerkface, so Orlando was kind enough to help her out for the price of a few influence points.


Once all the grade bars were full, everyone hung out in the hall waiting for Akilina.


Who was not working on her grade bar, but on Conquest #13.


And #14.


I would have guessed that Stinky Crystal would be the jealous one, not Vyn.

That’s ok. Akilina already got her public and home woohoos out of Vyn. And what would a 20 woohoo LTW be without some slapping?


Ivy’s not taking Vyn’s nonsense, though.

I like Ivy. Must marry her in someday.


Everyone passed their finals with an A+, of course, although I apparently forgot to take a picture. Anya and Feofil both got an opportunity to reroll, but Feofil will stay a Popularity sim. Anya, feeling she’d matured beyond her Romance years, became a Fortune/Family sim, with a new LTW to top the medical career.

Anya and Feofil moved out, to join Cham Var Hoh next semester, while Irina and Akilina will be sharing a rental house.

Pavlov Hall

snapshot_7feb0c58_e13db314Left to right: Mireia Picaso, Nastasia Thayer, Raebeth Dell, and Isaiah Gavigan


Yes, my simself has joined the party. She’s going to be testing out what it’s like to get through college on student loans in Willow Valley. Since she arrived with the usual base $500, she took out a $2000 loan to pay the first semester’s tuition. Normally I have sims pay that initial $500 into dorm funds, but that’s going to be waived for financial aid students.

Raebeth is a Knowledge/Grilled Cheese sim with a LTW to max all skills.


It was already late evening when the semester started, which meant it made perfect sense for Raebeth to get right to skilling and everyone else to work on their term papers.


Mireia wandered into the kitchen to poke Isaiah, but he ignored her and kept doing the slap dance.


It took putting my own simself in the game to finally get a proper Knowledge sim who rolls wants to write her term paper, do assignments, and go to class. Maybe she’ll even roll up the want to be on the Dean’s list!


Nastasia was thrilled to have a dorm mate who’s excited to talk about Grilled Cheese.


Raebeth also made friends with Isaiah. They have a bolt, but fortunately neither of them initiated anything romantic. Isaiah has enough issues in the love department.


These guys might be kind of boring. They’re all hanging out in the study room of their own volition.


Isaiah managed to tear himself away to greet Agnes as she was walking by and make friends with her.

I must confess I generally have my college sims mostly ignore the dormie walkbys. I’d rather have them spend their friend-making time on other playables. That’s probably why no one’s gotten into the secret society yet.


This semester’s contribution to the dorm was a bird cage complete with a bird named Mr. Tibble. It was funded mostly by Mireia’s pottery, since she kept rolling up wants to make a pottery project.


Everyone finished the semester with, of course, perfect grades.


Everybody moved out except Raebeth. They’re all going different places.

That’s it for the University chapter! Next time I may start splitting it into two, as it’s getting a little long with 5 households (6 next time). Next up is the last household of the rotation, the Wheeler family!


Time for another exciting semester of university!

With four university households and a total of 20 students, uni can be a little rough to play. And frankly I think my uni chapters have been kind of boring – too many shots of sims eating or doing their term papers. So I’m going to make an attempt to pare the chapter down a little and only post things that are interesting. So you may notice that the chapter is a little shorter…but only a little.

I also tend to get annoyed in the last day of the semester waiting for finals, so students will now be sent to their finals early if everyone in the house has their grade bars filled.

So, on with the show.

Cham Var Hoh


Back row: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front row: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


We start off with a little infidelity. Michael invited Mireia so she could finish up her pledge period, she brought along her dormmates, the hot tub was free…*le sigh*


It’s point and laugh at the cow mascot time!


Time for the traditional All Playable Bash.

I’ve figured out the PJ thing – apparently really outgoing sims wear special pajamas to toga parties. While finger gunning, apparently.

Really shy sims just don’t answer the party invitation and have to be invited separately, so the only sims in togas are the ones in the middle.


This will never not be funny.


Anya looks disturbingly gleeful here.


“Oh, hi, guys. Hope I’m not disturbing you when you’re about to cheat on my sister. Also, why are you wearing swimsuits? I mean, who wears a swimsuit in the hot tub?”


Mhairi got hit by lightning and loved it. Although I like to think the lightning was aimed at the cheaters opposite her.


“Ok, yeah, I get it. I’m going to go home now and take a shower.”


Finally, someone who’s not cheating!

Although to be fair, none of the “cheaters” are in committed relationships. The only engaged couple at the moment is Marya and Orlando, and neither of them has cheated.

It amuses me that Agnes is in the hot tub in her wet suit. She seems like the type.


It was an excellent start-of-semester party, and of course a roof raiser.


Carme wanted a date, so she had one with this guy. I think his name is Cooper.


They ended up having Fun Couch Times. I took out the blur because it was annoying me, so I hope no one’s bothered by a little Barbie doll nudity.

snapshot_1e9c043f_803b62a5More dating happened.


Mauro had a want to get engaged to Anya. I had it locked for a while, but then on their date he asked, “Do you like what you see?” and she heart-barfed him – even though they have 3 bolts! So no engagement for these two.


This is the stripper that is not Malvina.


And here’s another reason Mauro will not be marrying Anya. A date with Mauro is generally followed by hot tub time with Ramsay.

I do like Anya, and she is behaving exactly as a Romance sim should. She just doesn’t seem like the right girl for Mauro.


The random fruit tree I bought them last semester grew its first fruit!

Also visible here is this semester’s house upgrade, a larger back porch. I went with the back porch because that’s where everybody goes first to leave date roses and outing gifts.


I sent them to their final about 8 hours early. 4.0s for everyone, of course.

40 Almond Street


Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


While waiting for a computer to write his term paper, Dimitri made friends with the cheerleader.

(We won’t mention the ACR kiss that he didn’t refuse. Luckily Romina was in the bathroom at the time.)


The class schedule this semester is annoying. 1 sim starts class every hour for 4 hours. Orlando is the last to leave, just as Marya, who has the earliest class, is coming back.


Dimitri and Romina were forced to finish their term papers before they could get to the semester’s big event.


“This is a really romantic place for a date, Dimitri.”

“Yeah, well, I was thinking of a little more than a date.”


“Romina, I really love you a lot, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


“Will you marry me?”

As you can see, Romina’s Fortune sim brain is calculating the expected increase in her net worth if she marries into one of the richest families in town.


“Oh, Dimitri, it’s beautiful.”


“Yes, of course I’ll marry you!”


After that touching moment, the first thing that happened back home was that Anya, who was just randomly walking by the house during a thunderstorm, was struck by lightning.


Marya and Orlando are pretty easy to keep happy, given that they both keep rolling the “woohoo in bed” want.


Dimitri and Romina spent less time in the bedroom, which meant they were just a tad more productive.


They needed a bit more space in the house, so they scrimped and saved to add an attic bedroom. Eventually I’m going to put a bathroom up there, too.


They only made it to their final 3 hours early. Still, that got them home at 8 pm instead of 11 pm.

Larisa House

snapshot_1f5dfc2d_5ff81403Left to right: Mhairi Bruce, Akilina Carr, Feofil Pavlov, Irina Carr, Malvina Bruce, Anya Pavlov


The elderly cafeteria worker spontaneously combusted. Fortunately the sprinklers took care of it.


Anya and Akilina headed down to Dance Fever for some romance sim fun times.


Akilina was quite successful.


Anya had a bit of a rough start.


She did eventually get a thing going with Stupid Rodney, though.


Back home, there was a party. Either Nastasia thought it was a toga party, or she was party hopping.


This seems to be the rotation for fires and electrocutions that don’t count.


I was thinking I was kind of surprised that Irina’s not best friends with all her cousins yet, but then I remembered how many cousins she has.

33. She has 33 cousins. No, that’s not crazy.


I could make some kind of derogatory comment about people who hang out in the study room doing schoolwork at parties, but honestly? I’d be right there with them.


Since they’re sophomores now, and never rolled a want to choose a major, I had Anya, Mhairi, Feofil, and Malvina declare majors. They were all put into majors related to their LTW. Anya and Mhairi both want to top the Art career, so they’re both Art majors. And that’s how I discovered that the professor with the dreads is the Art professor.


Feofil got 5,000 aspiration points for throwing a Roof Raiser party. Good, I can ignore him for a while now.


Anya had met Bolts at Dance Fever, so she invited him over for a date.


He accepted the date, but wouldn’t accept any romantic interactions, even though his want panel was full of them. And then I remembered that he’s engaged to Ghaliya, so that’s why.


Somebody wanted a guitar, so that’s this semester’s contribution to the dorm.


Wow, being horny Romance sims sure paid off!

(Sandy just had an outing with Akilina. Not that Akilina wouldn’t have liked some romance there, but Sandy is straight.)


Max science enthusiasm! I see aliens in Irina’s future.


“Congrats on maxing creativity, bro! Finger guns!”


I actually caught the six of them in the cafeteria at the same time, although only 3 were eating. Malvina was hitting the bar, as usual, while Anya wanted some espresso after staying up all night. Irina was just hanging out.


Ok, I’ve got 4 sims on free will all hanging out in a tiny little room. Guess what, kids? Early final time!


22 hours early, in fact. Sorry, guys, but you were boring me. Anyway, A pluses all around.


Malvina and Mhairi moved out. You’ll get to see them in their new place next semester. I thought about moving the others out, too, but Anya and Feofil are going to Cham Var Hoh, and that would make it a little full. So Irina and Akilina are staying in the dorm another semester to keep them company.

Pavlov Hall


Standing, left to right: Lluis Picaso, Mireia Picaso, Nastasia Thayer, Isaiah Gavigan

Seated, left to right: Agnes Picaso, Liouba Pavlov


Isaiah didn’t get the worst transition outfit ever, but that color doesn’t suit him.


Stinky Crystal got fit right before moving out to make room for Isaiah. I’m sure we’ll see her again one of these days.


I’m pretty sure I will never stop loving this. The dormie may be stinky, but she looks pretty empowered here.


Isaiah was the only one who needed to skill up for his classes.


Someone actually used the photo booth for taking photos!


Apparently it was a very cheer-worthy event.


Mireia maxed her Arts & Crafts enthusiasm!


Isaiah wanted to make friends with Dimitri, and figured he might as well invite his housemates over, too.


Nastasia had Goopy over for a date, and made best friends and fell in love in one fell swoop.


Isaiah decided he wanted to be a History major. His dorm mates, who are all a semester ahead of him, still haven’t decided.


Apparently dating Liouba plus his little thing we will not talk about with Irina at Cham Var Hoh was enough for Lluis to start up with the Romance sim strut. (Romance is his secondary aspiration.)


Dimitri rejected the cheerleader for woohoo, and I thought, “Good for him! He’s over his wandering now that he’s engaged!”


I was wrong.


“How could you? We’re engaged!”

“Nice flirt, la la la, going to do an assignment now.”

The guests were sent home after that.


Lluis got hit by lightning on the way to class. It actually counts!


Isaiah wanted a kiss, so he invited Mhairi over to renew their teen relationship. Unfortunately, it seems she wasn’t interested.


“Isaiah…we had fun in high school, but things are different now.”


“But Mhairi, I…I mean, you’re so hot!”

“I’m glad you think so, and I hope we can still be friends, but I just don’t see a future for us.”


So, when Mireia got home from class, Isaiah went ahead and fulfilled that kiss want with her.


This was followed by a visit to the photo booth.

To be honest, I was never really into the idea of Isaiah and Mhairi as a long term couple. But I didn’t expect Isaiah to steal Mireia away from Michael. Still, consolidating my family sims would mean one less ridiculously huge family (hopefully).


Nastasia went on a date with some guy she’d found walking by, while Lluis maxed his grade bar talking to Professor Inappropriate. Lluis is smart enough to keep his interactions with Professor Inappropriate limited to the telephone.


Once again, an early final. Once again, everyone got straight As. Hooray!


Agnes, Lluis, and Liouba moved out. Isaiah’s the only one still required to stay in the dorms, but Mireia and Nastasia stayed on to keep him company.


And we finish up with the remaining dorm residents clustered around an unfortunate dormie, with Isaiah worrying, Nastasia laughing, and Mireia preparing to take a picture.

And so ends another semester of University! One more, and I’ll have actual graduates. Next up is the Bousaid household.

Time for another exciting semester of University!


As you may recall, the Carrs donated to fund another building, so the Leo Pavlov Memorial Library was built. (It’s possible that I might have just stolen the library from Sim State and renamed it.)

Cham Var Hoh House

snapshot_1e9c043f_df65c309 Back, left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Front, left to right: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


Some of the housemates were hungry after finals, so they enjoyed some leftover Chinese food before working on their term papers.


Irina Carr came by, and Ramsay made friends with her as Munchie Bot showed up with pizza.


Anya also came by, and she and Mauro spent some time in the hot tube, just chatting.


The bills for the Greek house are ridiculously high, over $700. So for this semester’s upgrade, they got a couple of solar panels. It did knock a couple hundred dollars off the bills.


Venyamin got on the phone to throw the house’s Beginning of Semester All Playable Bash.


Also known as the Renewing Teen Relationships party.


Liouba and Lluis got right back to flirting.


No, guys, no. You already renewed your relationship, and then you broke up, remember?


Michael and Mireia skipped the flirting stage entirely.


Everyone in Willow Valley is obsessed with the slap dance.


Fickle much, Dimitri?


Apparently Lluis is really hot. Who knew?


Michael and Mireia spent the whole party all over each other. It’s kind of adorable.


The Carr sisters showed up fashionably late – as in, I forgot to invite them.

snapshot_1e9c043f_7feefc0dAkilina and Agnes became the last teens to renew their relationship – although they never really had anything serious to begin with.


That night, the students finished painting the last of the portraits. They all look great! The founding members got gold frames.


Mauro and Carme were the only two members of the household who weren’t friends with each other – mostly because I wanted Mauro to get settled in before Carme made him another notch on her belt. But they decided it was time to get to know one another over a game of chess.


Ramsay felt just a bit guilty at woohooing with Carme, although he couldn’t say exactly why. Just because he was a father now didn’t mean that he and Annika were suddenly exclusive, after all.


Michael brought a video game system back from campus! Sweet.


The house hosted another party, a toga party this time. Carme always seems to wear her nightie to these – apparently she doesn’t have a proper toga.



Malvina, I’m sorry to say you only brought it on yourself. You never should have kissed Dimitri at the last party.


Mauro thought he’d try something different, so he invited Demi to join him in the hot tub.


Lluis was subjected to unwanted advances while Liouba looked on. Fortunately, he rejected them.


Venyamin brought another TV back from campus. I sold it and bought them a fruit tree. Pretty sure that means I’m doing the whole Greek House thing wrong.


Mauro got food poisoning! It was his own fault for eating spoiled Chinese food.


“Wow, man, this is some good soup. I feel much better now, thanks.”

“No problem. It’s my mom’s recipe.”


Venyamin and Demi had spent some time hanging out at the party, and had a great time. So shortly before the final, Venyamin invited her over for a date.


They’re really cute together, with their matching dreads.


Some random visitors slap danced while the residents of the house were at their final.


And we have A pluses all around!

40 Almond Street


Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


Marya broke the computer while paying tuition. Is this going to become a theme? At least she didn’t get electrocuted.


The burning flamingo amused me for some reason.


“I’m so glad you moved in with us. It’s good to have someone around for girl talk.



With the money everyone in the household contributed to the house funds ($200 each), they redid the study corner.


Marya stayed up late working on her mechanical skill while everyone else was asleep.


Their bills are only about $50, thanks to Romina’s pathological need to buy ceiling fans.


For some reason, these guys seem to eat a lot of toaster pastries.


Malvina came over and heartfarted…Marya?


The Hamiltons came by for a visit, because Romina wanted to make friends with Aglaya.


Since Dimitri’s the only one in the house who’s permaplat, he was elected to paint portraits. 3 down, 1 to go!


Orlando fixed a delicious spaghetti dinner for his in-laws to be, since Marya had assured him spaghetti was her moms’ favorite food.


Aw, Romina and Dimitri spontaneously cleaned the kitchen together.


For some reason, Marya didn’t manage to finish her term paper until more than halfway through the semester. That’s unusual.


Hooray! Marya has now maxed all her skills.


And the portraits are done!


Everyone spent the evening hanging out doing Group Research.


Marya and Orlando had a sidewalk date in their PJs, just because.


Then Marya wanted to get struck by lightning, because she’s a crazy suicidal knowledge sim. But even though she hunted for bugs until it stopped raining, the lightning didn’t cooperate.


“Whoa, Romina, I did not need to know about that. Dimitri’s my brother, you know.”


A pluses all around!

Larisa House


Left to right: Mhairi Bruce, Akilina Carr, Feofil Pavlov, Irina Carr, Malvina Bruce, Anya Pavlov


These are the clothes the Carrs grew up in. Ugh.


Everyone did their term papers right away. Larisa House is the only college housing that has enough computers for all the students to write their term papers at once.


Irina and Akilina are sharing a suite, but when I built the dorm I envisioned this suite as housing a romantic pair. Good thing Irina brought her bed from home, and doesn’t mind sleeping in the sitting room.


“Congratulations on falling in love with my brother.”


The Carrs were a little late to get their lunch, and unfortunately had to settle for burned chili. Darn cafeteria workers.


Akilina went in to try to make nice with Malvina’s rebound girlfriend, but found Malvina busy with her .


Then she got rejected for woohoo. Alas.

Akilina’s LTW is to woohoo with 20 different sims, so there are a lot of pictures of her coming out of photobooths ahead.


Akilina and Mhairi are the only two dorm residents who aren’t friends with each other, so they sat down for some pancakes and a chat in the morning.


Feofil spent a whole lot of time hanging out in the hall, dancing.


While the others were at class, Irina and Akilina headed down to Dance Fever, hoping to meet some new sims.


Agnes Picaso showed up. Akilina was totally cool with that.

At some point they went up to 2 bolts, from the 1 they had as teens, despite their incompatible aspirations (Akilina is Romance, Agnes is Knowledge).


And they had never woohooed, so Agnes got her first woohoo while Akilina got her second belt notch.


Irina had never met Agnes, so she got some aspiration points as well from first Meeting Someone New and then making friends with her.


Agnes doesn’t seem to be the jealous type. That’s a good thing, as Akilina is up to #3. (ACR makes the 20 woohoo want so much easier.)


Um. No.

Please don’t turn into a scary stalker, Irina. I promise I’ll find you someone age-appropriate who’s not gay and married with children and grandchildren.


Back at the dorm, Akilina was pleased to find another potential romantic interest just strolling by.


Mhairi’s been playing the violin a lot lately, in her quest to max her Music & Dance enthusiasm. Success!


Liouba walked by as well. Irina waylaid her and made friends with her.


#4, and Akilina is a Big Woman on Campus.

(I didn’t mean to focus on Akilina more than the rest, but she is the only one in the dorm who has a LTW that’s achievable in college.)



“It takes more than that to impress an old lady, missy.”


Irina had a party, and right as the guests arrived the tree was struck by lightning. And of course, everyone knows the best response to a fire is to run toward it and then scream and panic.


After the fire went out, I got everyone inside, where serious slap dancing ensued.


It wouldn’t be a college party without inappropriate woohoo.


I wasn’t really expecting Irina and Ramsay, but I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me.


The only thing surprising about this is that Agnes got the aspiration points.

Also, #5 for Akilina (since the other woohoo with Agnes was public, and this one isn’t). A quarter of the way there!


Akilina and Malvina hung out after everyone else had gone to bed. I thought for sure something romantic would happen, but it didn’t. Akilina must have realized that Malvina, as a Family sim, would take things far too seriously.


Spring is in the air, and everyone wants to buy garden plots and fruit trees. So the group used their collected funds to build a lovely little greenhouse.


Malvina’s OTH is cuisine, so she randomly made delicious meals and desserts even if no one was hungry.


“Anya, I’d really prefer it if you’d put on some clothes before class.”

“Oh, Feofil, don’t be such a prude.”




Irina used the crystal ball, and got Komei. I know it is my solemn duty to make a Komei joke here, but truth is, I like the guy.


“Bees! Why is it always bees?”


Irina and Komei had a nice date.


Anya and Mhairi enjoyed glowing while doing the slap dance.


Everyone decided to work on their One True Hobbies late into the night. Anya’s is Fitness.


Mhairi already had maxed enthusiasm in her OTH, so she got a flower bench and started making flowers.


Anya tends to not really get into the Romance sim stuff, but she did invite a guy over for a date as the semester came to a close.


The final went well, with 4.0s for everyone.

(Akilina rolled up the want to major in Psychology, but everyone else remains undecided.)

Pavlov Hall


Back row, left to right: Nastasia Thayer, Agnes Picaso, Lluis Picaso

Front row, left to right: Liouba Pavlov (Pederson), Mireia Picaso


The grow up clothes. Lluis kept his clothes, while Agnes and Nastasia just switched outfits. And I suppose the witch outfit for Liouba is SOP. But let’s take a closer look…


Poor Mireia definitely got the short end of the stick in the clothes department, and the bad hairdo department.


Nastasia wasn’t too sure about this “mac’n’cheese” stuff. Yes, it had cheese in it, but it just wasn’t the same as grilled cheese.


 Agnes is the first Knowledge sim I’ve had at Salix University who rolled up a proper Knowledge Sim want to write her term paper.


“Wow, Lluis’ jaw really exploded when we grew up. Maybe I should consider adoption.”

Lluis’ jaw did kind of explode, hence the beard. Also, Liouba thinks facial hair is hot.


 “Oh, yeah, grilled cheese is awesome. My dad would always make the best grilled cheese sandwiches when we went over to his house.”

It’s a good thing Nastasia found someone she can talk cheese with.


People brought outing gifts for sims who have moved out. I wasn’t sure who they were for, so I sold the chess table and stuck the vase on a table somewhere.


“Thanks for studying with me, Agnes.”

“Anytime! I’m so glad we’re all undecided on our major so we can share classes and study together!”


“Liouba, look! I’m fit!”

“Sorry, babe, busy painting a pretty flower for the cafeteria.”


Mireia got up way earlier than everyone else, and spent some time doing the slap dance with Stinky Crystal.


Nastasia wanted to make friends with Professor Inappropriate, and was thus the first sim to max her grade bar.


Liouba and Lluis headed for the photo booth immediately upon waking up, without bothering to change out of their pajamas. They’re a consistent 3 bolts now that Lluis has a beard.


Poor Stinky Crystal. Being a dormie is a rough life.


Nastasia was feeling lonely, and Stupid Rodney (the dormie at the chess table there) wouldn’t give her the time of day, despite two bolts. So she used the crystal ball, and got Goopy as her #1 match!

I love Goopy.


And he’ll listen to her blather about grilled cheese! That’s definitely an essential.


Lluis and Liouba are doing the “steady couple that spends all their time all over each other” thing.


You had your chance, Stupid Rodney.


Mireia consoled Stupid Rodney by taking him out for a snowball fight. At night, because what else would you do with a stupid dormie after dark?


Double date!


Agnes’ grade bar was maxed, but she felt like doing an extra credit assignment anyway.


Liouba wanted to max her Arts & Crafts enthusiasm. She already has max creativity, so she got a pottery bench.


I was a little worried about Lluis and Nastasia having 3 bolts, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a problem.

snapshot_7feb0c58_bffffa52Stinky Crystal fell asleep standing up in the shower. This worried Stinky Liouba.

snapshot_7feb0c58_9ffffb55I realized that I got her the same outfit as Brittany Parker, so Liouba got a new outfit.

snapshot_7feb0c58_1ffffe89Nastasia finally caught up with Stupid Rodney in his dorm room.

He may be stupid, but he’s still worth aspiration points.

snapshot_7feb0c58_80000092It appears that this group’s gift to the dorm is crafting benches.


 Akilina wandered by, and Agnes was so thrilled to see her that she rushed out in her PJs.


 Crystal decided to have her first woohoo with a random walkby while everyone was at their finals.


Back from finals with straight As, and inappropriate swooning galore!

That’s it for the 2nd University chapter! Next up is the Cooke-Pavlov family.

Cham Var Hoh House


Standing, left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Carme Picaso, Mauro Necci

Seated, left to right: Michael Bruce, Ramsay Bruce


Michael brought a TV back from campus. Alas, they have nowhere to put it. Whatever shall they do?


Well, I guess they’ll just have to build a new TV room.

(Each resident of the house is contributing money each semester to the household funds, so that over time they can build the place up into something really awesome.)


Dimitri stopped by, missing his old digs.


Celeste, the other non-resident member of the Greek House, stopped by and bonded with Carme over Chinese food.


Mauro settled into the house and got to work on earning his needed skills.


Dimitri got a cell phone call from Romina. Didn’t know that was possible, but maybe it’s just because he used to live here.


Carme’s spent a lot of time playing guitar.


Mauro decided to go into town, and found himself at Club C. He immediately recognized Armando as a fellow Popularity sim.


Back home, it was time to invite the newly arrived college students over for a party.


Anya was quite pleased to see Ramsay again.


Ramsay got reacquainted with Feofil as well, while Mauro hurried over to meet Anya after heartfarting her.


Then Anya sought Ramsay out again for some hot tub time.


Malvina and Dimitri quickly reconnected, proving it wasn’t over between them yet.


The party was a Roof Raiser – not hard when just about everybody there was already friends.


Venyamin is still sort of “with” Celeste, although they haven’t made any commitments.


Photo booth pictures are fine for the dorm, but I decided the Greek house needed some proper portraits of the founding members.


Venyamin held another party, and Mauro decided to spend it hanging out with Anya.


Venyamin managed to catch the kitchen on fire while making munchies for the party. Alas.


Mauro invited Anya to pledge the Greek house, and she was thrilled to accept.


Most of the other party guests spent the time slap dancing, including the professor who crashed the party.


Dimitri and Malvina had their own private party.


Feofil was also invited to pledge the Greek house.


He was then influenced to serve a meal, and made some delicious sparkly fish out of his inventory.


After the party was over, Mauro invited Anya back for a date. He really, really liked her.


She hung out with Carme, doing more slap dancing, while Mauro went to class.


A few portraits were done by the end of the rotation.


And the semester’s over for Cham Var Hoh, with perfect grades for all.

40 Almond Street


Left to right: Dimitri Hamilton, Marya Hamilton, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci


The group just moved into this lovely little Maxis house, chosen because it’s slightly less stupid than the others.

(Because I’m cruel to my sims, I’m forcing all the Uni sims who want to live off campus into Maxis homes, which they will rebuild and make livable.)


Here’s the original interior, complete with just awful floors and wallpaper and a random half bath right in the middle of everything.


Ok, I kept some of the horrible floors, but overall I think it’s an improvement. The place is decorated in Modern Poor College Student, naturally.

Orlando and Marya will be sharing the front bedroom, while Dimitri and Romina get the back room.


Orlando and Romina both started out with skilling to get caught up.


Romina was a little disappointed to discover that the other three all had class at the same time, leaving her in the house by herself.


“So, do you think we’ll all make the Dean’s List again this semester?”

“I hope so, if you and I can solve our grades glitch.”

Marya and Orlando are having grade bar problems – it says they need skills, but they don’t actually need them.


I tried having Orlando and Marya move out, then back in. It worked for Orlando, but not for Marya.


So I moved the whole household out. That seemed to work better.


Dimitri and Romina had been in the middle of a date when they moved out, so they followed up on those wants.


Cupid’s arrow has struck! Dimitri and Romina surprised me by rolling simultaneous wants to get engaged.


Since I’m not allowing sims to get engaged until they’re both at least in junior year (due to the possibility of changing aspirations), they had to content themselves with woohoo.


Oh, boy, they’re going to be all gooey lovey-dovey, now, aren’t they?


“Maybe we should make this a Greek House.”

How about not?


Romina worked on her term paper while everyone else was at class, and thought about Dimitri.

(He added some facial hair since it’s one of Romina’s turn-ons. I think it looks good on him.)


That evening, Orlando decided it was time for something he’d been wanting to do for a long, long time.


“Oh my boolprop! I’m so surprised! Who could ever have anticipated this?”

She said yes, of course.


I think you can guess how they celebrated.


Orlando needed more friends, so he invited over Matthew Picaso. Matthew was happy to indulge him, of course.


I have no idea what’s wrong with Malvina here.


Romina challenged her to a game of chess to get her out of her slump.


Then this happened. Frankly, Dimitri looks pretty happy about it.

(I’m pretty happy about it, too. I really never meant for Malvina and Dimitri to get back together, since Malvina has 3 bolts with Denise Cooke-Pavlov and only 2 with Dimitri.)


I’ve been focused on the other couple, but Orlando and Marya have spent the season all over each other, as usual.


They should probably think about getting curtains for those windows, but whatever.


“I love you…so much.”


While waiting for it to be time for the final, Romina invited Venyamin over, as he was the only one of the Hamilton triplets she hadn’t made friends with yet.


Carme and Michael wandered by as well. This household isn’t as into throwing parties as the Greek house, but it’s still fun to have people over.


Everyone aced their finals and made the Dean’s List, naturally.

Larisa House


Left to right: Feofil Pavlov, Mhairi Bruce, Malvina Bruce (seated), Anya Pavlov


The Pavlovs and the Bruces are seriously rich, so the Pavlovs donated the money to build a fancy luxury dorm. Sims have to have a total trust fund value of at least $30,000, including scholarships, to live here. The dorm houses up to 6 sims.


Just because you’re rich does not mean you grow up in good clothes.


I quickly regretted the poker table when the dormies promptly moved in on it.


So I got rid of it and replaced it with a photo booth. Every dorm should have one, for the woohoo drama if for no other reason.


As usual in my Uni households, term papers were done promptly, followed by red hands.


“I’m so excited we all got enough scholarships to get in here.”

As you can see, the table and chairs are a little higher quality than the typical dorm furnishings. On the other hand, they’re still eating mac & cheese grumpily prepared by an elderly cafeteria worker.


The dormies figured they’d better follow the lead of their playable counterparts, and Male Dormie figured he’d heartfart Mhairi for good measure.


Anya and the cheerleader don’t seem to get along for some reason.


Anya had a rough night – she got struck by lightning and then didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. Well, I suppose that’s what she gets for playing catch in the rain.


Apparently Male Dormie’s interest is reciprocated.


Party time! This group isn’t as into parties as the Greek house crowd, but they don’t keep to themselves as much as the Almond Street group does.


Mauro and Anya are still getting along well.


Malvina decided studying was for the birds. She preferred to brownnose for her A.


And then this happened. Professor Blondie being entirely inappropriate with his student. Nice job there.


“You’re definitely one of my top students. You can expect an A this semester.”


The inappropriateness, it burns…


Fortunately, the party was technically over when the stove caught fire.


Malvina got enough brownie points from making friends with her professor to skip class. She spent the time studying like a good little college student.


Ah, college students very busy playing video games. This is as it should be.

(Although I can never get the video game contest to work right. Anya wandered away before it was over.)


“I’m so glad we grew up. We never got to play video games all day at home.”


They also got to spend a lot of time hanging out doing the slap dance.


Professor Inappropriate came by for some more inappropriateness.


“So I heard you’ll give me a good grade if I become best friends with you.”

“Well, of course I will, Miss Pavlov.”


“That was some sweet woohoo! You are definitely getting top grades in my class!”


Meanwhile, Malvina found herself a special friend while on the rebound from Dimitri.


“I think I’m in love with you.”

“That means I’m going to graduate summa cum laude, doesn’t it?”


Mhairi, meanwhile, found herself getting along great with Blond Male Dormie here.


In fact, the only sim not falling in love was the Romance sim. She decided to spend the time playing angsty piano music.


That’s a new one. Malvina got to the piano Professor Inappropriate dropped off before he even got off the porch.


I didn’t know who his gift was for, since 3 of the dorm’s residents have had outings with him. So the money from the piano went to dorm funds instead, and I bought them a bar.


Malvina got to the bar just as quickly as she got to the piano. I think, despite the rebound relationship, that maybe she’s not taking the breakup well.


Mhairi got in on the “playing angsty music” bandwagon. I have no idea why, other than her desire to maximize her Music & Dance enthusiasm.


Everyone finished the semester with perfect grades, though Mhairi’s the only one who got her A honestly.

That’s it for the first semester of Uni! Next up is the second Picaso household.

Time to wrap up Winter 3 with another semester at University!

Cham Var Hoh House


Left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Michael Bruce, Carme Picaso, Dimitri Hamilton, Ramsay Bruce


Each student contributed $200 to the house fund for the semester, which was used to make the downstairs look a little less Maxis and a little more fun. (I probably won’t be upgrading the Greek house every semester, as they’ll need to save up for some of the modifications I have planned.)


As usual, they started out the semester with term papers.


Of course, it wasn’t long before they had guests hanging out.


As soon as Venyamin finished his term paper, he obtained some pizza and hosted a party.

He was a little weirded out by the blond guy performing a Shakespearean soliloquy. Must be a drama major or something.

snapshot_1e9c043f_9ede1ceeThe house was going to need more residents to manage all the planned updates, so Venyamin invited fellow popularity sim Mauro Necci to pledge.


He then fell in love with Demi, while his other sort-of girlfriend Celeste looked on.


Andrea Hogan may be cray-cray (per Jex on boolprop), but she did make some damn fine looking boys.


Ramsay and Carme indulged in a little hot tub time.


I’ve got something weird going on with my temperature regulation. I’m pretty sure Ramsay and Carme weren’t supposed to get frozen while woohooing in the hot tub.


Marya approves of Michael maxing his creativity.


Dimitri got to know Romina while everyone else warmed up with hot chocolate.


Dimitri really liked Romina, and followed her upstairs to study.


Somebody fixed a big platter of pancakes for breakfast.


The crew from the dorm came over again, because Mauro needs to spend enough time in the house to become a full member, and the others might as well come along.


Dimitri and Romina continued to get along quite well.


They danced right through the big Cheerleader vs Cow Mascot match-up.


Go, cheerleader, go!


That calls for the purchase of a mounted cow head, I think.


Venyamin was trying to figure out who he wanted to be with, so he invited Amanda over. She rejected him for a date even though they were best friends with two bolts. Well, that made things easier.


He invited Demi over next. They definitely make a cute couple.


Meanwhile, Ramsay got to stay home from class after woohooing his professor got his grade up to maximum.


When they were teens, Ramsay thought for sure that he’d have a great Romance sim life with Annika. But she wasn’t here, and he had so much more in common with Carme. She loved nature, too, for one thing.


Venyamin had a great evening with Demi.


I decided I wanted portraits, so Venyamin and Michael got to work.

(Whoops, just now noticed the unfinished walls.)


All too soon, it was time to head off for finals.


The Greek House members are halfway through college!

I’ve decided to roll for whether sims get a re-roll for aspiration or not. Ramsay had to re-roll, and became a Pleasure/Family sim. 3 others had a re-roll option but stuck with their original aspirations, and Venyamin didn’t get an option to change.

I also decided to give myself the option to reroll LTWs, even if the aspiration didn’t change. I decided to reroll Carme, since I don’t see her as a cop. She got 50 Dream Dates – much better.


Dimitri decided he wanted a little bit calmer life, with less parties and craziness, so he moved out.

Pavlov Hall

snapshot_3e3fd4be_3ea2c6c0Left to right: Mauro Necci, Orlando Centowski, Romina Necci, Marya Hamilton


Once again, we start with studying. Orlando’s been lucky and hasn’t needed any skill points for his major so far, but Mauro and Romina both need to spend a little time skilling.


That night was TV night! Mauro and Romina each got one.


Marya maxed her creativity and earned some tips while doing so.


Much of the time was spent making friends.


Romina spent quite a bit of time writing articles. Since her skills are low, she only earns about $200 or less for each one, so it doesn’t seem too much like cheating.


Marya and Orlando of course spend most of their time acting as a 3 bolt couple should.


Mauro really wanted to Meet Someone New, so he headed down to the skating rink.


He’d been hoping to make friends with some adult townies, but nearly everyone who showed up was a college student. So he supposed he’d settle for what he could get.


Stay classy, dormies.


The crew from the Greek House came over to visit and make friends.


Carme clearly had been missing the photo booth, because she was in there several times.


Even though it was the last night of the semester, everyone’s grades were in good shape, so they were able to spend the evening just hanging out.


Uh-oh, Marya and Orlando are eating their pancakes at separate tables. Trouble in paradise? Or just annoying coding.


And the semester is over! Everyone has 4.0 GPAs, of course. Marya and Orlando both had the option to change their aspiration, but I decided to keep them both the same. I did reroll Marya’s LTW, which is now to top the Business career. Still boring, but it makes more sense than her previous LTW to top Entertainment.


Mauro headed off to the Greek house. The other three also moved out of the dorm, to make room for the influx of new students that will be coming next semester.

That completes the Uni rotation, and also finishes Winter 3!

The town is big enough now that I’m going to do an interstitial post with a general update on the town before starting Spring 3 with the Pavlov family. I’ll include a full set of stats and all that jazz.

It’s time for the third semester of University! Since Willow Valley’s inaugural class is in their sophomore year, some have moved out of the dorms, so there are two households. At this point I plan to have all the Uni households in a single post, but that may change in the future depending on how many households there are.

The Move-Outs snapshot_1e9c03ac_fe9c03ae

 And here are our first off campus residents. Left to right: Venyamin Hamilton, Michael Bruce, Carme Picaso, Dimitri Hamilton, Ramsay Bruce


They moved into this lovely Maxis mansion, which cost $17,000 to rent. I was originally going to have uni sims build houses from scratch, but I decided it would be more fun to renovate Maxis houses.

snapshot_1e9c043f_5e9c04f5snapshot_1e9c043f_be9c04fasnapshot_1e9c043f_3e9c04fePre renovation

Who the heck thought taking up half the second floor with 8 staircases was a good idea?

Fortunately, there’s about $20k left after paying the rental cost.


I didn’t change anything with the first floor layout yet, since the second floor was far more desperately in need of work. But they do have a pretty nice party room.


 I still don’t love the second floor, but it’s better. If necessary, the bedrooms would fit a couple more beds to sleep 8 sims.


 I didn’t do much with the attic, but it does seem a lot more spacious with just a single spiral staircase instead of 4 straight staircases.


And with a phone call for a charter, the group established Salix University’s very first Greek house, Cham Var Hoh! The five have enough friends between them that the place is already level 6, which I believe is the max level.


First up, of course, is dealing with money. In addition to $2500 in tuition each semester, each student will pay $1000 into the household funds the first semester they live in the Greek House, and for now, $200 each semester after that. College is expensive.

snapshot_1e9c043f_7e9c1956Michael was the first to make use of the study room, which also contains mirrored closets for changing clothes, charisma skilling, and woohoo.


It wasn’t long before the group was throwing their very first toga party.

snapshot_1e9c043f_1e9c1ed3I think Carme may have slightly misunderstood the dress code.


Venyamin’s sort-of girlfriend Celeste became the Greek house’s first pledge.


 “I’ve had enough of winter. Why does it have to be winter for our entire first two years of college?”

Because in order to keep things in sync, all the seasons in the uni hood are set to winter. I’d hate to spend 2 years in college in the winter, too.


 Interesting thoughts Dimitri’s having. I think maybe he’s heard about all Malvina’s activities back in the main ‘hood.


 Ah, the cow mascot fighting the cheerleader. Vooooooooo Gerbits!


Well, somebody’s using the study room. Michael’s getting some use out of his Knowledge secondary.

(Also, Michael wanted to make some money, so he got a money tree. The money will go to the general house funds and help to pay bills, which is important since they just got their first bill and it’s over $700. I have no idea why it’s so high.)

snapshot_1e9c043f_bea1573fRamsay decided to see what it was like to be with a guy. His conclusion was that it was just as awesome as being with a girl.


The semester was pretty much a succession of toga parties and just hanging out, with a little going to class mixed in.


Dimitri’s new LTW is to top the Entertainment career, so he figured he’d best ensure himself a spot.


Marya and Orlando are invited to all the toga parties, which is awesome for them since they get to enjoy the amenities of the Greek house while still living in the dorm for free.


Ramsay made another new friend, while Carme decided she didn’t really like the llama mascot.


At the end of their third day in the Greek house, everyone went to bed early so they would be fully rested for their finals in the morning.

(No, this is definitely not just an opportunity to ogle Michael’s chest.)


After sleeping, it was time for a fortifying pre-exam meal of berry pie.

(Again, this picture is not just an excuse to show off the Bruce boys’ chests and Dimitri’s well toned arms. Definitely not.)


Everyone successfully completed the semester with 4.0 averages, hooray!

Now it’s on to…

Pavlov Hall


Left to right: Mauro Nicci, Orlando Centowski, Romina Nicci, Marya Hamilton

The Niccis are new CAS sims. They’re brother and sister, orphans who have decided to use their inheritance to fund them through college.

(I originally moved them in as adults, aged them down to teens, and had them apply for scholarships before sending them to college. So they each got the orphan scholarship in addition to about $10,000 in each of their bank accounts.)


Since there are only 4 playable sims in the dorm now, some new dormies moved in. Fresh meat!


As usual, I’m a slave driver. Mauro and Romina both had to earn skills, and everyone had to write their term papers before I let anyone have any fun.


Romina hit it off with one of her fellow dormies.


It turns out it’s actually really great to have more dormies, because they play the piano and tip each other. Free money!


Orlando got to know his new dorm mate in the time honored traditional way.


Mauro’s aspiration was low, so he used the crystal ball to call up this girl from Takemizu. Why do so many people get vacation townie drops?


Things went well.


Romina decided to take the easy path to increasing her grades.


Marya is the dorm Influencer, convincing the dormies to shower and clean up around the place.


Unfortunately, her influence was not enough to keep Ponytail Girl from peeing her pants.


Romina’s romance with Mr. Bandanna progressed nicely.


Since Venyamin and Mauro are both Popularity sims with awesome hair, it only made sense that they should be friends.


Outing gift, huzzah!


Also, apparently vacation sims can come by booty call.

Note, in the back, the current group’s gift to the dorm.


Wuv, twue wuv…

They only have two bolts, though, so I’m not counting them as an official couple just yet.


And another semester is over!

(Marya got herself out of sync somehow and finished an hour earlier.)

Next up is the Gavigan family.

snapshot_3e3fd4be_be3fdb57Our inaugural uni class finishes out their freshman year in this update.

Left to right: Ramsay Bruce, Carme Picaso, Michael Bruce, Orlando Centowski, Marya Hamilton, Dimitri Hamilton, Venyamin Hamilton


First up, of course, everyone has to pay tuition, $2500 per semester. The Dean’s List grants everybody got certainly help, but they do have to dip into their savings for the rest.


Everybody needs fun after writing term papers!

(I’m a cruel taskmaster. I make all my sims do their term papers right at the beginning of the semester.)


Of course, some people have their own strange ways of enjoying themselves.

snapshot_3e3fd4be_3e74a995Poor Marya. The coach got to her. Look at her, old dude – she’s hardly a fat slob.

“Well, mom, if there’s no one to play the violin, why don’t you get Catriona violin lessons? What do you mean, aliens can’t play the violin?”


Across the street is the new lot the Carrs paid for, the Carr Student Union.


Marya and Orlando are constantly all over each other, and the other guys are constantly all over Carme. I need a break from the dorm.


So Ramsay, Venyamin, and Carme headed over to the Student Union to check it out. (Seven is just way too many for a community lot visit. I have a semester adjuster thingy so they’ll stay in sync with the folks back home.)


Here’s the inside. There’s a fun room, study space, and a cafeteria with espresso. Students could pretty much live here if necessary.


Carme found all kinds of activities to please her Pleasure Sim self.


Ramsay found a friend. Obviously he’s looking for inner beauty.


Venyamin got some female attention as well, while Carme found a redhead to date.


I didn’t know witches showed up at college lots. Huh.


Ramsay was really having a great time at the Student Union.


Carme and Venyamin, not so much. After watching Carme canoodle with three other dormmates, including his brother, Venyamin finally decided to get jealous when Carme was on a date with Redhead here.





Both their dates just stood there wondering when the date would be resuming.


“Hey there, Carme. Nice job on the slapping.”


Ramsay and Edith just woohooed, entirely uninterested in the shenanigans in the next room.


“Hooray, he’s all mine!”


Back home, I’ve decided that the second day of the semester will be Call Your Mother day. Really, it’s just for keeping relationships up, but several of them actually did call their mothers.


Despite the slapping, Venyamin and Carme are still in love. And apparently there are no hard feelings.


You might remember this girl from the last chapter. Her name’s Celeste, and she and Venyamin get along quite well.


Since the kids all got their term papers done early, they have pretty much nothing to do except hang out and go to class.


Heh heh heh.


Five of the seven playables have evening classes, so the guests were left to amuse themselves.


I decided to bust out the crystal ball, just for kicks. Venyamin got Amanda Carlson.


Carme got this guy, whose name I forgot.

None of the others used the Crystal Ball, since I have a pretty good idea who they’re going to end up with.


Thanks, Edith, but I don’t know that the study is the best place for a hot tub.

Ramsay shoved it into his inventory. They can make good use of it once they have a house.


Orlando and Marya continue to be sickeningly sweet. They go on at least a couple of dream dates every day.


In the morning, Venyamin had Celeste over for a date. He seems to really like her.


Party time! Orlando looks pretty upset that he has to go to class and miss it.


Ah, Mireia. Such a family sim.


Two of these sims just came out of the photo booth. Good luck figuring out which ones.




The party was a roof raiser, of course. It actually hit roof raiser about two hours before the party was over.


I knew that dormies playing for tips could earn the playable sims free money, but I didn’t realize visitors would do the same thing. Thanks for the $200, Faina! (And whoever threw money in her bowl, of course.)


Crystal actually came out of her room! I’m pretty sure that’s the first time all semester, and we’ve got about 16 hours left.


I don’t know who set Venyamin off this time – Ramsay was at class, and his relationships with Michael and Dimitri didn’t suffer. But he’s out of love with Carme, which is probably for the best.


Orlando’s actually talking to someone else! Marya must be at class.


Everybody’s grade bars are maxed, so they’re all just waiting for their final in the morning.


“Huh. Oh. I think maybe this is a problem.”


“Sprinklers! Aaauuuuuggggggghhhhhh!


“Welp, my shift is over. See you in the morning, kiddies.”


Carme’s crystal ball drop left a very nice fountain. Now I feel a little guilty for forgetting his name. Just a little.


Carme and Marya didn’t get along for quite a while – no fights or anything, but their relationship was usually in the single digit negatives. So it’s nice to see them getting along.


Carme decided it was time for a new, more grown up look. The blond highlights were just perfect.


Everyone’s on the Dean’s List with a 4.0 average. Hooray!


Move out time! Due to differences of opinion on the goals of a rental house, Marya and Orlando stayed behind in the dorm while the other five headed out.

(Also, it’s pretty hard to play a household of seven university students, so there’s that.)


Just a quick shot of the updated uni neighborhood. I changed my mind about building houses from scratch – that million dollars that I spent for the university ought to be good for something, after all. But the bad news is that the only rentals available right now are all Maxis houses. Sims will have to pay to customize them and make them nice.

That’s it for the second Uni chapter! Next we have the Cooke-Pavlov family.

It’s time for Willow Valley’s very first college chapter!


Welcome to Salix University, Willow Valley’s premier institute of higher education. On the right is the administration building, Cooke Hall, and on the left is the university dormitory, Pavlov Hall.


And here we have Salix University’s inaugural class! Left to right: Ramsay Bruce, Carme Picaso, Michael Bruce (standing), Orlando Centowski (sitting), Marya Hamilton, Dimitri Hamilton, Venyamin Hamilton


In case you were wondering, here are their original clothes. Um, yeah. Good thing they each got that extra $500 in scholarships, enough to pay for new clothes and new paint and carpet for the dorm rooms.


And here’s Pavlov Hall! It’s a Maxis dorm, but I like it because the rooms are a bit bigger than the normal Maxis rooms. I went in before the students moved in and standardized the rooms, including custom one tile desks and better beds.

The plan for Uni is to play in short bursts, one semester at a time. That’ll be especially good when I have multiple households to play through each semester. I’ll play four semesters each season, divided between the regular households. Sims will return to the regular neighborhood as soon as they finish college – I didn’t want college to take long. The current crop of freshman will finish their last semester and graduate at the end of Spring, and return to Willow Valley in Summer.


Pre-makeover, Dimitri paid the group’s first semester tuition. I’m charging $2500 per sim per semester, and loans are available for sims who can’t pay.


Carme didn’t wait long at all to re-establishing her hearts with the guys.


Crystal is the one lucky dormie that gets to hang out with the cool Willow Valley kids.


“Hey, man, congrats on going to University.”

“Hey, thanks, you too!”


“Hey, Orlando, there’s something outside your door you should check out.”


“Huh, this old lamp is pretty cool.”


“I shall grant you three wishes.”

“Huh…well, I wish I had enough money to pay for college so I don’t have to take out loans.”

“Your wish is my command.”


Carme, Carme. Behave, okay? I don’t want any slapping.


Oddly enough, Ramsay was the first one to grab a computer for his term paper. I guess he wants to get it out of the way so he can start making his moves on the ladies.


Quick shot of the redecorated dorm rooms. I’m requiring all my uni students to live in the dorms their first year, so they’ll be here for a little while.


It seemed like everyone had just gotten settled when it was time to head off for their first college class.


When Venyamin got home, he made a wish with the genie. He and Dimitri had decided they would also wish for money, and use the funds to build a house for everyone when they all got out of the dorms.

(Yes, I know if you pre-build the house it’s cheap for college students to rent, but I’ve decided that someone has to pay to build the house initially, since the college is mostly empty. So this group has to come up with a pretty decent amount to get their house established.)


Orlando got to know Michael over a delicious lunch of mac & cheese.


Marya was the first to finish her term paper, as is appropriate for the dorm’s only Knowledge sim.


Thank goodness for jealousy hacks. Carme’s got at least two bolts with four of the boys (all except Orlando), and has fallen in love with three of them autonomously.


“I wish for money so we can build an awesome college house!”


Ramsay really wanted a double bed, so he paid for it himself out of his savings.


Carme and Venyamin didn’t really want to do their term papers, but they knew they had to if they wanted that perfect GPA.


The cow mascot stayed all night, flooded the kitchen, and slept in Carme’s bed. The final straw was when he tried to flirt with Marya. She told him in no uncertain terms to get out.


“Once we’re college graduates, the world is our oyster.”


Once term papers are finished, I let the kids do whatever they want, so they spend a lot of time just hanging out.


On the morning of day 2, everyone decided what majors they wanted. Dimitri decided to be an Economics major.


Ramsay thought the mail carrier was super hot, so he chatted her up. Dagmar didn’t seem terribly interested.


“And I’ve definitely got to work on my mechanical skill…”

“That’s great, Orlando, but I didn’t buy that couch so you could distract me while I’m working on my assignment.”

“Why did you buy it, then?”

“Why do you think?”


Carme finally finished her term paper, long after everyone else, it seemed.


Ramsay invited Annika over, eager to get to know her again now that they were both adults.


“So I wasn’t sure for a while, but then I decided to be an Art major.”


“By the way, Dimitri, do you think maybe you could do your assignment in your own room?”